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the sparkly heart emoji is in my mum's contact on my phone!! she is cool, she's an ex-goth who still wears heavy eyeliner every day, supports me, her bi autistic trans son (she isn't an Autism Mum(tm) tho thank goodness). her main loves in life are her cat, harry potter audiobooks, serial dramas and costa coffee. I hope this knowledge will help break your association of that emoji with certain people/things and instead make it a good and positive thing!!

Awww that’s awesome! :) I’m glad that’s worked to help out with that heart emoji. For me I’ve tried stuff like that but because it’s not explicitly tied to tumblr it doesn’t work as well to turn it good..if that makes sense. 

I’ll get over it somehow :p 


secret dog

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Nineteen Years Later
Stephan Fry, Alexandre Desplat, John Williams
Nineteen Years Later

A New Beginning+Leaving Hogwarts+Nineteen Years Later

(narrorated by the lovely Stephan Fry)

No story lives unless someone wants to listen…

The stories we love best do live in us forever.

So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

I started listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks today on a whim and a “there’s this big cultural touchstone I know very little about, I should get on that,” and then I found out it’s the 20th anniversary of the series.  Huh.

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#2: #30, and hp7? You know they read that together... He definitely cried into Rose's shoulder, and she's like, "Doctor, you've only read the dedication..."

#30: one more chapter (from this list from @doctorroseprompts)

This is Ten x Rose, and it’s kind of different from the idea you proposed, but I hope you still like it!

The Doctor scoured his TARDIS for Rose, wondering where she might want to go next, but she wasn’t in the galley, the wardrobe room, or her bedroom. He finally found her in the next room he checked: the library.

A fire was roaring in the hearth and an empty teacup was on the coffee table, and Rose was sprawled across the couch. Her arms were crossed behind her head and she had her eyes closed as she listened to an audiobook. Harry Potter, he realized fondly, but the Doctor froze when he realized Rose was listening to him read. Not this him, though; it was the old him, from when he first introduced her to the wonders of Harry Potter by reading them aloud to her after their adventures.

“I didn’t know you’d been recording me,” he blurted out, stepping into the room.

Rose scrambled to sit up, and she fumbled with a button on the little cylindrical speaker, and eventually his old voice paused.

“Why’d you record me?” the Doctor asked, walking up to her. “The TARDIS has hundreds of audio recording of Harry Potter.”

“I liked to listen to you talk,” Rose admitted, her cheeks flaming red.

“Oh,” he said, feeling like all of the air left his body at the past tense. “Right.”

Rose chewed on her cuticle as they both stared at each other.

Finally, the Doctor sniffed. “Right. Well. I guess I’ll leave you to it then. You were almost finished, from what I heard. One more chapter, was it?”

He turned on his heel to leave, but her voice stopped him.

“You know, I’ve only got up to Prisoner of Azkaban recorded by you,” she called out. “We could, I dunno, we could always continue? So I have the complete set of your voice reading to me?”

The Doctor whirled around, feeling like he could breathe again. But he had to ask…

“Even though my voice is different?” he asked carefully. “It’ll mess up the set, won’t it?”

“Nope,” she said firmly. “It’s still you reading to me, even if your voice is a bit different.”

He smiled shyly, and he picked up book four from the stack on the end table before he settled onto the couch at Rose’s feet and began reading to her, just like old times.

modern au dregs introducing wylan to harry potter

- wylan being rlly apprehensive at first because ‘no I don’t want to I won’t be able to get through it’ ‘it’s a kids book wylan’ 'ffs don’t be a dick kaz’ and then jesper suggests audiobooks

- because he finds them relaxing and helpful when he gets nervous or jittery 

- so for wylan’s birthday they buy him the full set of harry potter audiobooks

- the nice ones with the cool voices and stuff

- wylan is hooked instantly

- this is a story about a boy from an abusive childhood who gets out. who finds a wonderful, magical place and wonderful, magical friends. a boy who not only saves the world but saves himself, and grows into a fuller, better human. 

- listening to these books makes wylan feel like he too could be something. 

