I hate Dumbledore conspiracy theories. I hate them. With a passion. Headcanon is one thing, treating it like it’s real canon is another. It’s really irritating that through the fandom that in every “evil Dumbledore” analysis that they’ll ascribe a sinister motive to everything that this man does or doesn’t do and claim it’s canon supported, even though it clearly isn’t or there really isn’t any solid evidence at all.

I have seen it all, from Dumbledore sealing/hiding Lily and James’ wills that we don’t even know existed in the first place and stole the Invisibility Cloak from James, all the way up to him actually sending Quirrell to Albania and plotting to drive a wedge between the Trio during the Triwizard Tournament because Hermione was too intelligent and would stop Dumbledore’s plot to control Harry. Plus something about him not being able to overrule Fudge and stop Umbridge from coming into his school means that he wanted it to happen so he secretly hates all Muggle-borns and is a closet pureblood extremist. And the worst part is that they’ll claim it’s canon supported, that we’re just not looking hard enough and that JK is deluded or not looking hard enough. It’s infuriating to the highest power, if he wanted to control the Wizarding World or become Master of Death, he would have done it by now. If he wanted more power, he would have taken it, starting with the Minister position which would have been the simplest way. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy? Every plot hole or mysterious happening is because of something Dumbledore did? You may call it oversimplifying, but it’s okay for things to be simple! What’s wrong with simple? Maybe some people read not for a message but to be entertained. Not everybody is an analyst, not everything that happens is part of some plot. Coincidence does exist. This may come as a shock, but some things do happen entirely unplanned! Dumbledore is as sketchy as they come, but he doesn’t have some secret evil agenda, I promise you.

It’s amazing to me how much history can be twisted in the retelling!! 4 instance not many people know that Ron Weasley and Ron Stoppable are actually different ancient translations of the same name & that Peter Pettigrew was actually a naked mole-rat!! History is amazing I love to learn

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Fics where she's no longer friends with Harry and the Weasleys but she made friends with the slytherins?? Thanks so much

  • Scarlett Dragon by cleotheo - T, 20 Chapters - As a single teenage mother, Hermione chooses to begin a new life in France, little realising the move will eventually bring her the happiness she longs for. However, the past can’t be ignored forever and one day the past is going to catch up with both Hermione and her daughter. 
  • The Spa By: cleotheo - T, 13 chapters - After a nasty break-up with Ron six years ago, Hermione hasn’t seen any of her friends. When she runs into them at a Spa will they apologise for abandoning her or will things remain frosty between them?
  • The Island  By: cleotheo - T, 6 chapters - The opening of a new wizarding island brings all sorts of dramas to those attending the opening weekend. For Hermione and Draco the weekend brings them into contact with their old friends, while for Harry and Blaise the weekend is all about keeping secrets from being exposed.
  • Unbreakable By: cleotheo - M, 28 chapters - When Hermione Granger gets pregnant in school she refuses to name the father of her unborn child to the Professors or her friends. Draco Malfoy knows the child is his and he’s busy planning on getting him, Hermione and their child safely away from his father, who is determined to make Draco take the dark mark and join the Death Eaters.
  • Vanish and Reappear By: cleotheo - T, 2 chapters - Vanish - With no-one approving of their relationship, Draco and Hermione decide to vanish from their friends and families lives. Reappear - Several years after disappearing Draco and Hermione return and give their parents one last chance to accept their relationship. Two One Shots, Vanish is the first part and Reappear is the sequel.
  • Consequences of War By: NJ Coffee Queen - T, 29 chapters - Draco is asked to do the unthinkable when the Golden Trio is brought to Malfoy Manor. Can he handle the consequences of his actions or will he flee like the coward everyone believes him to be?
  • Interesting Times by Litobee - M, 13 chapters, complete - It’s been 20 years since the war, new friendships were formed, old one’s died, what happens when the old and new collide? (Originally was to be a one-shot but decided to make it a multi-chapter)

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Being The Marauder’s best female friend

Remus Lupin:

falling in love with Remus Lupin would include…

Sirius Black:

being Sirius Black’s girlfriend would include…

Harry Potter Era

Harry x Draco:

Stay, Please

30 minutes locked down ~ Ron Weasley X Reader ~ Imagine

So this is the new imagine of the serie 30 minutes locked down. The reader is a little bit more sassy but is still sweet. Hope you like it.
Warning: The smuth is light but there and the language is there but not that much :)


̎ No I am not playing! ̎ you whispered shouted to your friend.

