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Please do 86!!

86. “Am I scaring you?”


You had gotten used to Harry’s long hair. You were used to your fingers braiding it, putting it in a bun for him when was doing something, playing with it. So Harry didn’t tell you that he was going to cut his precious hair, deciding to leave it a surprise.

Not only did you get used to it, so did your 1 and half year old daughter, Lilly, did too.
So when Harry decided to chop his precious hair, he didn’t tell you; deciding to leave it as a surprise.
He told you he was going to discuss things with Jeffery after you had breakfast, kissed you and his daughter goodbye before leaving.

You were holding Lilly’s arms as she wobbled around, you cheering for her when you heard the sound of key rattle and the door opening. “Daddy’s here!” You said excitedly, holding her hand and slowly walking towards the door as you looked at her, careful she doesn’t hit anything.

“Hi, you two!” Harry grinned. You looked up with a smile only to have it fall when you saw him.

“Holy fu-shi-Oh my God, your hair!” You exclaimed, looking at his — now — short hair.

Harry ran his fingers through it with a grin. “You like it?”

“I-” You were interrupted when you heard Lilly’s loud crying, looking down to see her hiding behind your leg.

Harry frowned, approaching her, only to have her scream louder. You bent down, holding her waist as she hugged you, crying on your shoulder. You carried her, rubbing her back. “What’s wrong, baby?” You cooed, turning so she can see Harry which made her hide her face in your neck. “It’s just daddy, baby. What’s wrong?”

You nodded towards the living room, walking and having Harry follow you before you both sat on the couch, Harry’s hand rubbing Lilly’s back gently. “I think it’s the hair.” You smiled at him before holding Lilly out and making her sit on your lap.

“Hey, baby,” Harry cooed, “What’s wrong? Am I scaring you?”

She looked at him with her big green eyes, tears falling down her cheek as her crying turned to quiet whimpers. “Dadda,” She said quietly with a squeak.

“Yes, baby, it’s dadda. I just cut my hair. I’m still me.” He opened his palms for her, signaling for her to come to him. When she raised her arms, Harry instantly took her, setting her on his lap. “Just the hair, baby.”

You ran your fingers through his hair, looking at it.
Lilly stopped crying, her frown replaced with giggles as Harry started tickling her once she became comfortable with his new look.

Two hours later, Harry had put her to have her nap before going to kitchen where you were making lunch. You grinned at him, pressing your body on his as he held you with a smile on his face. You looked at his hair again, putting your fingers through it, running them down gently.

“You like it?” He asked quietly, staring at you.

You nodded, “I love it. I can see you more like that actually. Look at that jaw.” You giggled before tracing his jaw with your index, feigning a hissing sound as if you had cut your finger making Harry laugh.

“I was worried you wouldn’t like it.” Harry admitted, putting his hands under your shirt to trace circles on your skin.

“And do what? File for a divorce?” You joked, “You look incredible. I mean it.”

“You can still tug at it, you know?” He wiggled his eyebrows, leaning down to press his lips on yours.

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Rec me a long, angsty, smutty (not amateur), fic. Preferably bottom!h 😅 but I'm really down for whatever plot. Like FWB, Enemies to lovers, head canon, etc. LITERALLY ANYTHING JUST WANT LONG AND SMUTTY AND MAYBE A LIL SAD BUT HAPPY ENDIG AND HARRY BEING FUCKED :( please :( (But I haven't read a fic where one of them was dared to date the other??)

Ok anon. you asked for a lot in this ask! So here’s kinda a mix of everything?? Idk I tried lol. If you want a more specific fic, message me again. But if you mainly just want long b!Harry fics, I suggest going on the AO3 tag Bottom Harry, and then setting the sort filter to word count. That should do the trick! Enjoy :D

baby loves when daddy gets high by octobertwo (cheshirebottom) (60k words) I love her smut! omg its perfect mix of filth and deliciousness! Check out all of her works !!

au set in los angeles where harry sings in dive bars and hooks up with men twice his age; french painter fresh from paris louis may or may not end up being the sugar daddy he’s been looking for.

[alternatively as: louis is a millionaire with a slight affinity for narcotics and harry just wants to be the coney island queen.]

“daddy gets high, but daddy takes care of business.”

You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) by LoadedGunn (95k words) A smut classic. Jesus Christ. It’s sooo good mate. So good. 

His first driving lesson with Louis takes place on a Saturday.

Harry stumbles out through the front gate in thrown-on baggy jeans and his ratty Ramones shirt, sees Louis leaning casually against the car, and his knees nearly give out. Apparently “not another surly teacher” meant a drop dead gorgeous twenty-something scruffy guy with shaggy brown hair and cheekbones sharp enough to chop a salad with. Clearly, Robin’s trying to get Harry killed at seventeen.

Or, the AU where Louis is a 25-year-old driving instructor and Harry is a 17-year-old virgin who’s really awful at seduction, except for the time he gets Louis to fall for him and fuck him senseless and take him on kinky adventures.

The Bet by ShellSea12 (61k words) There’s some dare fics out there, I just can’t find them atm. So I’m recommending a bet au. 

Summary: When Louis bets Zayn that he can make anyone fall in love with him in under a month, he doesn’t expect Zayn to pick loner Harry Styles as the challenge. Larry Stylinson AU COMPLETE

Empty Gold by rainbow_kings (148k words) [long, b!H, enemies to lovers]

AU where Louis Tomlinson attends the vigorous, demanding performing arts school: Guildhall in hopes to complete his theatre degree. He is a scholarship student, always having to work twice as hard to prove his worth which has caused him to feel resentment and anger towards his subordinate position.

