Harry Potter: “Marching On”. A through-the-years video.

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R, S, T please!

R: Hardest music you’ve ever played? Probably The Divine Comedy - Inferno by Robert W. Smith (I played it freshman year, first part).

S: What is your favorite marching band show theme you have been a part of/seen? I think that would be the New York City themed show I did this past year because it was my first year of college marching band and we went to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! (My fave high school one was Wicked).

T: Describe your ideal marching band show theme. HARRY POTTER! I know that sounds super nerdy but like imagine the color guard spinning broomsticks instead of rifles and having the drum majors conduct with a wand and having the tubas dress up like fucking dementors or something and have a person playing Harry Potter running around the field away from Voldemort (and one of the props can be the flying car or something).

First name:  Brian

Age:  28 (March)

Location:  Oregon (US)

Languages I speak:  English and Spanish

Email/Tumblr:  senor-giggles.tumblr.com

Interest:  Techno!  I listen to a bunch of techno, electro, dubstep, house and hardcore.  I also like rap and rock.  A little of everything.  I’m a sucker for redheads and girls who play violin.  I like anime, comedy, action, and sometimes horror movies.  (I do get scared from time to time)  I love food I haven’t tried or food that is packed with flavor.  Going out to music concerts or dance festivals.  Trying to get into cosplay and costume design to go to some of the comic cons.  I’m also a big gamer, favorite games are Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, Gears of War series, and Dead Space.  I like to try a little of everything. The weirder the better.

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender):  I guess maybe somewhere around my age.  English or Spanish so we can chit chat a little better.  It really doesn’t matter.  I’m just looking for awesome, down to earth, and fun people who want to share their views and stories.

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr):  Lets do Tumblr first and we’ll go from there.

Name: Ron Weasley
Date of Birth: 1 March 1980
Occupation: Shopkeeper Status: Exempt

The Story So Far:

From his earliest days, Ronald Weasley seemed destined to always be second-best. The youngest of six sons, and older only than his sister, Ron grew up feeling largely unremarkable: anything he could do, his brothers had already done. Contrary to his ever-growing fear of inadequacy, the Weasleys were, from the start, a supportive and adoring family, and though they had little to spare, practiced an unmatched generosity. Like all his brothers before him, Ron was Sorted into Gryffindor, and unlike them, seemed doomed to mediocrity in everything he attempted. Academically, he was average at best, and socially, he was seen as Harry Potter’s friend, and nothing more. His greatest desire was to prove himself, and establish himself as extraordinary, but he never felt as though he succeeded.

In spite of his insecurity, Ron Weasley was remarkable, even at a young age. Brave and loyal to a fault, Ron never seemed to believe in the possibility of a no-win scenario. Although he was academically weak more often than not, he was strategically brilliant, as evidenced by his ability to improvise and his mastery at chess. Though his temper often got the best of him, he displayed an unparalleled capacity for love and compassion, even if he was sometimes incapable of properly expressing either. Trapped in a never-ending cycle of self-deprecation and the subsequent lashing out, which only made him feel worse about himself, Ron resigned himself to his own idea of mediocrity.

Though he played an indelible role in fighting Voldemort, year-in, year-out, credit always seemed to go to Harry–a celebrity at a year old–or Hermione–a Muggleborn, and, thus, an unlikely hero. As much as he loved his friends, he grew to resent being forced into their shadows. This was magnified when he began developing romantic feelings for Hermione, whom he felt would never reciprocate his interest. Though at times, he couldn’t suppress his jealousy, either regarding Harry’s fame or Hermione’s skill–and, later, romantic entanglements, Ron loved them both enough to want them to succeed. While hunting down the Horcruxes, Ron was manipulated into abandoning his friends while under the influence of Dark Magic, and as soon as he was freed from that influence, he returned. After fighting bravely in the Battle of Hogwarts, and overcoming his own prejudices and conservative inclinations, Ron began a new life, one marked by both celebration and grief.

Once, he had feared Hermione would never notice how he felt–now, he and Hermione were navigating the beginnings of a relationship. Once, his family had been full of life–now, he was burying a brother, as well as countless friends, and trying to navigate a life marked by loss. Despite his desire to become an Auror with Harry, Ron–true to form–put his own wishes aside in favor of helping his family, where he felt he was most needed. He took a job at his brothers’ shop, Weasley Wizarding Wheezes, helping George run the business and deal with Fred’s death. Suspicious of the Registration Act, worried for Harry’s health, and completely in over his head with Hermione, Ron still somehow muddled through.

At what point does he have to stop, and focus on himself? Is there such a thing as too much selflessness?


  • + Brave, Loyal, Protective, Steadfast.
  • -  Immature, Insecure, Insensitive, Temperamental.


  • Hermione Granger: Friend, girlfriend.
  • Draco Malfoy: Rival.
  • Harry Potter: Friend.
  • George Weasley: Coworker, friend.
  • Ginny Weasely: Sister
Face Claim: Rupert Grint
Ron Weasley is OPEN.

