Just because I'm a Hufflepuff does not mean I have to

• Be nice when I’m angry
• Be loyal to shitty friends
• Be patient when I’m impatient
• Be the “Better Person” all the time
• Be a hard worker when I don’t care

I am going to be mean when I’m pissed & I’m going to ditch friends that make me feel like shit, so please do not tell me I have to act a certain way just because I’m a Hufflepuff.


9am Thanksgiving morning as soon as the park gates opened Lacey and I along with her brother and sister ran to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We immediately got in line for the one ride our express pass didn’t cover and the one I was most excited about - Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

We only waited around 20 minutes (it’s been known to be up to 2hrs) and the ride was completely worth the early wake up call. Just walking through the castle was worth it.

The castle was dark and there was so much I wish I could have photographed but here are a few things that did show up.