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it just occurred to me that i don’t have a mobile-friendly masterlist for my blurbs! so here’s one for the quickies :-)

i typically prefer doing requested drabbles, and list is small now, but if you have something in mind totally drop it by my inbox and you might just see it here soon! the drabbles are arranged from oldest to latest. enjoy!

here’s my imagines masterlist instead, if you’re looking for it :-)

y/n and harry are having a baby

the moment y/n and harry realise they’re soulmates

art major!harry and literature major!y/n (try to) study together

y/n experiences college for the first time with harry by her side

harry, an affectionate drunk, comes home pissed drunk and reveals that he loves y/n OR drunk harry really wants to make out with y/n

y/n can’t sleep at night because of their break-up pact

harry comforts y/n, who is having an anxiety attack because of school

college student!y/n meets college student!harry before her first lecture

y/n falls sick despite harry’s warnings and he has to take care of her OR harry falls sick and y/n takes care of him

y/n is feeling a little sick and a little sad, and harry comforts her

quick update: I started uni this week and though I come home exhausted every evening, it’s going well and it’s quite cool. 

however, because I’m kept this busy at the moment, I haven’t had time to work on the part2 of salted wounds, but before you worry, I’m already half finished. I just need to edit and find an ending.

I’m hoping to work on it on friday afternoon and the weekend, I hope you don’t mind being patient some more. x

Baby Honey [nsfw]

Originally posted by 2tiedships2

the one where Harry comes back from tour and wants to give you a baby.

a note from han: hi bugs!!! first of all, thank you for choosing to follow me on my new writing blog :) it’s so great to see you all here!!! second of all, i’m sorry for the pain this is about to cause you. enjoy ;) xx

words: 3.7k

warnings: none :) 

let me know what you thought! happy reading xx


The sheets next to you were still warm when you rolled over. He was home.

The sun had just started its journey up from the horizon and began to paint the walls a hazy orange, enveloping the cream walls in its sleepy embrace. The sun, much like you, had yet to fully wake up for the day, and you were absolutely content to lay here for hours—

A glaring alarm sounded to the right of your bed, quickly followed by a groan from Harry. He smacked at the bedside table, trying to reach for his phone to silence the rings but wasn’t successful until about the fourth try.

A few more sounds of shuffling and a huffed “Shit!” (he’d stubbed his toe on the new table you’d gotten for the room while he’d been off finishing up his tour), and Harry was up.

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Harry Styles Masterlist

* = smut

Harry chat/concepts

Full Fics

Beneath the Tide (ON HIATUS)

In which Everley’s only company on a deserted island is a modern day pirate by the name of Harry.

Brutality* (IN PROGRESS)

In which Melody is reacquainted with an old classmate named Harry, and must keep afloat in the violent, criminal lifestyle of an underground boxer.

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An Unofficial Recommendation Masterlist of Harry Styles Smut by @pretty-hazza

aka the only things getting me through the hrought 

@harryforvogue | Masterlist

Needy Baby | In which where Harry’s back from tour and his girl really just needs to feel him.

This Relationship of Ours I + II | In which Harry’s an ex-dominant and everyone’s really miserable.

Or anything under this tag

@honeyharrybaby | Masterlist

You Taste Like Art | It could never get old , the way his face fits perfectly in the dip of wetness between her legs, and her moans, don’t get him started on her fucking innocent little moans for him.

Oh, Baby Honey I + II | Her swollen bud is like honey to his tastebuds, and he can’t stop sucking on his very own never ending honeysuckle.

@beautiful—-disasters | Masterlist

Dangerous Games I + II | Y/N and Harry play a simple game of pool together, with a dangerous twist.

Distractions | Harry finds an interesting way to distract you.

Saint | In which y/n misbehaves and has to deal with the consequences.

@smokeinherperfume | Masterlist

Breakpoint | In which you say something you never thought you’d need to.

Fashion | In which you get something new, and Harry takes notice.

