The funny thing is Matt/Dom have done next to nothing as significant as Shadowhunters, but are still the more highly paid actors on the show and have bigger social media (and cult) followings…

…whereas Harry jumps through hoops constantly and actually works hard and does big movies likes Crazy Rich Asians and, ya know, actually tries to further his career, but still is (subjectively?) Less famous than Matt/Dom


@HarryShumJr: Special message from @MatthewDaddario & I #Shadowhunters

Matthew: Thank you for a fantastic three years. The growing support, the wonderful support. Everything that we’ve got from all of you guys from around the world. Amazing!
Amazing how much we’ve also learned at the same time. Like what this show has meant to y’all, what this ship has meant to y’all, what these characters have meant to y’all. So, we just want to say from the bottom of our heart: Thank you so much.

Crazy Rich Asians is crazy fucking awesome

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It’s a whole 10/10 from me guys, this movie made it into my top favorite movies of all time and i freaking loved it and everyone needs to go see it right this now. It was funny, it was new, the love and comedy were there in abundance and none of it seemed awkward or forced which is something romantic comedies often struggle with. I went into this thinking it was going to be like an Asian twist on Monster in Law, but I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. 


  • Awkwafina stole every scene in the movie. Even the ones she wasn’t in. Such an amazing actress and so funny, no one else could have played this role like her
    • “You have a cocktail dress in your trunk?” 
    • “I’m not an animal.” 
  • Henry Golding and Constance Wu have suuuuch amazing chemistry. They truly made an absolutely adorable couple 
  • I loved the friendship between Nick (Henry Golding) and Colin (Chris Pang). It was nice to see that in a crazy world driven by money and status, that these two guys found true friendship in one another and I think that’s a good message to show audiences
  • Gemma Chan was amazing in her role as Astrid. 
    • She was my favorite character next to Goh Peik because she had all the class and beauty as the rest of her rich counterparts but still managed to retain her humanity which I liked a lot
    • Just the general way she holds herself (amazing acting on Gemma’s part), you would think she’d treat everyone as if they were below her but shes literally characterized as sweetness personified 
    • I need a whole sequel about her and Charlie 
  • I loved the close up shots they did during scene changes, i.e the beginning of the dumpling scene and the mahjong house 
  • Also that mahjong scene??? Me and everyone in the theater was shook.
  • The overall plot of the movie was really interesting and I can’t wait to go out and buy the book as soon as I can cause if the movie was that good than I can imagine how good the book must be
  • And real talk, I’m so happy the writer found a director and a production company that would keep the integrity of the book intact. I heard that some directors wanted to recast Rachel into a white role and that would have changed the whole dynamic of the movie 
    • Just imagining a white woman in that role annoys me 
  • Watching this movie was just an all around enjoyable experience. It made me want to know more and read the book and find a nice asian man to settle down with. My moms family is from Japan and they immigrated back in the 50′s (I think??) and I definitely want to talk to my uncles and my grandpa about the issues this movie touched on.
  • Also I love Harry Shum Jr and wish there was more of him in this movie??? Like he was one of the first names to be listed in the end credits but he had like 7 seconds of screen time which is kinda confusing?? Did I miss something?

Anyway, I’m gonna go buy the novel Crazy Rich Asians and maybe another movie ticket and not lust after Henry Golding for three hours. Go see this movie!