malec au’s for your consideration:

  • magnus as the boxing coach who has trouble keeping his hands off the new student, alec, under the guise of showing him new moves
  • alec as the librarian who seems to know the answer to all of magnus’ questions so it becomes a challenge between the two of them (a month after they meet magnus gives him a easy question, ‘will you go out with me?’)
  • soulmate au where you have the first words your soulmate says to you written in their handwriting on your body, but both magnus and alec’s are quite common ones so they don’t recognise who the other is at first
  • magnus gets smashed and comes home to his apartment but he went one floor down, which is actually alec’s, calls him an angel, then falls asleep on his couch, not even realizing he’s at the wrong place
  • they go to different high schools and compete in track and field and they both want to beat the other but end up training together because it makes them push themselves harder
  • olympic au where alec does beach volleyball with jace and magnus is a gymnast and they meet at a bar not knowing who the other is
  • high school best friends au where they both like each other but think it’s unrequited and alec is a photographer and he chooses magnus as his muse
  • a couple years after a virus is released into the world that turns people into zombies essentially, and magnus saves alec’s life after he gets separated from jace and isabelle, and they discover they make a good team so magnus and his group of friends decide to help alec find his family
  • alec is a lifeguard and magnus pretends to be drowning because ragnor was being rude and alec jumps in to save him, ‘.. you’re fine’ ‘i think i need cpr actually’
  • skating with the stars au where alec is a famous hockey player and magnus is his really hot figure skating partner 

college au where alec is a nighttime dj on student radio and no one knows who’s behind the best show on the station and magnus livetweets the show because he loves it so much and listens to it during his night shifts at the campus clinic and it’s not until izzy tells alec about twitter that he realizes he has a fan.


Although the return of “Shadowhunters” Season 2 might not be as closer as fans want it to be, small details about the show are now emerging. In fact, Harry Shum Jr. opened up about his role as Magnus Bane and what the fantasy television series’ viewers can expect from his character.

Magnus Bane’s Changing Character

In an interview with TV Insider, Harry Shum Jr. revealed that fans might see a different Magnus Bane in “Shadowhunters” Season 2. However, the 34-year-old star cleared that the changes his character is about to display are only minimal. He said that his role continuously alters since the early days until today.

“So you’re definitely going to see some changes as far as mood and even looks,” Harry Shum Jr. hinted. To recall, Magnus Bane has been known for constantly changing his appearance. He has displayed his half-demon, half-human personality, easily annoyed and impatient temper. However, the dancer cleared that the High Warlock is only doing that to “spice up” his character in “Shadowhunters” Season 2.

Harry Shum Jr. described “Shadowhunters” Season 2’s Magnus Bane as a worldly person who has seen everything and have experienced almost everything. If truth be told, he thinks that his role already felt all the emotions every human being can feel. “But still has this quality about him that there’re certain things that he’s still finding new, even living for centuries,” he added.

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