- and jesper is a fucking huge hp nerd. 'have you found out who the half blood prince is yet?’ 'no what shush’ 'oooohhh are you ready for all your theories to be smashed’ 'SHUT UP JESPER’ 'make me’ 'oh i will’ 'how are you gonna do that, kid?’ 'just you wait’

- and when wylan finishes the books all of them watch the films

- picture it. these six little stupid, stupid nerds having a harry potter marathon

- by the time they reach the end everyone is crying (even kaz)

- and jesper reaches over to touch wylan’s hand and wylan realises that he’s happy

- and that that’s an emotion he’s feeling more and more recently 

- and maybe, like harry with hogwarts, wylan van eck has found where he belongs

I can’t stand Stephen Fry, ever since I heard he was classist and condescending towards JK Rowling when they first met, snubbing her because she wrote ‘children books’. He seemed to only do the audio books when she got famous and they paid him loads of money for it. He might seem all nice in interviews, but he comes across as so arrogant in real life.

stuff to do while bored (feel free to add!)

-listen to harry potter on audiobook (youtube) and nap
-remove your nail polish, get a nail clipper, clean under your nails, file your nails so they are all the same length and shape, push back your cuticles, then repaint
-read a new book/go to the library to get new books
-make a pintrest board about thinspo outfits
-lay on the floor and do bicycle rotations while having a video playing next to you
-pick something under 90 calories and eat it
-imagine something gross happening to the food you most want to eat, like hair inside it
-reorganize your room/bookshelf/nightstand drawer
-lay around trying to feel your bones
-try some spells you have supplies for
-attempt astral projection methods
-try divination or ESP exercises
-read creepypasta aloud and post it to youtube
-write something
-look up contests or ways you could make extra money
-job hunt for a part time online job
-look for something you misplaced under your bed or deep inside your closet
-draw horrible monsters and listen to music
-tarot card reading/study the deck
-make a pintrest board with links for stuff you want to buy when you have money
-budget your next few paychecks
-dye your hair in your bathroom
-look up youtube tutorials on sign language learning
-find a site where you can get something with a free trial and make a calendar reminder to cancel the subscription before you are charged
-watch a video on how to change a tire
-go through old notebooks/yearbooks/blogs
-hunt down a nostalgic childhood movie on the internet
-write down the time you plan to eat and calculate the calories, write detailed steps of how you will prepare the food and how you will feel afterward
-brush your teeth, floss, and swish mouthwash
-go on a long walk around the neighborhood
-play with your pets
-clean your earrings and makeup brushes (and sex toys if you use)
-windex the window and mirror in your room
-weigh yourself at your hungriest
-take flattering pictures of yourself and post them
-doll yourself up and update your profile pictures for different sites
-window shop on forever21 and see how much you can get under $100
-track down old online game sites and play games you used to play when you were younger
-mend old clothes and bras
-cut old jeans into jean shorts, pull at some loose threads, wash, dry, then air fluff in dryer to get the ends frayed
-draw the layout of your house including all the furniture, do another layout for your dream house/flat -change your clothes
-wash your pillowcase and bedsheets and pjs
-make a list of stuff
you need that isn’t food
-make a calorie log of your favorite foods
-download a puzzle app and see how far you can get
✨have fun and stay safe!✨

Three for the Planet

“Make a wish,” Gansey holds the fragile dandelion stem between two fingers. It’s positioned near his lips; he’s smiling, flashing brilliant teeth that are either a god-given gift or the product of thousands of dollars.

Blue and Henry exchange a glance, grinning. They lean in, their lips close to each others, to Gansey’s, and they blow. The seeds fly up and out, into their faces. One gets caught in Blue’s eyelashes and she laughs and laughs, Henry trying to free it. Gansey gets one in his mouth and he gags and spits dramatically. While they’re preoccupied the other seeds float away on the spring breeze.

It’s a gorgeous day: the sun shining, the sky blue, the mountaintop meadow green and dotted with colorful wildflowers. They’ve been traveling the globe for close to a year and they’re getting near to home. Blue insisted on a reunion with Adam and Ronan at the Barns to celebrate St. Mark’s. She also has her obligations, watching the Corpse Road with Maura. It’s been nearly two years since she first saw Gansey’s shade on the Road, nearly two years…

Gansey flops down on the rainbow picnic blanket that Henry bought while they were in San Francisco. It’s large and soft, vibrant, and smells like hundreds of campsites. Blue pounces on Gansey and Henry joins the pile. They’re a mass of arms and legs, their laughter loud and bright.

“What did you all wish for?” Henry asks. He’s wearing his circle shades from their festival days. His skin has darkened a little due to all of their camping but neither he nor Blue can come close to matching Gansey’s deep tan.

Blue hooks her arm around Henry’s neck and pulls him in for a quick kiss. “You can’t reveal your wishes,” she scolds, “that ruins the magic. Duh.”