Harry Styles is the wealthy, naturally gifted actor who effortlessly snatches all the main roles within the class. The complete contrast to everything Louis is.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have had bad blood and despised each other for the two years they attended Guildhall together, making each task a competition between each other.

In the final year, when Guildhall produces and performs an original play, Louis is heartbroken to learn the lead role has been been received to Harry and he’s the second role. He’s mostly terrified, however, when he realises he has to date Harry in the play as their characters. They come together through awkward stage kisses that transforms to hate sex, heated arguments, rehearsal times after lectures and baking carrot cake together.

Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart (291k words) [long, b!H]

“Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.

“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

you are in love by wildestdreams (207k words) [long, b!H, angst]

The one where there’s late night coffee runs with deep conversations, lots of frat parties with cute frat boys, TV show references, numerous social network interactions, first kisses in the rain and a slow burn love story between two unlikely people.

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#51 please!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

51. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”


Being pregnant was taking a toll on you, especially since it was your first. 5 months of having another human in your stomach, eating most of your food then making you empty it down the toilet.

Harry, your husband, was nothing but supportive. Reminding you that you looked now extra lovely after you complain about your favorite cloth items not fitting you anymore.

“You’re very fluffy. I’m practicing cuddles with 2 instead of just you now.” He’d say with a grin.

You were both invited to an engagement outing, celebrating two of your mutual friends.

“Harry, black or beige dress?” You asked, holding both dresses for him as he sat on the bed.

“Beige. I like it when your bump shows.” He grinned.

You giggled and nodded.
After you had both changed to your outfits, spraying perfumes on each other and Harry helping you put on your flats, you were in the car before Harry drove off.

“I’m in the mood for some Take Me Home jams.” You said, searching through Harry’s CDs. Harry groaned, only making you laugh.

You started singing off keys to Kiss You, teasing Harry as he laughed at you.

After you had arrived to the fancy restaurant where the outing was held, handing the couple a small gift from the both you and greeting all of your friends, you both sat down, joking with everyone.

Right as the waiter was going to pour Harry wine, Harry held his hand out, shaking his head with a polite smile, “Thank you.”

You looked at him confusingly and watched as the waiter tipped his head and moved back. “Why didn’t you drink? It’s your favorite wine. You can have one, I can drive.” You told him quietly.

“Remember when you first told me you were pregnant and I told you we were in this together?” Harry asked, looking at you. You nodded. “I mean it. If you’re not supposed to drink, neither am I. And I know this is your favorite as well.”

You smiled at him, watching as his attention was diverted to one of your friends who had called for him, butterflies erupting in your stomach — you hope it was butterflied and not your baby acting up.

“Y/N, Harry, do you have any advice for us? You’re the only married ones here.” Jason, the groom-to-be asked, looking at both of you as he sat beside his fiancée.

You giggled, looking at Harry who glanced at you with a smile before looking back at Jason. “You take care of each other. You talk every argument out. You’re going to vow to love each other, through thick and thin and this what you will do, love each other.” Harry told them, making the whole table awe and you to grin.

“To Jason and Sarah!” You held your mango juice glass, Harry shooting you a funny face before holding up his empty glass as everyone clinked their glasses together with a cheer.

Once you reached your home sweet home and took off your flats, you groaned loudly, looking at your swollen feet. “Here comes big foot.” You joked.

“You want some massage, baby? You like those.” Harry smiled as he wrapped his arms around you from behind, pecking your cheek.

“I’d appreciate that. Very much actually.”

And so, you had both changed into your pajamas and washed your faces and brushed your teeth before you both were in bed, sitting opposite to each other as Harry massaged your feet, tickling you every once in a while.

You stared at the ceiling, recalling every sweet gesture Harry had done, a smile drawn to your lips. “Hey, Haz?”


“Thank you. For handling all of this so well.”

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.” He had said, crawling on top of you, careful not to add weight on you. “I’d do anything just to have you and baby Styles happy.”

“We are happy, baby. Very.”


i am happy. Very. hope you liked it! x

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"It was a joke baby I swear!" With the reader saying it to harry.

Thanks for the request! I have so many more of these to write, but if you want to request one, the original post is tagged #drabble challenge !


It was a fun night. You’d invited a few friends over to your house for drinks and some much needed catching up, and Harry had insisted that he wanted to meet all your friends when you suggested he could go out with some of his own friends if he didn’t feel like sticking around. He was a social butterfly, but being around a ton of new people who could act like lunatics would be overwhelming for anyone.

Everyone was a couple drinks in, and you’d even convinced Harry to drink a little to loosen up. It was now the time when everyone was starting to get a little tipsy, but still aware of what was going on and everything they were saying.

One of your friends had been telling the same story for most of the night, as she was convinced that a ghost was living in her house. Everyone had been laughing and messing around about it, telling other silly ghost stories; but you listened intently for a while.

“You know, I practically live with a ghost too. He’s never around.” You joked, gently nudging Harry’s arm as your friends giggled. Harry laughed lightly along, but you were too distracted to notice the slight look of hurt in his eyes.

The night went along smoothly, and you made sure everyone had a safe ride home before heading upstairs with Harry to get ready for bed. It was clear that you were both exhausted, so nothing out of the ordinary happened as you collapsed onto the mattress and fell asleep with your head on his chest and his arms wound tightly around you.

