As you can see, Harry received his fanbook from Barcelona, with all of your wonderful messages and creations inside!

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend to much time presenting the fanbook to Harry, because with him only being there for the Sunday, the organisation had to make sure that each and every fan that had autographs with Harry got to have their moment of course! I already felt incredibly happy that they allowed me to squeeze in, even though I didn’t make the “official” fanbook for the Paris convention :)

I started by asking if he remembered tweeting me back about hoping to see the fanbook in person and after a pause, he did and then he got proper excited! He looked at the gorgeous cover made by @tsumi-noaru​ for a moment and said it was amazing, then opened it up to have a look through, flicking some pages and smiling all the while, continuously commenting with exclamations like “wow” and “that’s great!”.

Harry then complimented me saying it was well put together and I joked that I skipped Kindergarten and that’s why I didn’t make a scrapbook, because I would’ve ended up gluing all the pages together and that it would all look terrible and he laughed at that xD

He was really happy and thanked me and smiled some more and then we posed for pictures together and he said he’d definitely look at it more closely later!

If you’ve seen his IG earlier today, the fanbook was prominently featured at the beginning of the IG story!

Isn’t that amazing??? :)))))))))

Once again I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for participating and showing your love to Harry, rest assured he will see and read every page! I’m really glad I was able to pass on your messages, selfies, drawings and other creations to him :)


OMG I am dead Matt and Harry…. and Isaiah…. LOL


The Shadowhunters Cast Plays ‘Who Would You Rather Kiss?’

shannonkook: More than entire generations of us missed out on seeing Asian families represented on television
My #SpideySense goes right off as soon as I see another Asian person working on set, be they crew or actor. Feels backward, but there are so few of us I can’t help but cheer inside when I see signs of progress. Everyone is dealing with their own stereotypes and obstacles. My experience is not ‘special’ or more appropriate than another’s. My experience with racism does not trump yours with 'xyz’, and vice versa
This set was particularly exciting for me as I got to work with 4 time #Emmy nominee #MichaelGoi, as well as one of the FIRST Asian regulars on North American television #SiluckSaysanasy from #DegrassiJuniorHigh (after #DustinNguyen on #21JumpStreet)! Siluck was our 1st Assistant Director, and a very jovial and funny one at that as well
After reaching the final picks for #MagnusBane on the movie and then coming close to a different lead on the series, now meeting the pioneers in the industry before me and sharing bread with the actual Magnus @harryshumjr, and my Degrassi predecessor- Siluck are big noteworthy moments for me
Harry is now in #CrazyRichAsians. I am extremely excited for this breadth of representation to hit the mainstream
While I’m conscious to be careful not to define myself by my race, I’m aware that many people do, and it’s music one must learn to dance around ~ whether that be that I’m not White enough, or not Asian enough-feedback I’ve received more than once in the final picks of casting
You can be proud of where you come from, while also not feeling constrained to the perceptions of what your race, gender or orientation should be. This picture is a moment during which I was leaving set and celebrating such inner reflections.

Okay Imma do a small rant - as much as I love malec and just want them to adopt those babies already and live happily ever after, I don’t think I’ll be able to be happy for them until they talk about that whole body switch thing. Alec needs to apologize. Not just “Im so sorry for everything you had to go through” no no boy. Alec you need to grab that mans hands, look him in the eye and say “Im so sorry for what I did. Im sorry for not believing you and not being there when you needed me most. I understand if you need time.” He needs to acknowledge that not only did Magnus have his body taken from him, he was tortured and made to relive memories of his past that clearly traumatized him. Saying “I love you” to him right now isn’t what Magnus needs since he had begged Alec to believe him if he loved him, and he didn’t.

I hope something like that happens in the next ep. Not just Magnus opening up about his past but the whole body switch needs to have closure. This isn’t something we can just let go of. Magnus deserves it and so do we.