lunathebadwolf  asked:

if you can now or after you see the movie can you make any harlos headcanons ? only if you want to tho your choice your blog

Harry X Carlos Headcanons


- Harry having z e r o boundaries

- Watching stupid (but cute) movies at 3 am because, like, why not

- Not a lot of people would have thought that the two would be an actually good couple, but it makes sense when they see how they balance each other out nicely

- Uma and Carlos becoming really close friends, which low key annoys Harry because now that his best friend and boyfriend are hanging out together, whose gonna give him the attention that he literally needs to breathe ??

- Harry being super freaking extra over everything while Carlos just pretends like he doesn’t know him

- People constantly (jokingly) say that Dude is like their child

- They are always attached at the hip - Mal and Jay are really protective of their freckled friend, so it’s only natural that they wouldn’t completely trust Hook’s son at the start. But, as time went on, they soon realized that the teen doesn’t actually have any bad intentions

- Suprise pecks on the lips at the most random times (Going to class, swimming, reading a book, etc.)

- Practically married