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I have a TFLN request for you, if you don't mind, where the missus gets horrible comments on her insecurities from fans and Anne texts Harry about it because the missus feels too embarrassed or something? Also, I love your content, keep up the marvellous work. X

Harry. Anne.

(YN)’s okay, right? And the baby? They’re both alright?

They’re fine, sweetheart. What makes you think they aren’t?

(YN)’s not answering her phone. She won’t respond to my messages. I worried that something happened to them. I know you were and are with her today so I was just checking in with you.

She’s fine, unless she’s hiding anything from me. I promise, H. She’s giving Persephone a quick bath and then we’re going to settle with some Chinese food and a few films. Gemma’s popping over since Michal’s away so we’re spending some time as the ladies.

I’m just worried, Mum.

She usually texts me when Persephone’s eating but I got nothing at all today… Not even a good morning text.

Harry, sweetheart. She’s a new mum. She’s probably just very exhausted and tired and she can’t comprehend anything.

Are you sure she’s not hiding anything?

Not that I know of.

If she seems different tonight, then, I’ll let you know, H. I promise you.


Can you get her to call me too? I want to talk to her about coming home and taking a few months off work to stay with her and P. The baby’s only a few weeks and I should be there to help; not away for meetings.

Hey, this meeting in Los Angeles is understandable. We know. (YN) knows, as well. And Persephone will understand when she’s older.

I feel guilty. I missed her first smile, you know? Next thing you know, I’ll be missing her crawl.

Don’t be silly, sweetheart. You’ll be here for that, I know it.

You think?


I’ll let you have fun tonight. Just, get her to call me before she goes to bed.

Of course I will.

Give my love to them both.

Of course.

I love you, too.

I love you too, sweetheart. Have fun today. x



I think I know the reason.

What is it?

She hasn’t eaten anything at all tonight. She let me and Gem order a whole lot from the menu, saying she’ll pick at anything that’s there, but, she didn’t eat, Harry.

When she popped to the toilet, Gemma filled me in. People have been commenting on her weight now that she’s just had a baby. She was papped the other day, yeah?

Yeah, yeah. They took me to the airport and sat with me for a bit whilst I waited for the jet.

What are they saying?

I don’t know. I haven’t looked. And Gemma said it was too appalling to look at.

This is the last thing she needs.

She’s only just become more confident in herself. She got a little more depressed near the end of the pregnancy because she realised she was going to have stretch marks and scars but she only recently realised that it was all worth it because we had a beautiful baby as the result.

Mum… You don’t think… She’ll go into post partum?

Sweetheart, don’t think like that, okay? She’s been so happy and bonding with the baby so I don’t think it’s post partum. Me and Gem will talk to her, and, hopefully make her see that it’s completely normal for pregnant women to look full.

She isn’t, Mum.

She’s perfect.

Make sure she knows.

I do, Mum. I tell her every single day.

She’ll be okay, sweetheart. It’s not post partum.

She’s just afraid to tell you.


She doesn’t want you to see her in a different way.

I wouldn’t… Mum, I wouldn’t!

She’s going to give you a call now, okay?

I’m going to stay with Gem for the night and then come back tomorrow. I think you both need to talk about this and talk things through. x


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‪headers aren’t mine!!!!! ‬


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You can't honestly tell me that if you weren't a "Larrie" you would still doubt Louis' relationship with Eleanor.

okay so normally i dont like to have eleanor on my blog but for you ill make an exception 

but yeah i can honestly tell you

if i was not a larrie

i still wouldnt believe


I think sometimes we get so caught up in all that is happening around Louis and it’s a lot to take in as it’s constant and incredibly confusing at times.

And sometimes I need to take a step back and remember why I am here:

I think Louis and Harry are in love with each other and I fell in love with their story. And that’s all there’s to it. 

And I could not say it any better then Louis already did: 

“If it all goes wrong, Darling just hold on” xx