“Oh, pardon me, Miss Lady,” Henry teases, kissing her nose.

Gansey thinks, “I wish that this would never end.”

Blue thinks, “I wish we could stay together forever.”

Henry thinks, “I wish for a thousand more days like today.”

Gansey kisses Blue’s cheek, leans across her and gives Henry a peck on the lips. They’re giggly, giddy. It’s impossible to believe that their grand journey is drawing to a close. They’ve spent every day and night together for almost a year, separating is inconceivable.

Blue laces her fingers with Gansey, with Henry. They watch the clouds, assigning shapes, interpreting meaning. They’ve done this countless times before, they are expert cloud watchers.

“That one is definitely a hippogriff,” Gansey observes. Blue made him listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks while they drove.

“Pshaw,” Blue refutes. “You don’t even know what a hippogriff looks like, Gansey.” She steals some of the mint leaves from his pocket, passes one to Henry. They’ve picked up each other’s habits.

“Hmmm…that one is probably a wish-granting fish,” Henry points to a floppy, vaguely fish-shaped cloud.

“Wishes everywhere,” Gansey muses. He props himself up on an elbow and looks down at Blue and Henry. He hasn’t planned what to say, though he’s thought about it often enough, at night while Blue and Henry sleep and texts Adam or calls Ronan; he still isn’t the best at sleeping. “How would you two feel about staying together? With me?”

Blue sits up and Henry does, too. It’s a serious conversation, a sitting up conversation.

“I think I would love that,” Henry says earnestly.

“Yes,” Blue agrees, “but how?” She’s still practical Blue Sargent, she needs to hear the plan.

“College,” Gansey says, “yes or no?”

Blue and Henry nod. Yes, yes they want college.

“Where?” Henry asks.

Gansey grins. “Adam’s?”

Blue snorts. “Oh he would love that.”

Gansey nods. “He really would. Ronan will be so jealous.”

Henry plucks a bug out of Gansey’s hair. “They have the program I want to major in. What would you study, Blue?”

Blue is quiet, studying the magnificent view, the layers of mountains fading into the horizon. Being one with the planet, finding her roots in the earth and her dreams in the stars is her way. Does she need college?

“I’ll figure it out,” she replies, leaning on Henry’s shoulder.

“We can get an apartment, or a house,” Gansey schemes. He gets to his feet and begins pacing. “Maybe Adam can move in, too. We’ll study and have parties and travel. Blue, we’ll get a place with land. There will be a room for you to create. Henry, what do you think?”

Henry climbs to his feet, grabs Gansey’s waist and twirls him, laughing as they waltz around Blue. “It’s marvelous, Sir Richard. And you know it.”

Gansey blushes a little. Henry kisses him, hands buried in Gansey’s hair. This is how they are, comfortable, happy, the three of them best pleased when they show each other love and affection. Blue is smiling just as much as Henry, as Gansey, when they pull her to her feet. Holding hands they spin in circles. Henry calls on RoboBee to play “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Blue requests “Feeling Good.” Gansey rounds out their dance party with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

Their dance party attracts the attention of the other outdoor enthusiasts and before long there is a small crowd, dancing and making requests.

“Heeeey.” A guy with dreads and a Phish shirt says, addressing Blue. “Is this like for Earth Day?”

“That’s today?” Blue is surprised.

“Yeah, man,” the guy says. “Pretty awesome, right? This is like the most chill week ever. I’ve been smoking ever since Thursday.”

Henry and Gansey and Blue smile and politely decline the reefer he tries to share. They watch the impromptu celebration unfold, the eclectic group coming together around their rainbow blanket.

“Good times,” Gansey murmurs and pulls Blue and Henry to him.

And it was.

Karamel FanFiction Challenge -On the same bus everyday AU

One off fan fiction set in an AU where Kara and the DEO never found Mon El’s ship when he landed on Earth.

           The sound of the morning commuters beginning their daily routine on the sidewalk outside Kara’s loft woke her up from her dreamy slumber.  She rose out of bed and stretched her arms as she let out a yawn before she got up.  She looked at her clock and noted that she woke up early enough to have time to make breakfast.  Kara’s notoriety to push her luck with her powers due to her love of sleep has caused her to use her super speed to get to work more times than she likes to admit.

           Today Kara felt particularly chipper so instead of making breakfast, she decided to pick up something and take the bus to work instead.  After she showered, fixed her long blonde hair, and applied her makeup for the day, she picked out her outfit in the form of a long white pencil skirt with a blue blouse.  She looked over herself in the mirror to make sure she looked presentable before applying the finishing touch in the form of her lead-lined glasses.  

