Spending Christmas With The Weasley’s Would Include:

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  • A lot of Christmas sing alongs
  • Nights spent in front of the fire reading stories
  • Big meals together with lots of jokes
  • No one ever going to sleep on time on the account of everyone being too excited
  • The family atmosphere is addictive, everyone being so warm and inviting
  • George and Fred pulling little pranks on everyone
  • “George if I find one more punching telescope laid out for you brothers..”
  • “Relax mum, it’s all in good fun”
  • “You two can’t go around pranking the entire house hold”
  • “We don’t prank Y/N because she’s a guest!”
  • Finally explaining to Arthur what the function of a Rubber Duck is
  • Waking up on Christmas morning to a Weasley sweater
  • “Look Mum, Y/N got us all gifts too”
  • “That’s very sweet my dear”
  • “It’s my pleasure for letting me stay here”
  • Knowing you always have a family with the Weasley’s
  • Never going hungry, there is always food laid out
  • Spending long nights up with Ginny discussing Quidditch
  • Talking with Hermione about Ron (and all his obliviousness)
  • Never wanting to leave
Who was the Potter cat?

So we all know the Potters had a cat, right?

All we have per descriptions of this cat is that 1. It was enough of a Potter to make the list when they went into hiding and 2. Harry scared it with his new broom he got from Sirius.

There is further no mention of said cat.

On the other hand, don’t we know another, really old, beaten down, ugly, sad, sad cat?

A cat that befriended Sirius Black and seemed to KNOW Peter Pettigrew’s smell, hold a grudge against him, even?

Part-kneazle, so it has a remarkable ability for finding home or things that it has a connection to, like, say, a family member.

A cat that knows it’s way around Hogwarts, around the Whomping Willow, almost like it had been there before with another owner.

A cat that absolutely REFUSED to let Hermione leave that shop without him after seeing a certain rat, was CRAZED, almost.

We have no mention of this cat/kneazle’s age, except that it had been in the shop for a while and no one had wanted it. Magical creatures live a long time. Cats live a long time. It’s within reason that this cat could be 30, even 40 years old.

It makes too much sense.

The Potter cat is Crookshanks.

I present to you an excerpt of something I experienced from the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

(Everyone is standing in line at the San Antonio Rivercenter Mall book store. It is very close to midnight)

Girl in the Line: READ US THE FIRST WORD!

(Employee opens up the book in front of everyone. He speaks)

Employee: “THE”

(Everyone cheers)

The Very Potter Musical Trilogy

if you’re having a bad day then I recommend the very potter musical trilogy because those musicals never fail to cheer me up. just look them up on youtube.

look at voldemort

also umbridge

Lucius is fabulous

and oh my god snape

and everyone loves harry

then there’s ron and his giant chocolate bar

but I think the entire fandom can agree that DRACO MALFOY IS PEFECT

and it combines all of that with some of my favourite quotes ever



  • Slytherin: *literally wins the house cup*
  • Dumbledore: yeah but i have points to give
  • Slytherin: hoe don't do it
  • Dumbledore: *gives hundreds of points to Gryffindor bc Harry fucked things up*
  • Slytherin: oH MY GOD
Things that are too pure:

•Newt Scamander
•Scorpius Malfoy
•Luna Lovegood
•Remus Lupin

{feel free to add more precious cinnamon rolls}
How to Get Along With Your Slytherin Friend

From a Ravenclaw’s Experience

• they aren’t big talkers normally, but if they are then they talk your head off no in-between

• don’t let them plot world domination even if you want it too it’s just a bad idea

• have the second best parties behind Gryffindors

• they like practical things, so rethink the rainbow quill you were gonna get them for Christmas

• stay away from them until they get coffee TRUST me

• they’re FANTASTIC study partners and will never judge you for anything you may do to stay awake including sticking your head in a bucket of ice water

• SUPER competitive, will not hesitate to cheat or trick you into losing unless they just really like you

• they tend to have existential crises and think of the most random things to talk about but it’s alright because we like riddles

• if you can make them smile it’s the most brilliant thing to look at I promise

• Ravenclaws and Slytherins are dangerous together and are a force that no one can reckon with so stay woke bros


As much as we love JK Rowling and the blessings of this gif forever more, the world of Harry Potter isn’t without the patriarchal trappings of Muggle society.*

Still, two of the House founders are women (Helga Hufflepuff! Rowena Ravenclaw!), and JK herself is something of a hero to us all, on top of which Hermione IRL (Emma Watson) gets feminism in a serious way. That’s why we are bringing you these clutch feminist posters by artist Louise Reimer, one for every Hogwarts house. This way, you can wave about your house pride and fly a feminist banner at the same time <3

Illustrations by the brilliant @toby-lou