“Potter, what is that?” Draco asks with urgency, his chest constricting in pain as he catches a glimpse of something dark coiling up Harry’s forearm.

Harry shoves his sleeve down and jumps up to meet Draco, his wand clattering to the floor. “Nothing. How did you find – “

“Show me.”

“I don’t – “

“Show me. Now.” Draco demands. He can’t believe this is happening. As if it isn’t horrible enough seeing it on his own arm every day.

Harry pulls up his sleeve slowly to reveal it – The Dark Mark – etched into his flesh. Draco holds back a gag.

“It’s not what you think,” Harry says.

Draco’s eyes dart between the mark and Harry’s face. “It’s – how did – why?”

“I wanted to practice removing it,” Harry says slowly, his meaning clear. It only makes Draco angrier.

“So you gave yourself a Dark Mark? You reckless idiot. What if you can’t remove it? Did you even think about that before you – “ Draco stops himself. Of course he didn’t. He’s Harry fucking Potter. Draco sighs and tries to calm himself. He’s not responsible for Harry’s idiotic antics. “How did you even manage to replicate it?” He asks, his voice measured.

Harry smiles weakly. “Well, a fragment of Voldemort’s soul was inside me for most of my life and his magic left a pretty big trace. I just… accessed it.”

Once again Draco holds back a gag. The thought of Voldemort’s magic, so dark, so cruel, inside of Harry Potter, the Gryffindor Saint, is too much. It’s horrifying.

Draco takes a breath and asks Harry the question he already knows the answer to: “Why do you need to know how to remove a Dark Mark?” He needs to hear the idiot say it.

Sure enough: “So I can remove yours.”

Draco grits his teeth. He’s furious that Harry has put himself in danger for him. Again. “You don’t owe me anything, Potter.”

“I know,” Harry says. But he doesn’t.

“You can’t just go around saving people all the time!” Draco’s raised voice echoes throughout the room.

“Why not?”

“Not everyone wants to be saved,” Draco points out. He doesn’t want Harry risking anything for him. How could he ask that of anyone, after all that he’s done?

“You don’t want the mark removed?” Harry questions, his eyes falling down to Draco’s left arm.

Draco’s mark is covered but he tugs on his sleeve regardless. “It reminds me of who I am.”

Harry frowns. “That’s exactly why you need it removed. That’s not who you are, Draco.”

Draco blanches, surprised at the use of his first name and Harry quickly corrects himself. “I mean Malfoy.”

Draco lets his eyes fall back down to Harry’s mark, taking in the harsh lines of the coiling snake and skull, and the red raw skin beneath. He shudders. “Looks like you haven’t had much success anyway,” he says as casually as he can manage. But inside, his heart is tight. Because now Harry will have to live with the Dark Mark the rest of his life. Just like Draco, he’ll be forced to carry the weight of the inescapable dark magic within his skin, forced to feel it crawling through his veins, through his every spell, with no relief and no hope of salvation.

“I’m getting close. Before you came in, I could feel it moving.” Harry retrieves his wand from the floor and points it at his Dark Mark, eyebrows tightening in concentration.

“Go on, then. No other Wizard has been able to do it, but I’m sure even a Dark Mark will be no match for the great Harry Pot – oh.” Draco’s knees buckle. “Oh.”

Against all logic, Harry removes the Dark Mark as if it is nothing more than a muggle tattoo. The head of the snake recoils into a rapidly shrinking skull until all that is left is smooth, untainted skin.

Malfoy yanks up his sleeve and holds out his arm to Harry. Despite all his protesting, he wants to be saved. More than anything.

Harry’s hand wraps under Draco’s arm holding it in place and he raises his wand. Draco screws up his eyes in anticipation - he cannot bear to witness the removal in case it doesn’t work properly. What if his Dark Mark is worse than Harry’s, having come from Voldemort himself? What if – Oh.

Draco doesn’t need to see it happen because he feels it. He feels the darkness extracted from his body, feels strength returning to his limbs. And he feels light. Lighter than he can ever remember. As if he might just float away. He opens his eyes and stares down at his clear, unmarked skin.

There’s a sense of twisted deja vu when Draco looks up from his arm. He remembers looking up into Voldemort’s eyes after he was given the mark, and feeling colder than he’s ever felt before. But now when he looks up into his saviour’s eyes, into Harry Potter eyes, it’s warmth he feels, from the smooth skin on his forearm to the centre of his heart.

He blinks back his tears. “Thank you.” They’re the same words he was forced to say to Voldemort but their meaning couldn’t be any more different this time. Voldemort had stolen his life, and Harry Potter had just restored it.

