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a scene that really bothers me in HBP is when Ginny feeds Harry that pie thing and she is like “don’t you trust me?” and then just feeds it to him all nicely 

because I honestly believe that book!Ginny would have said “don’t you trust me?” and then she would proceed to shove the pie in his face and then say “your mistake!” and just like run away laughing her head off and Harry would just be sitting there with pie stuck to his face and a small grin thinking ‘wow this girl is perfect’

If you think Ron didn’t recite or reference Ginny’s first valentine to Harry in his best man speech at their wedding you’re wrong.

‘Who’s she with now, anyway?’ Ron asked Hermione, but it was Ginny who answered.

'Michael Corner,’ she said.

'Michael Corner– but–’ said Ron, craning around in his seat to stare at her. 'But you were going out with him!’

'Not anymore,’ said Ginny resolutely. 'He didn’t like Gryffindor beating Ravenclaw at Quidditch, and got really sulky, so I ditched him and he ran off to comfort Cho instead.’ She scratched her nose absently with the end of her quill, turned the Quibbler upside down and began marking her answers. Ron looked highly delighted.

'Well, I always thought he was a bit of an idiot,’ he said, prodding his queen forwards towards Harry’s quivering castle. 'Good for you. Just choose someone – better – next time.’

He cast Harry an oddly furtive look as he said it.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Do not ever try to tell me that Ronald Bilius Weasley was not a hardcore Harry x Ginny shipper.

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter in her quidditch uniform. Still not over the fact that they destroyed her in the movies- sorry Bonnie Wright, i’m sure you’re a very nice person, but your character had less personality than my sock drawer.


Harry wearing a replica of Ginny’s robes to every game he attends because why the hell not

Harry making sure to buy whatever merchandise of Ginny he sees and then proudly showing it to her and the Weasleys while she just blushes and laughs

Harry hanging posters of Ginny in his room just so that she can always see that he just admires her so much

Harry shouting and screaming louder than anyone at her games and embarrassing Ron and Hermione because “we get that she’s your girlfriend but you’re easier to hear than the commentator, mate”

Harry keeping all the articles that Ginny has written from her first day at the prophet till she retires

Harry simply being the biggest fanboy and telling everybody that he’s freaking married to the best woman ever


make me choose | anonymous said: romione or hinny?

“She met Harry’s gaze with the same hard, blazing look that he had seen when she had hugged him after winning the Quidditch Cup in his absence, and he knew that at that moment they understood each other perfectly, and that when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say "Be careful”, or “Don’t do it”, but accept his decision, because she would not have expected anything less of him.“

anonymous asked:

Head cannons about Harry and Ginny as parents?

  • pretty chill parents tbh
  • had like two rules which basically boiled down to don’t beat the shit out of each other, and don’t cause mischief unless you’re sure you can get away with it
  • family sleepovers in the living room were a thing
  • ate dinner around the table as often as they could muster, though there was so much laughter the food usually went cold
  • traded off being stay-at-home-parents for stints as required
  • the kids had picky eating phases, but there weren’t fights about it. harry & ginny were basically all “if you don’t want to eat this, that’s totally fine, but we aren’t making something else. you can make yourself a nutella sandwich.”
  • the decree for the reasonable restriction of underage sorcery was pinned to the wall and used as a dartboard. wands were regularly lent to children to teach them how to do spells from an early age.
  • teddy had his own chair, his own cup, his own spot on the squashy sofa, his own bed at the potter house.
  • the potter house. the potter house. harry and ginny. excuse me while i die of happy feels. 
  • oh god it was such a cozy little happy house, can you imagine? i don’t think they would’ve rehabbed the cottage at godric’s hollow or number four. they would’ve bought an old place that wasn’t a ghost for both of them, somewhere in the country where they could breathe the fresh open air, where mud on the front stoop was inevitable, somewhere they could fix up and create a fresh start.
  • good natured p r a n k s, both muggle and magical, were a regular part of the household.
  • taught their kids to solve disputes by the magical variation of rock, paper, scissors (cauldron, parchment, wand?)
  • family fun days weren’t a thing because p’much every day was a family fun day
  • going with mum or dad to work was the ultimate treat
  • everyone liked going with mum better tho
  • and going with uncle ron the best
  • questions were always encouraged but usually ended in, “well, let’s floo aunt hermione and she can tell us”
  • the fireplace was a revolving floo of family members, friends, etc. plates were always added last minute, or four.
  • storytelling was a family art and a way of life. words were. someone was always talking, laughing, joking, teasing, singing. it was a loud and joyful house.
  • they brought garden gnomes from the burrow into their house just so that the kids could enjoy the character building exercise of weedingthem.
  • had a knut jar for ‘future therapy bills’ that they contributed to every time they effed up.
  • one thing neither of them ever skimped on ever was broomsticks. the potter broom shed was always well supplied with the fastest, latest models.
  • it was also the one time their parents didn’t share their possessions with kids.
  • kids being as self-sufficient as possible was also a thing. i think they would’ve let their kids experiment, and try it themselves, and even fail, though not cruelly and not in catastrophic ways, and they were always there to help them figure out how to do it better next time.
  • there were animals everywhere.
  • the children were usually in various states of disarray from potions experiments gone wrong, or tussling about with a garden gnome, or swimming in the pond.
  • one time albus was caught coloring all over the wall in the hallway, and instead of freaking out, harry conjured a frame and spelled it to the wall. the wall was soon covered in crooked, knee high frames of various masterpieces.
  • even though they could afford anything, they didn’t spoil the children rotten in terms of material possessions. they bought regular presents, but if a child wanted something big, the child could do extra chores, earn an allowance, and to save up and contribute to things they wanted to buy.
  • every birthday was a Very Big Deal with homemade cakes, and whatever that person wanted for dinner and that person’s favorite ice cream and favorite outing the next day. it was more like birthday week.
  • they absolutely encouraged their children’s interests.
  • only time harry ever had to be firm with mrs weasley was after james sirius was born. she was giving ‘helpful suggestions’ to ginny on how to handle the baby and completely undermining her confidence. harry pulled her aside and said they were going to raise their kids the way they wanted and weren’t concerned if the baby slept in their room until he was four months and they would ask when they wanted her advice.
  • every once and awhile one or the other would say ‘RUDE NIGHT’ at supper and everyone put their feet and elbows on the table and burped and drank soup directly from the bowl and ate with their fingers and wiped their mouths with their sleeves and inappropriate jokes were the only ones allowed.
  • started a junior toddler quidditch league and it was the cutest shit you’ve ever, ever seen.
  • tried to schedule one-on-one dates with their kids at least once a month. it was difficult, especially in the height of quidditch season, but they made it a priority. ginny would take albus to the muggle cinema to see a double show. harry would take james to the underground and ride around on the trains for hours, letting him pick their route, because he thought it was the coolest thing ever. 
  • in general, they were in favor of giving their children experiences over material things. they’d spend a bag full of galleons for front row seats to a play, just so the kids could see it first hand.
  • had a mailbox for each child where they could leave notes and sweets (or the next step in the years’ long good-natured prank war).
  • ginny would send a howler to her kids’ rooms if they wouldn’t wake up in the mornings.
  • they would fuck up, overreact, lose their cool, contradict each other, etc. with their kids, as every parent does, but they would apologize later.
  • they were also sarcastic and deadpan af, but not cruelly so.
  • regular outings to muggle and magical places w/ their kids.
  • basically they were vry rad okay.