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Devious Maid

Latina!Reader x Ceo!Harry

[3 months working in the Styles household, you have serve him and his wife Meredith, who completely hates your guts and will absolutely do anything in her power to make your life miserable. But Harry? All he can think about is to fuck and have you]



The sound of that irritating voice makes your heart burn, knowing it belongs to one and only Meredith Styles, the wife of Harry Edward Styles. you sigh as you pick yourself up from the floor and rush upstairs towards the master bedroom, running as fast as you can because that evil witch already despises you, let alone you being late.

You find her standing in front of a full length mirror, her pale delicate hand is holding a gold hoop closely to her earlobe, her eyes are filled with anger as she scans the room trying to find another pair,

“I’ve told you before to put my earrings neatly in my jewelry box! Why is it so hard for you to understand?” Her eyes are fiery, hands on her hips and she always does that everytime you do something wrong, or you think so.

Nodding your head, you slowly walk over to the table that sits beside their King-sized bed and finds it easily behind the lamp. You reach over and grab it before handing it to her,

You can definitely tell that she’s embarrassed, but of course she keeps her head high and brutally snatch the earring from your hand and put it on her other ear,

“Thanks. You may go now” she nods her head to the door and without thinking twice you walk out and close the door behind you, letting out a huge breath,

Ay dios mio” you mutter then tie your hair up into a bun and return downstairs to continue your chores,

As you’re mopping the floor, you hear the sound of the front door shut and heavy footsteps. Meaning that your filthy rich and devilishly handsome of an employer has just come back from work, and you can’t help but release a breath of relief,

You see, Harry is not as much of an asshole like his wife is. He’s actually super nice, caring and a gentleman. He always makes sure you get enough rest, eat the right amount of food full protein, does most of the work when his wife is not around and you always feel grateful for that though numerous times you’ve told him no but he insists,

And he always calls you nicknames that makes your heart beat 100x times faster,

‘Are you done, love?’

‘Y/N? You’re supposed to get rest, put that down darling, let me help do it’

‘Lovie, you should take a drink or eat anything please’

‘Thank you, doll’

And you may have a tiny crush on him, considering the endearing nicknames and these cute little acts he does for you, how could you not fall for that?

But it’s absolutely impossible for you to be together with him, you’re just the maid. Besides, he’s rich beyond reason, married to a beautiful wealthy woman, and ridiculously sexy. Why on earth would he choose a low scum like you?

At least that’s what Meredith would say about you to her friends,

“Y/N? What on earth are you doing? Didn’t you just mop right before i left for work?” He asks, shrugging off his black Gucci coat before hanging it over the coat rack,

You look up to him and swipe off a bead of sweat on your forehead with the back of your hand, “oh, yeah i know Sir. But, Mrs. Styles wanted the floors to be as clean as possible. She’s having her friends over tonight,”

He sighs angrily, shaking his head as he mutters something along like, ‘that woman, i swear’

Waving his hand off, he slips out of his shoes smiling a little at your tired face. “Take a break, Y/N. Go ahead. Lay down fo’ a bit.”

“But she said-“

“Oi hush up” he chuckles, flipping his brown haired curls and you nearly fall on your knees because it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever witnessed, “don’t listen to her darling, just rest. I’ll take care of her.”

You awkwardly put the mop inside a bucket full of soaped water and give him a small smile as you nod,

“Okay, Mr. Styles thank you very much.”

He smiles again, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, taking a big gulp out of it. “It’s nothing. And Y/N how many times have i told you to call me Harry?”

Blushing, you nod your head once more and turn around to head back. “Okay, Harry.”

And just like that, the way his name rolls out of your tongue and the twinge of your Spanish accent that comes with it, his cock twitches.


