Harry uses a cock ring.

Harry has never been in a position like this.

He’s just checked the mail, eyeing a bulky package in particular and setting the random assortment of bills and neighborhood watches on the dining room table. He knows what’s in the big package, and he feels giddy yet anxious, keeping him from opening it for half an hour until he builds up the courage and tears away at the paper.

It’s a cock ring.

He ordered it last week, a bit hesitant at first but wanting to try it out for Y/N. Sometimes her ADHD makes her distracted — even during sex — so he cums way before she does, and he feels like a proper tool every time. He hopes using the cock ring will help him edge longer to help get her off before him.

He doesn’t even bother going to the bedroom and trying it on in there. No, he pulls down his pants and boxers right in the middle of the dining room, slides the ring onto his cock and lurches forward as his breathing sputters in his chest. The cool metal excites him, plumping him up to half mast to sport a semi, and he starts palming himself to become fully hard.

He must look silly: standing in the middle of a room that’s designed for eating, his pants and underwear around his ankles, and his hand on his cock, but he doesn’t care. It’s his home, and he can do whatever he wants in it. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t act a little bashful when Y/N skips through the front door and stops in her tracks at the sight.

“Having fun without me?” A smile grows on her face as she makes her way over to him, kissing the corner of his mouth and resting her hands on his chest. “What’s that?”, she asks as she looks down.

“A ring for my cock.” Despite having a conversation with her, his hand never stops on himself. He keeps pumping his thick shaft, feeling the vein rub against his palm and knuckles and he shivers. “To help me last longer… for you.”

Y/N’s eyes widen, wrapping her arms around his neck and puffing her lips out in an adoring fashion. “You’re so sweet!” She pecks his nose and rubs hers against his afterward. “But you didn’t have to do this, bubby. I don’t mind that you cum before me.”

“But I do.” He huffs, breathing through his nose and working his hand faster (although he’s already completely hard). “I want to get you off first. It shouldn’t always be me.”

“S’not your fault, though, honey. I just get distracted a lot; doesn’t mean you’re not amazing or have low stamina.” She plays with his hair while speaking, become entranced by how pretty and fluffy it looks today and realizing she didn’t hear what he just said. “What?” She slaps her forehead. “See! I can’t help it.”

“Don’t blame yourself, baby.” With his free hand, he squeezes her waist, his drippy cockhead brushing against the fabric of her shirt every so often, and he chokes on a breath, feeling overly stimulated. “It’s something that I need to adapt to as well. That’s why I bought this, yeah? I wanna fuck you longer.” He lets go of his cock — not without a whine from deep in his throat — and plucks her jeans down to her ankles, helping her step out of them, and sets her down on the dining room table.

“Harry, we eat here!” She clings to his shirt, her thighs wrapped tightly around his waist and her bare sex on his lower belly, feeling the little coarse curls against her clit that’s swelling by the second.

“What if I wanna eat something else?” He wriggles his eyebrow at her in a silly fashion, making her stifle a giggle.

“Well, you’ve made me too horny for foreplay now.” She hops off the table, confusing Harry a tad until she bends her back and flattens her front across the table’s surface. “Fuck me, please. Let’s see if that ring really works.” She lifts herself on her hands, smirking at him over her shoulder and Harry grabs himself at the base, ready to take her.

He’s proper dripping for her. Even when he doesn’t hold himself at an angle, his cock points upward, the vein running up his shaft looking like it’s about to pop any second, and the first quarter of his shaft at the top is a reddish-purple, emphasizing how hard he is and how badly he needs to cum. He’s leaking generous amounts of precum, smearing it all across her ass, and she whines about how she wishes she could see him do that to her. He takes a minute to admire how hard he is — thinking it’s the hardest he’s ever been in all his adult days — and feels an urge to fuck her when she starts rotating her ass in a slow circle, teasing him further. He wastes time no more, plunging into her wet heat and hearing the first gasp escape her lips, spurring him on further until he’s balls deep, the ring right against her ass. He wonders how it feels for her; if she can feel the coolness of it, or if all his body heat has consumed it and it just feels like burning metal against her skin. The thought makes him shiver, pulling out and pushing back in with vigor, his hands on her hips so he can really begin to hammer away at her like he’s been wanting to.

