God forbid, two boys looked at each other the way they were ‘supposed’ to look at women.
God forbid, two boys became best friends in the blink of an eye.
God forbid, two boys became inseparable.
God forbid, one boy sang, “Now kiss me, you fool,” as a joke.
God forbid, the other wanted to more than anything, but laughed it off.
God forbid, two boys faced each other.
God forbid, all the laughter went away.
God forbid, one boy leaned ever closer.
God forbid, the other closed the distance completely.
God forbid, two boys kissed.
God forbid, it was the most amazing kiss either of them had ever felt.
God forbid, one boy ran.
God forbid, the other followed.
God forbid, the one who ran stopped running.
God forbid, the other told him to stay.
God forbid, he did.
God forbid, two boys kept kissing.
God forbid, the blue-eyed boy looked at his green-eyed boy and said something drastic.
God forbid, the green-eyed boy said it back.
God forbid, two boys fell into the sheets together, learning how the other moved.
God forbid, that first night was full of teasing and laughing and thousands of ‘I love you’s that never once lost their meanings.
God forbid, two boys moved in together.
God forbid, the green-eyed boy did all the cooking.
God forbid, the blue-eyed boy wrapped his arms around his cooking boyfriend and thanked him for never leaving.
God forbid, the green-eyed charmer turned around and kissed all doubt from the other’s lips.
God forbid, fate or management kept two boys apart.
God forbid, two boys wrote songs for each other.
God forbid, “Is it so wrong that you make me strong?”
God forbid, “Come on, baby, be with me so happily,”
God forbid, “I want you here with me like how I pictured it,” and “You’re all I want so much it’s hurting,”
God forbid, “I have loved you since we were 18,”
God forbid, “’Cause nobody saves me, baby, the way you do,”
God forbid, after six years of hiding, two boys could come out.
God forbid, the blue-eyed boy proposed with a ring that had ‘Strong’ engraved on it.
God forbid, the green-eyed boy said yes.
God forbid, two boys planned their wedding together.
God forbid, it involved cheesy flower arrangements, silly cake ideas and tons of tux-trying-ons.
God forbid, the green-eyed boy walked out the isle.
God forbid, the blue-eyes boy cried when he saw his boy.
God forbid, two boys got married.
God forbid, two boys adopted three children.
(God forbid, “No, you’re a little drunk and we’re not naming our son Guinness!”
God forbid, “But Niall likes it!”
God forbid, “No, Niall likes beer and that is not the same thing. I love you, Lou, but no,” and they kissed.)
God forbid, those three children grew up.
God forbid, two boys had seven grandchildren.
God forbid, two boys spent life and death together.
But most importantly, because God forbade it, two boys fell in love.
—  God Forbid (via croatoanlarry

1d plus sized series (text message) -Cheeky Harry asks for a picture of you in your undies (request)

Im so proud of you louis💝 this took so much courage and im so lucky to have you as an idol….. You are such an amazing person no matter what we love you soooo much! Love prevails, love overcomes, love wins❤️ looks like your walking in Haz’s footsteps😂❤️😍💝