Fixation | In which you’re feeling a little mouthy and Harry knows just what to do.

@haaarry | Masterlist

Harry and Niall Invite Y/N Over for a Threesome

Harry is Mean to Y/N and she Doesn’t Really Understand why

Harry Teaches Y/N About Self Love

@harryandmesohappily | Masterlist

Take em Off | In which Harry wants his favorite shirt back. When he makes Y/N take it off, things sorta escalate from there.

Peanut Butter & Apples & Daddy Kink | In which Harry likes to jokingly call himself “daddy” and it gets a little too real one night with Y/N.

@carolina-writings | Masterlist

Good Vibrations 

The toy

@harrysbaebyhoney | Masterlist

In Which Y/N is Needy Before Harry’s Concert

@haroldloverboy | Masterlist

In Which Harry has Really Nice Thighs and Y/N is Needy

In Which Harry Doesn’t Like Bratty Girls and Y/N can be Quite the Beggar

In Which Y/N has a Sugar High and Harry Hates not Being in Control

@smugzayn | Masterlist

I’ll Be Good for you, Daddy I II + III

Harry’s Feeling Playful and You’re his Favorite toy

@stylesbabygirls | Masterlist

Literally everything on her masterlist is pure smut it’s amazing

@trulymadlysydney | Masterlist

Giving in | In which Harry and Y/N are too impatient to wait until Valentines Day…

Soaking wet | In which you’ve had a horrible day, and Harry just wants to make you feel better.

Praise Kink I + II | In which Harry is incredibly nervous and y/n knows just how to calm him down.

@hazzlot | Masterlist

Bratty | A small piece where Y/N can’t get Harry’s attention, so she pouts and decides exactly how to grab his attention.

Mouthy I + II | A little piece where Harry isn’t going to take Y/N’s bratty attitude.

Childish | A piece where Y/N gets a tad jealous, and Harry has to show her she’s the only one he wants.

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy | Masterlist

No Control | Harry likes to play by his rules, and when you decide to break them, punishment is definitely on his To-Do list. If there is one thing you find out is that when it comes to sex with Harry, you have no control.

Pre Show Snack | Doctors recommend eating five times a day– three meals and two snacks inbetween. Harry gets a bit hungry before a show, and you look really appetizing at the moment.

Sorry | He’s tired, but not as tired as you think.

@jawllines | Masterlist

Harry is a Porn Star and Y/N is new

Harry is Y/N’s Dominant

Y/N is Stressed and Sick and Harry is her Nurse

Harry Thinks Y/N is Just Adorable I II III IV V

oof that took like a whole hour to make

oh and of course i also have smut but none of it is as good as the people listed above so check them out first!!

ps feel free to give me more to add to the list

pps i’m sorry if i didn’t include you / forgot about you! i mostly tried to include imagines rather than blurbs but who knows what actually ended up on here by the time i’ve published it

7 Missed Calls

you get into a car accident when harry’s in the middle of a concert.

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

You had just gotten off the phone with Harry thirty minutes ago. You had called him in a panic, explaining how you had less than ten minutes to get from one side of the city to the other for an extremely important job interview. 

Harry had reassured you in that deep, soothing voice of his that you were going to be fine. That everything was going to be fine. And you believed him. Hell, nobody–not even a psychic–could’ve predicted the events that would transpire.

Your boyfriend of 2 years was currently in Manchester for four nights. You two had last seen each other in person about a few weeks back when you surprised him in London. 

“I missed you so much,” Harry had murmured against your lips, “and I still miss you now, because after a few days you’re just going to turn around and leave me again.”

“I’m never going to leave you. I promise.”

It was in the middle of Woman when it happened. That is–Harry’s phone ringing backstage. It was on silent, and it was locked up in his dressing room.

Thus, the first call went unanswered.

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Another Man’s Treasure

A/N: This is a completed five-part mini-series because @alrightpetal and I have this thing about making Harry super vulnerable and flawed. So here you go.

