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i know you prefer to read unfinished fics but there's a completed liam fic called pulses can drive from here that is really good, its a college au with a love triangle between the ofc liam and harry

You know, I’ve had this recced to me so many times that it’s truly shameful that I haven’t read it yet. I’ve got to get my act together

Five years. FIVE YEARS.
This photo, was the photo that started it all. It was like 2012 in like July or August, I was calling my friend and she was helping me differentiate them. I thought Zayn was Mexican. Oh dear. Louis was the cute one with the jean jacket. I would always mix him up with Liam. Niall with his fucking blonde head of hair. I would look up funny moments of course, I never really knew what these boys would ever mean to me, I never knew how much of an impact they would have in my life. I never knew that when I was feeling depressed they would always be there, their friendship, their love for each other, and their music always lifted my spirits, made me feel like there really is hope. These fuckers ruined my life, but I fucking love them. I went from not knowing their names, to obsessing over the smallest details so I didn’t sound like a “directionater” to loving them to pieces, but still hating their guts, being a hardcore Larrie, and having the ride of my life. So thank you One Direction for being you, and for being the best. Five years today, and I hope I’ll be here for the rest of your journey. I love you, so so so much.
Here’s to five years, and hopefully so many more!