Her fingers twitch on the table, Harry knowing she must be wishing for a pillow or the sheets to cling on to as she usually does when he’s stuffing her full with his cock, and the fact that she has nothing to hold on to makes him swell even further inside her. He grits his teeth, breathing little huffs through his nose and his grip on her hips tightens, using it to his advantage and grabbing one of her thighs to throw onto the table. This new angle makes Y/N squeal, feeling Harry deeper inside of her pussy, and it only turns her on more when he begins yanking her hair in one hand, bringing her ear to his mouth.

“How’s it feel? You like it?” His own dirty words encourage him as well, proper dicking into her at a marvelously fast pace and she cups her mouth with her hand to silence any sounds coming out. “No, no. You’re gonna answer me.”

Whenever Y/N’s close, she can feel her stomach coiling tightly — almost too tightly — and her toes clench together. Right now, she’s feeling all of that multiplied times one hundred.

“I love it.” She whimpers out a shaky breath, letting the pure euphoria she’s experiencing rack her whole body and send her over the edge. “Gonna make me cum.”

“Yeah?” He nips at her jaw, pounding into her now and the slaps of their skin can be heard throughout the whole house, they think. “Gonna cum so I can cum?”

She nods with a high-pitched moan, seeing stars as she lets go and arches her back, her nipples hardening and thighs clenching and everything just feels so fucking good. She spasms around his cock, wondering for a split second if the force of her pussy clenching his dick hurts him but is proven wrong when he groans deeply into her ear, shooting his cum from his tip and filling her to the hilt. He cums directly after her, maybe by a second or two, and he’s never been prouder. All he wanted was to make her cum first instead of him, rather than having to pull out and rub her little clit raw, and he’s just experienced it and it’s wonderful. Seeing her lose control (at least from the back) was enough to send him over the edge and fill her with his sticky, warm cum. He smiles as he rests his forehead against her shoulder, pulling out and watching his cum leak out of her pretty, freshly fucked hole. He presses on her lower back, urging her to lay back down on her front, and he gets down on his knees. He spreads her apart with his hands, kneading her cheeks for a moment and licking right up her slit, collecting his cum onto his tongue. Y/N wails and whimpers, standing up on her tip-toes from the sensitivity of it all and reaches around to tangle her fingers in his messy curls. The act of cleaning her makes Harry hard again, wrapping his hand around his stiffening, wet cock and pumping it while he licks her out. His thighs widen further, groaning into her cunt and sending the vibrations to her clit, knowing the scene must look filthy; Harry on his knees, his thighs spread and fisting his glistening cock as he tongue fucks his girlfriend to clean her of his cum he’s just shot into her. Once he’s all done, he stands back up, turning her around to face him and kisses her right on her plushy lips, letting her taste herself (and him). She takes a peak down at his aching cock, watching it bob every which way and leak a strand of cum and new precum from the spongy tip.

“That thing keeps you hard? Holy shit!” She takes him in her hand, stroking him and earning her a shaky breath from Harry.

You keep me hard.” He picks her up, letting his dick rest between their two bodies as he carries her to their bedroom. “You up for round two?”

“I’m always up for your cock”, she brings her lips to his ear, “Daddy.”

Harry might have to make it three rounds.

Rose Quartz.

   Harry’s always been a lover.

   It was from the way he looked at his mum when he was a year old, in his diaper as he was trying out his walk that resembled of a penguin’s just as his dad said later when he grew old — looking at her with such adoration that the ball Gemma threw him was picked up by his chubby little hands, then given right to her with a sheepish smile with his only teeth back then, with his dirty blonde hair framing his small face adorably.

   It was from the way he slept at Gemma’s room for a week when she left for university, a little hole on his chest being a wheel with no bearing because his sister wasn’t there and it felt so weird not having someone you’re used to seeing not around, much more if she was the one who pushed you out of benched and at the same time be the one who drove you to clothing shops atleast two hours from where the both of you live in — a sad pout on his lips every time he looks at the karaoke machine near the backyard because that just means he could purposely sing badly and not be scolded — and he wants to be scolded. He wants Genma to come back home.

   It was from the way he loved and adored some people in his own shy and timid way, not being the one who can initiate the conversation but can be the one to be immersed in it easily and look at someone straight in the eye while he grins and all that, nodding deeply to whatever the person says and it’s all endearing as he thinks — and he really wishes he could do more and that is yet to be worked on.