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

…I’m gonna show you tonight! I’m alright! I’m just fine! And you’re a tool so, so what?

You belted your heart out up on stage, pumping your fist in the air to empower your words even further. It was a good thing you knew all the words, too, because your mates had bought you so many drinks your vision was crossed and blurred you couldn’t have read the lyrics to an unfamiliar song. Then you would have just been a blubbering fool butchering a karaoke performance. And that would have been embarrassing.

Singing yourself blue in the face—and drinking yourself into oblivion—served as the perfect outlet for your aching heart. Hours earlier, you’d been dumped. Or more accurately, replaced.

It’d been a week since you’d heard from your long-term boyfriend, and while you knew he was on holiday with his mates—a holiday you hadn’t been invited on—it was still odd that you hadn’t heard from him at all. Not even a text to let you know that he’d made it to Amsterdam. You didn’t expect too much communication; you trusted him to treat you right, but, silly you, you thought your boyfriend might actually miss you and want to say hi.

Last night after seven and a half days of nothing, you completely lost it and called him forty-seven times in a row. And not a single one was answered. So you rang your closest friends and they came over, laptops and tablets in hand, and intense cyber-stalking commenced.

It only took thirty-four minutes for your good mate Lindsey to unearth a damning post on Insta that your boyfriend was tagged in by a girl you kind of knew. The picture itself wasn’t awful; honestly you couldn’t make out much besides silhouettes and drinks. Even the caption wasn’t much; all it said was, “this guy” with a random slew of emojis. But the funny thing was, when you tried to search for it yourself, nothing came up. Meaning you were blocked. You weren’t meant to see this picture.

Twenty-two minutes of super-sleuthing was enough time for your oldest friend Ashley to find every social media account the girl had, and then eventually uncover her phone number.

In thirteen minutes you had a text drafted to her that was so long it was broken into five different parts when you hit send.

And one minute and fifty-four seconds is all the time your boyfriend—well ex-boyfriend—allowed you to speak to him today before he told you he was coming back tomorrow and there’d be no need for you to come see him. Tomorrow or ever again.

So your mates did what they knew best. They took you out, got you absolutely smashed, and then got you up on stage to pour your heart out. Somewhere in between I Will Survive and Total Eclipse of the Heart, you got a bit weepy and ended up calling your brother from the toilet. It took you awhile to realize you weren’t actually sobbing to him but his voicemail, and as soon as you did you pulled yourself back together and headed out for another drink and a rousing rendition of Since U Been Gone.

The few other patrons in the pub were hardly paying attention to your drunken warbling on stage, only breaking from their conversations when your mates would cheer at the end of each song, some of them even offering half-hearted claps. If they were annoyed, they certainly didn’t let on. Most likely, they pitied you; for Christ sake, you pitied you.

When your song ended, you finished the rest of your drink and began flipping through the songbook. Liberation was surging through you and you wanted a song to match your mood; something to serve as a proper fuck you to the twat you’d wasted the last few years of your young life on.

The book closed on your fingers, and you stumbled back in surprise. Were books automated now too?! You still weren’t over the automated tills at Tesco, would you now have to get used to robotic books closing on you when they’d had enough?!


You looked up, your blurred vision slowly coming into focus as you swayed on the spot. A robotic book didn’t close itself on you, a person had closed it. Which was rather rude of them.

[Y/N],” he repeated. Finally he came into view and you cocked your head in confusion.

“Hazza?” you slurred, taking a step closer to get a better look. You nearly toppled off the stage, but Harry was quick to grab you by the waist and steady you before easing you down.

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Originally posted by harrysimpact

the one where Harry mocks you as he edges you

A/N: this has been on my list of things to write for awhile now … ever since someone send in a few asks suggesting that when Harry was in dom!space, he might mock y/n’s whines and begs to finish. it was written in *maybe* an hour or two and roughly edited, please give me some grace! no teasing ;) xx han

Words: ~1.4k

Warnings: dom!harry, themes going along with denial (slight)

thanks for reading!


