okay so this is why i wanna be in harrychrist

  • my name’s maria, pretty close to marry aka loubear
  • i like cupcakes 
  • i like to talk about penis
  • im multifandom bitches
  • i also like to talk about penis
  • and im cool so im tagging harrychrist to this post.
another thing…. CUPCAKE

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I should be a part of this group because I’m fab

I love 1d and like being friends with blogs and sitting in my room being a potatoe.  Please consider me as a member, I love both of your blogs a shit ton, they make me smile. :)))))

uhm I would like to be part of your promo group because I love your blogs they’re cool uh-huh uhm and I would like to pray to Harry Christ because he would save us all and forgive all our sins and actually I love promo groups and yeah and I think I’m quite likeable idk rly but yeah and uhm no jk I’m fab and everyone loves me ok you just have to choose me let’s face it.

xoxoxo bitches

Hey. How’s it going? Good? Ok. Well I wanna be part of this group because: 

  • Penis.
  • This is me on a good day
  • I need friends.
  • I like penis.
  • Don’t we all.
  • I’m easily confused so that’s fun, me every second
  • I really like music.
  • I watch kids programmes because everything else is yuck, so I’m all like
  • I can be sassy and stick up for my friends c: 
  • Penis
  • My ovaries are literally screwed. Idk why that is relevant. 
  • If you choose me we can be like this
  • I think of penis like this

Please pick me omfg aslkdfhasjkdfhdksjghadnjkdsf please  penis. :*