̎ Why not it’ll be fun! ̎ she answered excited.

̎ Because if Lavender picks Ron I will kill myself and I won’t survive either to 30 minutes of McLaggen tongue in my throat! And it won’t be fun! Your only saying that because you hope to spend the 30 minutes in Dean’s pants, but you have a chance on 10 to pick your crush and I’m not sure that an awkward 30 minutes spent to wait for the time to pass is productive I need to pack my trunk we leave tomorrow for Christmas! ̎

̎ But you’ve said it yourself Y/N! Lavender has a chance on 10 to pick Ron it won’t happen! Come one!  ̎

̎ I said no!  ̎

̎So who’s starting!  ̎ the game leader shouted.

̎Y/N!  ̎ responded your friend.

As everyone whistle and claps at you, you tell your friend to shove off, frustrated. Then the bag came and you put your and in it, anxious. You touched many things but nothing really caught your attention until a little fluffy thing brushed your fingers. You caught it and put it out of the bag revealing a maroon bobble of a knitted hat.

̎ Ron that’s you!  ̎ the twins shouted together.

̎ You see you got him Y/N!  ̎ your friend whispered in your ear as you turned red.

You join Ron on the other side of the room and went with him in the bedroom you would be locked for 30 minutes, not missing the obvious angry face of Lavender.

̎ So yeah, 30 minutes. ̎ Ron said to you on the other side of the bedroom.

̎ Yeah… ̎ you answered a shy look at Ron.

Then the light went off.

 ̎ Fuck! I forgot about that! ̎ you said worried.

̎ Is there something wrong Y/N?  ̎ he asked.

̎ Well, it’s just that I’m scared of the dark …. ̎ you answered afraid.

̎ Ok don’t worry, and follow my voice, you’ll be less scared if your not alone.  ̎ he said protectively.

̎ How do you know?  ̎ you asked walking toward his voice.

̎ My sister was afraid of the dark when she was younger so she would always sleep with my parents. She said that it was less scary with someone else. But don’t tell her I told you she would kill- ̎

 ̎Oups sorry Ron!  ̎ you told him as you hit his chest.

He hugged you in a protective way keeping you from falling from the collision.

̎ Are you okay?  ̎ he asked you.

̎ Yeah. I’m all right… ̎  As he slowly relesed his embrace you asked him:              ̎ Ron? Could we stay like that, it’s less scary if you hug me too ̎  you said blushing feircely. 

̎ No problem! I was right eh? ̎ he said  slowly closing his embrace.

̎ Yeah.. you were right ̎  

̎ Great! ̎ he responded gently.

Your ear was at Ron’s heart level, and you heard it beating faster after your request. Persuaded that you had made him uncomfortable you decided to loosen the atmosphere.

̎ I like your sweatshirt, it’s all soft. ̎ was the first thing you taught of.

̎ Thanks… My mom knitted for me last Christmas. I’ll probably have another one this year. I-If you want, I-I could give you this one? ̎

̎ Oh! That would be nice but don’t feel obligated, I just said it like that!  ̎ you respond lifting your head trying to see Ron’s face through the darkness. However, rather than seeing him you lightly blew your breath on his neck provoking goose bumps all over his body. His breath was heavier know. He slowly lowered his face brushing his nose on yours by the fact. You shivered at the touch but you didn’t move. Your body was completely paralyzed by the tension in the air between the both of you.

How could you knew that the deep kiss he would give you was what your body ever needed? You soothed into his arms and chest for a few second until you jumped, him grabbing your thighs, you his soft red hair. He pushed you onto the nearest wall, his hands going all over your body. You parted the kiss to prey on his neck making love bite by the fact. He tugged your shirt up until you just ripped it off and threw it somewhere in the room.

