Imagine #131

Niall imagine for anonymous

“What’s wrong with him tonight?”

“Not sure, he’s been in a fowl mood since I got here though.” You pouted and took a glance at Niall over at the pool table. 

He had a frown on his face and his eyebrows were pulled together in concentration and his cheeks were painted with a pink tint. His jaw was hard from him grinding his teeth which you knew he did out of habit when he was angry. 

When he had his braces there was a piece of the bar that he’d be able to chew on when he was angry and he hadn’t shaken the habit. 

Why he was angry was a completely other story, one you didn’t understand at all. You didn’t know why he was angry; just that his anger was directed at you.

You didn’t even want to try to understand. He was the one who’d brought up to you that he and the boys were heading down to the pub. It was only when Harry invited you down too that he got upset.

So here you were, sitting at the bar with Zayn, Harry and Liam lined up with you while you watched Liam and Niall play a couple of blokes at pool.

You sipped your drink, tipping the glass back while still watching Niall. He had his back to you and you saw him stick out his behind and arch his elbow back as he lined up the cue with the ball.

“Mate, you’re too tense!” Louis shouted. 

He struck out with the cue with such a force that it knocked the ball over the edge of the table and had it rolling onto the floor.

You covered your mouth with your hand to hide your smile which you knew would only further his annoyance.

“Shut your goddamn mouth, Tommo.” He hissed and Louis smirked.

Clearly making Niall mess up had been his intention.

Before Niall turned back to the game he gave you a look and you saw his nostrils flare as his gaze went directly behind you. You didn’t have time to register what he was looking at before he spun around and lined the cue up again. Liam pinched his lips and looked at you four with a grim look, frowning as he watched his friend.

It seemed everyone was being touched by Ni’s fowl mood tonight.  

“Maybe he’s just tired. You know? Goodnight’s sleep could probably cheer him up.” Harry suggested, his low tone reasonable and calm, as usual.

You looked to your right and shrugged at him, not know how to answer.To your left you heard Louis scoff. 

“Nah mate I know why he’s all hot and bothered.” He said, his tone mischievous.  

“Oh yeah? Enlighten me, please.” You said. He chuckled and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, angling the two of you so you were facing Niall’s direction. 

He leaned close to your ear, his breath tickling your neck as he whispered to you. 

“Niall’s jealous.”

You pulled back from him and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t say anything but inclined his head back, gesturing toward Niall. You peaked around his shoulder and sure enough you saw Niall’s red face and sharp glare digging into the back of Louis’ jacket. 

“But why?” You asked. 

“Because Harry asked you to hang out and he knows how much we like you and you us, and he feels threatened. But hey, let’s make it a game. Harry, dance with Y/N.” Louis’ eyes sparked as his idea ran through his head and you laughed, throwing your head back. 

He was exactly like a little boy with a fool proof plan to get the cookies out of the cookie jar. At least that’s what he sounded like. 

“What?!” Harry sounded appalled by the idea and his voice hitched three octaves higher than usual, his face reddening in the process. 

You laughed again and sighed. Louis rolled his eyes.

“Fine, you won’t do it then I will.” He said and grabbed your hand, pulling you off of your bar stool and onto the dance floor where many others already occupied it.

You glanced at Niall as Louis dragged you along but he had his back to you again.

Harry and Zayn were chuckling at the bar and Liam looked at Niall nervously, like he was a sleeping grizzly on the verge of being woken up.

“This might be fun.” You smiled and Louis nodded.

He spun you around, making you shriek, and wrapped his long fingers around your hips, pulling your backside onto his front so that when you moved to the beat it was as if you were one person, pulsing to the sound of the bass.

You knew it would drive Niall crazy but you couldn’t find it in you to want to stop.

It only took half a song for you to hear the angry bark of an Irish accent making its way over to you.

Louis snorted and let you go as you both doubled over just as Niall reached you. His face was puffed out and red and his eyes, bleary from the few drinks he’d had, glared at the two of you, but mainly Louis. His jaw was rock hard again and you smiled softly at him, putting your hands on his shoulder.

He grabbed onto you with a rough grip and pulled you against his body as he glared at Louis still.

Louis had a smirk on his face as he backed away, winking at you. You coughed, covering a laugh. Niall didn’t say anything as he pulled you along out of the bar where it was quieter. His grip on you was gentle now but you could tell he was still tense.

“Aw babe, we were just playing.” You said when you saw how upset he really was.

“I don’t like it when you’re with them.” He said, voice rough, accent thick.

“We’re friends. They’re your friends and mine. We’d never hurt you on purpose. I’m all yours sweetie.” You said, wrapping your arms around his neck at those words.

He breathed hot air through his nose and he growled as his lips landed on yours with a fierce passion that hadn’t raised its head in a long while.

“Only mine.” He said.

All you could do was nod as he kissed you again, making you lose your breath.

~here you go babe! hope you like it! :)~