   But most importantly, Harry’s a lover of you; his closest friend that he loves so dearly with his whole heart and that brings out the joy and everything good in him a little more, and everything unpleasant in him to come out only occasionally because the both of you are starkly different at times just as you were alike, getting majorly on each other’s nerves for one time at the most (with his experience) in a year or two.

   He’s a writer as he’s a lover, and God is he serious when he says he can’t put loving the light of his life (if it’s on a scale, you’re lighting his world damn near to how the sun literally lights his) into words, similar to when he’s asked what his problems of the moment are, in which his mind blanks and his tongue falters and he can’t enlist them all.

   Bubbly. It was an entertaining word for him to say, not only because he realized that he could never say the word ‘bubbles’ angrily, but it was because he remembers that particular time in which you were, being so bubbly that not even a trip caused by his shoes that were scattered in the floor could stop you.

   “So — fuckin’ hell!”

   Harry distinctly cussed and he’d seen it in slow motion with your arms instinctively stuck out and his loafers of a culprit right in front of your left foot with the other in the air, already jutting his arms out and it’s too fast for him to quicjly grasp what’s happening, just went for it straightly and prayed that he catched you.

   He did, and his heart hammered against his chest while his eyes are still widened, mouth still slightly agape as you’ve just jumped it out and managed to even pretend you’re dusting yourself off, a bright grin plastered to your face that was given to him.

   “Can we go to the shop now?”

   Snippy. And you usually got that way when you’re tired yet still come over to his house because you promised to with him was being beyond annoying and stubborn on purpose. Or that specific time when the both of you planned a road trip (mostly you because he was being too dismissive that he’d be okay with anything) and agreed to meet up at your place in 1 in the morning, with him arriving two whole hours later being so nonchalant.

   “Can I pee before we leave?”

   “Y’didn’t pee while you were at your home two hours ago? Within 120 minutes? Didn’t get to have a wee at your toilet and now y’jusy wanna pee at my place?”

   And that shuts him up immediately while he’s holding his crotch because then did he figure out how pissed you were, being caught off-guard that makes him panic a little which prompted him to run to your bathroom.

   He thinks he’s worsened it because he still couldn’t forget the face you gave him when he did — an annoyed one because he’s had the nerve to be dressed in his fanciest pair of sweatpants (you know because you bought it with him and it almost made you faint with the price) and have his hair blow-dried with his duffel bag neatly packed.

   He’s never peed so fast, he thinks, and he’s washing his hands on the sink in a hurry while you’re almost on the verge of dropping this plan of yours and just go back to sleep in frustration, then unpack later in the night because it was already morning while moping.

   Quickly runs out just in time as you were about to give up, hugging you from the back as he nuzzles his face against your neck.

   “Washed m’hands, don’t — hey, hey. We’re still going on this road trip. M’sorry, lovie. Swear m’gonna make it up to you.”

   Giddy. It’s one of the best things he’s ever seen from you and it was so contaminating, making his lips curl into a grin widely and his eyes crinkle until he could only see slits of whatever he’s looking at just by thinking of it.

   “I’m finally gonnna have it!”

   You squealed to him when the coat you’ve been eyeing finally went on sale, and that at the moment was it being fetched for a new stock — in your size and in the color you wanted that makes your elbows up until your balled fists press against your chest while you squeal incoherently, even jumping up and down.

   Harry’s never been this excited either, lip bitten in between his teeth just by seeing you become beyond excited that he couldn’t resist not taking a picture quickly, and although it was blurry, he’s kept it.

   He’s probably never edited and made a picture both his lockscreen and his homescreen this fast.

   Influential. It was such a powerful word to associate with a powerful you, really. 

   Made his heart flip and his eyes gloss because the words you mostly utter about issues and of the like sounded off so well-composed as if you’ve been practicing it for a week, and so detailed too that he thinks he doesn’t need to know more.

   Literally makes his heart soften and his adoration for you bloom even from its roots, a flustered smile on his facr after you finish your part.

   “Can y’tell that to me again? So I can type it out and get it printed? Wanna hang your words up on m’wall.”

   Lovely. He’s already blushing just by saying it, and it really is true because he’s never felt this way with someone.

