Sorry About Him | Part 4

Prompt:  Hi can i request for a Soulmate AU where the first words of your soulmate is tattooed on you .. I’ve seen this concept on tumblr but not a story or imagine or anything of the sorts can it in the marauders era (most probably Sirius Black or Remus Lupin … Thanks in advance

A/N: Part 4! Here we go!

Young!Remus x Reader, Young!Sirius x Reader-ish

Warnings: Angst, mentions of depressive tendencies, isolation, self-depreciation (It does get better though, I promise it’s not all doom and gloom!)

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It was almost two weeks since you’d fallen out with Daisy. You barely even saw Mary any more. Daisy had invited her to most of the plans she made and dragged her along everywhere else. You managed to share the occasional small smile from across the room when she was sat with Daisy, but it was a rare occurrence that you actually managed to talk uninterrupted. It was pretty much eat, sleep, go to class, repeat. Even then you could barely get any decent sleep.

You were sat in class, on a desk of your own at the back. It was the closest to the window which meant the outside kept you occupied. There was peace in the mountains surrounding Hogwarts. A peace that you could no longer feel. You should have been focusing on class like you usually prided yourself on doing but it was like the beautiful landscape was taunting you with its serenity. It made you retreat into your head space. In fact, the amount of time spent by yourself recently gave you too much time to mull over all that had happened. One benefit that came from it was the realisation that you were actually starting to get over Sirius. It came as a surprise to see him twirling a girl around in the corridor. They looked happy as they joked around and while it stung, it at least brought with it some closure. You no longer looked at him and saw a future. You could at least imagine it before but not any more. He’d seemed more concerned for Remus that awful night in the corridor anyway. Clearly didn’t mean too much to him. It was just one Ball after all.   

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could i request 9 and 55 from the drabble prompt list with either Remus or Sirius? your choice, love! congratulations on 500, you are so sweet and amazing and I am so happy for you!!! :))

Marissa, you are just the best! :) Thank you! I wanted so much to write for my darling husband Remus John Lupin, but these prompts are just so perfect for Sirius, so best friend Sirius had to make an appearance. 

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9. How are we together?

55. Yeah, it’s very embarrassing having feelings.

Harry Potter - Remus Lupin x fem!Reader

“Go, go, go,” Sirius chanted as he pushed at your back to get you to run. You were snickering loudly despite Sirius’s instruction to be a good sneak. You were tripping over your feet as you did your best to pick up your pace, trying your hardest to get away before Sirius plowed through you to avoid being caught.

“Padfoot!” Remus screamed. You heard water splashing but didn’t turn to look. You knew your boyfriend was a disheveled mess, getting up out of the water of the Prefect tub, determined to reprimand the two of you.

As you exited the bathroom, Sirius grabbed your wrist and dragged you with him to move faster into the portrait hole and up the stairs into his dorm room. Both of you were completely breathless when you arrived, but there was no time to compose yourself. Loud footsteps were coming up the stairs behind you.

Sirius quickly flung himself down onto his mattress, grabbing a book on the end table to pretend to be reading.

Unsure what to do with yourself, you sat down on Remus’s mattress, flopping into his pillows and reclining as seductively as you could.

When Remus entered the room, he was covered in soap suds and completely bare except for the towel which he held loosely around his waist. Goosebumps covered his shoulders, letting you know the cold water you had dumped on him had done its job. His chest was littered with white scars and it took everything in your power not to stand up and use your fingers to trace their path across his glistening, wet skin.

“Moony, my boy,” Sirius called in an exaggerated manner, dropping the book on his chest and pulling his arms up under his head, “What brings you up here, mate?”

“Firstly,” Remus started curtly, hiking his towel a little higher, “Your book is upside down.”

Sirius looked down in his lap and scowled at seeing Remus had lied. The book was just fine, though Sirius’s eyes darting to check was a very clear tell that he had not been reading at all.

“Second, I saw you both running down the hall after someone,” he paused to raise an eyebrow at both of you, “played a rather unfunny prank on me while I bathed. Care to explain, dearest girlfriend?”

His eyes bore into you as he waited for you to answer, but you saw him breaking as you pouted and bit at your lower lip. You didn’t have to answer though, because Sirius piped up first.

“Unfunny? Really, mate?” Sirius said, flailing his arms, “It was brilliant.”

“It was not brilliant,” Remus said, turning towards his wardrobe to begin to find clothes. You got up to grab an extra towel from his well-kept pile of laundry. As you reached Remus, smiling and standing behind him to begin drying his hair, he finished. “It was blandly unoriginal.”

