hello friends!! i’ve never done anything like this, but with harry’s first tour approaching, i would like to help some of my fellow harries. 

it breaks my heart to see deserving fans posting about not being able to afford tickets, so i would like to give away 2 $100 ticketmaster giftcards. 

i want to give them to someone deserving, and it doesn’t be have to be anyone i know or have spoken to before, so don’t worry about me being bias about who i give the giftcards to. 

to let me know you would like a chance to win, please follow me and reblog this post. 

it’s not required, but feel free to message me and tell me why you think you deserve the tickets if you think you do. 

i will announce the winner a few days before the tickets go on sale, and i can send the giftcards by email. 

xoxo, abby

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This is a genuine post on Ben Platt’s instagram from the day after Zayn Malik left One Direction, and I feel like everyone needs to know about it.


femslash aesthetics ♥ hermione x ginny

every second i’m with her, it hurts less. that sounds an awful lot like love. it could be. you’re not scared anymore? she makes me brave.