   You’re lovely, not only aesthetic-wise but  everything-wise as he wants to put it, and it felt like looking at and being with an angel because he couldn’t believe either.

   You could be sleeping knocked-out on his couch with your hair all disheveled and mouth wide open but he wouldn’t mind in the slightest bit, because this was you.

   You who’s helped him through his hangovers and saved your chastising for him only half-a-day later, just as what he did then later-on with you and he rememvers pressing a kiss to your forehead that night, slightly rolling his eyes once he recollects.

   “And y’told me I was lovely when I was drunk.”

   Caring. You remind him of a large golden retriever that he’s once seen at a friend’s house who’s just had her pups, completely cute and adorable as she tended to her little bundles of joy that couldn’t even open their eyes (he knows because he’s done his research) and it was pretty touching.

   He remembered that one time when he was so stressed from being back-and-forth from the studio and the concert grounds and the hotel that it wore down his unbeatable stamina as what you thought it to be, and it was the kind of stress that made him literally tear up softly and just wanted him to bury his head into the pillows he’s been crying into for the last couple of minutes.

   “Come on, come on. You’re at the hotel now, bub. Gonna rest now, alright?”

   You’ve said to him softly and reassuringly while you’re worried over him too, adjusting his head so that it’s pressed to your lap and it made him cuddle to you, nose being buried to your thighs as his chest gently racks with gentle sobs, your hand tangling with his hair carefully that makes him calmer.

   “Gonna rest now?”

   He asked with a hopeful tone on his voice asking for confirmation while he tearily looks up, your head nodding as you cup his face.

   “Gonna rest now, H. M’gonna be awake when you need me, alright?”

   Affectionate. He loves affection, most especially when it’s coming from you, and that starts and ends at that.

   He lives for physical contact and conversations and interactions that weren’t awkward and uncomfortable, but instead calming and loving that makes his heart warm.

   “Maybe I should just come home for the night. Haven’t had your space from me for quite a few days now.”

   You said in the midst of a movie while you were laying on his lap, hugging his tum, and that made him immediately freeze, quickly shaking his head no as he tuts and furrows his brows before you could even explain.

   “Don’t want space from you.”

   And that’s only eight of the ton of words that could pop into his head when he’s asked to describe you, and he has so much more that he’s not sure on where to start next.

   The extremity, nooks and crannies of his love have blossomed so much that he doesn’t know where it starts and where it ends either, and he has a large chunk of the reason why dedicated to you.

   A better lover, if you put it.

   And you wish he was your lover for a little longer.

   It feels beyond good, as he’s the best and you really think no one could compare to this dimpled man who tells you things about his upcoming album when he really shouldn’t — the same one who talks about you to Gemma and to Anne that leaves them wondering if Harry desired you more and in another way than he does now.

   It feels just that at the moment.

   You’re sprawled on his couch while Netflix is paused just so he could prepare the both of you a snack, mindlessly scrolling around every platform of social media in your phone because it takes him ages to make instant noodles, because Harry always tends to be excited by them that makes him open up the casserole and take off the lid, every few seconds, just to see if it was boiling.

   “Isn’t Avrey supposed to go out with you later?”

   You’ve spoke after you’ve just told him off to stop opening the casserole almost in every passing second now with the threat that you were gonna stand up and do it yourself when he repeats it (he now doesn’t want to), and the pictures of his love — his girlfriend in pics at your Twitter timeline with her in the middle, surrounded by some other girls with all of them cheesing.

   Reminds you that maybe Harry wasn’t your lover at all.

   It makes you frown for a second until you realize that you’ve been here before and that you’ve talked to yourself silently about this at night, just swallowing whatever insecurity you have for the sake of Harry and Avrey being practically perfect for each other.

  “Yeah, but she hasn’t seen her sorority friends for years now — just called you instead and here we are now.”

   The word sorority makes your eyebrows perk up because it gives you the flashes of her in a cheerleading uniform back at college with no formal information at all if she was even a cheerleader.

   The information Harry knows makes you a bit queasy because you now know it’s a little more serious than you’d thought it would be, and the thought that you must be overreacting and Harry being able to love someone who isn’t you makes you sink to the couch.

   “Just called you instead and here we are now.”

   Harry’s words ring out in your ears again and it sounds wrong as there’s something off, being caught speechless while you try to put your finger to it.

