October 22nd//

this year for my birthday I asked my parents for the Japanese hardcover edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and I couldn’t wait the twelve remaining days to show you all. one of my goals in life is to collect as many editions of the first book as I can. in all honesty this edition is probably my favorite in terms of cover art because each one is so unique in the art style.

(if you’re interested in buying it I got mine here. just know that the hardcover alone is around $33 USD and the paperback is $28 USD.)

November 14th//

Today I received the best gift I could have ever asked for. My wonderful friend @the-forest-library​ sent me this wonderful edition of Harry Potter after stumbling upon it. Not literally. Or maybe she did. I’m not too sure if I’m honest. I hope not literally because I don’t want her to injure herself for my sake. 

Anyway, if you all didn’t know, I collect different editions of the first Harry Potter book. So far I have it in four different languages. This included. Excessive much? Perhaps. But it makes me happy so that’s all that matters. 

Thank you so much for this, Mable. I truly appreciate it and I’m happy tumblr wouldn’t let me send you the video of me opening this because I was ugly crying and no one needs to see that sight. 


My favourite A Very Potter Sequel moments;

Snape: I would like to take this opportunity to announce the Hogwarts’ astronomy club. This year we’ll be paying particularly close attention to the cycles of the moon and its effects on certain professors.

I never really think about Harry as a baby with the Dursleys.

I think about him as he grows older wanting attention but not getting it while they give the minimum they can. As he grows older again not caring too much about what they do or think just wanting the basics to get through. It must have been horrible to have to go through that and having no friends. All of that is heart breaking enough but thinking about Harry when he first gets there has got to me.

I’m sure the Dursleys would ignore Harry as much as possible but what does that mean? Is it real abuse of leaving dirty nappies and feeding rarely? They clearly see him as a responsibility they do not want nor care for despite everything Harry has already been through they are a lot more worried about themselves. Forcing themselves to do the minimum with Harry while spoiling Dudley. Playing with Dudley while Harry lies in his crib.  

I mean as he gets slightly older I can’t imagine Petunia and Vernon encouraging him to walk or talk. It makes me wonder how he did develop in to the person he became as school can only go so far but support needs to start at home and he literally had none.


When I was younger I played the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone PC game and was forever annoyed I could never find all the Wizard cards. 14 years later and I’ve just got 100% on the game. I found all 24 Wizard Cards, collected over 500 beans, gave Fred and George all the beans they needed and after all that unlocked both hidden endings (Ron giving Harry a new Wizard card, Fred and George playing their prank on Snape) and got the secret 25th Wizard Card. 6 year old me would be incredibly proud.

Harry potter books rated

Philosphers stone: 0/10 no bees

Chamber of secrets: 10/10 Weasleys keep beehives, the packet of Fizzing Wizzbees have bees with human heads, Sir Nicholas asks if Harry has ‘A bee in his bonnet’

Prisoner of Azkaban: Again, no bees 0/10

Goblet of fire: 0/10 No Bees…

Order of the phoenix: again… 0/10

Halfblood Prince: 0/10…

Deathly Hallows: 4/10 There are bees present at Bill & Fleur’s wedding.

Honarable mention: Dumbledore is the 18th Century word for Bumblebee 10/10