He left the next morning as usual, kissing you on the cheek softly as you mumbled a quick goodbye and fell back asleep for a few more hours.

You were surprised when he came home in the early afternoon, kicking off his boots and setting down his bag by the door. It was completely unusual for him to be home this soon; you immediately worried that he wasn’t feeling well or something had gone horribly wrong in the studio.

“You’re home?” You asked as you peeked your head around the corner, and he gave you a soft smile, nodding and walking over to sling his arm around you.

“Didn’t have too much to do, so I decided to call it a day and come home to my girl.” He grinned, leaning down to kiss your cheek. You grabbed his face and pulled him farther into you, crashing your lips onto his suddenly. He didn’t complain.

The moment was unexpectedly interrupted by the sound of Harry’s phone ringing in his back pocket, and you pulled away to let him tend to whatever was needed on the other line. He sighed as he pulled out his phone, and his face fell as he looked at the caller ID and backed away.

“I’m sorry, I have to-”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry.” You gave him a reassuring smile and he turned around, bolting up the stairs and answering the call.

He’d been gone a few minutes when you couldn’t hear his muffled voice speaking into the phone anymore, and you tried to give him a little space before going up to talk to him. But worry got the best of you, and you couldn’t hold yourself back from going up to the bedroom to make sure the phone call hadn’t delivered any bad news. He was sitting on the bed when you walked in, not bothering to knock since the door was wide open. His eyes were focused on an invisible spot on the floor and he didn’t move his gaze when you sat next to him. That’s when you knew something was going on.

“Is something wrong?” You asked, setting your hand on his thigh as his gaze still didn’t move to your face. He shook his head slowly, his lips slightly pursed while his mind felt far away from you or the bedroom.

“You’re lying to me.” You said, your voice quiet and gentle as not to sound accusing. He finally allowed his eyes to meet yours, and you cupped his cheek softly to keep his sight from wandering away from you. He knew he couldn’t lie at this point; it would only hurt his case and he didn’t want you to lose any trust in him or think he was keeping something important from you.

“They wanted me back at the studio.” He mumbled, looking down at his legs and twisting one of his rings around his finger. You nodded at him, gently squeezing his thigh.

“That’s okay, baby. Go ahead. If there’s something you need to finish then-”

“I told them no.”

You raised your eyebrows, somewhat shocked at what he’d just told you. He was usually very flexible with his schedule; he would never mind spending a little more time at the studio or scheduling an extra interview. You didn’t complain either. Although it was hard being away from him all day, you knew that he enjoyed what he was doing and all the hard work was going to pay off in the end, when he impressed you with his accomplishments yet again. So, you couldn’t help wondering why he’d refuse another trip to the studio, especially if someone needed him for something. If there was one thing that overpowered his drive to work hard, it was his inability to say no.

“Why?” You nearly whispered, knowing that the answer was probably beyond your comprehension and something else was going on inside his head.

“Just wanted to be with you. That’s all.” He flashed you a tight smile, but you weren’t convinced for a second. His eyes were focused below him again, and seeing as it wasn’t going to be easy to get him to look at you, you slowly knelt down on the floor so he was forced to meet your eyes again.

“What’s really going on? It’s just me, baby, you can tell me.” You pried, your hands set just above his knees and your thumbs rubbing over his thighs gently.

“I just… what you said to your friends last night, it got me thinking that I’m kinda a shit boyfriend to you.”

You had to think a moment, running through everything you could have possibly said the night before that would’ve made him feel insecure. When it finally hit you, sympathy flooded through your body as you looked at his worried expression waiting for you to respond.

“About you not being around? Harry, I really didn’t mean that so seriously.” You tried to give him a small smile, continuing to rub his thighs softly and make him trust you. He didn’t seem convinced.

It was a joke, baby, I swear. I never meant for you to take it to heart.”

He nodded softly, his face still fallen and sad.

“It’s true, though.” He said.

You opened your mouth to get a word in, but he cut you off when his feelings suddenly came pouring out.

“I’m always gone. I can’t be here to help you around the house or do anything fun. I don’t know why you stay with me when I can’t even be a good boyfriend. I love you, but I know it’s only a matter of time before-”

This time, you were the one to cut him off when you leaned up to press your lips against his. You wouldn’t have been able to take it if he’d finished what you thought he was about to say.

“Don’t.” You warned, resting your hand on his cheek and finding your place next to him again. “I love you. And I know our situation isn’t ideal sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that I value you any less. The time we spend together makes up for all the time we spend apart.”

He was listening intently, taking in every word and trying to convince himself that the love of his life had no intention of leaving. You didn’t, of course, but he needed a bit of reassurance when his life got crazy and he’d fear you wouldn’t want to put up with it any longer.

“What I said last night wasn’t serious at all, Harry. It was a joke, meant to make people laugh. And I may have been a bit tipsy when I said it.” You chuckled, rubbing your thumb over his cheek and leaning forward to press your lips against his forehead.

“You know what they say, drunken words are sober thoughts. Or something like that.” He muttered, wringing his hands together nervously in his lap.

“Well, not this time. You’re a great boyfriend. Trust me. I love you so much, Harry, please don’t ever think any different.”

He studied your face for a minute, taking in every feature of the beautiful girl sitting in front of him and wondering how he managed to get so lucky. You were pleased to see a small smile on his face, the first genuine one you’d seen all day, as he spoke again.

“I love you too.”