Dark Mark - Drarry

At 11, the Dark Mark was all Draco had ever wanted. His own father had it which made it all the more promising, not to mention that it was tradition to go into dark arts. It was just expected of him, he wouldn’t let the pureblood line down.

At 16, the Dark Mark was engraved on his wrist. It was embedded with deep, dark magic and even darker power. This was what he had waited for his whole life and it felt so… wrong. Why did it feel so wrong? Why did it have to be him? Why?

At 19, the Dark Mark ruined him. He had sat through trials upon trials and endured many acts of abuse because of the black ink on his arm. He had only just scraped getting into a Healer qualification due to the “risk of an individual”, “vulnerability of a witch or wizard” or “possible prejudices against staff.” Yet, he managed.

At 21, the Dark Mark was of use again. Draco was almost done with his shift and just leaving his office when a conjured stretcher was rushing through the doors, half a dozen mediwitches surrounding the patient. He would have left it to another had he not heard his name being called by the patient. A few hours and many stitches later, grey eyes met green in quite possibly the worst confrontation of Draco’s life.

“How did you know it was me?” Draco croaked, in which Harry made a vague gesture towards his arm. And that was that.

At 23, the Dark Mark gave him away. Draco had thought a muggle bar and a one might stand would be safe but waking up in a bed next to Harry Potter was not something he expected. When asked if and how Harry knew it was him, there was yet another vague gesture towards his arm. But this time, that was not it.

At 34, the Dark Mark gained real value. Their daughter found that Draco’s tattoo fun to colour and Draco found it fun to watch her. It was odd, he never thought the ghastly piece of magic could create something so beautiful and pure as love. It was in their daughter’s teen years that she didn’t know how to talk to Draco and Harry. So she would go up to Draco with a pack of pens and start colouring in his mark. It was her way of understanding that sometimes you just have to find the colours to the dark problems. It was going to be okay.

At 86, the Dark Mark faded. It was with his husband, daughter and her family that slowly the black ink on his arm faded, along with his life. Drained. Leaving nothing but a body, pen and perhaps a little hope.

Dark Marks (Reader x Draco Malfoy)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Reader x Draco Malfoy

Warnings: none , just Angst and a bit of Fluff J

Request: not requested but a summary is that you get paired with Draco in potions and he finds out about your dark mark and confronts you about I later on.

Word Count: 1.6k

You woke up completely unprepared for everything that was about to happen today. Usually you would wake up and your friend Hannah, in the bed beside you would already be up and ready, nagging you to hurry up, but today she was gone.

You sat up and looked around the room, you asked Susan, who was getting where she went,

“Hey, where is Hannah?”

“She had to go see Madam Pomfrey, she wasn’t feeling well”

Susan waved goodbye and left for class. You rushed to get ready and weren’t far behind her, you walked at hurried pace to class, you paused when you walked in the room remembering that since Hannah was sick you were now partner less, and of course today was the day you had Potions with the Slytherin’s.

You looked around the room seeing two options, there was an open seat beside someone from your house and an open seat beside Malfoy. You internally groaned at the thought of having to deal with Malfoy all class so you went to sit in the other seat but someone beat you there. You rolled your eyes and then went to sit beside Malfoy, trying to avoid his eyes.

He shifted in his seat noticing you sitting beside him, he looked you up and down and then back to his hands in his lap. He didn’t say anything to you, which was odd, you awaited the rude comment but it never came.

You thought maybe he didn’t know your name and that’s why he was silent, you two and never spoke before but both your families being pure bloods and affiliated with the dark lord during the war you thought he would at least know who you are, but you felt you weren’t special or memorable enough.

The lesson started and was dragging on, you were okay with this, the longer the lesson the longer until you had to try to work with Draco.


The lesson came to an end and you were given a potion you had to make, this potion had a strange name but it was a liquid you had to mix and then it created a small pill in the bottom of the mixture you would have to grab with your hand, if the potion was made wrong you could burn your skin but that wasn’t what was worrying you.

Since your family was an ally of the dark lord before, you knew he was back, you knew this because you had been given a dark mark on your left arm this summer. If Draco made you roll up your sleeve to grab the pill he wouldn’t be able to miss the mark on your arm, even though you know his family wasn’t innocent you’d still didn’t want anybody to know.

You turned to Draco and he wasn’t paying attention to the instructions in his book, he wasn’t even on the right page, you moved closer to him and stretched your arm in front of him to flip his pages.

