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Request: Can you do #23 & #30 with either Fred Weasley or Sirius Black? Pleaseeee (@parker-underoos

A/n: Look who’s back again! Honestly, I need to write more! I thought I’d write a Sirius fic because it’s something different and it means I can use my awesome new prompt list when I reopen requests (soon!). Thanks for all your support, patience and love. I actually like this one but sorry if it’s OOC or inaccurate etc. because it came out of writers block. And also sorry it took so long hun! Hope you like it. 

Prompt 23: “You just got burned, and by burned I mean detonated. Just lie down and die. There is no bouncing back from that one.”

Prompt 30: “I dunno? Just set it on fire, I guess.”

Word count: 2,089

Warnings: light swearing, mentions of bullying.

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“L/n!” You turned from where you were sitting in the great hall to search for the person calling your name only to see the girl from your potions class, Angie, looking angry as all hell storming down to your table. You weren’t exactly enemies with the Gryffindor girl, but you weren’t braiding each other’s hair and eating ice cream together either. “What did you do?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Your voice was calm yet confused as she arrived at where you were sitting.

You stared dumbfounded at her as she continued to stare you down. She was currently pointing an accusing finger at you whilst a pair of girls stood behind her as if for backup.

“You know exactly what!” Angie turned around to reveal a small bald patch on her head. You held in your laughter which was threating to escape. “Fix it!” She had now turned back around and screamed in your face.

“I can’t fix it if I didn’t do it.” You pointed out slowly with a poorly stifled smile. Angie screamed before storming away and branding you a liar.

Okay, so you would have had plenty motivation for getting back at her after she humiliated you in potions class the other day, but you didn’t have the time let alone the energy to concoct a plan of revenge. But whoever it was, you had to give them props because Angie loved her hair.

Most people had turned to stare at you as the drama unfolded and now they were whispering over their breakfasts, occasionally shooting you glances. You had already had enough of people and it was only 9 in the morning.

With a large sigh you got up and walked to your first lesson of the day which was Charms. You smiled as you entered and saw your best friend waiting at your usual seats. The row behind which was usually occupied with two Ravenclaw girls was now replaced with two loud Gryffindor boys. You gave another sigh accompanied by a roll of your eyes as you sat and prepared yourself for the lesson. Today was going to be a long day.

You quickly realised that the two boys were the infamous James Potter and Sirius Black. You had shared classes with them for 3 years now but had rarely spoken to them. There were usually 4 of them in their friendship group, you knew this because you were friends with Remus Lupin and often studied with him for DADA. But James and Sirius were a lot louder and rambunctious than their friend and the longer you spent with them, the more it got on your nerves.

Especially when one of them was constantly annoying you for ink or a spare quill. When Sirius asked for the 5th time that day, your friend snapped, turning sharply in her seat to look at him. “Do you ever bring anything to class?!”

Sirius looked mildly shocked at the small outburst before his slightly agape jaw stretched into a smirk. “Well, I bring my devilish good looks.” He quirked an eyebrow to her before turning to you and winking. A small shy smile crossed your lips as you looked away with what you were sure was a very obvious blush, but you quickly regained yourself and looked him straight in the eyes with a smirk to match his own.

“Well, maybe if you put down the mirror and the hairbrush once in a while, you’d be able to remember something as simple as a quill.” You smiled sarcastically as James laughed beside him. “Your hair isn’t even that great.” You knew you were lying really but the look of annoyance on Sirius’s face and the pure amusement on James’ was quite fun.

“Well, maybe if you got your nose out of a book once in a while you could actually interact with the rest of society.” Sirius joked, and you knew that the words were exactly that, a joke so you didn’t take any of it to heart and you knew he wouldn’t either.

“What so you mean talk to people like you? I’ll pass.” You screwed up your face sarcastically and gave a fake jokey smile. Sirius gave a chuckle.

“Oh damn! You just got burned, and by burned, I mean detonated. Just lie down and die. There is no bouncing back from that one.” James laughed, and you couldn’t really tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but you didn’t really care as Sirius looked impressed with a quiet smile and you couldn’t help but smile back.

That was until you heard a squeaky cough come from behind you. Swivelling back around to face the front of the class you were met with Flitwick’s rather angry stare. He gave the 4 of you a lecture about paying attention before rushing over to a student who had managed to nearly blind another with a misdirected spell.

It wasn’t until dinner that you saw Sirius again. You were just sitting with a small group of friends from your house when Angie once again stormed over angrily. She started to go on about stupid pranks and her hair before her attack became more personal and if you weren’t enemies with her before well, you were now.