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70 and 67

67. “You’re strong baby, you have to be.” & 70. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”


Never had Harry ever wished to not receive a call from you. It was when you were with your best friend, supposed to drive her back home before going to Harry’s to have a bubble bath while listening to your favorite music. He had gotten a call from you, answering and immediately asking you,

“What’s taking you so long, baby?”

You weren’t the one to answer. It was your panicking best friend, sobbing to Harry.

“Harry! We- Accident, Y/N, she’s- Please come!” His heart dropped, the color leaving from his face before he shakily asked her where they were before he ran to his car, calling the ambulance.

When he reached you, his eyes were already bloodshot, crying soundly as he ran to your damaged car, finding your best friend by your side but out of the car.

“Y/N, Harry’s here, Harry’s here.” She cried as she held your upper part.

Harry ran, biting his fist when he saw you; your legs trapped under the car as you screamed painfully. “Help is on the way, baby. I’m here, I’m here,” He cried as he took your best friend’s place.

“Am I going to die?” You cried, your head on his lap.

“No! Fuck, no!” Harry cried, wiping your tears away rapidly.

“I can’t- I can’t feel my legs!” You cried out.

Just then, Harry heard the sirens, seeing the paramedics and firefighters rushing to your side.

“You’re strong baby, you have to be.” He cried, “I love you, yeah? You’re going to be okay, baby.”

You gave him a small smile, numbness taking over your body.

“It’s okay baby, you’re so strong. So strong!” He cried as officers held him back while firefighters were getting you out of the car.
“Let me go! I have to be with her!”

“You have to calm down, sir. They’re doing the best they can.”

He watched as the paramedics placed you on the stretcher, rushing to the van.

“Let me go with her, please! She’s my girlfriend. Please!” Harry pleaded.

“Harry!” You screamed, looking at the paramedic beside you, “I want him, please!”

After getting a nod, Harry rushed to your side, sitting and taking a hold of you hand, pressing kisses to your knuckles. “It’s okay now. It’s okay.” He whispered, beginning to stroke your hair gently.

Hours later, Harry was pacing in the waiting room as your family, friends and his family waited. Harry had checked up on your best friend who fortunately only had a few bruises and a sprained ankle.

Upon seeing the doctor leave your room, Harry and your parents rushed to him. “How is she? Is she awake?”

The doctor gave them a reassuring smile and a nod. “Although miss Y/L/N has to be hospitalized for no less than a week, she’s awake and interacting fine. Still shook up of course, the accident had happened to her side and she’s going to go through PTSD but this isn’t anything she can’t get through. As for the injuries, the left leg is broken and is now in a cast that should be taken off no less than 3 months from now, the right foot is mildly sprained, we’re going to give her repairing creams for it and a some bruises. Fortunately, nothing is internal or needs a surgery. She’s a very lucky one.”

Everyone released a breath they had been holding, thankful that it was nothing too serious. “Can we see her?” Your mother asked.

“You can, but I 2 at a time the most. She’s a little droopy but that’s from the drug we gave her.”

Harry had told them that he would be the last to go in, not having the heart to see his girlfriend bruised up and in pain and having to do nothing about it.

When everyone had left your room with smiles on their faces and a supportive pat on Harry’s back, it was his turn.

“She keeps asking for you.” One of your friends told Harry, making his heart warm up.
He gave her a small smile before walking past her, knocking on the door before opening the door slowly, sticking his head inside first.

You gave him a tired smile and making a grabby hand at him jokingly. He smiled back, entering and closing the door behind him before walking warily towards you, sitting down the chair beside you and instantly looking down at his hands, tears stinging his eyes.

“Hey, hey, look at me.” You said softly, reaching your hand out to him.

He put your hand in his, interlocking your fingers before sniffling, still not looking at you. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.” He said quietly, wiping his cheek with his shoulder and sniffling.

“Please? I want to see your eyes.” You whispered. Harry sighed, looking at you with his tearful eyes. “There are my favorite green eyes.” You smiled.

He chuckled, giving your knuckles a kiss, looking at you. “You’re such a badass, do you know that?”

“I think I’m rocking the forehead cut, don’t you think?” You asked slowly, a joking smile on your face.

“Definitely, baby. Definitely.”


hope you liked it! x

66. “Can you quit being so sassy?” - “Can you quit being so controlling?”

this one is also written in the renaissance universe

“Arms up. Chin down,” Harry repeated back in a high pitched voice, mocking her instructions.

Y/N squinted her eyes at him. “Can you quit being so sassy?”

“Can you quit being so controlling?” he retorted.

She cocked her head to the side. “You’re the one who came to my dorm at one in the morning demanding that I ‘paint you like one of my French girls.’”

He sat up, ruining the entire pose. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” he whined.  

“Yeah, well, I’m bored.” She made her way over to him, pushing him back on the couch the way she had him positioned for her sketch. 

“And, I’m drunk. Way too drunk for this.”

“Suppose you should’ve thought of that before you came here,” she taunted, picking up her charcoal again.

She looked down at her sketchbook and when she looked back up Harry had his phone in his hand. “H… if I recall correctly I wasn’t nearly this difficult when I modelled for you.” 

“You also weren’t this drunk or this naked and you definitely didn’t want me as bad as I want you now.”

She scrunched up her face. “Can you even get it up?”

“If I can, will you come over here?”


She waited a few moments staring at him waiting for something, anything to happen. After a couple minutes went by, he huffed in frustration. “This isn’t fair! It’s too much pressure on him. He isn’t used to being put on the spot.”