“By unoriginal, I believe you mean classic.”

Remus’s eyes shot over his shoulder to you as you began to run the towel through the base of his hair. He sighed, leaning into your touch as you swirled the cloth around his locks.

“E tu, Brute?” he asked, his eyes closed in pleasure.

“It is a classic,” you whispered as your hands moved upward towards the crown of his head.

He sighed deeply, though his muscles were still relaxed in pleasure. The towel around his waist was beginning to fall dangerously slack as his muscles eased of their tension.

How are we together?” Remus asked into the space in front of him.

“Because I’m cute?”

Remus tensed and turned, meeting your eyes over the towel you still held in front of you. You bit at your bottom lip, waiting for his reaction.

“You are really cute,” he said with a smirk, reaching out to grab your waist.

As the towel he was holding began to fall, Sirius screamed, “Remus John Lupin! My eyes!”

Remus sighed and grabbed at the fabric, reaching behind you for his boxers and quickly pulling them on under his towel. Once settled, he tossed the towel aside, turning to Sirius.


“Only just,” Sirius said before turning his attention back to the book he had no intention of reading on his chest.

Remus returned his attention to you, finally grabbing your waist like he desired.

“You know, next time you sneak into the Prefect bathroom, instead of pranking me, you should join me. It would be much, much more enjoyable.”

His words had your skin heated in their seduction. Without thought, you finally reached up to trace his scars. Remus’s hand came up to run across your cheek, his eyes marveling at the beauty of you.

“Sorry,” you whispered, feeling only a little bad about ruining his bath and a lot bad about not joining him.

“Even when you tease me, I’m still so in love with you.”

“Ew, gross, you should be ashamed,” Sirius called from his side of the room.

Remus rolled his eyes so only you could see, causing you to laugh and lean further into his chest.

“Yes, Sirius, it’s very embarrassing having feelings.”

Without regard for the brooding boy in the other bed, Remus pulled back the covers and got into bed. He reached up to take your wrist, coaxing you into bed beside him. Once you crawled in, he pulled you into his chest and stretched far over into his side drawer to grab at some candy he had hidden there. He offered you a nibble which you took eagerly before nuzzling yourself deeper into his embrace, closing your eyes for a midday nap.

“Can I have–” Sirius started.

“No. I’m still mad at you,” Remus said, his shooting daggers to the other bed.

“You are mad at me, but you forgive Y/N?” Sirius whined.

“Of course,” he confirmed, reaching down to stroke your face as you looked up at him from your place on his chest. “She’s cute.”

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Harry Potter tags: @tessimagines

Dating Sirius Black Would Include:
  • He tries to be really nonchalant about liking you at first, trying to play it cool but he’s really transparent
  • He’s a total showoff with his friends, constantly introducing you as ‘my girlfriend, Y/N’
  • You and Lily weren’t really great friends before but you bond over dating complete idiots
  • He always talks about wanting a family in the future and breaking the cycle of abuse he was bought up in
  • As much as he hated his family, you often saw him defending Regulus and making sure he was okay
  • He loved meeting your family and completely idolised your parents, acting like the perfect gentlemen in front of them
  • In return, he introduces you to the Potters who you can tell adore him
  • He’s ridiculously sexy so really loves teasing you in public until you can get finally your hands on him when you’re alone
  • You try to help him study but you often get a little distracted so you force Remus to sit in between you but in the end it just ended up being a game of how long Remus could tolerate your flirting before he left
  • He asks you to the Yule Ball and obviously you say yes, expecting a fun, casual dance. Sirius instead decides to use it as an opportunity to shop off his dance skills as you watched him, making you laugh the whole night
  • Sometimes he takes a joke too far, often causing a fight, but he will always make it up to you with cuddles and kisses
  • He’s actually not really into cuddling at first but then you let him be the little spoon and he loves it
  • You just want to shelter him from everything bad in the world, becoming more and more fiercely protective of him the more that Voldemort rises
  • He’s equally protective of you, if not more so
  • It takes him a really long time to let his guard down fully, but when he does it’s so rewarding because you know he truly means to be with you forever


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I just realised that rats weren’t on the list of acceptable familiars at Hogwarts. So why did Ron bring Wormtail/Scabbers to Hogwarts?

Imagine being the witch who caught Viktor Krum’s eye (Part 1 of 2).