Albus Potter was born on March 27, 2006. He was sorted into Gryffindor and attended Hogwarts from 2017-2024.

Albus excelled at Defense Against the Dark Arts throughout his Hogwarts, but sometimes struggled with his other subjects, generally getting decent marks but not amazing ones until the end of his fifth year. His aspirations of becoming an Auror led him to apply himself far more dilligently during his sixth and seventh years, after which he did succeed in gaining admittance to the program.

Fics Albus appears in:

The Hogwarts Express - main character
Humor short story; Various confrontations between Scorpius and Rose on the Hogwarts Express.


Curiosity Is Not a Sin - major character
Romance/Humor novel; focuses on the start of Rose and Scorpius’s relationship.

Albus Potter and the Worst Excuses Ever - POV character
Romance/Humor one-shot; Albus has no idea how to respond to people asking him out.

The Wrinkles of the Road - secondary character
Action/Drama/Romance WIP novel; focuses on Rose’s first year in the D.C.B. and Scorpius’s training to be a Healer, and on Albus’s friendship with both of them.

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Name: Ashley

Nickname: Ash, LayLay, All-Knowing Harry Potter Nerd…

Birthday: March 7th

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 4′11″

Favorite color: Black, dark blues and purples, silver.

Time: 1:41 pm

Average Hours I Sleep: 4-5 hours, on a good day.

Lucky Number: 36

Last Thing I Googled: Price Peterson’s photo recap of “Required Reading” (which is not up #sadness).

Word that comes to mind: Discombobulation.

Happy Place: Bedroom

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1-3, depending on how warm/cool the night is.

Fave Fictional Characters: So many. Peter Hale, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, Theo Raeken (I trust him), Kenzi Malikov, Tamsin, Vex, Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, Hermione Granger (all fucking hail Hermione), Daryl Dixon, Loki Laufeyson (fight me), Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Brock Rumlow (come at me, bro), and so many more that it would take me hours to type them all, so I’ll just leave you with the ones from the top of my head.

Fave Famous Person: Emma Watson, Sebastian Stan, Shelley Hennig, Ksenia Solo

Celebrity Crush: Alex Gaskarth

Fave Books: Harry Potter series, In Death series, Just Listen, and so many more.

Fave Bands: All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5.

Last Movie I Saw: In theaters was Minions; last movie I watched that I hadn’t seen before was Jupiter Ascending (which was cute, even with the random plot lines thrown in every which way and sudden moments of romance).

Dream Trip!: I’d love to go to Greece, Romania, and/or Russia.

Dream Job: Social worker.

What I’m Wearing: Some creepy Spongebob shirt and underwear.

I tag: mysenia, scotttystilinski, and missisnorris.

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Only if we can get the music to be the Harry Potter music instead of the bride's march or whatever.

// ohhh! Sure sure ! Whatever u waannttc:

Name: Harrison Harriet Park
Nicknames: Harry Potter, Berry, Forgetful Harry 
Birthday: March 12 
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight  
Height: 5'8 
Favorite Colors: Pink, White, Blue, Black, Purple, 
Time and Date (Presently): 7/19/15 2:11 p.m. 
Average Hours of Sleep: mostly 5 hours of sleep if lucky 7 
Lucky Number: 23 
Last Thing I Googled: roy g biv 
First Word That Comes to Mind: butt 
Places That Make Me Happy: in and out 
What Are You Wearing Right Now: tank top with shorts cause too much clothing is for weirdos 
Favorite Fictional Characters: chris patt’s character in parks and recs 
Favorite Book: House Rules 
Favorite Animation: Grave of the Fireflies 
Favorite TV Shows: True Detective and Parks and Recs 
Favorite Foods: Pasta with alfredo sauce 
Last movie I saw in cinemas: Monsters University (haven’t been to the movies in a while) 
Dream Holiday: I want to go to Texas
Dream Wedding: Vegas 
Dream Job: Architect, Therapist, or Teacher 
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Alecto Carrow not having a potion go as planned.

“Uhh…Alecto I doubt that is how Slughorn wanted the potion to end.”-Black

“Cissy I know that! I must’ve read the directions wrong.”-Carrow

“Did you make sure to put the two talons?”-Black

“Uh oh…I forgot to add those. Cissy be prepared to run this potion is about to–”-Carrow

“Gross! The bloody potion let out pink smelly fumes”-Black

Taken by Narcissa Black. March 1975.

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What about for the rest of the band? Section leaders for all sections. I should've been more clear in my first question. Aha. Question 2: Favorite marching band piece you played?

aha gotcha. I would say the drumline captain my sophomore & junior year was hella rad. Also, the low winds guy my sophomore year was pretty cool, but I may just think that because I had a HUGE crush on him at the time.

My favorite piece(s) of music we’ve played in marching band is probably the Harry Potter music we played my senior year. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun to conduct. so much expression involved in the music. it was great.