“Draco the instructions are on page 367”

He snapped out of his deep thoughts 

“I know I was just looking at the other page”

He started reading through the ingredients

“Y/N can you get the Aconite fluid?”

You paused and then grabbed it and passed it to him.

“I wasn’t sure you even knew my name”

“Of course I know your name, our parents are friend’s Y/N”

You smiled and started putting more ingredients into the mixture arguing with Draco about certain amounts.

When it finally came to deciding who would grab the pill out of the bottom of the cauldron the arguing really started. You casually asked him to do it.

“Draco you can grab the pill out of the bottom with your left hand while stirring with your right" 

"Why do I have to use my left arm, why does it matter”

You re read the instructions.

“Because the instructions say so, and if you stop stirring that way while your hand is in there it will burn you”

Draco looked a bit flustered

“I can’t put my hand in there my shirt is far too expensive to get this revolting liquid on it, and don’t even ask me to roll it up" 

You laughed at his words

"Aw rich boy doesn’t wanna ruin his fancy shirt”

Draco glared at you

“Your family is just as rich as mine Y/N”

You continued mixing the potion and said

“Yes but I don’t care so much about my clothing”

You knew Draco was being strange not wanting to grab the pill but you ignored it until he spoke again.

“If you don’t care about getting this substance on your sleeve then you grab the pill" 

Your cheeks flushed red not knowing what to say until Snape spoke up in his monotone voice.

"Don’t get your sleeve in the mixture it will mess up the potion and disintegrate your shirt”.

You stared into the cauldron not knowing what to do, and then you stared at your arm until Draco spoke again.

“Y/N what are you doing just grab the pill”

You turned to him 

“I can’t ”

“You can’t? What do you mean you can’t just roll up your sleeve and grab the pill.”

Just then Hermione butted in between the two of you taking the pill out of the potion and placing it on the desk in front of you with ease.

"I can’t stand to hear you two argue any longer”

You quietly thanked Hermione and avoided Draco’s gaze on you. You cleaned up your cauldron and left before speaking another word to Draco.

He sat there for a minute, confused at why you got so flustered and that was when he remembered back to when he received his dark mark. He remembered after he had gotten his what Bellatrix had said to him.

“It hurts boy doesn’t it, you can cry I won’t judge, no matter how much you cry it won’t be nearly as much as that girl did”.

Draco’s brain clicked, he wondered if you were the girl Bellatrix talked about.

Draco looked around all day but he couldn’t find you anywhere.


The next day you showed up at breakfast, sitting with your house mates, Draco stared at you from where he was sitting but you never made eye contact with him.

He waited until you got up from your table and he followed you down the hall. You stopped when you heard him from behind you.

“Y/N wait, wait please.”

He stood in front of you and spoke again

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

You didn’t want to talk to him, worried he had found out about your dark mark.

“Draco you never even looked at me before yesterday, what could you possibly have to talk to me about”

“Please Y/N? Just for a minute.”

You sighed 


Draco started walking outside, where no one was at the time.

“What do you need to talk about that is so important we need to be alone" 

Draco just sat down on the grass, it was nice and sunny outside, you would have been glad to be out here if it wasn’t for Draco.

You sat opposite of him 

"Y/N, yesterday in class you uh, you wouldn’t roll up your sleeve and neither would I and I just wanted to know why”

You instantly stood up and shook your head 

“No Draco I have to go” Draco stood up and grabbed your arm but you pulled away pushing him away from you in the process.

“Don’t touch me”

Draco looked a bit crazed as he walked towards your

“Y/N I need to know !”

“No Draco you don’t need to know anything about me it’s none of your business” you held your hand clasped over your arm.

“But it is my business, I, uh I have one too” Draco paused as you stared at him he slowly rolled up his sleeve revealing his dark mark. You ran up to him pulling his sleeve back down his arm. And you’d stood there in silence for a minute until Draco almost whispered.

“You have one to right, you are the girl Bellatrix talked about" 

You almost yelled back at him without realizing the tone of your voice 

"What did she say about me!”

Draco pulled your arm to sit back down with him.

“Well she just said like, when I got mine she mentioned that a girl also got one”

“That’s it?”

“Well no, she also mentioned that you cried, um a bit" 

You put your hands over your face now embarrassed at the thought that Draco knew about your dark mark and that you cried after receiving it.

Draco moved closer to you "It’s okay Y/N, now we have someone, we have each other we aren’t as alone anymore”

You stayed silent looking out at the lake that wasn’t too far away. The hot sun beating on your black clothing, wanting nothing more than to take it off and sit in the sun in just your tank top, so you did exactly that. You pulled your shirt over your head revealing the mark on your arm, Draco looked at you and did the same.

