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Karen Gillan as Lily Evans, Aaron Johnson as James Potter, Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Natalie Dormer as Narcissa Black, Carey Mulligan as Alice Longbottom, Rose Leslie as Molly Weasley.
(Molly is 11 years older than everyone above. They’re all 21 except Molly, who is 32.)


J.K. Rowling responds to touching letter from cancer patient’s mom

This weekend at Letters Live, a U.K. event at which celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and Carey Mulligan read letters aloud in celebration of “literary correspondence,” one message in particular stood out. Actress Ellie Bamber chose to read an open letter to J.K. Rowling from a woman named Chrissy Hart. Hart’s daughter had recently passed away from cancer, and she wanted to thank Rowling for the way the Harry Potter books helped her family cope throughout the sickness. 


the fact that these accounts support a lesbian pairing makes me want to throw up because clexa is a beautiful ship and it deserves better than homophobic assholes rooting for them by sending blatant hate to Malec. somebody please deal with this i don’t want to get involved with these ignorant brats myself, i’ll just lose my self control.