Poor boy always stumbles into this stuff by accident. He had years to figure out that larries might connect the dagger to Harry’s rose and now he ‘gave the larries material’ yet again. I’m sure he didn’t realise that when he bought the rose shirt and held his arm awkwardly to get the dagger into the picture. Let’s just add it to the (extremely long) list of poor coincidences shall we?

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Louis posted a pic where he showed the Rose shirt and Dagger tattoo, and now TheHarryNews tweeted pics of Harry and Nathan Followill have matching half heart tats on their chests. i guess he was being Jealouis and reminded us of the rose and dagger?!

it’s funny that Harry Styles can only share tattoos with anyone but Louis while his very fiancé wears at least 6 known Larry tattoos inked on his skin. 

Also, JeaLouis is the best.

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That video you reblogged of everyone having the same Harry wallpaper is funny bc THATS MY WALLPAPER TOO

It was mine for a while too lol