Author’s Note: I know the story took place in the 90’s, but we’re going to bring the story up to speed in the present time. Which means GoF is taking place now-ish.
Writing Krum’s accent took some time. I tried my best. Just look at that Bulgarian Bon Bon. I’m still in love to this day.

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Viktor X Reader

The Triwizard Tournament is all that anyone can talk about. Well.. that and the Yule Ball which set off the female population of Hogwarts into a frenzy in hopes of attracting the date of their dreams. But you- even though your Head of House has encouraged you to find a date and attend since you’re a Sixth Year- you rather just watch from the sidelines and skip the Ball all together.

The Sixth Year Hufflepuff females aren’t too bad, but with the weekend now here you’re more than ecstatic to escape the dorms. With the appropriate work out clothing on, you grab up a bag and shoulder the strap before you head outside to stretch and then jog around the lake.

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hi! i was thinking a malfoy!reader x harry potter and the reader and draco are twins and he’s super overprotective so when he’s fulfilling his perfect duties and he sees his younger twin sister making out with harry potter in a dark corridor he freaks out

Thank you for the request! This was really interesting to write, I’ve done a (part 2) and hopefully a part 3 to finish it off. I hope you enjoy it!

You loved your brother, there’s no denying that fact. He’s always been there to look out for you, and you couldn’t be more thankful, but Merlin sometimes he could be a prat. A boy couldn’t even glance in your direction without a chance of getting hexed by the blond haired boy. And that’s exactly why you had to keep your boyfriend a secret, for his protection. Not that you didn’t believe he couldn’t handle himself, he is the famous Harry James Potter after all, but that didn’t exactly help. Of course you felt guilty for hiding your relationship from Draco but you really didn’t want a fight to happen between your two favourite people, you were also terrified of your family’s reaction of course, but Draco’s approval meant a lot to you and you knew your chances of getting it would be slim.

Arriving at your usual meeting spot you look for Harry. It’s not unusual for you to be here before him but you still tend to worry for him, your mind often filling with different scenarios, constantly doubting and worrying. Completely lost in your thoughts you fail to hear footsteps approaching behind you. Suddenly hands cover your eyes, pulling you into a warm chest. You know there’s only one person brave enough to do that. “Guess who.” A familiar voice whispers into your ear. You smiled, “Why I do believe it’s the legendary Harry Potter.” Harry laughed before removing his hands from in front of your eyes to rest them on your hips, “You are correct Miss Malfoy, would you like your prize?” You turned to face him, placing your hands on his shoulders. “Prize?” The curiosity is evident in your voice, making Harry smile down at you. “Yes. A Prize. I’m sure you’re smart enough to know what that is Y/n.” He teased earning an eye roll from you “What is my prize Potter?” you asked, moving a hand to play in his messy dark hair. “A kiss,” he confessed “unless you want something else.” he continued, a little unsure of himself. You shook your head before pulling him closer, your lips grazing, “A kiss is perfect” you murmured against his lips before kissing him passionately. Harry didn’t miss a beat before returning the kiss, pulling you as close as he possibly could. Bringing a hand to the nape of your neck he depend the kiss. You soon found yourselves completely lost in each other, the gentle touches and kiss quickly taking over your mind. Your euphoric kiss ended far too soon for your liking, you found yourself pushing yourself away from Harry as you heard the familiar sound of your dear brothers voice. “Y/n? Potter? What the hell are you doing to my baby sister?” Draco’s voice was raised and his glare was sharp but not directed at you. Slowly you step in front of Harry, “Draco-” you start, trying to explain yourself only to be interrupted by the blond boy. “Y/n, quiet.” Harry goes to take your hand only to be stopped when a sharp glare is thrown his way. “Don’t you dare touch her Potter. Do it again and i’ll hex you.” Draco grabs your arm pulling you towards the dungeon before calling back to Harry “Stay away from her Potter!”.

By the time you make it to the Slytherin common room you are red, out of embarrassment and anger. Luckily everyone else has went to bed, leaving you and Draco without an intrusive audience. Pulling yourself from his hold you turn to face him. “I can’t believe you Draco! What is your problem?” Draco scoffed and shook his head, “My problem? What’s your problem Y/n? You’ve been sneaking around with Potter for who knows how long! How would father react if he found out what you were up to?” Draco stopped as he saw tears fall down your cheeks, he reached out to wipe them way only to have you smack his hand away. “I don’t know Draco, and as much as it scares me i’m not bothered, but what i do care about is Harry. I’m sorry i kept it from you, i can’t tell you how guilty I’ve felt for the past few months but i knew how you would react.” Draco watched in silence listening to what you had to say, “I really care about him and I’ve just hoped that when you eventually found out you would put whatever differences you have with him aside and accept that he made me happy. But I guess that was to much for me to ask of you, I’m sorry.” You walked up to your room muttering a quiet, “Good night.” as you passed him.


