Daddy Harry.

The loving, caring and amazing dad. He is there when you are too tired to get up to comfort your crying baby at 3am. “Don’t worry love, I’ll do it” he’d say and place a kiss on your forehead. And there he is, rocking him/her from side to side, singing in a gentle voice, stroking their cheeks with his thumb and kissing them from head to toe.

The one, who sings and plays with your daughter/son, cuddles them all up on a sofa and always has opens arms for long and warm hugs, tells them his stupid jokes, because mummy doesn’t want to hear them.

He is so mesmerized when his kids would laugh so much, that their eyes would start watering, because he wants them to always be happy. And when your kid sits in his lap, he tickles their little feet and tells him/her, how mummy’s and their laughs are so similar. And how you both curl up and snort maybe ones or twice. He is always telling them how beautiful they are and how good they are doing.

He makes sandcastles with your kids at the beach and has tea parties with your daughter. Your son is all over Harry’s cars, and Harry would get him a mini version and stealing it even if he can’t even fit in it, of course. He teaches your kids how to ride a bike, how to swim. Your kids run around with their arm floats on the wet floor and Harry tells them to be careful, or otherwise they are going to hurt themselves. You find Harry and your kids right before bedtime in the living room dancing to some music and singing their hearts out. Harry also sneakily gives them candy, when you told him not to.

He’s so adorable and so so T umblr.