Your hands were tied.


Wrists strained against the pink scarves that held them there, your skin was hot under the fabric worth at least two years of your tuition and Harry’s relentless stares. He’d been nipping and pulling at you all night, getting dangerously close to where you felt your nerves prickling, but never enough to give you any relief.

It was funny at first, having started out as a teasing makeout session with the power neutral between you both – your hands in his hair, on his lap, and then suddenly you were swiftly under his strong chest, his thighs keeping you in place. This was the kind of fight you didn’t mind, wrestling for dominance, playfully grasping at his curls…

But you both knew where you’d rather the other be.

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Originally posted by worldstyles

REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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(Updated 9/11/18, in order of oldest to newest)

Here is all my writing up to date. Thanks for reading and I love getting feedback…so don’t hesitate ;)

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Keep Yeh Warm

Alex X Reader: Angst & fluff

In which Alex becomes attached to the first beautiful thing he’s seen in weeks.

(I’m putting everything else under a cut in case anyone still hasn’t seen Dunkirk!! It may contain some spoilers.)

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Never In A Million Years

you and harry get into a fight, and you think he’s going to hit you.

trigger warning: violence, emotional/physical abuse, swearing and name-calling

Originally posted by pinkharold

You watched Harry silently as he brewed himself a cup of coffee. 

It was nearing midnight, but the both of you knew that this fight was going to last long. At this point in time, approximately half an hour in, you had almost forgotten what you were fighting about. Only that you were angry–really angry.

And Harry was too.

“Are you done??” You ask, impatiently wringing your fingers together. Your voice was toxic. 

But so was his. “Be a little patient, will you?” He growls. “Jesus, it’s only been two minutes.”

You leap off of the counter—where you’ve been sitting–to stand beside him, your back against the sink. He doesn’t even bother to lift his gaze to meet yours. “You haven’t answered my question yet, Styles. How long do you expect me to wait?”

For a moment, the only sound came from Harry stirring his cup of caffeine with enough strength to shatter the glass. Then, a tense whisper, “I didn’t sleep with her.”

There it was–the crux of the argument. The elephant in the room. The reason for it all.

You laugh, and it sounds crazy. “You were spotted leaving her hotel room, Harry! What do you expect me to believe? That you two were just playing cards?”

Harry slams his cup down on the counter and the drink spills down the sides. Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to notice or care, because he’s gesturing at you with the stirring spoon. “I expect you to believe me,” he barks, raising his voice to a near-yell. “I’ve told you a hundred times she’s just a friend.” 

“But you’ve slept with her before, Harry!” You exclaim. “It’s different because you loved her once!”

“Exactly!” He shouts, throwing his hands up in the air. “Once! I loved her once  and that was it.”

You sigh, running your hands through your hair. “Those feelings don’t just go away now, does it? You–”

“For fuck’s sake–!” Harry hurls his spoon into the sink, where it lands with a loud bang. It barely misses your cheek. “Can you just stop being a jealous bitch for one second? Is that so damn impossible?” Harry steps towards you the same time you take a step back. “Every fucking time the paparazzi catch me out with some girl, you fucking accuse me of cheating on you! I’m so sick of it!” 

His anger doesn’t faze you. Instead, it ignites you. “Well, my sincerest apologies for just making sure my boyfriend can keep his pants on!” You spit at him. “I’m so dreadfully sorry for being an insecure little brat who can never feel like she deserves you!”

Harry squints his eyes at you, “Oh, cut the bullshit.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

Harry rolls up the sleeves of his sweater up to his elbows. “The bullshit ‘I’m going to start crying so Harry’ll comfort me’ shit.” 

You lift your fingers up to touch your cheeks. You weren’t even aware that you had been crying all this time.

Harry’s tattoos never looked as intimidating to you as they did in the present. “Do you know how many hours of my life I had sacrificed for your anxiety attacks? Hell, I had to skip out on one of my concerts because you decided to check yourself into the hospital for a mental illness that the doctors don’t even believe you have!”

