“Universal team members and friends raise wands in memory of team members Luis Vielma and Xavier Serrano, who were killed in the Orlando nightclub attacks. #orlandounited #oneorlando”

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The Stories of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Observable Story No. 1: Dumbledore

Dumbledore wants us Muggles to learn about Hogwarts, but Harry Potter ruins that.

Dumbledore invites us to sit through a lecture. Harry Potter subjects us to Hogwarts’ dangers instead. Dumbledore pretends this is a reasonable alternative. The end!

Observable Story No. 2: Hagrid

Hagrid wants to find the dragon he lost, but no one even attempts to capture it.

Hagrid loses a dragon. The dragon attacks us. What happens to the dragon–and whether Hagrid suffers any repercussions–remains unresolved. The end!

Observable Story No. 3: Harry Potter

Harry wants to show us Quidditch, but there are more monsters than Quidditch.

Harry puts us on flying benches instead of simply sneaking us into the stadium because of [reasons]. He grumpily saves us from the monsters he’s subjected us to. Everyone celebrates Harry for only nearly killing us. The end!

Experiential Story

We are Muggles who want to go to Hogwarts, but Hogwarts wants to beat us up.

We tour Hogwarts. Then we’re attacked by monsters. Even though we’re truant burdensome Muggles, our bravery gets us invited back to Hogwarts (but only to visit, because it bears repeating: we’re not magical). The end!

Tumblr has ruined me. On the Hogwarts ride there was a part where it looked like you were playing Quidditch and Harry almost caught the Snitch but then Malfoy head butted him and said, “Showing off for your Muggle friends, Pottah?” and all I could think was “Drarry Drarry Drarry Drarry” and I’m not even a Drarry shipper so you can see how I’ve been affected.

So, Last night...I almost died!

I went to Islands of Adventures yesterday, and of course I went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Well, I road Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey a few times, and as the last ride of the night right before it close, I chose that to be my last ride, btw, it was the 7th time I had ridden The Forbidden Journey!

Well, right at the end of the ride, right before it was over, the ride BROKE DOWN, I was stuck in this horrible almost upside down, almost on your side position, it was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE

We were stuck for almost 30 minutes, I have never been more scared in my life, needless to say I kept imagining the ride snapping and me falling to my death!

Fun Fact, I had hyperventaled on the ride and once the ride finally started moving again and we got to the end, I threw myself at the wall and started having a legit panic attack.

No really, they had to get a medic person to come get me.

It was the worst fucking thing I had ever experienced.


I will never, ever get on that ride again, fucking ever!

Today’s theme parks spend lots of money and effort to produce compelling, coherent lands filled with dull, disjointed rides.

made my life yesterday

we were in the single riders queue for
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and suddenly they stop loading people and are just letting all the carts go. so we’re like ‘what’s going on?’ and so dead serious the woman working on the ride goes 'there’s a troll in the dungeon.we let the dragons fly around, but never trolls. no trolls.’

how amazing.


Getting older isn’t always the best experience, but one of the perks is having the ability to plan my own vacations. So like any good adult, I decided to wield this power to finally finally visit Hogsmeade!

A few notes:

1. Butterbeer is delicious and tastes like butterscotch-infused cream soda with a rich, buttery “head”
2. Pumpkin juice is also delicious and tastes like apple cider with a touch of pumpkin
3. The Forbidden Journey is an absolutely amazing ride–I went on it 3 times and might’ve gone a few more if not for a motion sickness prone boyfriend (I still like you, Zach)
4. Being surrounded by artificial snow has the psychological effect of making one feel cooler
5. Hufflepuff forever.

And now I’m going to read the issues of Amazing X-Men that came while I was out of town and enjoy my chocolate frog (I got a Dumbledore card fyi). Yay adulthood.



Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey queue at the Wizarding World in Universal Orlando (di InsideTheMagic)


9am Thanksgiving morning as soon as the park gates opened Lacey and I along with her brother and sister ran to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We immediately got in line for the one ride our express pass didn’t cover and the one I was most excited about - Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

We only waited around 20 minutes (it’s been known to be up to 2hrs) and the ride was completely worth the early wake up call. Just walking through the castle was worth it.

The castle was dark and there was so much I wish I could have photographed but here are a few things that did show up.