   The phone on your lap seemed the most available option and the image of Avrey beaming at you was what first greeted you, the next picture of her with her hands on her face, on her lips, and in everywhere else.

   That’s when both points that you were trying to figure out clicked.

   The glint of the ring she’s wearing on her left ring finger practically glared at you and it’s almost as if the photographer made sure of that too.

   The gold band was a little loose on her finger, the beyond recognizable rose quartz in the middle of it making your heart drop.

   “Sounds a bit rude.”

   Your voice that’s suddenly dropped an octave down makes Harry’s head snap at your direction, face being ridden with budding confusion.

   “You mean I’m not here because you really wanted me to?”

   “What are you talking about?”

   The thought of being unwanted shoots the first stab of pain in your heart, especially with it being directly involved with Harry.

   Doesn’t really quite hit him as hard because he’s still confused, head tilting while he wants to ask furthermore.

    “I could hear it in your tone, Harry.”

   You say a little too bitterly and that makes him quip his head back in shock, the look of betrayal for an unknown reason makes his squint his eyes.

   “Could you hear yours? Sounds like you’re picking a fight out of nowhere in all honesty.”

   He quips back a little sharply and that’s when you know it’s escalating, scoffing as he sees you rolling your eyes at him and he could feel the rising tension too, turning off the stove while he lifts himself up from being leaned against the countertop.

   “Why’s she wearing the ring that I gave you?”

   The words slip from your mouth and you don’t let it show that it was purely out of impulse and wasn’t really meant to be said, maybe not know supposedly, but it was out already so there’s no use in trying to retract it.

   “It’s not meant for her. It’s not for her.” 

   And it really wasn’t — because you didn’t blow almost three-fourths of your paycheck just to but Harry a ring with rose quartz at the middle that resembled, represented, and gave off love — just to give it to Avrey.

   “It’s only for you. Just for you. Not for your girlfriend or for anyone else — it’s only for you.”

   Harry clicks his tongue from the roof of his mouth with his jaw set and this time you can’t read him, similar to each time he gets too clouded with what he feels that he feels exactly opaque to you.

   “That? If you’re upset about the ring, then I’ll just get it reimbursed or something. Buy you what you bought me so it feels like you’ve never given it to me in the first place.”

   “That’s not what I’m upset about! It’s a promise ring, and there’s a reason why the name Harry is engraved on the inside, isn’t it? Is Avrey now spelled as Harry?”

   Your tone abruptly changes in the end and he took no notice of it, gasping apalled at your sarcastic tone even if it was in the most gentle voice you’ve ever spoken in.

  “You gave it to me so it’s in my discretion now! If you’re so pressed why don’t you just leave?”

   Harry bites back with the intention for it to sting, and he’s done just that because by now, he was pure-out angry.

   Pure-out angry that his hair’s disheveled by his hands, his cheeks are flushed pink, his jaw is clenched so tightly, and his eyes that showed no remorse while he showed no sense of being sorry at all or being in the turning point of realization — no sign at all that he was gonna stop ripping into you.

   “You didn’t want me to be here originally so why did you even invite me? What, m’I a back-up plan?”

   You gather up the remaining strength you have left because it’s no lie that fights with him wore you down immensely, and so did words and reactions as harsh as his made you beyond vulnerable.

   Harry quips his lips, huffing in disbelief to himself as you mutter a cuss under your breath that makes him look up, the word ‘insensitive’ pricking him that makes him burst.

   “It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve become an option!”

   Maybe that’s when you’ve stopped looking at Harry as a lover, and as your lover.

   He looks so angry and pressed that he doesn’t care what he just said because it all sounded so true in his head — and it probably was because he sounded so determined and so sure to retort back at you.

   That’s maybe when he digged in a little deeper and used something that’s always made you softer and the edges and rougher in the middle — right at the heart — and you know that he’s done it this time.

   Angry tears were pricking at your eyes and you let them all come loose, mouth alternating on being agape and closing over what he just said; and you don’t have any reasons in your head to try and justify what he just did.

   You’re furious and you’re broken and you feel the painful lump in your throat clawing at you ferociously, tears ultimately blurring your vision.

