Who was the Potter cat?

So we all know the Potters had a cat, right?

All we have per descriptions of this cat is that 1. It was enough of a Potter to make the list when they went into hiding and 2. Harry scared it with his new broom he got from Sirius.

There is further no mention of said cat.

On the other hand, don’t we know another, really old, beaten down, ugly, sad, sad cat?

A cat that befriended Sirius Black and seemed to KNOW Peter Pettigrew’s smell, hold a grudge against him, even?

Part-kneazle, so it has a remarkable ability for finding home or things that it has a connection to, like, say, a family member.

A cat that knows it’s way around Hogwarts, around the Whomping Willow, almost like it had been there before with another owner.

A cat that absolutely REFUSED to let Hermione leave that shop without him after seeing a certain rat, was CRAZED, almost.

We have no mention of this cat/kneazle’s age, except that it had been in the shop for a while and no one had wanted it. Magical creatures live a long time. Cats live a long time. It’s within reason that this cat could be 30, even 40 years old.

It makes too much sense.

The Potter cat is Crookshanks.

Newt Scamander aesthetic 💛


Although Fantastic Beasts was cool, I’m still a little salty that we didn’t get a Marauders-era spinoff instead, so I made this! The Marauders have always been the most fascinating characters and subplot in my opinion, and I always wanted to make a fan video.  Since I have lots of free time now that it’s summer, I thought I’d give it a shot! Please reblog and let me know what you think :)

No copyright infringement intended, obviously I don’t own these clips but hey, fair use clause am I right?  I’m happy to tell you where I got any clips or audio.

Song: Heart of Courage – Two Steps From Hell

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Ravenclaw aesthetic: the smell of old books, the sound of rain, swimming in the ocean, starry nights, notebooks in every color, ink stains, finished work, fancy quills, writing novels, solving mysteries, heavy curtains, silent libraries

Ravenclaw reality: lots of broken quills, never having enough ink, not finishing your work because Susan said there was chicken pot pie in the Great Hall, spending days in your room trying to finish an eight book series, chaotic notes, not doing your transfiguration homework because charms is more interesting, fifteen pages on the history of time turners, “DiD yOu SaY SpAcEe”, drinking a whole bottle of butterbeer in one go because someone said it was impossible, throwing things out the window for scientific purposes, studying at four in the morning because fuck sleep, being emotionally intelligent, hacking skills, bad Shakespeare puns, fast and fierce comebacks, just a lot of sass in general

Dating Fred Would Include...

Dating Fred Weasley would Include:

  • Him and his brother constantly testing how well you knew your boyfriend.
  • (They’d try and switch places.)
  • You always knew though, which would always drive George insane.
  • (And make Fred swoon.)
  • Whenever they’d ask, you’d always make up some reason.
  • “Your slightly taller/shorter than Fred.”
  • “Your voice is a little higher/lower than George’s.”
  • (The real reason was his eyes though.)
  • He was really protective over you.
  • You’d walk around in the halls and his arm would be around your waist, keeping you close to him.
  • You constantly joking that you were only with him because he “looks like George”.
  • You joining him and George to prank as many people as you could.
  • Everyone thinking the two of you were the most adorable couple.
  • The two of you attending the Yule Ball together.
  • You expected him to ask in some cheesy way, but he actually was really shy (and sweet) about it.
  • (Even though you two had been dating for almost two months.)
  • Although he wouldn’t let anyone know, he’d “trained” for dancing for about a month.
  • He loves you more than anything else in the world.
  • George constantly teases the two of you.
  • “What? Are you really ditching your twin, me, your brother, for your girlfriend?”
  • “Maybe once you get a girlfriend…it obviously has nothing to do with your looks.”
  • (He’d then run away from his brother, who was hell bent on getting revenge.)
  • You being good friends with Hermione, Harry and Ron.
  • (And being the same age as them.)
  • The Weasley family absolutely adoring you.
  • Having a crush on Fred since you were a First Year.
  • (And it being pretty obvious, too.)
  • Ron complaining a lot.
  • A lot.
  • Hermione thinking the two of you were the most adorable things she’d ever seen.
  • (She even helped you two get together, after all.)
  • Everyone being afraid to accidentally offend you.
  • Because they knew.
  • “George! That boy over there look at y/n weirdly…”
  • “Should I get the fireworks?”
  • “…yes.”
What Kids Movies You Watch Together (Harry Potter Preferences)

Harry Potter

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Your three favourite movies to watch together are Mulan, The Lion King and Wreck-it Raplh. They are all feel good movies that tend to showcase bravery. Mulan has to be Harry’s favourite.

Ron Weasley

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Your three favourite movies to watch together are Moana, The Fox and The Hound and Pocahontas. Ron loves to sing along to Pocahontas, but Moana is his favourite.

Draco Malfoy

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Your three favourite movies to watch together are Tangled, Inside Out and Big Hero 6. Draco isn’t the biggest fan of musicals, so you tend to stick to the less sing-song kids movies. You would be lying if you didn’t stroke his hair and sing flower gleam and glow after watching Tangled.

Fred Weasley

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Your three favourite movies to watch together are Frozen, Zootopia and Princess and the Frog. Fred’s favourite is Zootopia, mostly because of the subtle jokes.

George Weasley

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Your three favourite movies to watch together are Brace, How to Train Your Dragon and Brother Bear. George likes to joke that Merida reminds him of Ginny, however, his favourite movie is Brother Bear.

Neville Longbottom

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Your three favourite movies to watch together are Beauty and the Beast, Meet the Robinsons and Up. Neville always cries when watching Up, but then again who doesn’t? His favourite of the bunch is Meet the Robinsons.


People love to hold it over Snape’s head that he didn’t explicitly ask for Dumbledore to save all three of the Potters. Many people try to explain this in a variety of ways, but let’s just let it stand for a moment.

This is showing character development, for you snaters who don’t understand literary techniques. Literally two pages later, Snape demonstrates that he has done everything in his power to save people without blowing his cover.

It’s pure gold. Snape grew as a person. He matured, which is better than you can say for several of his contemporaries.