You wake up three hours later in your bed, sitting up straight and look over to the digital clock beside you and your eyes nearly pops out of your sockets and swings your legs from your bed, standing up and straighten up the wrinkles on your skirt then walk out,

You are supposed to be working on the food and set down the utensils like hours ago, Meredith will definitely kill you,

Walking over to the cabinet, you grab all the things you need to make dinner as you scramble to turn on the stove. Tying your hair up into a bun, you begin to fill up the pot with water,

Hearing the door open, you start to work even faster thinking it’s Meredith about to blow up anytime soon. But you’re terribly mistaken,

“I’m very sorry, Mrs. Styles. I overslept, i know i shouldn’t be but i am doing what you asked for.”

“No need, Y/N. I got everything we need for tonight.”

You freeze and turn around, seeing Harry standing there with a white t-shirt and jeans holding at least 10 bags of what you can assume takeouts, smiling at you as he sets the bags on the kitchen counter,

“I ordered some food, so you don’t have to cook for tonight. Just prepare some of the wine that she loves.” He says, walking around the table with his hands shoves into his pockets,

Untying your apron, you smile warmly at him. “You gotta stop doing this, Mr. Styles otherwise-“


“Right. You gotta stop doing the chores for me Harry, you most certainly can get me fired. It’s my job and i need to get paid.” You answer, trying to keep your tone calm, you are more than grateful to have Harry help you out but sometimes he can get a little too overboard and forgets that you were hired to do all the chores in this house.

He leans his side against the fridge with his arms crossed and you can see clearly his muscles flex because of it, making it harder for you to keep an eye contact,

“You are not going to get fired. I was the one who hire you remember? Not her. Take a chill pill, love and hang out with your friends. Evelyn and Karina were looking for you.” He nod his head to the left, signaling for you to go out,

Shaking your head, you clean up the mess in the kitchen putting them back in their places. “No, i can’t do that. You’re crazy. There are still some leftovers laundry i have to do, and i have to organize her closet because if i don’t i would probably-“

Harry quickly grabs the side of your face, forcing you to look at him and you swear you can feel your heart drop,

“Love. Take. A. Break.” He whispers to you, “i mean it.”


“So you meant to tell me, that you two haven’t fucked yet?”

You shush Karina for using a vulgar language in public, looking around to see if anyone heard the three of you talking,

“Of course not! He’s married for Heaven’ sake. He was just doing it because he doesn’t want me to get tired, i mean if i get sick or anything who would do his wife’s laundry or cook their meal? Obviously he’s just concerned.” You respond, taking a sip of your strawberry and lychee smoothie from the straw,

“Hmm,” Evelyn hums, taking a bite of her french fry as if she’s not believing any word that comes right out of your mouth,

“What? It’s true! There is no way he’s interested in a girl like me.”

“Okay stop.” Karina suddenly interrupts, “you are a beautiful woman. You work harder than anyone else around here and you are one confident bitch, Y/N. Men are always intimidated by confident women.”

You adjust your dress and take a mouthful of the lasagna, “yeah well. I’m not going to jeopardize their marriage, because Harry is way too good for that. He’s a nice man and he loves his wife dearly.”

“Tell that to the judge, honey.” Evelyn mutters under her breath but you hear her and you gasp playfully,

“Evelyn” you giggle, throwing a fry towards her way,

She shrugs and lift up her glass of ice tea, “hey, i ain’t lying sweetheart. I know because me and Brandon started off the same way you did.”

You shake your head in disagreement but still manage to put a smile on your face after she said it. Brandon is also Evelyn’s employer. She has started the job sooner. the two of you become closer when she invited you to go out to lunch with her and that’s where she begins to tell you that she’s interested with her boss, and no matter how many times you tell her how wrong it is to lure him into one of her games she always say, ‘he’s not happy with his marriage, I’m just helping him’ with a hint of smirk upon her face.

But hey, as long as it keeps both of them happy who are you to stop them?