She laughed, beginning to draw again. “Yeah. Okay, whatever. Arms up. Chin down.”

send me numbers for the otp drabble challenge

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144, 143, 134 :) sorry if you've done these already!

i don’t know if you wanted all three of these in one but that’s what i did, so, i hope that’s okay?

134. “Are you scared…Then why won’t you look at the screen?”
143. “Ew, your hand is sweaty.”
144. “Get out of my face before I hit you.”


"Ew, your hand is sweaty.”

You pull your hand out of Harry’s, annoyed, “Fine, then don’t hold it, no one asked you to hold my hand.” This was the first appointment Harry had been able to come to due to his busy schedule. Your mother had tagged along on the first few.

He frowns and grabs your hand again, “I’m still going to hold it, you grouch.” You ignore him, staring at the clock. “No matter how hard you stare at it it’s not going to change any faster.”

“I don’t want it to move faster, I want it to stop.”

“What are you so nervous about, love?” You turn away from him, ignoring him again. “The only way you’re going to get rid of me is if you walk away.”

His voice is right in your ear and as you turn your head his face is mere centimeters from your own, “Get out of my face before I hit you.” You say through gritted teeth and he sighs, pulling away from you.

“You know, I’m starting to regret knocking you up, you’ve been so mean since we found out.”

He wasn’t wrong and a little bit of you felt guilty for it, but Harry knew you and he knew this was just a defense mechanism. You were scared. Miscarriages ran in your family and every time you came to a doctor’s appointment you were a nervous wreck. Today was the day you were supposed to hear a heartbeat and you were sure there wouldn’t be one.

Not only would it break you, but you knew beyond a doubt it would destroy Harry. It was why you had put off trying for a baby for so long, why you refused Harry every time he asked.

Until now.

Harry knew enough to know you were scared, to know there was a reason why you had put this off for so long, but you never told him why. You knew he’d still want to try and there was no reason for you both to be terrified.

A nurse comes out and calls your name and you think you might be sick as Harry helps you up and walks with you down the hallway.

“Love, are you sure you’re alright? You’re awful pale.”

He attracts the attention of the nurse who frowns at the lack of color on your skin. “Fine.” You force a smile which convinces the nurse, but only further confuses Harry who you had just been bickering with a few moments ago.

The nurse settles you in and records your vitals, noting your high blood pressure and assuring you it was normal to be nervous.

Once she leaves, Harry tries to talk to you again, “Baby, please tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I can’t tell you now. If everything goes well today I’ll tell you after this ultrasound, I promise.”

He frowns, “Sweetheart, why wouldn’t it go well?”

You’re spared answering when the doctor comes in and begins talking and asking questions. You realize too late that she has your medical history and sure enough the question falls out of her mouth, tensing every muscle in your body, “I see miscarriages run in the family on the mom’s side, is that correct?” She directs the question at you, oblivious to the shock written all across Harry’s face as you nod. “Okay, well so far so good it looks like from your last few appointments so let’s find a heartbeat today, okay?” She smiles enthusiastically as you nod. “I’ll be right back, I just need to grab a couple things.”

The door closes behind her and the tension in the room is a palpable thing that threatens to suffocate the both of you.

“I was going to tell you–”



He’s more exasperated than you’ve ever seen him, “You shouldn’t have had to go through this alone. Why didn’t you trust me with this?”

“It wasn’t a matter of trust, I didn’t want you to be terrified like I was. You were so happy I didn’t want to take it away.”

He leans closer to you, “You don’t do that anymore, you understand? You don’t decide what information I can handle and what I can’t. You tell me everything. We’re in this together, remember? We’re a team.”

Maybe it’s the hormones, but you blink away tears as you nod and he has time to press a firm kiss to your mouth before the doctor comes back in.

“Alright, let’s get a good look at that little one.” She says as she begins to prepare you for the ultrasound. You stare at the ceiling and you can feel yourself dissociating as she runs the scanner over your belly and Harry squeezes your hand.

“Are you scared?” Harry’s voice breaks through the quiet solitude in your mind.


“Then why won’t you look at the screen?”

You sigh and turn your head to watch the screen, the silent mantra “Please be okay” repeating over and over in your head the way it had been from the minute the pregnancy test came back positive.

“Oh! There they are!” The doctor says and you and Harry both suck in a breath as the outline of an infant comes on the screen.

“They have your nose.” Harry sniffles and you know he’s crying.

“Shut up.” You say through a sob and he starts laughing, easing your nerves the tiniest bit.

“Alright, let’s find that heartbeat.”

Your hand involuntarily squeezes tighter to Harry’s and he squeezes back, letting you know he’s here. No matter what happens, he’s here.

There’s almost a full minute of silence where you can hear a pin drop and right when you’re about to give up hope, the sound of a heartbeat echoes through the room.

“There it is, perfectly healthy.”

And before you know it you’re sobbing uncontrollably, Harry’s holding you, every anxiety you’d had for weeks finally releasing in a wave, a tsunami.

“They’re okay,” Harry squeezes you, kissing all over your face and wiping tears away, not caring the doctor was still in the room, “You hear that, love? We made a baby and they’re okay.”

You finally calm down enough to properly let yourself hear the heartbeat and you close your eyes to the sound, laughter bubbling up inside you. You could listen to this heartbeat forever, you think, and as you look over at Harry you know he feels the same way.

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99 please!!

99. “You got a cute butt.”