           She grabbed her favorite Nsync themed thermos she bought on Etsy and filled it with hazelnut coffee before she walked out of her loft.  She looked at her watch and saw that she was right on time for the bus to arrive any minute.  She stepped onto the lightly populated bus and took a seat against the window near the back.

           Although she would never admit it to her sister, riding the bus was one of Kara’s favorite things to do.  Riding the bus is such a menial and routine thing that most take for granted but for Kara, it gave her a feeling of normalcy.  Something so profoundly human that it helped Kara acclimate whenever the burden of being the Last Daughter of Krypton weighed heavy on her conscience.

           Kara enjoyed people watching and seeing what normal people do on their daily routine and what they worry about.  She usually picked a stranger and tried to guess details of their life based on what she observed.  Sure she would cheat and look in their purses or wallets with her x-ray vision to get hints but she figured she was allowed such liberties.

           Today however, she decided to switch the game up a bit.  As the bus started to get more crowded, Kara noticed all the people with headphones listening to music.  To make things more interesting, she would pick people and try to guess what they listened to.  Kara picked her first contestant in the form of a middle-aged woman with her jet-black hair pulled back in a tight bun.  Kara made her observations and guessed that she would probably have on something similar to Tom Petty.  She pinpointed her hearing and listened in that woman’s direction.  To her surprise, the woman was listening to some intense rap music.  Kara chuckled at this as she took a sip from her thermos and moved on to the next bus rider.

           Kara spent the next few minutes moving from passenger to passenger as she listened in on their music.  There were a few a times she got so carried away that she started tapping her feet to the songs she knew.  She was in the middle of listening to an Ed Sheeran song one elderly passenger played when a new passenger got on that made Kara do a double-take.  

           The handsome stranger had dark brown hair and a lean, muscular build.  Kara noticed his eyes next underneath black framed glasses as he scanned the crowded bus for options to sit.  He made eye contact with Kara and she immediately looked down, embarrassed that he caught her looking at him.  She noticed he walked a few steps closer to her toward the open area of the bus and grabbed one of the leather straps hanging from the rail.  She looked around and the only empty seat on the bus belonged to a passenger who appeared to be sleeping, taking over two seats.  Kara looked back in the direction of the new bus rider and they made eye contact again.  This time she was more prepared so she flashed him a friendly smile that she thought covered ‘good morning’ well.  He smiled back the most charming smile she had ever seen.  He had to shift as more people got on the bus and moved one hand strap closer to Kara.  The bus doors closed and it started to resume its route.  To maintain balance, the cute new passenger had to turn and face the front of the bus.  Kara raised her eyebrows in surprise as the long-sleeve shirt he wore seemed to hug his back showing off his muscles in all the right places.

           She shook herself out of her stupor and noticed that he also had headphones in his ears.  I bet he’s listening to something to something you would hear on the weekend top 40, Kara thought as she noticed dark fitted jeans with brown shoes.  She decided to listen in to see if her assumptions were correct.  She pinpointed her super hearing in his direction and when she heard what he was listening to, her jaw dropped.

           Instead of music, she heard a man’s voice speaking.  The person talking spoke in a British accent.  Kara listened more and realized the voice was telling a story. Is he really listening to an audiobook? Kara kept listening and it didn’t take long for her to realize that the handsome passenger was listening to none other than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Kara regained her composure and closed her mouth but she couldn’t help the smile that formed on her face as she kept listening because the Harry Potter series happened to be her favorite books.  She let her mind escape back to Hogwarts and nearly missed her stop if it wasn’t for the old man behind her that accidentally bumped the back of her head, knocking her back to reality, as he got up for his stop.  

           Kara shot up and carefully maneuvered her way past the woman sitting beside her to get to the aisle.  The handsome stranger stood in the area beside the door and Kara realized she would have to walk past him to get off the bus.  She re-positioned her handbag over her shoulder, secured her thermos in one hand and gripped her beige CatCo portfolio as she waited for the doors to open. She slowly moved closer to the doors and stopped within arms distance from the fellow Harry Potter fan.  The doors opened and Kara started to walk out and glanced in the direction of the cute guy one last time.  He was also looking at her and let out a smile that perfectly said, ‘Have a good day.’  She smiled back trying to reciprocate the same facial translation but before she could exit the bus, impatient riders trying to get on combined with pushy riders trying to get off bumped Kara to the side causing her to drop her portfolio.  It fell right at the cute guy’s feet and Kara bent down to pick it up but realized he had beat her to it.  They made eye contact again on the ground as they both reached for her dropped portfolio.  Keeping contact, they slowly stood up. Kara had to push up her glasses since they slid down to the edge of her nose when she was bumped in order to ensure he wouldn’t recognize her alter ego.