The dinner party has started at precisely 7 pm, and you have changed into more comfortable clothes. Meredith has invited 7 of her closest friends including their husbands and they are not any different from her. Rich and snobby. Ever since they step into the house, they cannot stop staring at you with evil eye and their lips purse as if they are mocking you.The way she and the rest of the guests of ‘honor’ are treating is completely out of the line and you almost pull out the largest knife in the kitchen and slit their throats. But oh dear that sounds a little bit too exaggerating,

With a groan, you carry four plates of spaghetti pestos that Harry had bought this afternoon, placing them each infront of them.

“Y/N have you seen Harry?” Meredith pipes, mixing her spaghetti, doesn’t even bother looking up to you,

“Uh, last time i saw him he was changing. He said he’ll be down in any-“

“Can you tell him to come down now please? Thank you, Y/N” Meredith cuts you off, giving you one of her best fake smile as her friends snicker,

You bite your tongue, trying to calm yourself so you don’t have to bite her back with a sarcastic remark,

Without saying another word you turn around and head upstairs to their room, knocking on the door three times and enter after hearing a faint ‘come in’ from the inside. You see him standing there back facing you with his black shirt tuck nicely into his dark jeans, not wearing any suit yet as his eyes focus on the two different colors of ties in both hands, his hair is styled as usual. Messy long haired curls that stops right above his broad shoulders,

Funny thing is that Meredith has reminded him to cut his hair in a short length because she hates it but he always refuses, and that small argument can lead into something bigger which causes you a headache sometimes. You have no idea what’s gotten into Meredith’s mind. In your opinion, his hair is the sexiest thing you have ever seen.

Harry must have realized it’s you as he swiftly turns around and give you a small smirk,

“Y/N” he release a sigh of relief as if he’s glad to see you, “can you help me out?”

Closing the door behind you, you slowly walk over to him with your hands clasps behind,

“I don’t bite, love” he teases playfully, gesturing both of his ties towards your direction, “which one?”

You observe both ties with different colors and patterns, glancing every now and then to both materials and the collar of his shirt. Shaking your head, you smile at him. “Neither. You’ll look good without them. The tie would just ruin the whole look.”

He raises his eyebrows and nods his head, placing their ties on top of the white dresser, “So you do have a taste in fashion, huh Y/N?” He asks, smiling, “can you pick my suit up from the bed please?” He points out,

Nodding your head, you look behind and spot the black suit placed neatly on top of the burgundy duvet. As you pick it up, you almost let out a loud gasp because of how soft and smooth the material is under your fingers,

Harry looks at you and chuckles, shaking his head, He thinks you’re the single most adorable person he has ever encountered, seeing your eyes wide and your jaw practically almost falls to the floor, he feels his heart’s beating,

“That’s Gucci suit.” He states proudly and almost sound—cocky, “worth $2,245 dollars. Probably one of my best yet.”

You scoff as you hand it to him, watching him putting it on with his eyes never leave yours,“I can tell. Rich people always get what they want. Me? I’m lucky enough if Macy’s had a black friday sale.” Shaking your head and sigh, looking at his whole attire that looks so good on him,

He laughs, flipping his slightly greasy hair and rubs his nose after. “I can give you a customed Gucci if you want”

And right there you almost wanted to laugh because you thought he’s joking but when you realize he isn’t, you knit your eyebrows together and say, “Harry. That’s too much, I’m just the maid. The customed uniform you made is enough for me.” You laugh, shoving your hands in the back of your jean pockets,

But he doesn’t laugh, instead his eyes look so concerned when he hears you say it. “Y/N, you’re not just a maid. You’re the most incredible, amazing, hard-working and gorgeous woman I’ve ever met. And to think that you dropped out of Medical school 3 years ago to support your family is the biggest sacrifice I’ve ever seen someone had done.”

You have no idea where all that is coming from but you’re blushing hard, causing you to look down and hide your face so he can’t see you flustered, “You’re so sweet, Harry. Really. You’re a great man.”