Some of the other students had once again tuned in for more drama and some were even laughing along at Angie’s insults. That was until she abruptly stopped as she spotted someone. You looked over just in time to see Sirius and his friends walking over. Angie stood up a bit straighter and tried to primp her hair. You rolled your eyes so hard you were sure you could see the back of your head.

Angie greeted Sirius with a (not-so) charming smile, but he didn’t seem to return the gracious greeting.

“Angie, leave Y/n alone.” Sirius flashed you a small smile before he turned to Angie with a rather malicious smirk. “How’s the hair by the way?” There was something knowing in his tone and she must have caught on because she looked even more outraged than usual as she stormed past the both of you, her hand over the quickly re-growing patch of hair.

Sirius’ friends all clapped him on the back before leaving for their own table, but he stayed, smiling at you. His hands were in his pocket as he nodded towards the large door and before you could even register the movement you were nodding and getting up from your seat.

The entrance hall was deserted because many people were currently tucking into their dinner as the rumble in your stomach reminded you. But how could anyone resist Sirius Black and the air of mystery and adventure that followed him and of course that godforsaken smile. Your brain must have ceased to function as you stood there because you didn’t know what to do or how to act or if you should start talking first-

“I wanted to say sorry.” Sirius’ voice pulled you out of your spiral of thoughts.

“What? What for?” You knew your expression must have been a picture with your tightly furrowed brows and half a smile on your lips. Sirius laughed.

“For being an annoying prick earlier.” You were surprised and were just about to say there was no need for an apology when his next words stunned you even further. “I actually think you’re pretty cute when you have your nose in a book.” He smirked again and yep, your brain had definitely turned to mush at this point whilst your heart was beating faster than a drum. You hadn’t even thought he’d noticed you before. Maybe Sirius was a legilmens because he was hasty to dismiss your next train of thought. “I don’t watch you, I just see you around a lot and you always seem to read. I even saw you reading at a quidditch game before.”  He looked at you as if you were crazy, but it was in a fond sort of way. He remained calm and never let the smirk fade from his lips even as a small tint of red crept up his neck.

You gave a little laugh and nodded to indicate his statement’s truth. You thought quickly and then realised you owed him an apology. “I’m sorry too.” Sirius looked on at you confusedly, quirking his head and eyebrow at you. “Your hair is actually nice.” You ran a hand through his locks for emphasis and his smirk grew impossibly wider with another breathy chuckle. You blushed as your brain switched on and you realised what you were doing but you didn’t pull away and instead kept your fingers entangled in his hair. It was very soft. “Also thank you for helping me with Angie.”

Sirius nodded. “Ah well, that was revenge for both of us. I couldn’t see her upset you any further especially not after what happened in potions. And plus, she cheated on me so.” He shrugged causally but you saw a flicker of pain cross his face and your hand instinctively lowered from his hair to stroke his face. His smirk faded into a kind smile.

Someone called your name from the doorway to the great hall and you turned to see one of your friends. They reminded you that you had to study after dinner. You sighed with a roll of your eyes and a knowing nod. Another rumble in your stomach indicated that you needed food.

It must have been loud as Sirius let out a loud laugh. Your friend smiled before going back to re-join the table. “You better go, your dinner’s calling you.” Another laugh from the both of you before you nodded with a large grin. Your hand dropped back down to your side and Sirius made a little joking pout with his lips. You laughed once more and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

You turned to go back into the great hall before a hand gently grabbed your wrist. “Wait!” You turned back to meet Sirius’ warm eyes and felt like instantly melting to the floor. “Take this.” He handed you a small blank piece of parchment, you turned it over but there was nothing written. Sirius smiled at the confusion on your face.

“What am I meant to do with this?” You said to him with utter disbelief and confusion at such a gift. Sirius just kept smiling and even bit his lower lip as he shrugged again.

“I dunno? Just set it on fire, I guess.” His smile was so mischievous and wide that your suspicions heightened greatly. He backed away towards the grand staircase with one last wink as you still stood confused.

You felt a little like you were going crazy as you carefully set the parchment alight but instead of burning as would be expected, the parchment instead revealed a message in scribbled writing.


Will you go out on a date with me?

(ps. You can’t bring any books if you do)


It was so simple and sweet that it made every butterfly in your stomach flutter like mad. You kept a smile on your face for the rest of the day and even tucked the note into your robe pocket, so you could give him your reply.