           “Here you go.  This looks important.” He said as he handed it to her.

           “Oh thank you.  My boss would kill me if she found out I dropped it on the floor of a bus and still brought it to work” Kara replied.

           “Well hopefully she’s not too hard on you if you’re honest with her.” He chuckled as he leaned in closer, “But if I were you, I wouldn’t tell her about dropping it.”

Kara laughed at this as she clung to the portfolio tightly. She realized she was running out of time before the doors closed so she gave him one final smile that he returned with a playful one before she hopped off.

           The workday happened to be pretty slow which was unusual for Cat Grant’s assistant.  She usually had Kara running around performing impossible tasks.  Kara often had to employ the use of her superpowers to accomplish some of the things Cat asked of her.  She wondered how anybody without superpowers ever lasted as Cat’s assistant.  She then remembered the person who held the position before her and how she ran out crying the day Kara interviewed for the job.  The slow workday didn’t help matters with Kara’s imaginative mind. Her thoughts kept drifting back to the day’s bus ride and the handsome guy she wanted to know more about.  This caused the day to feel as if it were moving at a crawl.  By the end of the day, Kara decided she would take the bus again in the morning to satisfy her curiosity.

           Kara spent the next week looking forward to her daily bus ride that she never used to ride so routinely.  She played the same headphone music game until the handsome guy got on the bus.  He got on three stops after Kara.  He always listened to Harry Potter audiobooks and from what Kara observed, it seemed like he moved through them pretty fast.  By the end of the week, he was already on the Half-Blood Prince.  She noticed some other things about him that intrigued her. For example, he wore a calculator watch that Kara found odd but mildly endearing.  He didn’t seem like the kind of guy that wore it to be cool.  Maybe he works at a place where he has to make on the spot calculations, she speculated.

           Kara was too shy to speak to him so the few days after the initial first “bus encounter,” the only vocal exchanges were, good morning and hope you have a good day.  They did smile at each other and that is what made Kara’s heart flutter.  He had the nicest, most charming smile.  From his perfect white teeth to his eyes that sparkled when he flashed them, something about him smiling at her seemed genuine.

           She didn’t want to tell Alex about him yet because she didn’t even know his name or if he was even interested.  The last time she was in a relationship, or about to begin one, it didn’t go as she hoped so she was extra cautious about anything she started. Plus there was the fact that being Supergirl came as the first priority in her life and she couldn’t just tell a stranger who she really was.  Even with all these reasons, she still found herself looking forward to the bus rides anyway.  So much in fact, that she woke up early enough consistently to have time ride the bus to work.

           Kara had her purse and her portfolio with her as she walked out of her building toward the bus stop.  She dressed in one of her favorite outfits today and decided she would try and initiate the conversation this time.  Before she got to the bus stop, she heard sirens off in the distance around 50 blocks away.  She listened in and heard there was a bank robbery in progress.  She saw the bus coming but knew that she was needed elsewhere. This sounds like a job for Supergirl. She reassured herself as she sped into her supersuit and headed to the scene of the crime.  She was able to stop the heist and apprehend the criminals promptly and reported this outing to the DEO before heading to work her 9-5 at CatCo.  As good as it felt to stop the bank robbery, Kara couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed she didn’t catch the bus today to make her move.  I can’t believe I feel like this.  Maybe I need to take a step back.  I mean for Pete’s sakes, I don’t even know this guy.  She felt guilty about the inner disappointment she felt so she quickly brushed it off.   Alex is my family and she comes first and foremost.  Being Supergirl is important.  J’onn is like a father to me.  I couldn’t function without Winn, James, and Lena.  Then it’s CatCo.  These are all the things that are more important than this bus guy.  Come on, Kara.  Get your priorities straight, Kara’s inner voice told her.

           The next morning, Kara found herself walking to the bus stop once again.  She hosted game night the previous evening so they stayed up late, causing Kara to lose sleep.  She didn’t wake up in time to make coffee or grab breakfast but she still wanted to ride the bus.  She got on and decided to stand since she didn’t have her usual thermos to try and juggle.  Three stops later she smelled the aroma of hazelnut.  She looked and saw the cute guy get on the bus with a cup of coffee and a bag.  He smiled at Kara as he walked over to her.  

