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I'm confused? You said "at least I don't obsess over a baby" but .. clearly you do. Refusing to believe Louis has a child and going out of your way to try and prove that to yourself and others is obsessive. Being supportive of your favs baby is not obsessive.. you claim to be here for the band but we all know your here for a 'bromance'. Louis and Harry are not in a secret relationship, they never were and never will be in love with each other and 'babygate' will never end. :)

Trust me, I don’t “go out of my way” to prove that the baby isn’t real. And no, it’s not obsessive to be supportive of your favs baby, but it is to make a blog dedicated to a BABY. I’m here for the band because they make me happy, and I think Harry and Louis are happy together - but that’s my PERSONAL opinion. Believe what you want.