When you saw him next in the great hall, you walked over to him and his friends. Remus and the other boy, Peter, you thought his name was greeted you as did James whilst Sirius just smirked and winked. You handed him the parchment back with a firm kiss to his cheek. All his friends made a chorus of ‘wooing’ noises as you walked away, and Sirius told them all to shut it as he read your reply, written carefully in ink.


Of course! Meet me at 5 outside the entrance hall.

(ps. Just one? If not, then you have to let me touch your hair again and tell me how you get it so soft)

Sirius was pleased that you didn’t have a book with you because you knew you wouldn’t need it. You often used reading to escape and you knew you wouldn’t have to do that with Sirius. He did let you run your fingers through his hair and once more when you kissed because although, he would probably never admit it, he loved it when people played with his hair especially you and that feeling combined with the one of your lips was one he could never forget.

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Step Three: Make Sure He Knows You Aren’t His/// Sirius Black x Reader

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SUMMARY: Everyone knew about Sirius Black. He was almost notorious for being a heart breaker, yet somehow girls always got drawn in. Maybe it was time that someone got revenge for all of those girls. 


WARNING(S): another Gryffindor party, Sirius being upsetti spaghetti :((

A/N: I was really excited to write this part so I really hope everyone likes it. 


   Step Three: Make Sure He Knows You Aren’t His 

   The closer you get to said player the more he’ll think he’s winning. He’ll think he’s the one playing you but as we both know, that’s not the case. Now is your first chance to let him know this. It’s as simple as this: flirt with someone else. This’ll work much better if it’s someone he’s close to. He’ll be riddled with jealousy. This will place his focus on you entirely. He may even begin to ignore other girls in favor of you. 


   You really hadn’t wanted to do this. You knew Sirius would eventually get hurt one way or another but you didn’t want it to be like this. You’d dragged the last step on as long as you could but after two days of aimless flirting you thought Sirius might start to get bored. You didn’t want him to move on. You knew if you were gonna do it you’d have to go all the way in. Go big or go home, as they say. It had to be one of the Marauders. 

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Cursed For Life | Part 07

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 986

Summary: Bully; Womanizer; Death Eater. Draco Malfoy is a name all students at Hogwarts fears; what they don’t know is that behind the hexes and that signature smirk of his, there’s pain, suffering, and regret. Draco Malfoy is more than a Hogwarts bully, more than Lord Voldemort’s puppet; he’s a tortured soul, misunderstood by all…

A/N: IT’S BEEN A THOUSAND YEARS, WOW! (I’m so sorry) I’m finally posting part 7, yay! The ending might seem a bit abrupt, but it felt like a decent spot to end so I did lol

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“I’m sorry…what did you just say?” The book you were reading falls to your lap, now forgotten as you gawk at Draco. He was seated in the chair opposite to the one you’ve been curled up in most of the day. “There must be a few chunks of leeks in my ears leftover from that damn leek jinx. Can you repeat that?”

Draco rolled his eyes at your dramatics, and yet he indulged your antics by repeating himself anyway. “Come with me to my house for Christmas break.”

You felt the muscles in your arm twitch with the desire to hurl your novel at him for making such a ludacris suggestion. “Are you insane?” you practically shouted, alerting the fellow housemates closest to you, their intense glares causing you to shrink in your chair just the slightest.

Draco smirked devilishly, clearly enjoying your embarrassment. “You okay there, Y/N?”

“Shut it.” You mumbled, hoping your cheeks weren’t bright red.

“To answer your obscene question, I am perfectly sane” Draco responded calmly, watching the flames of the fire dance with little interest.

You continued to gape at him like a fish as you tried to decipher what the hell goes on in his head. “Why in the bloody hell would I do that?”

“Maybe there you’ll find some of the answers you’re looking for…” he shrugged.

“Have you forgotten about the fact that I’m a Mudblood?” You pointed out. “And you want me to spend two weeks locked away with a family of, not just pure bloods, but pure bloods who are supporters of You-Know-Who? Have you completely lost your mind?”

“You act as if you’re going to be there alone. You’ll have me there to protect you.” Draco mumbled, shifting in his chair.

“I don’t know, Draco…” you trailed off.  

On the one hand, you could understand Draco’s point; in a house owned by one of the Dark Lord’s most trusted followers, there was bound to be some useful information around. And yet, it was a house crawling with Death Eaters. Being something that they despised would put you in great danger. Was the small possibility of there being answers worth the risk?

