I’m having a lot of feelings lately about the nostalgic Harry Potter fandom (The pre-tumblr days!).


Shoutout to all of the old, bizarre, theories that the Harry Potter fandom came up with (while the books were still coming out). The theories that were posted on message boards and were discussed with so much detail that we were all convinced that they were going to happen in the later books.

It’s 12:26 AM and I can’t remember them all but some of my favorites were:

• Ron was really a time-traveling, de-aged, Dumbledore.

• Crookshanks was an Animagus.

• Fred Weasley was going to turn out to be the evil twin.

• Petunia was a witch.

• I can’t remember the specifics but there were a lot of theories about what was going to happen to Ginny since Jo once mentioned that she was the seventh child of the seventh child. (Boy did that turn out to be anticlimactic.)

• Harry had a twin.

• Snape was really Regulus in disguise.

• The Giant Squid was really Godric Gryffindor.

Harry Potter Girls by chuwenjie on DeviantArt.com. Harry Potter girls! My favorite character is probably Bellatrix, but Ginny Weasley.. aghhhh I could draw her all day long! I included Cho and Tonks at the bottom partly cause they never get enough attention, and partly cause I didn’t like the way they were portrayed in the movies. Her Tumblr Here! | timeturnershoppe.tumblr.com

Female Character Aesthetics: #1: Pansy Parkinson

Her breath receded her; she would choke on air in her throat as she tried to inhale. She was overwhelmingly dizzy, as though she were on a rollercoaster ride. Muscles tensed, skin trembled, sweat glistened upon her pores. Her heart pumped the blood deafeningly in her ears and she hyperventilated, cornered like a deer trapped in the headlights. 

Her cacophobia made her detest the way she looked, but she would never let anyone know that. Externally, she was as vain and narcissistic as a girl could be.

Harry Potter Greeting Cards by ReneeRules on Etsy. These cards a super cute! The inside of the cards are blank.

Gryffindor - You’re Gryffindorable

Slytherin - You’re Slytherincredible

Ravenclaw - You’re Ravenclawesome

Hufflepuff - You’re Hufflepuffilicious