So I’m chatting w @dramione-vincet-semper and we’re talking about young Lucius bringing a peacock to Hogwarts instead of an owl and getting in trouble and that sparked me to think of this:

Now I’m picturing in Lucius’ study amongst all the dark arts and ancient spell books he has a single book called “How To Care for Your Peacock” and then hidden even farther back in the recesses of his study is a book that just consists of pretty pictures of different peacocks. It calms him down.

Funny outfits and even funnier stories in new 70s-set sitcom The Kennedys

07:30, 26 Sep 2015 By Sara Wallis

No, nothing to do with the US political dynasty, this is a comedy about family and friends living in the decade that style forgot

Nostaligia: The Kennedys is set in the 70s

Break out the cheese and pineapple hedgehogs and brace yourself for flared trousers and big hair, this family comedy takes us right back to the 1970s.

Loosely based on Emma Kennedy’s memoir The Tent, The Bucket and Me, this sitcom is about her childhood growing up on an ordinary British council estate.

Emma (Lucy Hutchinson) is a 10-year-old Star Wars-obsessed tomboy, happily tagging along with her mum and dad, Brenda and Tony Kennedy, played by IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson and House of Fools’ Dan Skinner.

Scatty: Katherine Parisnon as Brenda

Katherine’s real-life husband Harry Peacock - who some viewers will know as Matt Berry’s arch-enemy Ray Purchase in the award-winning sitcom Toast of London - also stars alongside Emma Pierson as their best mates, couple Tim and Jenny.

“Filming was so much fun,” says Katherine. “I really fancy my onscreen husband which helps… and of course, my actual husband as well.

“I’m ashamed to say that I actually like Harry’s look in this, although double denim is so wrong!

Married life: Katherine and real-life husband Harry Peacock

“We’ve got two young children so often we are just dealing with nappies and exchanging information about them. So it’s been really nice working together.”

Katherine reveals she was nervous about the role. “I was looking forward to meeting Emma’s mum but sadly she passed away before that could happen. But I do feel I know her through the writing. I wanted to have her big hair actually, but I was told mine would never do that.”

In the opening episode, Brenda wants to host a dinner party “because that’s what they’re doing in Cosmopolitan”. The only problem is Brenda has never cooked, except for the time she tried to boil an egg – in a kettle.

So she asks Tony to make a lasagne to impress their friends. “Where am I going to find pasta not in a tin?” he moans.

Meanwhile, Emma and Tony accidentally catch Tim “making love soup” with another woman, while Jenny is at home crying that she’s pregnant.

“When a woman cries, somewhere in the world a man is in terrible trouble,” says Tony. And that’s even before the dinner party from hell gets under way…

 Who’s Who in The Kennedys?

Emma (Lucy Huntchinson)

10 years old with a curious nature and huge problems, such as Julie, the playground bully.

Brenda (Katherine Parkinson)

New age mum to Emma – she doesn’t cook or clean and fancies herself a bit of a feminist.

Tony (Dan Skinner)

Emma’s dad, most often seen in the kitchen cooking or doing the dishes. Fantastic beard.

Jenny (Emma Pierson)

Brenda’s emotional and needy best friend, and also long-suffering girlfriend of Tim.

Tim (Harry Peacock)

Tony’s mate and Jenny’s boyfriend, usually found with a beer in his hand and his shirt off for no reason

Dee & David Palmer (Shola Adewusi and Clive Rowe)

The Kennedys’ unassuming and often confused new neighbours.

The REAL Kennedys

Actress, presenter and ex-MasterChef champ Emma, 48, on how it was thrilling and “slightly weird” to see her childhood on TV

“This was a brilliant time to be a child,” she remembers. “You’d have your breakfast, you’d go out the door and you wouldn’t come back until dark. No one cared where you’d gone.

"My abiding memory – mentioned in my book The Tent, The Bucket And Me – is of disastrous holidays. My dad never, ever gave up trying to have a nice time and there was a real sense of adventure.

“My mother very sadly died three weeks before we filmed the pilot. In her final weeks I sat with her and read her the scripts, because the show is really all about her.

"At one point she stopped me and said, ‘You’ll have to change that name, your father still sees them in Sainsburys!’”

The Kennedys, Friday, 9.30pm, BBC1



Toast and Ray Fucking Purchase are head to head (cough) in a voiceover session for European gay porn.  I swear I don’t know how they kept a straight face for this.  I would love to see the outtakes from this scene.

High Adventure Dvds

High Adventure movie download

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Download High Adventure

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I Just Want to Kiss You (1998)

Channel 4 orders third series of Toast Of London

Channel 4 orders third series of Toast Of London #ToastOfLondon

Steven Toast returning with more eccentric comedy

External image

Channel 4 has commissioned a third, six-part series of the Rose D’Or winning comedy, Toast Of London starring Matt Berry.

Made by Objective Productions and again written by Berry and Arthur Mathews, the comedy stars Berry as Steven Toast, an eccentric actor with a chequered past who spends more time dealing with problems off stage than performing…

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VIDEO FRIDAY Matt Berry in a role he was meant to play: LOVE GURU Check out this series of sketches called Chickipedia.


For some reason this is the only way I can get this video to repost.  This is a blast from the past.  First posted 4 years ago, this was the first thing I ever saw Miranda Hart in.  Also the guy in the office sketch I just noticed is none other than Harry Peacock aka Ray Purchase.