Harry was a black or white man; rarely gray. He’d be all over you, running his hands all over you as he whispered dirty talk to you as you sat with people in public or he’d giggle when you kiss his cheek, making a Santa beard with the soap foam as he had a bubble bath with you.

Tonight, he was white.
His cheeks were flushed from how energetic he was, showing you his new card tricks — that you knew all the secrets of since he was too slow but, you didn’t tell him that as he was too excited and you didn’t want to embarrass him.

But that was only for the first half of the night. The other half was full of him, telling you stories about different topics and people, different cities he had been to and different everything that you weren’t familiar of.

To say you enjoyed your late night talks over tea would be an understatement. Harry was wise. He knew what to say, how to say it and when to not say anything at all. That was one of the many reasons that made you fall in love with him. But for that moment, you both talked about everything that crossed your mind.

“Have you ever thought about how our stomachs think all potatoes are mashed?”

“You’re not stuck in traffic, you literally are traffic.”

“Hey, can I braid your hair?” Harry asked excitedly.

“Why not.” You shrugged, giving him your back before he started working on your hair. Few moments of silence passed except for Harry’s muttered pep talk he gave himself as he braided your hair. “Hey, Harry?”


“What was the first thing you noticed about me when you first met me?”

Harry chuckled. “Your t-shirt. You were wearing a Justin Bieber one.”

“Hey! I slept over at Rachel’s that day and I couldn’t wear my t-shirt.” You laughed, “And? What else? The second thing?”

“Then I noticed your lips. How kissable they looked and damn I was right.” He said, giving you a sloppy kiss on your cheek, making you squeal and lean to the other side slightly, wiping your cheek. “Want to know what else I noticed?” He giggled.


“You got a cute butt.”

You laughed, turning around once he patted your back once he was done after tying a hair tie of yours that he always wore around his wrist. “You think my butt is c-”

“Cute. Yes. Very. I’d love to sleep on it.” He grinned, wrapping his arms around your waist and laying down on his back, making you on top of him.

“You weirdo!” You laughed.

“Mhm.” His hands were then on your butt, giving it a squeeze, making you squeal and laugh. “Very fluffy. So cute.”

I’m very sorry it’s taking me a lot to write your requests but my inbox is soooo full. I’m getting there, my lovelies! x

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#8, please!! Btw, what a beautiful blog you have! You are truly a very good writer 💙

first off… thank you very very much like omg just thank you that means the absolute world to me that you say that. second off, i’m  sorry for the wait things have been hectic mate, but here we go:

8. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

“Go away!”

“Not a chance!” he responded, to which she sighed.

She was still awaiting the burning in her cheeks to tone down some before she opened the door, and she didn’t even have to open the door to hear the giggles. It was very apparent that Harry was right outside the door, ceasing to forget the past minute of their lives. In reality, she shouldn’t have been that embarrassed considering what they got up to last night. But, that was last night, in the dark, and she’d covered up almost immediately afterwards.

“C’mon love! Open up! I think you’ve got nice boobies,” he said trying to coax her out by once again reminding her of what happened a few moments ago, causing her cheeks to heat up once again. She really thought she had locked the door. She also thought that she had brought a towel or a shirt or literally anything to cover up her top half. However, when she was searching for something, anything, to do just that Harry barged into the bathroom scaring the living daylights out of her and copping a generous view of her top half. After being frozen for a few moments she moved to action pushing him out of the bathroom and promptly locking the door after him, which caused him to burst into giggles at the absurdity of the situation.

“Ugh, you’re seriously like a man-child.” She didn’t want to go back and face him, but she couldn’t stay in there forever. Cautiously she opened the door and peeked her head out from behind the door and saw him standing a few feet away with that stupid smug smirk on his face. She wanted to smack it off.

“A man-child that’s seen your boobies.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Can you hand me a shirt?”

“Nope,” he replied, popping the p. 


“You’re being ridiculous, love. I saw a lot more than your boobies last night.”

“Stop calling them that,” she groaned which made him erupt into even more giggles. She rolled her eyes then scoped the floor for anything to throw on over her, still not coming from behind the door. She spotted harry’s t shirt on the floor on the far side of the room and made a dash for it, only to have harry pull her into him by her waist. She struggled against him until he set her down on the ground. She tried to make a dash once more, but he kept a firm hold on her wrists. 

“Hey, now. You don’t have to hide from me. Now, let me take a look,” he said gently, turning her around to face him, so he could see her in all her glory in the light of day. She shifted from foot to foot awkwardly, turning her head this way and that, never making eye contact while he completed his inspection. A dimple popped into his cheek as he noticed how uncomforable she was. “Beautiful,” he concluded and pulled her closer, placing innocent kisses across her shoulder, up her neck, around her jawline, on her cheek, before planting a one on her lips. 

He pulled away leaving her breathless and with wonder in her eyes. She’d never swooned before, if she can remember, but she was swooning now. That is until he reached his hand up and squeezed one of her boobs, whilst making a boop sound effect. “Nicest boobies in the land.” 

She rolled her eyes and groaned, pushing him away from her and picking up the t shirt she’d been in pursuit of. “Man-child.”

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omg can you do 73 & someone walks in on you two ;)

Why do i love perfect by Ed Sheeran so much?

Groans and moans filled the empty house of Anne. Harry loved his days off especially the ones where he takes you to his home town to have some loving of his mother. He was to go on tour the coming month and Harry wanted to spent the remaining time with his family and of course you were brought along as you were now the part of his family.

