One of my favourite things about the Cursed Child is that Albus choose to be in Slytherin. 

At the start of the play Albus was worried about being sorted into Slytherin and ready to talk the Sorting Hat out of it. (Like he did in the alternative dimension where he eventually ended up in Gryffindor). But then he met this wonderful boy on the Hogwarts Express and he thought: maybe Slytherin isn’t all that bad. 

  • Draco:You would be the worst Slytherin ever...
  • Harry:I was almost sorted into Slytherin actually.
  • Draco:Yeah right.
  • Harry:Seriously. Hat said that I would have done well in Slytherin.
  • Draco:I don't believe you.
  • Harry:Doesn't matter, I mean you could ask the Sorting Hat yourself but I you'd probably think I hexed it or something.
  • Draco:Nah, That would be too Slytherin of you. would have defeated my point altogether.
  • Harry:Exactly. Besides, we both know that I could have done Slytherin... But that there is no way that you would have been able to cut it in Gryffindor.
  • Draco:Could too.
  • Harry:Oh yeah? what are some things you have done that could be considered Gryffindor material?
  • Draco:I'll make you a list!
  • [hours later]
  • Draco:Okay so that wasn't as easy as I thought but I got some things on here!
  • Harry:Lets hear it.
  • Draco:I jumped out of a tree once. though that was more stupid than brave... oh! but i did catch an old woman once when she fainted at the Ministry.
  • Harry:You thought it would have been too rude to let her fall right?
  • Draco:..... Yeah...
"Or perhaps in Slytherin, you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends."

I think this quote is a lot more telling than we give it credit for.

What if Slytherins are told their house is where they will meet their real friends because the other houses are so prejudiced against them that they don’t (usually) give Slytherins a chance?

What if “those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends” because Slytherins are so ostracised that playing fair won’t get them anywhere, so they have to be willing to do whatever is necessary to get ahead, to survive?

What if the Sorting Hat is warning new Slytherins to stick together because if they don’t they’ll end up all alone?

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Maya, this night out is reminding me of when you were speculating months ago about how Douis came to be and you said it was unnecessarily rough to put him into a second stunt on top of the first. As glad as I am he's gotten some distance in babygate, it feels like between that, D, and the stalkers... they've always got him performing. I guess I don't really have a question, it just looks exhausting to do this hand-holding each time when it more and more makes them look like miserable strangers.

Oh, I remember, anon, and I totally stand by that, still now. 

As I said, I don’t pretend I have half a clue about what they do, why and how, I don’t have answers most of the time, but I know what isn’t what. And I really really don’t think Danielle was brought in as a scapegoat from babygate by the Azoffs or whoever is supposedly out there to help Louis. Has her presence possibly been used by them, and possibly going to be used again in the future, as a tool in the narrative that should free Louis? Yeah. Was she deliberately called in to be of help to Louis’s situation (while obviously been offered some profit on her part)? In my opinion absolutely not. Unless we’re here discussing the possibility of Louis willingly choosing this. Which I’m not. 

It’s enough to see whose projects she’s been attached to, what events she’s followed Louis to and the MO through which she was introduced. It’s also very likely that her original contract contemplated very different terms and limits, but the “she’s there to keep Briana away and let him live better” excuse has stopped making sense more than 6 months ago, if you ask me. 

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I have recently developed an obsession with "airport style Harry." No one is supposed to look that good before or after an international flight...just touched down, you could never tell.

I honestly don’t know if I’m mentally/emotionally stable enough to get through this but because I’m benevolent let’s do a quick masterpost about how fuck-ing per-fect Har-ry al-ways looks at the airport:

This is honest to God one of the most on-point, to the tips of his toes RockStar Looks Harry has ever had.

The hat, the sheer shirt, the necklaces, the skinny silk scarf, the sunglasses, help me JESUS

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Redheaded luck charm

@hooksandhearts​ has been working on an HP AU for her stormpilot BB and it got me thinking about a HP AU. So here it is. oh and @smol-hux​ heres some saturday morning fluff for you


Ben is the first Skywalker to be a Slytherin, (although the way his mother tells it she came pretty close), he has spent seven years with green and silver around his neck and the heavy gaze of those around him expecting something.

What that something was Ben honestly didn’t know.

It had taken a year and a half before his own house members had given in and began to like him in spite of his last name.

There was a single hold out however.

Armitage Hux, prefect, book worm, stuck up, redheaded ponce Armitage Hux. Or as he insisted ‘just Hux’.

They shared a dorm room, they shared most of their classes and barely spoke to each other. It was for the rest of the houses benefit really that they didn’t talk. Every time they had spoken, really, truly spoken it would devolve into a screaming match. On more than one occasion a duel had broken out and they had lost the house cup that year.

No, for everyone’s benefit he did not speak to the red headed boy who slept in the bed beside his own. Just feet away, less than that, the boy who looked at him with dangerous blue green eyes when he didn’t think he’d get caught, the boy who was lying practically naked just to his left.

Not that he cared what state of dress he was in. Hux was a pompous ass. Hux was insufferable, he knew everything about everything unless it was important. Boy didn’t know a single thing about Quidditch, what sixteen year old boy didn’t know a snitch from a quaffle? He went to every game and still had no grasp on the game.

He was infuriating and he wasn’t going to think about him anymore.

Ben kept that promise to himself for all of the seven hours he had been asleep (miraculously there hadn’t been any inappropriate dreams of slender pale bodies and vibrate red hair this time). 

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