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What is your fanfic top 5? (excluding ones you've written yourself)

Well, I’m both incapable of counting and choosing favorites, but here are seven I just love.  (Seven is, after all, the most magical number.)

All In A Day’s Work by Rizzle (@andgladly)  Harry is kidnapped and has to contend with a drunk and nostalgic Lucius Malfoy while he awaits rescue. Short and silly.   Draco/Harry

Burn With Me by @dulce-de-leche-go They all won but somehow, for Hermione, it wasn’t at all how it was made out like it was going to be. A slighted woman is a dangerous thing. To slight the brightest witch of the age? Possibly more so.  Voldemort/Hermione

Cauterize by: Lady Altair “Of course it’s missing something vital. That’s the point.” Dennis Creevey takes up his brother’s camera after the war.

Count the Stars That Fall by @disillusionist9 When Harry goes to the forest to die, something goes wrong. The Death Eaters capture the children fighting them at Hogwarts, tying their fates with Unbreakable Vows and dragged to the belly of the beast. - Gin N Tonic, Pansy/Antonin/Hermione, Daphne/Harry, Luna/Avery. Mind the warnings.

Hospital Stay by Cornwall Writes  ( @unknown-authoressDraco Malfoy is in the hospital. Hermione Granger is his Healer. Light fluffiness to make a bad day better.  Draco/Hermione

Pocket Change by @bonafake  The first time they decide to run away is a crisp, cool day in the middle of October, with claret and amber leaves falling down, that, when walked upon, sound like the crackle of a broken radio on a folksy static-filled channel.  Tom/Hermione AU

Room at the Top by  @carmineduvale Sometimes, death is the end. Sometimes, it’s an unfurnished flat, an enemy and a whole lot of grey areas. Tom/Hermione After Life AU

Star Splinters by @ibuzoo  Someone brushes her hand. The name on her wrist stings, itches, burns. She looks up. And suddenly she stops.  Tom/Hermione. Soulmate AU