           “Missed you yesterday.  I took a gamble and got you a coffee and a doughnut if you want it.”  He said as he outstretched his hand with the coffee, offering it to her.

           Kara couldn’t believe what was happening but she smiled with delight as she accepted the coffee.  

           “Would you like to sit down?”  He asked as he gestured to two open seats toward the back.

           “Sure, thank you.”  Kara responded as she walked to the seats.

           She sat down and scooted over to the window.  She looked at him and he stood in the aisle as if he were contemplating something.

           “May I?” He questioned as he pointed to the seat beside her.

           “Oh of course, by all means.”  Kara responded playfully.  “I’m Kara by the way.”

           “Wow how rude of me.  My name is Mike.”  He responded, finally putting a name to the face.  “I hope it wasn’t too creepy with the bringing you coffee and a doughnut.”

           “No, it’s not.  Eh well maybe a little but I overslept and didn’t have time to make coffee this morning so blame my momentary lapse in judgment on my hysteria from lack of caffeine.” Kara joked.  “So in other words, you picked the perfect day because if you were to bring it to me any other day, I probably would have said no and called you a creep.”

           Kara took a sip of the hazelnut-flavored coffee as Mike laughed at her response.  He then opened the little white paper bag and offered it to Kara.  Kara looked at the bag and then looked at Mike.

           “Coffee is one thing but I would be completely hopeless if I accepted food from a stranger.  Even if it does smell delicious.”  She responded.

           “That is true.  What is it they say?  Never take a sweet from a stranger?” He replied oddly, which Kara noted.  “But I promise, there are no tricks with this treat. That’s why I got two.  Whichever one you don’t want, I was going to eat.”

           Kara contemplated his offer for a minute and used her heightened sense of smell to determine there was nothing off about the contents of the bag.  She lowered her face just enough to peer over her glasses so she could x-ray vision the bag.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  In fact, they appeared to be doughnuts from her favorite spot right around the corner from her loft.  She wondered if he knew that she brought those same doughnuts a few times earlier in the week and if he noticed this.  They seemed hot and fresh leaving Kara confused as to how he was able to get them and get picked up from his usual stop since there was no doughnut shop nearby.

           He piqued her curiosity so she decided to go ahead and accept his food. Her stomach was already growling from skipping breakfast and the smell of the fresh doughnuts tortured her.  She grabbed the pink frosted doughnut from his bag and he proceeded to grab the remaining item.

           “I’m glad you picked that one.”  Mike joked. “I don’t know how impressive I could look while chomping down on a pink doughnut.”

           Kara laughed nearly spitting out crumbs but she covered her mouth in recovery quickly.  They spent the rest of the bus ride laughing and telling stories about the weird things they’ve seen in National City.  If Kara wasn’t blinded by his charm and her nerves, she would have been attentive enough to put together the pieces that his stories seemed to be from somebody who was new to earthly customs.  In fact, Kara found Mike’s take on the curiosities of everyday life refreshing because she empathized completely.

           “So this is you?”  Mike asked as the bus started to slow down.

           “Yes, it is.”  She replied as she stood up.

           Mike got up and moved to the aisle to let Kara pass.  As he moved aside, Kara attempted to grab one of the straps hanging above to maintain her balance.  His hand happened to be on the one she reached for so he let go to allow her to grab it.  Just as he attempted to reach for another, the bus stopped abruptly causing Mike to lose balance and bump into Kara.  

           “I am so sorry!”  Mike said as he grabbed Kara’s shoulders to see if she was okay.  “Are you hurt?  I didn’t spill any coffee on you, did I?”  He asked worriedly.

           Taken aback by his concern, Kara made sure the coffee didn’t splash anywhere. She did notice, however, that when he bumped into her it was harder than she was used to.  He must work out a lot because he seems pretty strong.  Maybe that’s why he’s so concerned he hurt me.  It takes a lot more to hurt Supergirl but he doesn’t know that, Kara thought.  

           “No, you didn’t and I’m fine.”  Kara replied as his eyes went over her to make sure nothing was off.

           “Oh thank Rrr…err…God!”  He responded as he corrected himself.  “Thank God. Well it is Friday so I’ll see you Monday, bright and early.”  

           Kara figured his awkward response was due to his nerves so she didn’t think anything of it.  She was a bit disappointed that he didn’t ask for her phone number or attempt to further their interactions to something other than bus talk.