The next thing you knew, his shirt was off too and you both were on the bed making out passionately. You were on top of him and you parted the kiss to go lower and lower on his chest, leaving hickies all over, his groan getting louder as you went down. The moment you hit his ̎V  ̎ line, tugging his trousers down, you felt him hard through his pants.

But suddenly, a knock on the door indicated the 5 minutes left to the game.  ̎Damn it! ̎ he whispered shouted at the doors.

˵we better search for our cloths ˶ you told him.

˵right… let go.˶ he answered disappointment showing in his voice.

After a few minutes of research that leaded to nothing you told him in panic  ̎Ron! I can’t find my shirt!  ̎

̎ What?! But the door will open in seconds!  ̎

̎ I know but I can’t find it!  ̎

̎ Quick take my sweatshirt!  ̎

̎ But you’ll be in chest Ron!  ̎

̎ I like that better than you just in bra in front of all the guys!  ̎

You didn’t thought of that, so you silently thank Ron and put his sweatshirt on just in time. The door flew open and you saw Ron’s chest and went completely white to the sight of the hickies you had left. As you came out of the room, seeing your shirt on the pole of the four poster bed, the twins were louder than ever and Ron’s ears as red as you had ever seen them. But his smile was wide and the look on his face as he looked at you was priceless. He hugged you as the both of you left the room of requirement only looking at each other.  

˵ I’ll have to thank my friend tomorrow!˶ you told him.

˵Yeah? Why?˶ he asked you.

˵I didn’t wanted to play, I was afraid to see who would get you….˶ you said smiling shyly.

˵ In that case I should thank Fred and George because I didn’t putted anything in the bag, I didn’t wanted to play either.˶ he responded. ˵ I was about to leave actually, Mclaggen was getting on my nerve saying he would have you as a girlfriend after the game.

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When I won’t let anyone talk to me because I’m reading, but suddenly then say Harry Potter…

Like most people I enjoy a good love story. And its usually pretty fun to imagine characters that I want to be together to get together in the show, book, or movie. Usually there are signs for how a relationship is going to go and when it is going to start. And as much fun as it is to root for your favorite pairing to actually be together romantically, there is one thing that kind of ruins it. And that is shipping wars.

I absolutely loathe shipping wars. They ruin some of my favorite shows. I get that we all have our own views on who should be with who, but that shouldn’t mean that people get mad about it, or worse be complete jerks just because some people don’t agree with them. I have seen people who ship things too seriously try to get shows canceled when they end, like the 100 when Lexa died because the actress committed to a different show, so would not have been able to be a full cast member. And that was really rude, especially when the show was still pretty good and has a pretty diverse cast. Right now the ship that seems to be getting a lot of hate is Karamel on Supergirl. Some people are going so far as to call the relationship toxic or abusive, just because everything with Kara and Mon El isn’t always sunshine and roses. It seems like a lot of this uncalled for, and frankly ridiculous, hate stems from people who ship Kara with Lena Luthor. While they have great chemistry and seem to be pretty good friends, its not the direction the show is going in at the moment. That doesn’t mean that current relationships should be given hate. Another dreadful shipping war started out of the best book series of all time, Harry Potter. People attacked Ron for not being good enough for Hermione, and that she should have been with Harry. Ron is a great character and didn’t deserve to be so disparaged, and Harry, much as I love him, has many flaws. Sure people can have their own headcannons, but they needn’t go to such lengths to bad mouth great characters just because things didn’t go their way. 

This pattern repeats itself time and again. Whenever a couple in fiction isn’t shaping up how some people think, they begin to try to ruin it for everybody else. They point out every little flaw, or make some up. I know I’m not the first one to say that shipping wars are stupid and can get cruel, but I feel like people still haven’t learned and it irritates me so much. I wish we could just all enjoy something, celebrate our own thoughts, and not try to force our opinions down other peoples’ throats.