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Me: is bored

One minute later: still bored

Two minutes later: still bored

One hour later: still bored

Three days later: still bored

One year later: still bored

One hundred years later: probably dead but still bored


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Till the End of Time: A little PDA goes a long way

Fluff - Dating -  Second Person - Words 1k

Now his friends were starting to give you looks. You and Harry had been together forever to them, but they weren’t used to seeing you so close together when they were around. They had walked in on and caught many private, more intimate moments between the two of you but watching you together now seemed like such new, unknown territory. It almost felt a little like they were intruding.


You leant against Harry’s kitchen island as his band and some of his friends sat around it. You had all just gotten back from Harry’s second show in London and Nick was very drunkenly telling the story of how he got pulled out of the mosh pit.

You couldn’t seem to get into his story though. Whenever Nick glanced your way all you could do was offer him a soft smile. You weren’t feeling well and you sought of wanted to just go upstairs and crash into Harry’s bed but you wanted to hang out with everyone.

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Today was a good day.

I finally sold the spare ticket I had for Harry’s concert and I totally feel like I can finally breathe again.

Now I can get that stress out of the way and just focus on what I’m gonna wear, what I’m gonna be packing, what kind of makeup I’m gonna do for the two shows and of course pray that everything and everyone is gonna be alright! 💕

Not too long now and I’m so so so excited!

My Writing

A/N: These are all my own, original writings. Please do not steal them, but rather, enjoy them instead.

Any writing that contains smut will be labeled so, and I also like to keep this list organized, so they are categorized in the order they were written/requested.


- Cuddly Harry

  • The one in which you and Harry skip out on breakfast to enjoy some morning cuddles.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 4, 2017.

- Harry Goes To Your Show

  • The one in which you perform in plays and Harry comes to see your show.
  • 300+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 4, 2017.

- Harry Had A Bay Day

  • The one in which Harry had a bad day and he comes home to you.
  • 300+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 4, 2017.

- Not Enough

  • The one in which you get upset with Harry because his communication while on tour has been lacking.
  • 400+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 4, 2017.

- Newly Weds

  • The one in which you and Harry are newly weds and you accompany him on the Jonathan Ross show.
  • 300+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 4, 2017.

- Work Induced Anxiety

  • The one in which Harry is your boss, and you make a mistake, causing your anxiety to rise.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 4, 2017.

- Fell in Love in London

  • The one in which Harry meets you in London, but you’re from another country.
  • 600+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 5, 2017.

- Time to Buy a Cat

  • The one in which you and Harry buy a cat.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 6, 2017.

- Flower Shop

  • The one in which Harry meets a beautiful girl who works at a flower shop.
  • 400+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 15, 2017.

- Can’t Do It Anymore

  • The one in which you and Harry break up after two years of dating.
  • 700+ words; Angst
  • Written September 20, 2017.

- Drunk Kisses

  • The one in which you make out with your drunk best friend, Harry.
  • 600+ words; Smut(ish)
  • Written September 22, 2017.

- Caught

  • The one in which Lou catches you and Harry sharing a kiss.
  • 500+ words; Fluff/Smut(ish)
  • Written September 24, 2017.

- Airports

  • The one in which Harry gets protective in an airport.
  • 300+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 24, 2017.

- Welcome Home

  • The one in which your newborn baby meets Harry’s family.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 25, 2017.

- Road Trip

  • The one in which a random road trip turns naughty.
  • 1,600+ words; Smut
  • Written September 25, 2017.

- Too Much Dancing

  • The one in which you spend too much time dancing, and not enough paying attention to Harry.
  • 700+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 29, 2017.

- Spotted

  • The one in which fans notice you traveling with Harry on tour.
  • 900+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 29, 2017.

- Chemistry

  • The one in which Harry falls for you on set.
  • 800+ words; Fluff/Smut(ish)
  • Written September 30, 2017.

- Frustration

  • The one in which your frustration leads to tears and Harry catches you.
  • 400+ words; Fluff
  • Written September 30, 2017.

- Thief

  • The one in which you stole a hoodie from Harry without him knowing.
  • 800+ words; Fluff
  • Written October 1, 2017.

- Petite

  • The one in which you’re petite, but Harry definitely doesn’t mind.
  • 1,100+ words; Smut
  • Written October 2, 2017.