           “Right.” She said nonchalantly.  “Until next time.  Have a good weekend.”  She flashed him her most charming smile as she got off the bus.  The doors closed behind her and she used her x-ray vision to see that he sat back down and looked after her.  The bus started to move away and Kara listened in just in time to hear him exclaim under his breath, “Grife!  I am such a coward!  Why couldn’t I just ask her out this weekend?  Now I won’t get my chance until next week.”

           Kara couldn’t help but smile the whole way as she started walking toward the CatCo building.  The rest of the day dragged on again.  She couldn’t tell if it was because she wanted the weekend to start or if it had anything to do with Mike.  Even though Kara had weekend plans that included dinner with Alex and J’onn and a movie night with her best friends, she found herself looking forward to Monday.

           Monday morning she intentionally did not bring coffee in the hopes that Mike would be thoughtful again.  Her heart skipped a beat when his stop came up and she looked through the bus and saw that he had two coffees in his hand.  She scooted over to the window seat so he could notice the empty seat beside her. He stepped up onto the bus and his eyes found Kara.  His lips formed a smile and then he walked over to the empty seat beside her.  Kara noticed with her super-hearing that his heart was beating fast.

           “Is this seat taken, madam?”  He asked charismatically.

           “I saved it for you.”  Kara replied.

           “How kind.  Thank you. And this is for you.”  He said as he handed her one of the coffees in his hand and sat down.

           Kara thanked him and took a sip as she waited for him to speak.  They sat in awkward silence for a minute and Kara noticed that his palms appeared to be sweaty.  She then listened and heard his heart pounding again.  Something seemed off about it though.  She listened more acutely and realized that his heart seemed to be in a weird place in his body.  She shifted away from him to get room and looked down so she could peer over her glasses at him.  Oh Rao!  His heart is on the right side of his body.  Kara went through her encyclopedic knowledge of different alien physiologies to determine what species he was.  He couldn’t be a shape shifter because they copy humans’ exact physiology.  He’s definitely not Kryptonian.  Kara’s mind swept through the teachings she learned back on Krypton and finally a conclusion.  There’s only one alien race that is humanoid in form and nearly similar to the Kryptonian make-up, yet their heart is on the opposite side of their chest cavity.  He’s a Daxamite, Kara concluded as she stiffened up.

           Mike noticed Kara staring at his chest so he looked down to see if he spilled coffee on him or if he had a toothpaste stain on his shirt.  He didn’t notice anything so he chuckled nervously before opening his mouth to talk.            

           “So I’ve been meaning to ask you, Kara.  Would you maybe like to go on a date with me sometime?”  He asked nervously as he fidgeted with the coffee lid.

           “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”  Kara replied coldly as she pushed her glasses up her nose.  She rang the bell for the bus to stop because she couldn’t stand sitting beside him any longer.

           “Oh I see.” Mike said with quiet defeat.  “Wait, what are you doing?  This isn’t your stop.”

           “Where I stop is none of your business.”  Kara fired back, she wanted so badly to say Daxamite at the end of her response but held her tongue.

           “Hey I’m sorry if I offended you.  I guess I’m bad at reading social cues because I thought we really hit it off and I wanted to get to know you more.”  He added cautiously.

           “Your presence offends me so if you would please move, I would like to leave.” Kara added.

           “Ouch, okay fine.”  Mike said as he stood up to let her pass.  Kara whisked past him and waited for the doors to open.  As soon as they did, she jumped off the bus and started walking to the nearest alley so she could fly to work.  As she threw the full cup of coffee in the trash, she heard a voice behind her calling her name.

           “Hey Kara!  I’m sorry I offended you but can you please tell me what exactly I did wrong?”  Mike asked as he walked toward her.  “I’m not too keen on Earthly social cues but I thought I have been doing a good job so your response is quite a surprise.  I don’t mean to be over-zealous but it seemed like you pulled a complete 180 and I just want to understand why.”

           “You should have stayed on your planet, Daxamite.”  Kara fired back as she kept walking into the alleyway, unable to keep her revelation private any longer.  Mike stopped dead in his tracks before responding.  

           “How do you know where I’m from?”  He asked in a soft, confused voice.

           Kara stopped and turned around.  He started walking slowly toward her in a non-threatening way.  His head was down and his hands were in his blue-jean pockets.

           “It doesn’t matter how I know.”  Kara replied. “You’re lucky I don’t take you into custody right now.”