   The matching rose quartz ring that you wore with him was the thing you wanted to urgently rip off from your finger made you feel like it was poison, the jagged edges making your fingers hurt of how forceful you were, and it hurt even more to press it across his chest angrily while you storm off.

   Harry stands there frozen, the drop of a ring against the floor that’s only happened because he didn’t manage to grasp it in his hands — too slow and too stoic and too clouded that he couldn’t do anything about it, or you for the matter, besides feel his heart drop little by little, the defeat and hurt he was supposed to be feeling not coursing through his veins yet.

   “Maybe it’s the last time I would be.”

Still Take You Home

In which your family gets a few new additions [1.3k]

Yet another case of, this was supposed to be a drabble but Nora got carried away and so it’s a one shot. I didn’t want it to be too similar to another fic of mine so I’ve kept it pretty brief. Hope you like it! (Let me know what you think! Do you guys like me posting these between the larger fics?? Tell me!)

“Y’sure this is the right thing t’do love?”  

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The second instalment for The Live On Tour 2018 Series:

Excuse the wrong picture, I’m a bit of an idiot.

“Have you heard what kind of city Paris is?” Harry enquires, his phone by his side as he stares at her. Emerald eyes dancing over her face as she turns to look at him with a blank face.

“If you say the City of Love, you’re always welcome to jump out of a moving car.” His girlfriend retorts in annoyance, having seen the reminder every where. Harry, a gentle lover, was like a little boy; finding out new things and repeating them like a parrot.

“Oi!” He has the audacity to look offended, lips formed into a scowl, brows pushed together. “It’s actually the City of Croissants.” And that’s when his best friend turned girlfriend nearly physically face-palms herself. It’s obvious with the way his lips are beginning to twitch, that it’s a joke.

“You’re not funny.”

“Pfft.” Harry huffs out. “I’m – sorry, I meant everyone’s funnier than you.”

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Neighbors: Epilogue

It’s finally here! The end of ‘Neighbors’ (unless you feel so inclined as to send in drabble requests…) I hope you enjoy the end of Harry & Verona’s story!

Originally posted by agent-69

“I dunno, Aimee. I mean, do you like him or do you like the discounts?” Verona asks, her phone pressed to her cheek as she carries her basket of laundry down into the basement of her building. Aimee had called her an hour ago, professing a problem with her new beau, who was a high up CEO at Topshop.

“I mean… I could learn to like him,” 

“Aimee,” Verona scolds, plopping some of her delicates into the washer. 

“Ugh, you’re right. I shouldn’t be doing this. I’ll end it tomorrow,” 

“Good girl. I’ve got to go now, it’s late and my food is nearly here,” She ordered a very enticing burger off of post mates twenty minutes ago and it was set to arrive soon. The two say their goodbyes and Verona trudges upstairs after tossing a pod in with her load. She still hasn’t adjusted to the food in America over the past four months, it being vastly different from that in the UK, but McDonald’s was still McDonald’s either way. 

She rounds the corner into her lobby but feels every single one of her muscles freeze once she sees him. 

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lockscreens of harry performing at the siriusxm secret live concert, if you’re on mobile, you have to wait a few seconds for the hq to load!

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six months early for 2019 just to be sure

Il Ritorno


ALRIGHT GUYS! THIS IS PART 1 OF MY ALEX!HARRY FIC! it’s set in the dunkirk universe, obviously, and i poured my heart and soul into it. i’ve combed thru it carefully, so there shouldnt be any typos (but if there are pls let me know!) any feedback u have is greatly appreciated, it means so much and really motivates me, esp when its left on pieces that i’ve worked super hard on (like this one lol) 💕 if u enjoy this fic, here’s my masterlist!!! love u!! xx

l’amato (part 2) / il devoto (part 3)

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Originally posted by worldstyles

REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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#LateLateStyles Lockscreens | May 17th

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(Updated 9/11/18, in order of oldest to newest)

Here is all my writing up to date. Thanks for reading and I love getting feedback…so don’t hesitate ;)

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L’Amato (Il Ritorno II)

REQUESTED: highly lol !

hello gorgeous ppl!!! i am BACK with PART 2 of il ritorno! the first part was so well-loved and i honestly wanted to cry bc of how amazing u all were :’) i hope u love part 2 just as much, if not more! if u do, here’s where u can leave me some feedback, and here’s my masterlist :-) enjoy!!!!

il ritorno (part 1) / il devoto (part 3) 

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harry on the one show lockscreens, if you’re on mobile, you have to wait a few seconds for the hq to load!  