He lifts your chin up, and your dark brown eyes meets his beautiful emerald green ones. You almost melt under his soft touch,

“I meant every word, Y/N. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Don’t listen to any word Meredith has ever said to you.” He reassures, his thumb slowly working it’s way to your cheek, caressing it lightly,

You want to tell him how wrong it is to be in this kind of position, but you can’t bring yourself up to tell him that you can’t, because you want to. You want him to hold you like that. No matter how sick that sounds,

He sighs, biting his pink lip. “And you’re so good, Y/N. Helping me out and everything, giving me advice, comforting me when no one’s around. Meredith wouldn’t want to do such thing.”

Your heart breaks hearing it because honestly he is the most perfect human being, a perfect gentleman that you would probably take home to mother’s. Meredith is a fucking devil

“Well, Harry. I think you deserve the best. You are such a good person” you smile, without even realizing your fingers are running up and his chest, chest, you wanted to stop but his eyes tells you no. The two of you stand there in a perfect silence, not long after he breaks it,

“You know what I’ve been thinking Y/N?” He asks, his voice lowers than the usual and it makes your thighs clench, His hands lower down to the side of your body, his magical touch makes your skin shivers, eyeing your beautiful natural tan skin,

When you are lost in your trance to say anything he continues, “I’ve been thinking about your tempting lips,” he whispers, your lips are inches away from his, “your perfect full and round breasts.” Both of his thumbs then circles your nipples, making you gasp. He smirks at your reaction and moves his large palms lower to your back, “and your perky, sexy ass.” He says as he squeezes your flesh,

“Like fuck baby. Your body could put any porn stars to shame” he chuckles, leaning his forehead against yours and you giggle,

“I feel like, uh- you know uhm, how do you say it in Spanish?” He asks, keeping his grip firm on your ass,

Papi chulo?” You suggest, your accent is showing as he groans and you feel like he’s doing it on purpose,

“That’s it.” He whispers, looking down on your lips as his teeth tugging his own, “i need to taste you baby.”

“Mr. Styles” you warn, but before you know it his lips crashes yours making you stumbld a bit and of course you’re taken aback, millions of thoughts are running through your mind and one of them is telling you to ‘push him away, he’s married!’ And yet you can’t, because after you push those thoughts away from your mind,

You kiss him back with much passion and lust.

Remember that time Dan Wootton F**cked Up?

Like… way worse than all the other times he f**cked up.

This article from The Sun was published on October 31, 2015, the day of the last 1D concert.  Also, the day of the “Larry hug.”  The article is called I watched as rivalry, hatred and drugs tore 1D apart: Dan Wootton on downfall of the world’s biggest boyband.

  • He claimed H + L hated each other and avoided each other at all costs after they had written Perfect together.
  • He claimed they chose to fly separately after Lairport happened, where they flew alone together and looked pretty happy about it upon getting off their flight.
  • He claimed they wouldn’t see each other outside of work functions after Jay’s wedding where Harry was introduced to family and friends as an honored guest.
  • He claimed they couldn’t stand each other .1 second before MITAM promo started, where they practically sat on each other’s laps in every interview.
  • He claimed they were not gay after Harry, who has never said he is straight, stated “female” was not that important of a trait in a significant other, as well as told Niall “don’t knock it til you try it” regarding sleeping with a man (right in front of Dan - it was his damn interview!).
  • Bonus fun fact: He claimed their choice to no longer live together was abrupt, when they had a falling out.  Well, the first article stating they would no longer be living together came the. day. after. Wellington.  Can you believe? 

This specific article also:

  • Made sure to discuss Taylor Swift again, three whole years after Haylor happened, in case you could ever forget Harry “dated a girl” and therefore “couldn’t have been with Louis.”
  • Dropped the Azoff name and pretty much hinted at solo Harry.
  • And later on, talked massive shit about Louis, but I didn’t even want to put that part in here. 

Nice try, Dan.  This is why none of us believe a single useless article you write anymore and consider The Sun to be utter trash.  Dan basically proved Larry is real with this incredibly easy to disprove drivel.