“You dick!” You yell as you push Harry back by the shoulders. “You absolute dick! Take that back right now!”

But if he hears you, he ignores you. “And what about all the boys that you see when I’m away, huh?” He taunts, “I never accuse you of cheating. But who knows? Maybe you’re just using me for money–”

“Don’t you dare,” you cry. Shoving him back with even more force. He loses his balance for a second this time. “Don’t you fucking start. I love you with all my heart.”

“Sure as hell doesn’t seem like it,” Harry snarls as he advances onto you. “It seems like you’re just an insecure little brat who likes to have a little money.”

“Oh, don’t you fucking–” but before you get the chance to shove him back again, he’s raising his right hand high above your cheek. All of a sudden, almost like an instinct, you shield your face from him and wince visibly. 

The last thing you hear before bringing your forearms up to shield your face is a loud gasp. And it didn’t come from you. The next thing you hear is footsteps…trailing away from you. 

Confused, you look up to see Harry backing away from you with a horrified expression. His chest was heaving up and down in a panic, his green eyes tragically fixated on yours. 

He’s murmuring something under his breath, but you can only catch one line, “You didn’t think…I would never in a million years–”

You were just about to say something–to ask him what was going on–when he suddenly points a shaky finger at you and whispers, “I would never, angel. I would never ever.”

Knitting your eyebrows together, you breathe, “What are you talking about?” You were still shaken up, but Harry’s ghost-pale expression was scaring you even more.

And then he started to cry. Tears poured down his face as he steadies himself by the kitchen island. “I would never,” he repeats over and over again to himself. “I would never.”

Finally, you put the pieces together. You approach Harry slowly, but even then, he didn’t see you coming until you laid a gentle hand on his back. He tenses up and tries to brush you off.

But you are tenacious. You wrap your arms around his waist with a steel grip and lean your cheek against his shoulder blades. Harry is forced to surrender to your touch with a sigh. 

His body is still shaking from his sobs, in which he releases, “Angel, I would never hurt you. I would never..I would never h-hit you or–”

“I know,” you tell him, honestly. You feel his hands wrap around yours. “I just got a little scared, that’s all.”

Harry turns around to face you, and he frowns at you as he caresses your face with his hands. “I’m sorry I scared you,” he whispers. “I didn’t mean to. I was just…I was just upset. I never slept with her, I swear.”

You swallow a lump in your throat and say, “I believe you.” But you were still hurt, and Harry could tell that.

So, he sinks down onto the kitchen floor and you do the same. There, in the safety of the shadows, Harry takes you in his arms and confesses, “I thought about it, though. Wait–hear me out.

On the road, I went a little paranoid, and a little crazy. I wasn’t seeing you, and we were barely talking, and I kept seeing all these pictures of you out and living your life. I felt…I felt obsolete. I felt like you didn’t need me anymore. So…so I thought that by getting back in touch with my ex, you would see and get jealous and…and want me again.

I know it was a stupid thing for me to do, but…but it worked. We were talking every single day, and I thought I was finally going to be okay. Then…then your anxiety attacks got worse and worse and I couldn’t do anything about it because I was a hundred miles away. I felt like shit. I felt like I was…I was causing you more pain than happiness. So I…So I–”

“You tried to push me away,” you finish. Harry nods. His sweater was stained with his tears now. 

He continues, “And…and I think that a small, selfish part of me wanted you to be okay. That if I just chose to believe that…that your mental illness was all fake, then I could have peace of mind when I was away. I…I chose to ignore it and ignore you because I’m too fucking selfish to admit that all of it was my fault.”

“No,” you shake your head and trace circles on the back of Harry’s palm. “No, it was my fault too. I…I let you push me away. I knew that you were hurting and I chose not to do anything about it. I was being petty, and wanted to make you jealous too. I just…I just love you so damn much that I couldn’t risk losing you…”

“Sweetheart,” Harry breathes, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “I think it’s time that we went away for a little bit.”

