I Love You (Support: A Harry Styles Imagine Part 3)

I’m so sorry for the long wait! I suck at endings so I had a really hard time writing this. I couldn’t sleep knowing I was so close to finishing it, so tada! Here’s part 3!

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If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2, here they are!




It finally the day of the fashion show. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. People were running around backstage trying to make everything run as smoothly as it can. Models were in their dressing rooms either getting their hair or makeup done, or they’re already trying on the gowns to be flaunted that day. I, on the other hand, am fixing my models so that the dress comes out like how I pictured it.

Cara Delevingne was telling me how she felt wearing my creation. She told me how powerful and fierce she felt wearing the yellow and red suit-dress that I designed for my “work” collection. I can never get used to being complimented by someone famous people. To heck, Tyra Banks came by and patted me on the back saying how well I did when she looked around backstage. I was reliving the moment when I heard someone call me.

“Y/N!” A voice said. I almost didn’t hear it because of the commotion but luckily I did. It was my mum and dad who flew in just to watch and support me today.

“I’m so happy for you baby girl!” My dad said, hugging me. While my mum was hugging me, I heard my name being called once more. This time, it was Gemma. Anne, Robin and Michal were also there. I smiled at them and summoned them to where we were.

“Y/N dear!” Anne said, hugging me. I greeted them and let them greet my parents. Seeing everyone laughing and getting along made me think of him.


Harry and I were always thankful that our families got along. He always told me that he already felt like part of the family when he met my parents. I also felt the same love when I met his. It was too good to be true.

I sighed and thought about him being here beside me, supporting me. But no… he decided that his career and his dreams were more important than mine. Heck, he’s not even here. I shook my thoughts of him. He doesn’t deserve me thinking about him.

** A week ago **

“Are you sure you’ll be ok driving alone? I mean, Michal and I can go with you to London then come back. It’s not that far you know?” Gemma insisted for the nth time. I just laughed and continues putting my newly bought things, which I had to buy since I left my things in London while I stayed with the Styles-Twist family in Cheshire.

“I’ll be fine Gem. I drove my way here. I can drive myself  back.” I said, putting the last of my things that I bought.

I “accidentally” bought quite a few too many cute sundresses and a few shirts for the coming season. She smiled and gave me a hug. Michal said his goodbye and left Gemma and I alone.  

“You and Harry haven’t talked in the last few days. Are you guys still not talking to each other?” She asked. I sighed and closed the car door.

“We broke up, Gem. There’s no reason for us to talk to each other now.”

“But.. you’re still my best friend right? You’ll still talk to us?” Gemma asked. I laughed a little and held her hand. “ I mean, you’re not closing the doors on any scenario of Harry asking you to get back together, right? There’s still tahg ray of hope?”

“Of course you’re still my best friend. And your family means a whole lot for me to just cut contact.” I gave her one last hug when I saw Robin accompanying Anne down the few steps going out, I met them halfway.

“Anne! You shouldn’t have went out. I was about to go in and say my farewell.” I said, helping Robin assist Anne.

Anne was fine. She got out of the hospital a few days after she was confined. No damages were seen. Everyone was just cautious when we’re with Anne.

“Dear, you’re the one leaving. I should at least say my goodbye. Hopefully not forever.” Anne said. She was so sweet and thoughtful.

“It’s not. I promise! I’ll see you guys during the fashion show. I already made the arrangements so that you can sit beside mum and dad.”

“Oh they’re flying in?” Anne asked. “That’s nice. Haven’t talked to your mom in a while. It’ll be nice to catch up.”

“Yeah they are.” I answered.

“You never answered my question.” Gemma intervened.

“What question?” I asked.

“About you and Harry. There’s still that chance of you guys getting back together right?”

“We’ll see what happens.” I answered.

“Enough with that talk. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. You better get going now dear. It’ll be a long drive to London. Take care, ok? Call me when you get home.” Anne said with a last hug.

As I was about to ride the car, I saw a silhouette, a silhouette that I knew very well. It was Harry. He stepped closer to the window which made me see his face. If it weren’t dark, I could’ve sworn that he was crying. I just gave him a small smile and entered the car, not looking back.


The fashion show was a complete success. The entire team was now on their way to the after party. I told everyone that I’ll just follow since I had to fix my things from my dressing room.

As soon as I get to my designated room, I saw a tall figure by the mirror. It was admiring the pictures that were pasted on the mirror. There were three pictures - a picture of me with my family, me with my friends, and me and Harry. The last picture was a polaroid picture of when we went to Universal Studios Florida. We were dressed in our Harry Potter robes holding a wand in one hand and a mug of Butterbeer in the other. It had the words “I met my Harry Potter.” on the bottom. It was also the day we had our first kiss.

I was taken back to reality when I heard him call my name. I looked at him and saw his dimpled smile. I haven’t seen that smile in ages.

“Hey.” He said. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

“Hi.” I said, shying away from him. He coughed a little to get my attention once more.

“These are- um, these are for you.” He said. I was too focused on his presence that I failed to notice the bouquet of roses with him.

During our first date, he asked me what type of flowers I favored the most. Ever since I answered roses, he made sure I got the freshest and most elegant bouquets in the entire duration of our relationship. It made me feel like he really paid attention to the smallest details about me.

“I- um, I know how much you love roses. So I- um, I brought you some. And it’s- it’s red. I know red roses are-” I cut him off.

He’s nervous.

“Thank you. Not only for the rose… but for coming in general.” I said, taking a sniff off the elegant red roses. He finally took a long breath and started talking again.

“Look, I’m so sorry, love. I really am. I now know how big of a jerk I was. I was the shittiest boyfriend alive. But seeing you on the runway during the end… it made me feel something. It made me feel proud. So proud of you love. And I want to feel that more often. I’ll be here, supporting you till you decide to retire. I’ll watch each and every fashion week that you’ll be in. I’ll be there with a huge banner that says ‘that’s my girl right there!’ I’ll be the loudest person present.” His small rant made me laugh for the first time in months.

“It has been months since we broke up. It took me losing you to realize that you’re it for me. I hope you see that as well because I can’t last another day without you. I love you baby. I will forever love you.” Tears started streaming down his face. For a second, I saw the Harry that loved me to death - the Harry that made me fall in love with him.

“I can’t be at the bottom of your priorities again Harry. I need to know that I’m important as well.”

“You are baby. Oh, my God you are the most important woman to me right now. Mum and Gem are only after you.” I smiled at his remark.

“I love you… so much.” I said, putting my hands on both sides of his face. He didn’t waste time. He went for it and kissed me.

Oh how I missed his lips.

“I love you too baby… so much. I’ll always be here, supporting you, forever.”


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1D Hiatus: Day 557

* Harry’s representative confirms that Harry’s stepfather Robin Twist passed away this week after a long battle with cancer

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