Dan, is also the one that tried to get solo Harry to admit/label his sexuality AND forced Louis to do the oBvIoUsLy denial.  Dan is a dickhead.  But I have always wondered one thing… does Dan really not know Larry is real?  Is Dan really that stupid?  Does he just write whatever he is told to write and not question why the hell he’s being told to write it?  Dan is an out gay man.  Is he really that big of trash that he would help closet two of his own?  Cause, no joke, he tweeted this once:

I feel like there is a specific hell realm reserved for people like Dan Wootton.

Out of line

  • Concept: y/n and Harry are so busy but y/n is busier and harry gets angry for not getting any attention from her.
  • Smut: no

Soft: yes.

“Alright, Im on my way back from work, will be at home in about 20 minutes” you said to your phone as you hurried to your car after such a long day from work, it was already about 7:00pm and started to get dark.

You were exhausted, but you finally had an opportunity to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while, so of course you’ll take it, catching up and having a nice night out would help your mind rest a little.

“I’ll see you there” you said as you drove off straight home.

Harry was watching the tv when you arrived, you hurried to place a kiss on his lips as you always do and then hurried upstairs to get a quick shower and dressed.

“Going somewhere?” Harry peeks from the doorway, shirtless, wearing only pajamas pants, looking cute as hell. Yet you were just too busy to focus on that.

“Yeah yeah, Emily just finally has some time off so we’re going to the cafe to catch up” you said as you roughly looked into your closet for a decent outfit, it’s been awhile since you had a proper shopping.

“Oh?” He replied “I was hoping we’ll have a nice night in, watch some rom-coms as you love” he began getting behind you, putting his arms around your waists and leaving a soft kiss on your neck.

“Not tonight love” you quickly got away “I’m already late” you said as you ran straight to the shower, leaving Harry just a tiny bit upset.

“Y/n, we’re out of employees today. I’m gonna have to ask you to stay till late,” your boss informs you once you get in the office, your face fell.

“There are tons of paper that need to be taken care of, and you’re the only good employee in here that I can really trust, I’m sorry but I have to” he said and went back to his office while you sighed and began to work.

It was almost 10:00pm when you opened the front door of your house, you were so tired you couldn’t even think straight. You went upstairs to find Harry laying in bed reading, once you got in the room his face lighted up.

Last night you got back home so late to find him sleeping on the sofa, assuming he got there while waiting for you, so you quietly woke him up and laid him down safetly in bed.

“Hey Love, What took you so long?” He asks while flashing you one of his well known smiles, but you didn’t even notice, all you could think about was taking a well deserved shower and head to bed.

“Had to stay till the closing. Too many employees took their days off” you mumbled while making your way to the shower, when you got back to bed, you drifted into sleep the second your head hits the pillow, so you don’t even know if Harry tried to reach out.

“Fucking hell” you cursed to yourself while almost finishing cooking dinner. “What’s the matter?” You heard Harry asking as he walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, looking at you. “I totally forgot Hanna’s fucking birthday!” You replied.

“When is it?” He asked, “today!! In like,” you looked at the clock, a bit scared of what it’ll say “in two hours, she invited all the girls to the restaurant, I’d feel so bad if I don’t go” you said in frustration. Since all of your friends had a busy schedule with their college and work, you barely had time to see each other, so if one friend is celebrating her birthday at the restaurant, you’re obviously going to be there, and also you promised her you’ll be there.

“Well then,” Harry says without looking at you “you can go. I’ll take it from here” he said as he took the pan from you and kept mixing what was in it while you ran to your shared bedroom to get ready as fast as you can.

You reached home by 1:00am, to your surprise, Harry was wide awake, waiting for you in bed as he seems to do a lot lately. You quickly got changed into your pyjamas and went into bed, cuddling him as you always do when you sleep, burring your head into his neck, breathing him in. Realizing how much you’ve missed him.

