Road tripping with Harry.

“Love the way you give it to me” you sing with Harry while dancing around on your seat. “Last night I lay in bed so blue” he would have his moment, his voice a bit raspy from all the other singing from earlier. He is tapping the steering wheel with his fingers along the music. “Oh I forgot to tell you, I have a new joke” Harry says, his dimples showing. “Oh god, it’s really bad isn’t it?” you ask him and he gives you a ‘are you serious’ look. “I promise you it is really good. What did the ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, it just waved” Harry looks at you for your reaction, which is giggling from embarrassment. You don’t know why you are dating this idiot. “That was so bad!” you say mid-giggle.

“I’m bored” you tell Harry. It’s the fifth hour of driving, and you’re getting sick of just sitting still, besides stopping at gas stations to go buy snacks and use the toilet. “We’re almost there” Harry says, giving you a little smile. You just sigh and look back at the road. You and Harry were driving away from everything, you just wanted to relax for a few days and that’s why you were going to a really nice hotel. “You have been saying that for the last hour” you complain. The Sun is setting, making the sky to a beautiful pinkish lavender color. There aren’t that many cars on the high way, sometimes it felt like it was just you and Harry. You loved the intimacy between you and Harry. His hand was on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. He made you feel so good, so calm.

“We should play a game” Harry says after a while of silence. “What?” you ask, not giving a hint of interest, since it’s probably one of those stupid games only Harry likes. “We take turns saying different animals through the alphabet, I’ll start. Alligator” you look at Harry, laughing slightly and shaking your head. You bury your face in your palms. “C’mon, you were bored, let’s play a game. Now say the next one” Harry says, and tries to pull your face out of your palms. “Okay, okay. Uhmm.. Baboon” you finally say and see Harry’s eyes sparkling up. “Hey you know my baboon joke-“ “Yes Harry I know your fucking joke!” you cut him off. He turns his head to face you, his eyes wide and his forehead wrinkly. “Wow,” he chuckles “somebody is feisty”. You give him a look and lean to the car door, trying to get a good position because your back is aching from all the sitting and bad posture.

You look Harry up and down, he looks so comfortable in his big sweater and sweatpants, you want to cuddle him and kiss all over. You notice a little bulge and decide to have some fun with it. “Let’s play my game now” you say, getting in a better position so you’re closer to Harry. “What? We didn’t even finish mine” he protested. “Your game was so boring, mine is fun” you grab his face and Harry pouts playfully. Your hand slides down his neck, tickling him. It travels all the way down his chest to his bulge. You palm him through his grey sweatpants and Harry adjusts himself. “Y/N, stop” he says, giving you a warning look. “Shh baby, this is my game now”.

Your hand goes under his pants and you feel, that he isn’t wearing any underwear, just his own soft skin. You take him in your hand and start stroking slowly. Harry is calm, but his breaths become deeper and he keeps running his hand through his hair. You tighten your grip and start to go faster and a groan leaves Harry’s lips and his head flies back. “Babe, keep your eyes on the road, you don’t want to crash the car” you say teasingly. When a red light comes, you put your seat belt behind your back and take the chance to pull Harry’s pants down. “Wha-“ Harry says in confusion. You dip your head down and do a bold lick on his shaft. Harry’s other hand is keeping your hair out of the way, as you hollowed your cheeks and took as much as you could in your mouth, and what you couldn’t, you stroked with your hand. “Oh fuck yes, yes..” Harry moans, words getting caught in his throat. His legs are trembling a bit and to make him see stars, you massage his balls with your other hand. He groans loudly, pulling on your hair. You feel the car stopping, you look out of the window and see that Harry had pulled over. “Get your pants off” he says, voice so deep and sexy. “What?” you ask innocently. “Get them off now”.

Harry pulled his seat back while you were busy taking your pants off and dropping them on the floor. You sit on his lap, grinding your hips against his. He is fiddling with the hem of your sweater and says “This needs to come off” you pulled it over your head and Harry started the leave kisses on your chest, nibbling the sensitive skin while his thumb rubbed your clit, making you moan against his skin. “So wet for me” Harry says, and adds a finger inside of you. You look into his now dark eyes, which are hungrily eating you out. He starts to tease your entrance with the tip of his dick, which is now the same color as his lips, a nice cherry shade. “Harry please” you cry out. “What baby? What do you want?” he asks you innocently. Just when you are about to answer, his dick is inside of you, and you sink all the way down on it. Your hips buckle and he groans “Fuck”. You start to bounce up and down, feeling every vein on his dick. It feels so good that you think you’re seeing stars. You start to feel the burning sensation in your lower stomach build up, and you start bouncing quicker and deeper, your moans getting uncontrollable. Harry’s hands slide down your back to your hips and smack your ass. And that’s when you really see stars. You start clenching around him, and Harry’s eyes fly back. Your hips are shaking so much, that it feels like an earth quake. You’re grabbing on Harry’ hair, moaning against his lips. “Fuck Y/N! Your pussy feels so good” Harry praises you. Once you’re down from your high, you start to slowly grind on Harry. You know so well, that he is close too. Sweat is running down his forehead, his lips in an o-shape. That prominent wrinkle between his brows showing, eyes closed. “About to cum, baby? Huh?” you whisper in his ear. He is only able to hum and nod through his moans and grunts. “I’m gonna cum, gonna cu-“ Harry exclaims. Then you feel his warm wet release inside of you, and he just keeps coming. He is not able to speak. His hands are gripping on your ass, surely leaving marks for tomorrow. When he is done, you comb through his hair back with your fingers and start to leave small kisses around his mouth. “Well yeah, your game was better” Harry says chuckling.

Daddy Harry.

The loving, caring and amazing dad. He is there when you are too tired to get up to comfort your crying baby at 3am. “Don’t worry love, I’ll do it” he’d say and place a kiss on your forehead. And there he is, rocking him/her from side to side, singing in a gentle voice, stroking their cheeks with his thumb and kissing them from head to toe.

The one, who sings and plays with your daughter/son, cuddles them all up on a sofa and always has opens arms for long and warm hugs, tells them his stupid jokes, because mummy doesn’t want to hear them.

He is so mesmerized when his kids would laugh so much, that their eyes would start watering, because he wants them to always be happy. And when your kid sits in his lap, he tickles their little feet and tells him/her, how mummy’s and their laughs are so similar. And how you both curl up and snort maybe ones or twice. He is always telling them how beautiful they are and how good they are doing.

He makes sandcastles with your kids at the beach and has tea parties with your daughter. Your son is all over Harry’s cars, and Harry would get him a mini version and stealing it even if he can’t even fit in it, of course. He teaches your kids how to ride a bike, how to swim. Your kids run around with their arm floats on the wet floor and Harry tells them to be careful, or otherwise they are going to hurt themselves. You find Harry and your kids right before bedtime in the living room dancing to some music and singing their hearts out. Harry also sneakily gives them candy, when you told him not to.