           “Take me in for what?  I’ve done nothing wrong.”  Mike argued back.

           “Well your name sure isn’t Mike.  So lying, first of all. And how did you even survive?  I thought your planet was ravaged along with…”  Kara said as she didn’t finish her sentence.

           “It was destroyed and I made it off world in a way that I’m not proud of.” He said as he looked down at his feet. “Wait, so what if I lied to you? Who are you and how can you have me arrested?”

           “Again, that is none of your business Daxamite.”  Kara said in an authoritative voice.  Mike kept going.  

“I only lied because I want to assimilate properly.  If I told you my real name, you would know I was an alien.”  Mike said as he took a deep breath and locked eyes with Kara. “My name is Mon El.  I’m the former Prince of Daxam.  I had no idea how terrible Daxam was until I came off world to Earth as a refugee.  My whole life, I was kept in my little prince bubble by my parents and taught that our planet could do no wrong.  Once I arrived on Earth, I quickly realized how wrong they were, how wrong I was.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think I could ever be so ignorant to the injustices going on around me.  Forgive me for wanting to be a normal person with no ties to Daxam.  I wanted a fresh start but I guess my past has caught up with me.  Take me in to wherever you need.  I deserve whatever punishment you deem worthy.”

His confession perplexed Kara.  As soon as he said he was the prince, her blood boiled hot and her fists closed because she wanted to pound him in the face.  But then she saw his eyes and how sad they looked as he told his story.  His confession seemed genuine and Kara didn’t know why but she believed him.  She walked over to where he stood.  His eyes dropped to the ground again in shame and he outstretched his hands together.        

“I think this is how bad guys turn themselves in so they can be hand-cupped, right?  I’ve seen them do this in movies.”  Mon El said.

“I’m not going to arrest you, even though it goes against my upbringing.”  Kara said as she tried not to smile at his error in the term “hand-cuffed.”  “Like you said, you’ve done nothing wrong and I hope I’m not wrong about you but I believe when you say how bad you feel about the way you used to live.”

“Thank you, Kara.” Mon El said as he put his hands down to his side.

“I guess I should also introduce myself properly.” Kara said as she put out her hand for a handshake.  “My name is Kara Zor-El of Krypton, daughter of Zor El and Alura.  And like you, I am a refugee on this planet.”

Mon El looked at her in disbelief.  

“You…you’re Kryptonian? And from the House of El?” Mon El asked with shock.  “Which means that you’re….Supergirl.”  He added decidedly.

“Correct.”  Kara said matter-of-factly as she put her hands on her hips and stood proudly.

“That explains why you had such disdain for me.” Mon El said as he clicked his tongue.

“I know and I’m sorry for judging you based on where you’re from.  That was wrong of me to be so biased against you.”  Kara apologized.

“No that’s okay, you had good reason to be so angry.  Especially based on the history between our two planets.”  He said.  “And forgive me if I’m also enforcing my prejudices but I’ve never known a Kryptonian to admit when they are wrong.”

“I guess we are both different from our kind.” Kara added.

“I suppose we are.  I’d love to hear all about how else you’ve assimilated to this planet, I mean if that’s alright with you.”  Mon El remarked shyly putting himself back out there.

“Yea, I think I’d like that.”  Kara said with a smile.  “First, I need to fly to work.  I’m late and my boss has the patience of a Valerian waiting for a drink.”

Mon El laughed and Kara felt oddly content knowing there was somebody else on the planet she could make obscure interplanetary references with.  She also felt captivated that they both had much in common, being the last of their kind and wanting to start fresh.

“Awe and some.”  He responded incorrectly garnering a chuckle from Kara.  “I know this great pizza joint we can go to tonight if you’re free.  I hope you like pineapples on your pizza.”

“Sounds great.”  Kara said as she opened her portfolio and wrote down her number on a piece of paper to hand to him.  “I’ll see you later then, Mon El of Daxam.”

“Yes and goodbye Kara Zor El, daughter of Krypton. I hope your boss isn’t too hard on you.”

Kara looked around and flashed him one last smile as she leapt into the air at lightning speed toward work.  She had a feeling in her gut that she couldn’t quite interpret.   Is it excitement? Is it uncertainty?  I am going to have to call Alex ASAP to tell her about this.  She’s going to want to know all the details.  Oh Rao, I can’t believe a boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton are going to have dinner later in the form of pineapple pizza.  If somebody told me this would happen last week, I would say not in a million years.