You frown. “Went away?”

“Yeah. To somewhere nice and quiet. Like a small French town or something. I’ll take a few weeks, or months, leave and we can just be with each other for a little while.”

This time, the tears flowing down your face weren’t from sadness. “Harry,” you cry. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Me too, honey. Me too.”

Both of You

No pun intended but I really feel like I gave birth to this one, lol. Anyhow, this is a bit different than what I usually do. I think best friend Harry is very underrated. Enjoy, and I’d love if you would let me know what you thought. I worked super hard on this one! x

Originally posted by pinkharold

You pad your way across the wood floors of your home, shuffling into the kitchen and towards the far right of the room. After a long, long day of meetings at work you’re more than happy to finally be home. You had hoped that a long, hot shower would be the cure all for the tension coursing through every muscle in your body, but apparently not. You bite your bottom lip as you reach the refrigerator and pull on the handle, the light from within illuminating your otherwise dark kitchen. Hoping to find a well past midnight snack, you squint into the fridge and bend down as far as you can to peer into it. The contents inside the fridge isn’t sparse in the slightest, but as your tired eyes look through it, nothing seems appetizing. While you’re debating between the  plethora of flavors of fruit smoothies Harry had stocked your fridge with, you let out a sudden gasp. Your hand on the fridge curls tightly around the cold metal, while the other one flies on instinct to the middle of your tummy. Your brows furrow together as you stare down in shock at your ever growing stomach. The feeling was one you haven’t felt before through the course of your pregnancy and it makes you pause for a second. You’re so exhausted, you aren’t sure if it was painful or if the baby had just kicked. 

 “S’going on down there, little one?” You whisper softly, pushing the fabric of the long sleeved, oversized shirt you’re wearing up to snake your hand onto your bare skin. You rub it in soothing circles, and then the three rather annoying beeps of the refrigerator steal your attention. You shut the door of the fridge and settle for grabbing the near empty pack of Chips Ahoy cookies from the counter before making your way up the stairs and to your room.

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Needy Baby

the one where Harry’s back from tour and his girl really just needs to feel him.

Y/N’s fingertips were scratching down her jeans anxiously, leg bouncing up and down under the table causing her fork to tremble in her hand. There was a delicious meal set in front of her, tempting and mouthwatering (granted it was take out because neither Harry nor her could cook something this perfect for a late dinner), but as enticing as it was, her eyes were someplace else. She hadn’t seen Harry for a while. It was still early in their relationship so clinging to him would be weird, and it was already such a big deal that she’d manage to get him to come over for the night despite his wild schedule. She had the “dinner” planned, setting the mood with the two pink candles placed carefully between the two of them.

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thebigbutterflytattoo’s rec list

pretty much all of these writers have become such wonderful friends of mine. they are so incredibly talented at what they do and I’m sure you’ve already read a lot of these. Some of these writers have been around a lot longer than myself and they truly deserve all the followers and notes that they have. They are wonderful people and I am so grateful to have read their work and become mutuals/ friends with them. friendly reminder, i follow from @hurricaneliza and here is my masterlist

So without further ado, here is my recommendation list! 

organized in alphabetical order by blog name and writing. all writings are one shots or blurbs unless stated otherwise. 

[♡] indicates smut 

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy // Andrea 


°count on me

°i’ve got you ♡

°sorry ♡

- @aestheteics // jade 


°call it suicide ♡

- @bribe-the-door or @words-by-han (her new writing blog) // hannah


°backstage moments

°cake batter ♡

°movie night 

°touch ♡

°untitled piece 003 - the one where harry is with you after you have your first baby together 

- @ducksongmp3 // lexie 


°jamaican memories 

°match made in heaven

°sunday mornings

- @hardliquorharry // laney 


°shakespeare - a ten part series | link is to series masterlist 

°mess o’ mine ♡ / mouth o’ mine ♡ / mind o’ mine - a three part series 

°see yeh break ♡

°can i sit here? the other tables are full.

