I can’t believe some people blamed Matt and Harry for not being able to tend an international Con. It’s not their fault. They even facetimed together to apologize and say that they’ve been trying for WEEKS to get their schedules available but they were not able to. Matt and Harry and the rest of the cast go above and beyond by doing live chats, takeovers, and attending Cons. Actors in shows DON’T have to do these things. They really don’t. It’s okay to be upset, but it’s not okay to blame them. Matt looked so sad in the video and looked visibily upset. Y'all put too much on these actors. They are doing their best. I don’t know the lineup for the other actors who are attending the Con, but I hope they don’t feel unwanted because some fans are angry because Matt and Harry can’t attend.

“So I’m your first ever Shadowhunter, huh?” Alec said when they separated at last.
“You’re my first so many things, Alec Lightwood,” Magnus said.

Fancast for the upcoming Mulan movie

1) Celina Jade, Jessica Henwick OR Chloe Bennet as Fa Mulan

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2) Lewis Tan, Remy Hii, Ludi Lin OR Harry Shum Jr. as Chen Honghui 

(codename for Li Shang???)

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3) Keegan-Michael Key as Mushu

(if Eddie Murphy doesn’t reprise his role) 

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4) Chow-Yun Fat as Shan Yu

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5) Lucille Soong OR Wai Ching Ho as Grandmother Fa

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6) Ming-Na Wen as Fa Li 

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7) BD Wong as Fa Zhou

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8) Jackie Chan as the Emperor of China 

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9) Lucy Liu as the Matchmaker

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10) Benedict Wong as Chien-Po

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11) Stephen Chow as Yao

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12) Archie Kao as Ling 

(admittedly, I don’t actually have a pick for this role. Archie was just the first one who came to mind) 

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13) Ken Leung OR Louis Ozawa Changchien as Chi-Fu

EDIT: Chin Han would also make a great Chi-Fu

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14) Donnie Yen as the General / Shang’s father

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Anti CC and TMI Podcast

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned doing a podcast dissecting the problems with the Mortal Instruments books and Cassandra Clare? Well the first episode of Too Much Information will premiere this week so please keep an eye out! I’ll be posting it here on my blog and the anti cc and anti tmi tag so do please tune in if you’re sick of all the praise the books get especially when it’s to insult the show!

Episode One will be called City of Boners: Too Much Information so please keep those eyes peeled for it!

Trust me, we don’t hold back.

People are upset. Yes you can be upset. But there is no need to get angry at Harry and or Matt. They worked their butts off these past few months so they could get to you guys.

Tough luck, in the world of acting scripts can change, scenes might need a do over… just, last minute changes happen all the fucking time.

Is it fair to you? Of course not. Is it fair to Matt and Harry? No, because they worked so hard so they could get this weekend off and go to Barcelona. But the schedule for 2B is really tight so they are needed there, unfortunately.

Please, do not be angry at Harry for being “Happy” in the video. It’s Harry. He’s always trying to cheer us up and just because he laughs and smiles, DOES NOT mean he feels bad! Because he does and so does Matt.

These two mean well and they deserve nothing but love and respect, so please. If you want to out your feelings do it respectively. That’s all I ask.

So Shumdario stayed to film while the rest of the cast is off to the con.
Does this mean they are filming a malec scene? Alone? Without Jace the Cockblocker around ?
Can it be? Malec interacting without being interrupted ? Having a talk and a domestic scene? Being treated properly like a real couple they are?
If so, I am so down for this shit. They deserve it.

It actually really sucks that Harry and Matt aren’t able to attend the con ( not their faults of course, don’t blame them) because I’m pretty sure those fans aren’t able to get refunds on their tickets and whoever spent time making things for them won’t be able to give it to them :/

My heart goes out to all the fans who unfortunately won’t be able to meet them 💔

But please don’t blame the actors, Matt looked genuinely upset, and I’m 100% positive Harry was too. These guys love the fans, and it isn’t fair to immediately place blame on them. (Also, just because Harry was smiling in his video DOES NOT mean he cares any less. Don’t start that bullshit)