so today i was buying things to send to my friend and i came across this

looks pretty legit right??? pretty normal

but then i opened it


i mean, jokn cena isnt my favourite member of One Direction but im surprised i didnt recognize him tbh

same with AJ…

summer is looking so pretty lately, i wonder what her secrete is?

and lets be honest, R-Truth has the hottest body

but then

then we get to my favourite of them all..

sighs. isn’t he dreamy? :*

but yeah, i recommend you all go buy this book!! its so interesting and factual!! I learned so much about the band from this! perfect for any new comers to the fandom!!!!!

the signs as harry tweets

Aries: Never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana.

Taurus: Burger.

Gemini: Eczema warrior princess.

Cancer: Cake-gate.

Leo:  ‘Hold my Angel Delight…I’m going in.’

Virgo:  Super hands.

Libra: I was told there would be no maths.

Scorpio: @ Louis_Tomlinson im sitting on the sofa opposite you… you look sexy

Sagittarius: Deep Heat on the bum…oh how thee stings!

Capricorn: There will mainly be prancing.

Aquarius: I study rainbows.

Pisces: @ Louis_Tomlinson just came and got in my bed with a cup of tea. Backstreet Boys are on 4Music… Typical Wednesday.

my edit 


I know we loved to hit the road and laugh
But something told me that it wouldn’t last
Had to switch up
Look at things different, see the bigger picture
Those were the days
Hard work forever pays
Now I see you in a better place

Hayes Grier imagine for Y/N

Can you do a Hayes imagine where you go to one of his motercross things with his whole fam and he ends up getting hurt

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“Im nervous” I mumbled quietly , biting my lip .
“Dont be” Hayes said , smiling at me .
“My family does this all the time” He adds , trying to reassure me .
“You guys never get hurt?” I ask, looking at the motorcycles zoom by. I finish zipping up the outfit thingy and slip on some gloves.
“Never , not once since we’ve started this tradition” He answers and i feel myself flood with relief.
“Okay , so everybody ready to get this started?” Nash asks , and everyone nods .
“Helmets” An instructor says and everyone grabs a helmet except for me.
“Helmets” Hayes repeats , grabbing one and putting it over my head .
I look at everyone , ready to go but fear was still creeping up on me .
“I-i think i’ll sit this one out , i’ll just watch you” I say shakily.
“Come on babe , you’ll be fine” Hayes murmurs , his hands rubbing my arms in a soothing manner .
I shake me head , chickening out .
“I’m fine just watching you , it’s my first time and i wanna learn the ropes” I say , plastering a warm smile on my face.
He sighs .“Suit yourself” He says , kissing me on the forehead and cheek before walking away with Nash.
I watch as he gets on the deathly looking motorcyle.
He turns to me once before and smiles , before zooming away .
I cringe each time he does a crazy twist or turn , but smile once he lands the bike on the ground in once piece.
“Go Hayes!” I shout , and he turns his head to smile at me.
Before i can register what happens , Hayes loses control of his bike and hits the floor , making me gasp.
“Hayes!” I scream , running towards him where he lay on the floor , holding his arm, his face contorted in pain .
A bunch of people started to surrounding his body.
“Hayes can you stand?” Nash asks , and i kneel beside him .
“Baby , i need you to get up for me okay?” mI ask frantically and he nods , sitting up .
“Ah” He yelps as he stands and i bite my lip .
“You good bro?” Nash asks and Hayes nods , clenching his jaw .
“Lets get you home” He says and we walk towards the car , all of us going inside.
“Hey” Hayes said when my lip started to tremble .
“I’m sorry this is my fault” I whisper , closing my eyes
“Y/N , it wasn’t your fault , i was dumb enough to look away while driving” He laughs , a sincere smile on his face.
“Are you okay?” I ask , my eyes widening in wonder and fear.
“Im fine , just gonna be really sore tomorrow.” He assures me , before kissing my head .
“And you said you didnt get hurt” I tease , trying to lighten the mood .

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:how can people actually believe in narry? there is nothing romantic about it. niall's a bro. like a manly bro pal. and what about harry? why is he always looking at louis like he's the sun then? and why is niall the biggest larrie out there? just how can people see niall and harry together and think they are dating. i just don't understand it and i don't think i want to. anti larries created narry just to save there asses. they were just scared of thinking about louis and harry actually being together because management told them that they were wrong to think that way. stop narry 2k15.
meeting in la

movie exec: yes i think harry styles would be perfect for the lead in our new movie

me: [snorts] have u guys seen icarly tho?

movie exec: who… are you? how did you get in here????

me: look im just sayin i think you should probably watch the one direction icarly episode before making any rash decisions

Please read if u want a internet friend

I’m so happy that you took your time and read this bc in like really needy for a friend. I have like irl friends but they are just like there I want a friend that you can talk to you know… So I’m looking for a friend that aren’t that old but aren’t that young ether like 13-16 ITS OKEY IF YOU ARENT THAT AGE BC IM 13 SOON 14 BUT IM REALLY MATURE!! And I would love if you into 1D so we can fangirl together but it’s okey if you don’t!! Yey that’s it ehhh bye :) OH AND IM FROM EUROPE LIKE SWEDEN okey I’m going now bye bye :)