 - @harryslittlekiwis // kelsey 


°can we keep her?

°how could you?

°it’s just insane

°pinky promise

- @harrywavycurly // sarah


°daddy daughter date 

°drunk harry calls you 

°harry uses your key for the times 

°you see harry after the breakup

°you snapchat harry while he’s eating

- @harry-writings // izzy 


°the mute series - mute / borrowed time / forever  

°the jealous series - because i love you / not worth it / he needs you

°pretty in pink

- @jawllines // olivia


°harry is a pornstar and y/n is new ♡

°harry really likes the girl who works behind the smoothie counter 

°y/n is a phone sex operator and harry calls a lot  ♡

°y/n takes harry’s yoga class and harry blushes a lot ♡ / part two ♡ / part three  ♡

- @wishfulharrie // sasha 


°blue suede shoes ♡

°growing pains / part two

other harry writers i follow !!!! (not in alphabetical order bc I’m too lazy)













@reveriehs (has a major masterpost of every harry writer on tumblr)


























From The Dining Table

13 Hours Later.

When she woke up, she was still alone.

Initially, she’d forgotten all about the night before. The first thing she noticed was the strange buzzing sound of the thermostat in the corner, which was obviously not working at all because the room was freezing. The chilly air nipped at her cheeks, and she snuggled further into the mattress as she tucked her head into the comforter with a soft whimper, trying to ignore the buzzing in her head.

Her eyes were still stinging from her tears the night before mixed with the lack of sleep. She’d managed to finally drift off at around four in the morning, but she couldn’t tell by the window whether it was eight in the morning or two in the afternoon.

Their screams from the night before still echoed in the walls.

She slid the covers off of her head and opened her eyes slowly, staring at the pale yellow motel ceiling. It was the color of Easter yellow, she’d decided, and it reminded her of chocolate and gardens and everything happy. It reminded her of some distant life where she probably would have done something to be proud of.

The ache in her chest resonated throughout her entire body, and her head was pounding to the rhythm of her heart—it was the only way she could be sure it was still beating.

She felt like someone had torn it out of her chest.

She turned onto her side and looked at the space in the bed beside her, clutching onto the soft material of the comforter until her knuckles turned white. Waking up on her own wasn’t new to her—she’d done it time and time again in the past two years, so much that she’d become numb to the loneliness that came with it. But this time was different…

This time, she knew he wasn’t coming back.

She suddenly felt a tear roll down her face, and just like that, she couldn’t get him out of her head.

He was everywhere.

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Clingy – Harry Styles

I read a really good “Clingy” imagine the other day and it kind of inspired me to write my own lol. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: You unintentionally go through Harry’s texts where he said you were being clingy.

You were laying on Harry’s bed, binge watching Stranger Things when his phone started to vibrate next to you. You glanced over and noticed that Jeff was calling but you brushed it off thinking that Harry will call him back when he gets out of the shower.

But then he called a second time. Then a third time. Then texted when he wasn’t being answered.

You got up with Harry’s phone in your hand and walked into the bathroom.

“Babe, Jeff keeps calling and texting you. Do you want me to answer him?” You said, peaking your head in. You stood close to the door, trying to prevent any cold air from going in the steamy bathroom.

“Huh?” Harry asked, he poked his head out of the shower curtain and you smiled at the sight of him squinting his eyes from his wet hair that fell in front. “Oh, um, yeah that’s fine. Just text him that I’ll call him back in a few minutes. I’m almost done.”

You mumbled a quick “ok” before he disappeared back behind the curtain. You closed the door and walked back to his bed, opening his messages.

“Hey Jeff! It’s Y/N here, Harry’s in the shower right now but said he’ll call you back in a few minutes.”

Almost instantly the typing bubble popped up and he replied back, “Ok cool, thanks for letting me know!”

You swiped down on the screen to hide the keyboard and was just about to turn off his phone when you saw your name in the conversation.

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