Slytherin: Here, hold my morals. I have some shit I need to take care of.

Hufflepuff: What morals?

Slytherin: You know I expected that from Ravenclaw… but not you Huff.


Ginny, sipping on tea: That’s ma girl.

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part two please? Thank you!

Of course, thanks for requesting! I was honestly tempted to do a part two anyway but i’m glad to know it’s actually wanted! Requests are always welcome you lovely individuals. I’m incredibly tempted to maybe making a part 3 to this.

Part 2: Malfoy!Reader x Harry Potter

 (Part 1)  

Sighing you looked to the ceiling, reflecting on the events that happened the night before. You sent an owl to Harry the night before explaining to him that you thought that the two of you should take a short break, just till you sorted things with Draco and thought about everything. You had to hand it to Harry, he was incredibly understanding and sweet, he promised that he would respect your wishes and be there whenever you need him. Honestly you have no idea how you managed to get such an amazing person to be your boyfriend.

Getting up you got dressed and made your way down to the Kitchen after deciding that you weren’t really in the mood for an encounter with Draco or Harry, much preferring your own company to clear your head. Settling for an apple you made your way towards your first class. There was still a lot of time before you needed to be there so you decided to take the slightly longer journey. As you were about to turn the you stopped at the sound of two, annoyingly familiar voices arguing. You sighed, easily recognising the voices of Draco and Harry, turning after deciding that you would find another way to class but soon stopped after hearing the topic they chose to argue about today. 

“Look Malfoy, I know shes your sister and everything but you really shouldn’t be so controlling and over protective. We both know how capable Y/n is, you just need to respect the decisions she makes about her life.” Harry argued trying to convince the stubborn boy in front of him, you found yourself unknowingly smiling at the messy haired boy’s attempt at convincing her brother but that smile quickly faded at Draco’s response. “Look Potter,” he echoed “Shes my baby sister and i’m not going to let her waste her time with someone who doesn’t deserve it. She deserves far better than you and it’s my job to protect her from people like you who are only after one thing.” Harry sighed and shook his head “Merlin, just listen Malfoy. Y/n absolutely adores you, she’s always defending you and telling me stories of your childhood. You know how much she cares about you and your opinion, and i care for her a lot, so her happiness is important to me. I may want your approval about our relationship to make her happy but i wont hesitate to hex you.” Deciding this was the time to interrupt you turned the corner and walked towards the two boys. “Y/n, um hi” Harry greeted earning a small smile that faded as quickly as it appeared. “Care to explain yourselves boys?” you asked looking between the boys in question, “Well?”


  • Hufflepuff: *hugs Slytherin*
  • Slytherin: What was this for?
  • Hufflepuff: Thank you for always being there for me
  • Slytherin:
  • Slytherin: No
  • Slytherin: Thank you for appearing in my life

When no one makes new imagines of your fav character

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AU concept

Everything is the same, except Snape is much more open with how absolutely DONE he is.

Minerva: “Severus, Potter and Weasley have found the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and went down without proper supervision, slayed the creature, and saved Ginny Weasley.”

Snape: *ridiculously long sigh and an extended moment of silence* “ God Damn it. Of course they would, what else would they do? God damn it.”

Draco: *gets into a fight with Ron*

Snape: “Malfoy, I swear to….just one fucking day is all I ask… for you to not make someone want to punch you… Just One Day.

Neville: *blows up a cauldron*

Snape: *head in one hand, not even angry at this point* "I just…..god damn it”

Imagine Harry and Draco working in different departments of the Ministry of Magic. Draco keeps flirting with Harry through inter-departmental memos. Harry never replies but he always keeps the small, violet paper aeroplanes - stashing them away in the top drawer of his desk.

One day, instead of the usual planes, an intricately folded paper bird flies into Harry’s office with the words:

‘Dinner. The Leaky Cauldron. 8pm?

- D’

12 years later, Harry’s drawer is still full of purple paper planes. But these ones no longer withhold cheesy pick-up lines and romantic poems; they’re full of silly things like:

'Don’t forget, Rose is coming for dinner tonight!’

'Harry, we need more bread.’


'How do you think Scorpius is coping? I know you told me not to worry but, Merlin, Harry, it’s his 1st year!’