You sat there looking into the distance enjoying the sun on your skin, you rested your head on his shoulder and sat there until the sun’s rays were replaced with the moons light, feeling more free than you had all school year.

always here ~ Draco Malfoy imagine

requested - no


You knew something was wrong.
Whenever you walked into the great hall for a meal, he would walk out. Whenever you went to sit next to him in Potions, he’d get up and sit next to someone else.

You had been dating Draco for 3 years, and besides him being so rude to Potter, you had never seen this sort of behaviour from him. You were worried, and you wanted to find out what was going on with him, but whenever you went near him, he would always go the other way.

You were on your way to class, walking past the bathroom when you heard it. The sound of muffled cries and sniffles. You turned the corner of the bathroom spotting Draco standing in front of the bathroom sink, sobbing. You took a couple of steps forward without him noticing your presence. Finally you got a sight of Draco’s face, and it broke you heart. Your favourite pair of, once grey eyes were now red and bloodshot, and he was looking paler than usual with the dark circles plastered under his eyes.

“Draco?” It came out more like a question than a calling. Draco turned around, quickly wiping his eyes as if it would make the river of tears go away. “Y-y/n w-what are you doing here?” His voice quivering with every breath he took. You took a couple more steps forward so you were less than an arms length from the love of your life. You placed your hand on his upper arm, “Baby, what’s wrong? Why have you been ignoring me?” You questioned softy, hoping not to anger him.

When you placed your hand on his arm, he broke down his barriers, collapsing into your open arms, letting his tears flow once again. He sobbed, and the sniffled, and then cried again. All you could do was hold him, slowly rocking him back and forth, like what you used to do to your baby brother when he cried. You threaded your fingers through his bleach blonde hair, whispering the same words over and over again into his right ear “it’s okay baby, it’s going to be okay” you spoke, breaking on the inside at the sight of his laying there.

“baby please tell me what’s wrong” you cried, you were hurting, you needed to know what was wrong. “You’ll leave” Draco cried, tucking his head further into your neck. “I won’t Draco, it’s you and I baby, just you and me” you begged, pleading him to answer the only question circling your mind. Slowly Draco began to roll the left sleeve of his school shirt up, revealing a mark that was all too familiar. You carefully rubbed your thumb over the black ink that was marked into his delicate skin.

Draco began to cry again, looking into your y/e/c eyes, “please don’t leave, please stay” he begged, gripping onto you as if it would all disappear. You ran your fingers through his hair again, placing a kiss on the top of his head “I’m always here baby” you said, holding onto him as tight as you could. “Always” you softly spoke into the top of his head, kissing it again.

Originally posted by arianavevo

- It’s after the second wizarding world war. The Malfoy family has crumbled. Lucius Malfoy is in prison and Narcissa Malfoy is in hiding somewhere in Spain.
- All thats left is one scared boy named Draco Malfoy.
- Everyone in the wizarding world hates him. He has no where to go, and he doesn’t have as much money as he’s used to. Much less than, actually.
- So he leaves the wizarding world for the muggle world. It takes him time to get uses to it, but soon he has a job as a library worker and he makes it through the days.
- After 10 years, Draco is astonished to see an owl fly through his apartment window and drop a letter on his counter.
- He opens it nervously, wondering if some evil curse or hex is inside. It ends up being a letter from his aunt Andromeda Tonks. She wants him to meet her for tea at her house.
- He’s suspicious at first, but he reluctantly goes.
- When he rings the doorbell on the quaint cottage in a field, a young boy with blonde hair and grey eyes, looking suspiciously like him when he was younger, answers the door.
- Draco almost has a heart attack.
- Tea was pleasant. Draco kept returning, growing quite close to Teddy. He never got over the fact that the boy was a metamorphmagus. He can still distinctly remember the shock that coursed through his veins when he first open that door.
- One day, when Teddy was around the age of 8, he sat in Draco’s lap and morphed into the same blonde hair and grey eyes.
- He grabbed Draco’s left arm, which made Draco freeze. Teddy just smiled up at him.
- “It doesn’t look very pretty. Here, I’ll fix it for you!”
- Draco could feel the ink growing in his skin, but he couldn’t care less. He watched, eyes wide, as flower tattoos grew all around the dark mark. Yellow, purple, pink, orange, all of the colors that Teddy could think of.
- When it finished, all Draco could do was stare at Teddy, who had a large grin on his face.
- “There. All better!”