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His career is over after Harry Potter.

He is doing nothing after Harry Potter.

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  • 5 Movies
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation Ambassador
  • Two Animations Movies
  • Stage Debut
  • Broadway
  • Lead Character in 2 TV Series
  • 1 Audiobook
  • Two TV Pilots
  • 4 Different Accents
  • 1 Song
  • 1 Voice Work
  • Singer in a Movie
  • Executive Producer
  • 7 Completely Different Characters:
  1. rebellious British soldier 
  2. a “snotty-nosed rebellious punk” and member of the band ‘The Dead Boys 
  3. a compulsive liar, who’s stuck in a failing relationship and a dead end job 
  4. a fast food worker with anxiety issues who feels he does not fit in and wishes he were a super hero 
  5. Hitler’s friend 
  6. one of the Thanes who at first support Macbeth as a King 
  7. an aspiring porn star 
  8. a manager of a rock band 

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“Imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?

—Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Ch. 5, Diagon Alley

“Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?”

—James Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ch. 33, The Prince’s Tale

…Rowling sure loves those parallels huh

Nineteen Years Later
Stephan Fry, Alexandre Desplat, John Williams
Nineteen Years Later

A New Beginning+Leaving Hogwarts+Nineteen Years Later

(narrorated by the lovely Stephan Fry)

No story lives unless someone wants to listen…

The stories we love best do live in us forever.

So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

modern au dregs introducing wylan to harry potter

- wylan being rlly apprehensive at first because ‘no I don’t want to I won’t be able to get through it’ ‘it’s a kids book wylan’ 'ffs don’t be a dick kaz’ and then jesper suggests audiobooks

- because he finds them relaxing and helpful when he gets nervous or jittery 

- so for wylan’s birthday they buy him the full set of harry potter audiobooks

- the nice ones with the cool voices and stuff

- wylan is hooked instantly

- this is a story about a boy from an abusive childhood who gets out. who finds a wonderful, magical place and wonderful, magical friends. a boy who not only saves the world but saves himself, and grows into a fuller, better human. 

- listening to these books makes wylan feel like he too could be something. 

- and jesper is a fucking huge hp nerd. 'have you found out who the half blood prince is yet?’ 'no what shush’ 'oooohhh are you ready for all your theories to be smashed’ 'SHUT UP JESPER’ 'make me’ 'oh i will’ 'how are you gonna do that, kid?’ 'just you wait’

- and when wylan finishes the books all of them watch the films

- picture it. these six little stupid, stupid nerds having a harry potter marathon

- by the time they reach the end everyone is crying (even kaz)

- and jesper reaches over to touch wylan’s hand and wylan realises that he’s happy

- and that that’s an emotion he’s feeling more and more recently 

- and maybe, like harry with hogwarts, wylan van eck has found where he belongs

stuff to do while bored (feel free to add!)

-listen to harry potter on audiobook (youtube) and nap
-remove your nail polish, get a nail clipper, clean under your nails, file your nails so they are all the same length and shape, push back your cuticles, then repaint
-read a new book/go to the library to get new books
-make a pintrest board about thinspo outfits
-lay on the floor and do bicycle rotations while having a video playing next to you
-pick something under 90 calories and eat it
-imagine something gross happening to the food you most want to eat, like hair inside it
-reorganize your room/bookshelf/nightstand drawer
-lay around trying to feel your bones
-try some spells you have supplies for
-attempt astral projection methods
-try divination or ESP exercises
-read creepypasta aloud and post it to youtube
-write something
-look up contests or ways you could make extra money
-job hunt for a part time online job
-look for something you misplaced under your bed or deep inside your closet
-draw horrible monsters and listen to music
-tarot card reading/study the deck
-make a pintrest board with links for stuff you want to buy when you have money
-budget your next few paychecks
-dye your hair in your bathroom
-look up youtube tutorials on sign language learning
-find a site where you can get something with a free trial and make a calendar reminder to cancel the subscription before you are charged
-watch a video on how to change a tire
-go through old notebooks/yearbooks/blogs
-hunt down a nostalgic childhood movie on the internet
-write down the time you plan to eat and calculate the calories, write detailed steps of how you will prepare the food and how you will feel afterward
-brush your teeth, floss, and swish mouthwash
-go on a long walk around the neighborhood
-play with your pets
-clean your earrings and makeup brushes (and sex toys if you use)
-windex the window and mirror in your room
-weigh yourself at your hungriest
-take flattering pictures of yourself and post them
-doll yourself up and update your profile pictures for different sites
-window shop on forever21 and see how much you can get under $100
-track down old online game sites and play games you used to play when you were younger
-mend old clothes and bras
-cut old jeans into jean shorts, pull at some loose threads, wash, dry, then air fluff in dryer to get the ends frayed
-draw the layout of your house including all the furniture, do another layout for your dream house/flat -change your clothes
-wash your pillowcase and bedsheets and pjs
-make a list of stuff
you need that isn’t food
-make a calorie log of your favorite foods
-download a puzzle app and see how far you can get
✨have fun and stay safe!✨

Have I ever mentioned that Lily/James is one of my biggest ships ever? The Marauders era is probably the time period I’m most fascinated with. I barely do anything Harry Potter related, but I’m going to try to do more in the future :)

Hi potterheads! Every since I was a little kid, I haven’t been much of a reader. The ideal solution for me was to listen to audiobooks! That’s how I fell in love with the Harry Potter series. Since we lost our stash of downloaded files, I have been looking around for free versions of the Harry Potter books to listen to. As most of you will know, the books as read by Steven Fry are quite expensive. 

The audiobooks I’ll be linking you to are read by Jim Dale. He narrated the series Pushing Daisies, in case his name sounds familiar. I have no problem with this, because I listened to his reading of the Prisoner of Azkaban as a kid and absolutely loved him.

The books are on youtube and in huge chunks (usually about 9-10 hours), but it’s honestly better than nothing!!! Without further ado, here is the playlist to all the books!

I hope I’ve helped some of you in your search for some free audiobooks! Happy listening! :-)

x gryffindor prefect Louise

I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks as I go to and from uni, and today I was on Prisoner of Azkaban. And it got to a part that I haven’t really noticed before, but now that I think about it, it gives me feels.

Right, so in Harry’s first Divination lesson, Trelawney prophecies that he will die when she looks at his tea leaves. He then has a Transfiguration lesson with McGonagall, who essentially dismisses this as rubbish.

BUT. Later in the book, when everyone else is in Hogsmeade, Harry has tea with Remus. Remus jokes that Harry must have had enough of tea leaves. When Harry asks how he knew about the Divination lesson, Remus says that McGonagall told him.

Which means that McGonagall- who taught the Marauders as schoolboys, knew how close they were, knew that it would be killing Remus to know that he had to treat Harry as his student and not as James’ son. So now I’m imagining her just catching Remus after staff meetings to quietly let him know about little things like the tea-leaves and Harry not being able to go to Hogsmeade. Just generally making sure that he kept up to date with Harry’s life, so that even if Remus couldn’t be his Uncle Moony, he could still look after him… 

my mom is listening to the harry potter series on audiobook rn and it’s really funny cause she just starts giggling out of the blue and I’m like “what” and she’s just like “harry potter” so i guess that’s where i get it