- Sorry

  • The one in which Harry accuses you of cheating, but quickly regrets it.
  • 700+ words; Fluff/Anger
  • Written October 13, 2017.

- Upbringings

  • The one in which you come from a posh family.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written October 15, 2017.

- Blank

  • The one in which Harry has a panic attack over his mind being blank.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written October 22, 2017.

- Malibu

  • The one in which you vacation with Harry’s family and confessions are made.
  • 900+ words; Fluff
  • Written October 26, 2017.

- Sticky

  • The one in which you catch Harry jerking off.
  • 1,500 words; Smut
  • Written November 4, 2017.

- Proud

  • The one in which Harry can’t stop smiling.
  • 300+ words; Fluff
  • Written November 23, 2017.

- Rules

  • The one in which Harry has rules.
  • 200+ words; Fluff
  • Written November 24, 2017.

- Waiting

  • The one in which you are waiting until marriage.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written on November 25, 2017.

- High School

  • The one in which you and Harry meet in high school.
  • 200+ words; Fluff
  • Written November 26, 2017.

- Thighs

  • The one in which you ride Harry’s thigh, and things get rough.
  • 600+ words; Smut
  • Written on December 2, 2017.

- Assault

  • The one in which Harry discovers a secret about you.
  • 500+ words; Sensitive material
  • Written on January 22, 2018.

- College

  • The one in which you’re in college and Harry is your boyfriend.
  • 500+ words; Fluff
  • Written January 27, 2018.

- T-Ball

  • The one in which Harry’s nervous about being a couch for your son’s t-ball team.
  • 400+ words; Fluff
  • Written April 11, 2018.

- Attending a Show

  • The one in which you attend one of Harry’s shows.
  • 1,000+ words; Fluff
  • Written April 16, 2018.

- Carried Away

  • The one in which you got carried away and fan’s notice.
  • 600+ words; Fluff/Smut(ish)
  • Written April 17, 2018.


- “Why are there so many heart doodles with my name in your notebook?”

- “But you do realize that my birthday was last week, right?”

- “Put it in your pants right now before they see!”

- “Hi, you don’t know me, but could you pretend to be my spouse real quick?”

- “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.” & “I don’t want you to stop.”

- “You can’t just sit there all day.” & “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” & “They’re not your kids, back the f*uck off.”


- What Harry would do when dating/in a relationship

Aftermath Harry Styles - Chapter Seven

Harry was confused and angry. He held onto the steering wheel and sat at the red light, the take out sitting in the passenger seat with the seat warmer on, so when it got back to you, it wouldn’t be cold.

His fingers tapped anxiously on the hard plastic, his foot pressing on the gas slowly as the light switched to the bright green. He had seen the man who had hurt you, standing with nothing but a piece of glass between the two of them. He stood 10 feet away, and all Harry wanted to do was jump through the glass and hurt that scum like he had hurt you.

The young man had to snap out of it when his car started to veer into the other lane and the loud blast of a car horn pulled him from his thoughts. He quickly swerved back and cleared his throat, giving his head a little shake to keep him locked into reality until he wasn’t on the road. His eyes stared straight ahead, and the angry thoughts kept peering into his mind. It was awful.

There was no way Harry would bring this up with you. He knew too well that your mind was already a cluster fuck of worry, guilt and fear. His job right now, was to make sure you always felt secure, and safe, and comfortable, and happy. The fact that he was out of the house and leaving you alone for a period of time, albeit short, still made him uncomfortable.

“The man is in jail Harry…” he murmured to himself.

The two of you had gone to the bail hearing, and the person who had done this had been remanded until the court date. There was no way he could get out. No way. But Harry still worried, and would continue to worry until there was a sentence.

anonymous asked:

Hi ! I was just wondering if you could make a headcanon about how harry would act and how he would treat a girl when they just started dating and when they first became boyfriend/girlfriend ☺️

With the help of my lovely friends (@sassygis @harrys-avocado), we have compiled a list of things we believe Harry would do while dating someone, and also what he would do once they become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Here is the list :)