“Babe?” He calls out, “mhmm?” You hummed back, tiredness getting over you. “Can we talk?” He quietly asks. “Sure” You replied.

“Well, lately you seem to be a bit… kind of distant” he says, now starting to run his hand along your hair and god knew how badly you loved it.

“Mmm distant? Why’d you say that?” You asked as you closed your eyes, addicting once again for the feeling of his fingers running down your hair slowly, it made you calm.

“Don’t know, you always get back home late, you go out a lot more. And you know, I get it, I also have a busy schedule and I spent lots of time at the studio and still, it just feels like we don’t see each other at all and I missed you, I’m not used to not have you around the house you know? Y/n?” He spilled everything out without even noticing you fell asleep on his first word.

It’s almost the weekend, you kept reminding yourself as you went out of the car and headed to the front door of your house, once again your boss asked you to stay till late, and now it was once again 10:00pm, this past week and the one before that just got the best of you. Your legs were hurting, your headache was out of this world, and all you wanted to do is cuddle with your boyfriend in bed and sleep until god knows when. But as you step in the house, after you took of your heels, you noticed Harry sitting on the sofa with his eyes glued to the tv, you figured it was because he was watching that series he liked, so you went in as usual and planned on giving him a quick kiss hello, but he didn’t bother to turn his face towards you so you had to kiss his cheek. Which made you feel like somethings not right.

“What are you watching?” You said as you sat right beside him, finally relaxing after that long day.

“Just a series” he replis coldly, still not turning his head to look at you. “Oh” was all you had to say back.

“Are You okay?” You asked after few minutes of silence. “Yeah Yeah Im fine” he says.

“So how was your day?” You asked, and that was what made him finally looking at you, dead in the eyes. “What?” You innocently asked.

“Seriously? Now you speak to me?” He snaps. “Two weeks y/n, two weeks of you getting in at almost midnight, tired as fuck, forgetting you have a fucking boyfriend!” He starts yelling, “canceling plans with me just to hang out with your friends, calling me off each and every single time!”

“Woah, what? W-why didn’t you tell me that before? Why are you freaking out about this now?”

“Because I tried! For fucks sake y/n, I fucking tried! You fell asleep!”

And then it hit you that few days ago, you did fell asleep while he tried talking to you. You closed your eyes at the memory, suddenly feeling guilty.

“I just- fuck,” he got frustrated, his voice lowers down as he sat back down beside you “I just thought you’re not interested in me anymore, in this” he moves his hand between the two of you, “and trying to get out of the house was just your way of calling it off slowly” he looked down at his feet, and you looked at him.

“W-why would I want to ever call us off?” He shrugged. “Baby,” you said as you took his face in your hands.

“I’d never, ever, treat you like this on purpose.” You made him look at you as you said it to his eyes, so he’ll get it better.

“Work was a bitch, and suddenly my friends remembered I exist so I just tried to make everything work but I failed, I’m so sorry” you said and he looked down again, then back at you.

“I’m sorry I let you down, I’m sorry I couldn’t make some time for you, but I love you. And I’d never try to be a bitch just to call us off.”

“You weren’t a bitch…” he mumbled but you shut him up with a small kiss, Still holding his face.

“I love you, okay? Next time just wake me up or something you know…” you said as you saw his smile peeking and you knew you’re good.

You spent the rest of the night watching your favorite rom com in your shared king bed, well as for you, you watched only half of it, but at least you fell asleep in your beloved arms.

anonymous asked:

Do you know whether the pic of harry snuggling into louis at the Grammys during same love real or not? I love your blogs honesty <3

It was at the 2013 VMAs. I think it is.  It was taken as a screenshot from what I think was a backstage camera they had going, and the footage is nowhere to be found these days, so that near-Wellington-qualty picture is all we’ve got. I originally found it as part of a Buzzfeed article that was filled with other real moments.

And not related to this ask, but can we talk about how every time 1D won something, Louis’ and Harry’s first reaction was to look at each other!?