Larry Fics: M

Mr. Grinch by thoughtlessblogger  
Harry smirks at him before turning around and crouching so he can rummage through one of the boxes. Louis doesn’t leave immediately, choosing to watch Harry as Michael Buble fades into John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas”. Maybe Christmas is the time for miracles, he thinks as he walks out of the room.
- Words: 6,674. Chapters: 1/1 

Maid In The A.M. by Lainy122
“You’re not supposed to be here.” The lad frowned at him. “Sorry,” Harry said automatically. Which, wait. No, that wasn’t right. “Um, actually, I sort of live here?” Okay, that came out less firm than Harry would like, but it was still true.The guy rolled his eyes. “Obviously.” Harry had absolutely no idea what was happening.
- Words: 9,118. Chapters: 1/1

MARRYME by Idzzdi
Harry and Louis play Scrabble on their flight to Sweden and the game turns out to be a little more than Louis expected.
- Words: 3,439. Chapters: 1/1

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anonymous asked:

Have you got any Harry Osborn NSFW alphabet requests sent in?? Bc if not I'm thinking about sending some in if that's okay?? xx (I'm thirsty for that goblin daddy, what can I say😛)

i doooo!! i’ll try and post them soon