I was really freaking out for the exams. They weren’t as uber hard as I expected but they still weren’t easy. So I’m feeling so-so about them. But I felt soooo relieved once I was done. Got a lot of things done today. Not everything, but a lot. Met with my counselor, did my mandatory tutoring, corrected my math test, and did my math homework for today. 

Still need to finish my outline for my essay. But english is cancelled for the next week! So YAY! But I should still do it. Technically I was supposed to turn it in to my editing group on Monday, but since I didn’t go Monday that didn’t happen. And they haven’t asked for it so I haven’t finished. 

Since english is cancelled tomorrow I only have one class tomorrow and friday. From 11-11:50. -_____________-

What is even the point of going. I wasn’t gonna go tomorrow but I have to turn in my test corrections and tutoring paperwork. & I can’t ditch Friday ‘cause we have an exam. But I can always ditch next Monday & Wednesday! :)

Probably end up going to school early tomorrow and just getting some more work done in the library. I get to wear my trench coat and scarves now! :) Cause its raining! Yay! I shall wear my USC/HarryPotta scarf. I bought a USC scarf a long time ago and instead of being cool and getting compliments from SC fans I got compliments from Potter fans. I was like wha? Noooo! But ehh, whatevs. Lol