His sweat covered body slapped against your making filthy noise as he kept thrusting in you. Your moans, no doubt were heard by the neighbors. The cold weather outside with Anne gone, made it difficult for harry to control himself and take you right there in front of the fire place. 

After completing the first round of love making, Harry carried you upstairs with his lips attached to yours. He trusted his feet enough for them to take him wherever they pleased as his closed eyes were enjoying the feels of your lips against his.

And now here you were having a complete fuck session. He flipped you quickly that you were sitting on him.

“Ride meh baby” He grunted.


“uh um.” You both heard somebody clearing their throat. Turning your heard to the direction, you saw Gemma standing with her arms crossed against her chest staring at your naked figures.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” 

And you were caught. But after that day, guess who stopped trusting their feet?

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142 .... Thankssss ❤️

142. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”


You looked beautiful. Harry’s eyes would travel to where you stood, licking his lips before returning back to his conversations.

You were 3 months into the breakup. He had broken up with you, telling you how it was unfair for you to wait for him while he toured and that you “deserve better”. You were angry. You thought that it should be you who said that because it was how you felt. You felt right with him as he did with you.

So when Gemma invited you to her house party her and her boyfriend had planned out, you reluctantly agreed. You put on your favorite black dress, styled your hair and wore your makeup and vowed to be an “independent woman who needed no man”. But Harry wasn’t any man, he was once yours and you were sure that whatever happened, he’ll always have a place in your heart.

“He’s looking again.” David, a mutual friend told you as he glanced behind you.

“What do I do?” You asked nervously. “Can you do me a favor?”

David raised an eyebrow at you, a mischievous grin on his face as if he already knew what you wanted.

“Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” You said with a panicking voice but a small smile on your face.

David got closer to you, already starting the act and held your hands in his, raising them to his mouth before pressing a kiss on your knuckles.

“Is it working?”

David glanced behind you before he tried to contain his smile. “He’s coming.”

Your eyes widened before you cleared your throat, straightening up your posture. You felt a tap on your shoulder, making you turn your head to see him standing there with his jaw clenched and his expression hard as he looked from you to your hands to David. “Can we talk?”

“Oh, Harry, it’s good to see you.” You said, trying to act it cool as you got your hands out of David’s. “Yeah, one second,” You turned to look at David, “I’ll be back.”

“No, you won’t.” Harry groaned, grabbing your hand in his before pushing through the crowd with you behind him. He went up the stairs, entering the closest room to the right before closing the door and leaving your hand, beginning to pace.

“You moved on? And with who? David? The guy is a dickhead.” Harry stopped, looking at you as he gestured towards the door.

“We’re just friends.” You shrugged.

“He was holding your hands!” He snapped.

“Yeah? And why do you care?!” You snapped back, stepping closer to him.

He released an airy chuckle, putting his hands on his hips as he looked at the ceiling for a moment before looking back at you. “You know why.”

“I don’t know anything anymore, Harry!” You shouted, “You broke up with me because you just assumed how I’m feeling! And then you come and argue with me because someone else was holding my hands! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You think I’m jus-”

And the predictable of Harry interrupting you with his lips on yours happened, cupping your face with his hands as he deepened the kiss once you kissed back, wrapping your hands around his arms.

“No one can touch you but me. I love you. I was a fucking idiot. Take me back.” He moved his hands from your cheeks to your neck, holding you gently as his fingers were placed on your head from behind.

You didn’t reply; you placed your lips on his, hearing him moan into the kiss, bending down a little to place his hands on your thighs, making you jump to wrap your legs around his waist.

“I love you,” You breathed out as Harry’s lips moved from your mouth to the corners of it, “too.”


I don’t know what came over me. oops.

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Please do #22

What about like Harry takes her to the dentist because she’s to afraid to go alone. She has to get her wisdom teeth out and after he records some goofy video of her being out of it in meds.

i’m combining these two because it seems to go very well together lol

22.  “Did you just hiss at me?”

Harry knew that once she finally got her wisdom teeth out that she was going to be a pain, he just wasn’t aware of how much of a pain she was going to be. She fought with him on the ride there. They had to fight and eventually strap her in to a chair and give her just a smidge more than the recommended dosage of nitrous oxide to get her to calm down. The only real peace he had was when she was actually having the procedure done, and he knew by the exasperated look on the dental assistant’s face when they practically threw her out of the office that she’d been a handful for them, too. 

On the car ride home she kept unbuckling her seat belt and trying to paw her way out of the car screaming about how he was trying to kidnap her. He was forced to pull over once she managed to unlock the door and tried to jump out. Luckily, they were on a side street so no real damage could come from her medicine-induced stupidity. Once he jogged over to her side she jumped on him and sobbed in relief and recounted the story of how a “bad man with great hair and stupid tattoos” tried to kidnap her.

They made it back to the house relatively unscathed, although he did have to carry her in because she couldn’t figure out how to move her limbs. She claimed she was paralyzed to which Harry sighed heavily and picked her up bridal style. He couldn’t help the small smile that crept up his face as she ran her hands through the hair on the back of his head talking gibberish about how it felt like cotton candy. And, he laughed when she poked into his dimple and started comparing it to a crater on the moon and then proceeded to tell the story of the first time she went to the moon.

Things got complicated, however, when he had to change out the gauze in her mouth. He thought he had the solution to rinse out her mouth but he’d left it upstairs. When he came back down he found her sprawled her upper half was sprawled across the coffee table and her lower half was spread across the couch and he couldn’t tell if she was awake of not. He reached to lift her torso from off the table when she popped up and smacked his arm away from her very ferociously. “Did you just hiss at me?” he asked incredulously.

