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Dean and Seamus were totally a couple but Harry is just the least observant ever or he's so chill he just doesn't bring it up. You have to fight me to change my mind on this.

concept: several years after graduation, harry gets a letter from dean thomas asking if he’ll be his best man for his wedding- he, seamus, lavender, and parvati are having a double wedding.  harry says yes, of course, he’s very flattered (though a bit surprised seamus won’t be best man, but he supposes they’ve got the double wedding thing going on).  he’s a little embarrassed, though, because he’s not actually sure if dean is with parvati or lavender, but he figures he’ll just not put names on the wedding gifts and work it out when he gets there.

fast forward to the practice for the ceremony.  harry shows up ready to best man the hell out of this, even though he still doesn’t know who the bride is.  but oddly enough, the girls’ dresses don’t really match the tuxes?  parvati is in traditional indian clothing with bright pinks and yellows, and lavender is wearing a light pink and white dress that complements it surprisingly well.  dean and seamus are wearing contrasting white and black suits, respectively.  harry comments on this oddity to dean, asking why they don’t match the brides.

“mate,” dean says, looking harry directly in the eyes and probably losing eight years of his life in that moment.  “seamus and i have literally been dating since fifth year.  every single one of us is fucking gay.”


In honor of Gemma’s birthday and dressed-down Harry AKA my favorite Harry, I felt he need to celebrate. Also, I always get cheeky with TFLN’s no matter what it’s about so enjoy. X

I am taking requests for one-shot/blurbs, as well as TFLN’s.

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In which the missus is meeting the family for the first time and Harry’s uncertain about his mustache.

Harry. Missus.




Hazzle Dazzle.

Yes, love…

Do you think Gemma would like an Apple Pumpkin scented candle, or is that too fall-sy? I could find a more winter candle to fit the season.

I really don’t think she’ll mind what season oriented candle you get her, love. But she seems to like the warmer months more so try for a more summer approach.

Of COURSE. See, this is why we date, Styles.

So I can help you pick out candles for my sister?

Harry, I found a Bakery Air candle! I’m getting it for you.

Ha! Thank you, love. x

Oh, Nutcracker smells like a dream. And it fits the season. Maybe she’d like that one.

I’ll give you a nut to crack.

Wait, no. That sounds horrible.

What, you aren’t into that?

We can try it out, baby. I’m up for anything.

Oi, that’s enough out of you.

I’d like to have a girlfriend for my family to meet, thank you.

Speaking of…

I’m nervous.

Didn’t I say the same thing a couple of weeks ago for your Thanksgiving and it turned out just fine?

Well YEAH because you’re funny and charming and can make anyone swoon just by blinking in their direction.

And I’m worried I won’t get a good enough gift for your sister and I will look like a straight up fool.

There’s no way you’d look like a fool, love.




I don’t want to see you stressing about this, pet. From what I’ve told them, they already adore you and it doesn’t matter if you buy her socks for her birthday or not. She’s just happy you’re coming.




There will be cake there tonight, love.

I think I’m going to quit my job and become a candle maker. What do you think? You can be my candle tester.

Would my job literally be to light the candle and smell it?

And fuck me relentlessly while it burns.
You coming home soon?

Christ, Harry. I didn’t mean to get you feeling all broody.

A quickie before the party.

Shave that thing on your face and you have yourself a deal.

Why? Is it really that bad?

No, you look fine but my thighs are chafed.

;) ;) ;)

You’re smiling but you aren’t getting any until you at least trim it.

I think you’re bluffing.

And I think you’re dancing on a fine line on never getting laid again.

You wouldn’t dare.

Or would I? I’m leaving the store right now.

How about when you get back, I rub some cream on your thighs, and I light that Bakery Air candle and I seduce you before the party?

Just, for the love of God, don’t leave any marks on me… I’m still sorry I left that hickey on your chest on Thanksgiving. But in my defense, you show more cleavage than I do when I wear shirts.

How else am I going to make people swoon? ;)

Shut up, I’ll be home in a minute. x

I forgot to update my thoughts on Grave Peril.

It was really intense. Like one thing after another after another and it got really dark at times.

I admit Susan is not my favorite. Her and Harry have a cute dynamic in some moments, especially on the phone and I like that she could take care of herself but I never trust her motivations if that makes sense? I kept waiting for her to betray him. There is a lot to like about the character but there is also something missing for me with regards to her I can’t put my finger on.

This book was almost too much on the injury/action front, I had a hard time recalling everything that happened to him. Fool Moon had that problem as well but I feel like Butcher did a good job calling back to them in that one.

I swear I thought the girl Bianca killed after her encounter with Harry was called Paula not Rachel but I haven’t looked it up.

I liked Michael. I love Lea. Thomas was fun.

I got a little confused about the vampire brother and sister’s purpose/role beyond named henchmen.

The mechanics of the NeverNever were exciting to finally begin to explore.

I’m really digging this Council meeting in Summer Knight and the Fairy Queen.

Ya’ll know how I feel about Fairy queens.


Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)

Molly and Arthur Weasley raised seven kids on one government salary.

Molly and Arthur Weasley raised those seven children to be courageous and loyal and kind.

Molly and Arthur Weasley were purebloods who made it a point to be known as “the biggest blood traitors there are”.

Molly and Arthur Weasley raised Fred and George during their accidental magic stages without letting the house burn down.

Molly and Arthur Weasley treated Harry as their own child, not because of his fame, but because he was Ron’s friend and he was in desperate need of a family.

Molly and Arthur Weasley made sure that everyone who entered their home felt loved and cared for and well fed.

Molly and Arthur Weasley won money and spent it on a family trip to see their son and help their daughter out of the depression she was sinking into.

Molly and Arthur Weasley sent Easter eggs and Christmas sweaters and fudge to their children while making sure to include enough for friends.

Molly and Arthur Weasley went out of their way to secure two tickets to the Quidditch World Cup on top of the eight for their own family, just to ensure that Hermione and Harry were included.

Molly and Arthur Weasley warned Harry about Sirius Black and tried to keep him with them after Voldemort’s return and tried to shield him from Order business because they remembered how young he was, how utterly unfair it was for the world to expect so much from him.

Molly and Arthur Weasley are so damn important.


harry potter


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hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)