857. In the afterlife Dobby and Dumbledore started a knitting group which Mrs. Weasley eventually joined and they later taught Hagrid how to knit. Soon people could be seen walking around wearing Weasley sweaters.

Becoming a Weasley: Three sweaters down, four to go!

Managed to finish number three and even motivated myself to complete the duplicate stitch letter, all in one weekend!

I can’t wait to order more yarn and get started on number 4 😊

Pattern is “Flax” by Tin Can Knits, with a modification so that there’s no ribbing on the sleeve. Yarn is cascade 220 superwash, purchased from Eat.Sleep.Knit.


Weasley WIPs: sweater two

So the issues I was having with sweater number two have been resolved, as the added weight of the sleeves balanced out features that I was initially unhappy with. Now the knitting is don’t and it just needs its duplicate stitched “K.”

Next up: sweater 3, identical in color to number 1, but with an “E” rather and an “R.”


Weasley by Vicki