“I’m not playing with you spider-man. Me and the other lizard people will rise,” she said in a garbled voice.

He slid his hand down his face wondering how he was going to get this done as she continued “basking.” “Come on, love. Let me change your gauze. I’m not spider man.”

“Oh, so you’re Parker Peter?” she challenged then laughed as she realized her mix up. He took that opportunity to slide the new gauze into her mouth and pull his phone out to record her. He couldn’t wait until the morning. She was gonna love this.

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Harry Styles’ HEART MONITOR CHALLENGE with Nick Grimshaw

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61 please. I love your writing

61. “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!”


Being famous was nice but what came with it, not really; especially when it comes to Harry. Having the reputation of a “womanizer” by the media, people payed attention to every female that made an appearance in his life. None of the ones he was interested in stayed; it always got too much for them with the hate or rumors.

Then he met you. You met in Jamaica, you being with your family and he was with his crew, finding muse, writing and recording.
After a few tropical dates and stolen kisses, Harry was smitten.

You sat on your towel, hand over your eyes as you watched Harry jogging to you, wet, with his surfboard. You smiled as he leaned down, capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss, pulling away with kissy noise. “Waves are pretty nice today.” He said as you gave him his towel.

“They were even better yesterday. Told you to join.” You smiled, laying on your back as he lied beside you, his body turned to you as he propped himself on his elbow.

“Told you I had to work on my tan.” He joked, looking at you.

After a few moments of silence that were full of only you and Harry thinking to yourselves.

Harry wanted to keep you. He wanted to hide you from the world; he didn’t want everyone to snatch you away from him because he had never felt this way before.
You, too, knew about the consequences of being THE Harry Styles’ girlfriend —not that he had asked you ye-

“Say, Y/N,” Harry began, you humming in reply and looking at him, “If I were to ask you a very very serious question right now, would you say yes?” He asked with a nervous smile.

“No, Harry, we’re not going to draw your naked mermaid tattoo on the sand.” You chuckled.

“That wasn’t what I wanted!” Harry laughed, “Well not now at least,” He added, “But anyway,” He shook his head, “Do you want to you know, make us, uh, official?”

You quickly sat up, looking at him with a smile. “Finally! Yes!”

Harry sat up, a grin on his face. “So you’d be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, you poor excuse of a surfer!” You joked, squealing when he climbed over you, making you fall on your back as he was on top of you.

“You’ll regret calling me that when I’m winning the surfing competition they’re having in two days.”

“Oh my God, you’re not joining, are you?”

“You might want to start practicing your cheerleading skills.” He joked, leaning down and pressing a short yet sweet kiss to your neck and up your jaw to your mouth, planting a sweet kiss.

And this is how it all started. Everything was going great. When the crew was taking videos of Harry for the making of the album videos that the fans will see, you were behind the camera. They all respected yours and Harry’s wishes to keep your relationship private for as long as you both wanted.

“You know, I think my family loves you more than they love me.” You joked as you and Harry walked down a pier after you both had lunch with your family who kept bugging you about meeting him since he was so close to where you stayed.

Harry laughed, pulling you closer to him as he had his arm around your shoulders. “You look so much like your mum, it’s crazy.”

“We get tha-”

“Harry! Y/N!” You both heard Jeff’s voice from afar, shouting for the both of you.

You both turned, confused to see him running to you. He took a few breaths before showing you his phone. “They found out.”

And there you were. Pictures of you both kissing, cuddling and laughing from different days and angles posted in different tweets with different captions. “Fuck!” Harry cursed, taking Jeff’s phone in his hand.

You frowned, looking over at the phone as Harry scrolled through the tweets. Your eyes did catch a few words and sentences like “Summer fling” and “Is this the new kendall?”

“These are pictures from different days.” You pointed out. “Oh my God, look at the date of this tweet,” You panicked, pointing. The tweet was written 3 days ago, having a picture of you and Harry kissing on the sand.

“They didn’t just find out. They already knew!” Harry groaned, giving Jeff his phone back before wrapping his arm around your shoulders again, pulling you closer to his chest.

“Who even did this?” You muttered.

“There could have been a fan or a pap.” Jeff said, “I’m going to try and work this out.”

“Work what out? The pictures are already out. They know about us now.” Harry said.

“My social media accounts are private. They won’t get to me.” You said, looking at a very stressed out Harry.

“I’m going to leave you both alone. Sorry, you two.” Jeff gave you a sympathetic smile before turning and walking away.

You stepped in front of Harry, wrapping your arms around his torso. “Hey, calm down.”

“What if they drive you away? They get so fucking brutal.” Harry frowned, looking at you.

“I told you, I have my social media on private, I’m going to be extra careful whenever I’m out in public and it’ll die out. Don’t worry about me, I’m a tough woman.” You tried to reason gently although, you were terrified. You have never been in this position before and you didn’t know what to expect and what might happen but one thing you knew for sure: you wouldn’t let Harry slip through your fingers because some people were assholes.

Harry sighed, staying silent for a moment. “Once we’re both in LA, I’m assigning a bodyguard to you.”

“But Ha-”

“No, absolutely not.” He shook his head, “We’re going on this ride together, yeah? Would you like that?”

You smiled reassuringly, “I’d love that.” You said before placing your lips on his. “Race you to the beach!” You shouted before running off.

“Not fair!”

•• thank you so much, I’m glad you do, lovely! x