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A little bit of Sherlock in my life, 

A little bit of Doctor Who by my side. 

A little bit of Supernatural is all I need, 

A little bit of Avengers is what I see. 

A little bit of Lord of The Rings in the sun, 

A little bit of Merlin all night long. 

A little bit of Harry Potter here I am, 

A little bit of tumblr makes me your man! 

Blank Space ( Harry Potter Parody )  By me.

Nice to meet you, now you’re dead

Shoulda told me what I wanted to know

I’m a pureblood, eyes are red

Felt my wrath and he said

“Oh my god, gotta go now

My godfather is trapped in hell”

Black’s now dead, boy couldn’t tell.

 New body, suit and tie

I can read your eyes like prophecies

Ain’t it funny, your parents died

And you still hadn’t heard of me

So boy, come and see

What I’m like, don’t try to flee

You grabbed your friends, one said my name

I can make a werewolf bite feel like foreplay

So I’m gonna live forever

And you’re gonna be dead in days

Please say hi to your mother

And your father that I slayed

Don’t forget your best friend’s brother

Or the ground’s keeper from home

And my uncle and my father

And Albus Dumbledore

You’re so young and relentless

You take life as it comes

Well, there’s not much more left

Cause you’re the Chosen One

I feel Nagini slithering around me

Severus falls to the ground

Cause I’ve got the Elder Wa-and

And you will be found

Broken lenses, lightening scar

You fell down with a flick of my wand

Now you’re dead, your cause has lost

I’m victorious and you are not

And now, I’ll tell your friends

That you escaped, left them for dead

I’m so kind, I stopped your plan.

Screaming, shouting, silence falls

Neville Longbottom has stepped forward

With the sorting hat in his arms

He’s going on about how

People die every day

And Potter’s death won’t be in vain

I’ll kill the scum, he’s so insane

What was that dull sound? Harry’s running away.

So I’m gonna live forever

And you’re gonna be dead real soon

Please say hi to your mother

And the Hufflepuff you doomed

Don’t forget your godson’s parents

Or the blonde that shagged your friend

And your principal’s late sister

And his evil friend

You’re so young and relentless

You take life as it comes

Well, there’s not much more left

Cause you’re the Chosen One

I feel Nagini’s head fall off her

I’m the only soul piece left

But I’ve got the Elder Wa-and

And I’ll make you dead

I only want to be declared greatest

You’re 17 and worth less then Fox News is

I only want to be declared greatest

You’re 17 and stupid, zero, worthless

So I’m gonna live forever!

And you’re gonna be dead real soon

Just a green flash left now

And you will meet your doom

I just need to know that I am

That I’m the very best

Cause I got so much dark magic

Hope I don’t miss!

Cause you thwarted my plans

When you were only one

You left me dying

With a rodent on the run

I have so many lives to my name

But yours will top the list

Cause you are the one that I chose

I can’t let you live.






Dangerous Wands - It’s the Mudbloods vs. the Mud… Crips.

How Harry Potters life would have been easier with the internet....

Let’s start with 1st year.

An easier way to solve the mysteries

And onto 2nd year…

Now, 3rd year!

Surrey to Diagon Alley via Knight Bus…

And 4th year

Now this would have made things a lot easier in 5th year

Hogwarts to London via Thestral?

And onto 6th year!

A quick scan of Draco Malfoy’s search history showing up this, and voila mystery solved!

An awkward situation avoided by use of the internet…

And finally, the biggest mysteries resolved through the merits of google, and yahoo answers!







Birth Announcements

The calm peace was abruptly fractured on that morning by the shrill cry of the baby. With a certain type of efficiency, the healers quickly swaddled the newborn in a blanket and handed him over to his parents as they began to clean up.

Ginny smiled- albeit tiredly- at Harry as she coddled her son, whose cries had been reduced to whimpers.

"Oh Harry," she said, "Look at him. He’s just perfect."

Harry nodded in agreement as the little tyke grasped onto his finger tightly. “He is. Poor sod got my hair again though.”

A snort was heard from Ginny’s direction. “Well, third time’s a charm, yeah?” she said, eyes glittering. Harry caught her eye and grinned as he took his new son into his arms. “Whatever shall we call him?”

Harry bit his lip. “I was actually thinking of Albus Sev-“

Suddenly a bright light filled the hospital room as the heavens parted. Two pearly figures materialised in front of him. His eyes widened as he took in the familiar faces. “Da-“

James held up a hand. “Son,” he began, “Just don’t.”

Meanwhile Lily was in the back ground frantically shaking her head before reaching over to give a Harry a solid thump on the back of his head. His gaze snapped over to her. “But mum, he was your friend.”

Lily tapped him again. “Wanting to fuck me after calling me a racial slur and joining a terrorist group is not what I would call brave, you little shit.”

And before Harry could ask any more questions, the blinding light filled the room once more and the remnants of his parents disappeared.

The baby was then named Hagrid Dobby Potter.

The End.