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A list of every angst piece.

I’ve only come to realization with a recent ask that I am the biggest fan of angst yet have the greatest tendency to forget the writer and/or the title of it.

Whether you’re a writer or a reader, reblog or send an ask of any angst writing you know and help make me and people re-live the heartache by reading them again!


Aside — if you have a disability and would like me to write about Y/N having it, please send in a request!

Blurbs //

Harry spanks Y/N with a belt… a bit too hard.

Harry uses a cock ring to last longer for Y/N.

Just some cute shit to make you even softer for Harry #2.

Harry and Y/N try using a plug.

Harry makes Y/N squirt.

Just some cute shit to make you even softer for Harry.

Y/N overhears that Harry wants space.

Harry shows love to Y/N’s scar.

Y/N has two doms. (snippet for real thing coming soon)

Harry loves Y/N’s stretch marks.

DDLG Harry and Y/N.

Harry praises Y/N’s body.

Gateway into part 2 of Professor!Harry (?)

Part two of Dom Y/N and Sub Harry.

Dom Y/N and Sub Harry.

Harry takes care of Y/N on her period.

Y/N moves out after a fight with Harry.

Harry and Y/N get into a fight while on tour.

Harry helps out stressed Y/N.

Harry pushes Y/N to her limits.

Y/N helps Harry get ready before a show.

Elf!Y/N sex continuation.

Y/N’s ex texts her during sex. (extremely short)

Harry and Y/N talk kinks.

Y/N’s afraid to tell Harry she’s trans. (requested specifically from an anon(s) who’s trans)

Y/N’s stressed from school, and Harry takes care of her.

Harry and Y/N masturbate.

Y/N wounds up pregnant by best friend Harry. (some violence)

Harry “cheats” on Y/N and things aren’t the same.

Y/N’s mom catches teenage Harry climbing out of her window.

Harry and Y/N become friends with benefits. (part 2 of Y/N and Harry have a night in.)

Y/N has an eating disorder, and Harry goes with her to her therapy session.

Harry does Y/N’s hair.

Harry pushes Y/N around in her wheelchair at the supermarket.

Harry stands up for Y/N after being made fun of for her speech impediment.

Y/N has an anxiety attack, and Harry helps her.

Part 2 of Harry is secretly in love with Y/N.

Giggly sex with Harry. (extremely short)

Y/N tutors Niall in chemistry. (All Niall fic)

Y/N and Harry have a night in.

Harry’s obsessed with Y/N’s boobs.

Harry and Y/N have some fun in front of a mirror.

Harry and Y/N’s baby is fussy.

Y/N gets her nipples pierced.

Harry loves Y/N’s chubby cheeks.

Harry and Y/N have morning sex.

Harry takes care of a sickly Y/N.

Harry makes fun of Y/N’s height.

Y/N hates her stutter.

Long Writings //

Y/N and Harry are arch rival journalists.


Y/N hates her body, and Harry helps her see it’s beautiful.

Harry and Y/N are best friends (until she accidentally sends him a naughty photo).


Y/N babysits single dad Harry’s kids.


Harry is secretly in love with Y/N.

Harry asks Y/N to suck Niall’s dick after a breakup.

Harry uses a sex toy on Y/N.

Harry and Y/N get into a fight.

Harry doesn’t like Y/N.

Harry ties Y/N up.

Harry’s working from home, and Y/N’s needy. (belt spank warning!)

Harry and Niall invite Y/N for a threesome.

Harry teaches Y/N about self love.

Harry and Y/N share a class.

Harry delivers a pizza to Y/N’s house.

Harry teaches Y/N a few other things. (part 2 of truth or dare)

Harry and Y/N play truth or dare.

Y/N works at a record store, and Harry comes in for a Fleetwood Mac album… at first.

The Prada Bag

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Alright, this might have killed me! A little bit of Black Friday madness, along with some angry & horny Harry. Enjoy! xx - L

You aren’t able to snag a Prada purse on Black Friday, so you wait for it to restock online all weekend- but Harry gets angry you’re staring at your phone instead of him.

Warnings: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 2,353

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