  1. Harry would always need some form of contact - whether it be kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. Even in public he would walk just close enough to where your arms would be brushing each other.
  2. Harry is definitely the protective type - therefore, he’d always shield you from the eye of the public, and if anyone got a bit too flirty or handsy, he’d put them in their place (kindly of course…unless things escalated).
  3. Harry would hate leaving you - I don’t think so much in the dating stage, because nothing is for certain, and there’s no label…but once you’re his, he would definitely pout and whine about having to leave you for a while, possibly even asking if you wanted to come with, at least for a weekend.
  4. Harry would be busy, a lot - but just because he’d be busy doesn’t mean he wouldn’t find five minutes to sneak in a whole call or a facetime, the whole conversation he would just talk about how much he missed you.
  5. Harry would leave notes everywhere - he seems keen on writing his thoughts and feelings down, and this way, if you were still asleep but he had things to tell you, he’d just write everything down, leaving it on the bedside table, or a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, some place he knows you’d see it.
  6. Harry would be in different timezones, a lot - but that doesn’t mean he still wouldn’t text you goodmorning and goodnight…maybe he wouldn’t do it right as he woke up, maybe he’d wait until it was morning where you were, or if he was behind, he’d tell you when it was morning his time. Nevertheless, you’d at least get those two texts every day.
  7. Harry is a flowers kind of guy - we all know it. Whether he was home or away, he’d occasionally send flowers to your work, chuckling at your gush of excitement when you’d call him later on that night.
  8. Harry is a full on romantic novel wrapped up into one man - therefore, of course you’d have romantic dinners - dinners in the moonlight, dinners by candlelight, always somewhere dimly lit, but he would make sure there was just enough glow to show off your pretty face.
  9. Harry seems adventurous - on a good day, on a day he’s home, he’d get you out of bed, telling you that you were going to a secret place. Turns out he’d been planning this for a while, just needed a sunny day to have a picnic.
  10. Harry is always up for showing you new things - It’d be one of those moments where you’re on tour with him, but he has a few days off, and there just so happens to be a carnival taking place, and he’d practically have to beg you to go. His inner child would definitely show.
  11. Harry is also one to relax - there’d be many nights where neither of you felt like doing anything, wanting nothing more than each other’s presence. A movie would be on, but it was more to fill the silence than anything. You’d cuddle until you both fall asleep, and Harry would later wake to find the TV on a blank screen, so he’d grab the remote and turn the TV off before pulling you tighter against his body.
  12. Harry is a dork - let’s face it - he would never stop making puns and jokes around you - especially if you two had inside jokes, he’d constantly be sending you cryptic text messages saying “remember that one time, love?” and taking pictures of anything he found funny. Possibly not sending it to you immediately, but creating an album on his phone to show you whenever you were feeling a bit down.
  13. Harry is also stereotypical - not stereotypical in a bad sense - just a bit cheesy with all the romance stuff. And while it’d be a bit much sometimes, you’d always find it endearing.
  14. Harry is polite - as said before, he’s very stereotypical, so the usual holding doors open, and saying “ladies first” would be common in your relationship. You’d also hear “Cold? Take my jacket.” far more than necessary, considering some nights it wasn’t even that cold, but that was Harry’s way of showing he cared, and you couldn’t love him more for it.
  15. Harry would never slack in effort - even have years of dating, he’d always be 110%, because well - that’s just Harry - he’s a people pleaser, and he wants nothing but the best for you, and if he can give you that, he’s going to.

Feel free to add to this list, or request me to expand on any of these topics :)

“Since you admitted it / I keep picturing / her lips on your neck / I can’t unsee it”

“You said no one else”

if jake had cheated on her we would have heard about it in the songs that made it onto red. we already know that most of red, especially the most heartbroken songs on that album, are largely about jake so if he had cheated on her she would have expressed that in those songs. she never implied in the whole album that jake cheated on her but we already KNOW that harry cheated on taylor in spring 2012. in her 2013 vanity fair cover story, taylor authorized someone close to her to speak to the magazine, and that person was quoted saying:

“Soon after that, when Styles was on tour in Australia with One Direction, he allegedly texted Swift to alert her to a picture of himself on the Internet “kissing a friend good-bye,” but said, “It’s no big deal.” When Swift searched online for the picture, however, she found that they were “making out like with their hands all up in each other’s hair.” (x)

which is also what i knew you were trouble is about. babe is about harry, not jake.