The sound of Draco clearing his throat caught your attention, breaking you out of your inner monologue. “This could be your only chance to figure out what that dream meant.” He whispered as he leaned forward in his seat, elbows resting on his knees as he gazed at you intently. “Think about it, alright?”  

His large hand hovered awkwardly over your thigh as he attempted to comfort you with a simple pat on the leg. You struggled to hold back a giggle as you watched Draco struggle with making physical contact.

But the moment his warm palm made contact with your upper leg, the corners of your mouth fell as you fought the urge to push his hand away. Despite the relatively thick material of the leggings that covered your legs, you could feel the heat of his palm against your skin as if the fabric weren’t even there. A swarm of butterflies suddenly erupted in the pit of your stomach, and you could feel heat rise in your now to rosey cheeks.

“Y-yeah, I will…” You stuttered, internally cringing at the way your voice cracked. If Draco had noticed the change in your demeanor, he made no comment on it. He simply nodded in acknowledgement before sinking back into his chair, eyes drifting to the scorching blaze of the fire crackling rhythmically.

A few days later, the day before students were meant to leave for the holiday, you found yourself standing before Draco in his dorm room as he was packing.

“I’ll go.” you said with determination. Draco stared at you blankly, confused for a moment by your seemingly abrupt declaration. You rolled your eyes at him before clarifying, “I’ll go with you to your home for the holidays.”

For a moment, he didn’t respond. He stood at the end of his bed, watching you with a look you couldn’t quite decipher plastered on his features. The intensity filling his eyes caught you off guard. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve already made up my mind, Draco. Don’t try to make me doubt my decision, okay?”

He held up his hands in defense, smirking at you. “Hey, I just want to make sure this is what you want, you know? Don’t want to hear you complaining later on.”  

You picked up a pair of folded socks, chucking it at his face. “You’re such an ass.”

“An ass you decided to spend two whole weeks with.” He snickered, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Nevermind. I’m not going.” You scowled, heading for the door.

Before you could even get your hand on the tarnished gold knob, a pair of hands were gripping your waist to stop you. Suddenly, you wished that you hadn’t decided to wear a crop top today. Despite the frigid weather outside, the Slytherin dorms were always warmed to a sweltering high temperature by the numerous fireplaces always burning.

You felt your pulse race as you found yourself focusing on the heat radiating from his fingertips against your bare skin. His skin felt surprisingly smooth against your own.

“Don’t leave.” Draco murmured, his breath tickling your ear and sending a shiver straight down your spine. Why was he standing so goddamn close to you? You caught a faint whiff of his cologne, a light citrus mixed with mint. And why the hell did he smell so damn good?

“Okay, okay,” you forced out an awkward laugh as you pushed his hands off, “No need to be so serious.” You knew that you sounded tense, but hoped that he didn’t draw attention to it.

Draco cautiously asked, “So you’re still coming?”

“Of course.” You grinned up at him, nudging his side with your elbow playfully. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

do yourself a favor and read “Oh God, Not Again!” by Sarah1281
  • it is a harry potter fanfic from like 2009, 160k words, 50 chapters
  • basically, adult Harry accidentally goes back in time and wakes up on his 11th birthday again, but with all his memories of the future intact
  • (the way he travels back makes no sense whatsoever but it doesn’t really matter)
  • harry decides upon 3 goals:
    • fuck up as much shit as possible
    • make a shitload of money
    • save some lives or whatever
  • it is
  • H I L A R I O U S
  • his go-to explanation for how he knows what’s going to happen?
  • he has a psychic scar
  • (hermione is SO PISSED about this)
  • (neville’s like “either he’s psychic, or he’s the greatest conman alive”)
  • everyone just sort of assumes harry’s insane and he doesn’t do much to dispute this
  • harry also decides to make it his mission in life to LOSE the house cup every year
  • “snape is my sole ally”
  • he also goes out of his way to befriend neville, ginny, and luna earlier this time, so they’re part of the gang throughout and it’s great
  • even draco is a friend!
  • (kind of)
  • (when harry’s not spreading a rumor that draco’s the lovechild of narcissa and snape, anyway)
  • harry’s motivation for everything he does in this story is basically, “oh, this will be hilarious
  • either that or, “it’s probably a tax deductible”
  • because the way lockhart is written in this story is also amazing and harry ends up teaming up with him to merchandise The Boy Who Lived so he can have cash to burn
    • (so he gets a LOT of shit done via bribes)
    • it gets to the point where harry is able to convince everyone that he’s not the heir of slytherin…. because if he was, he’d have found a way to make money off of it
    • and everyone’s like “yeah ok that checks out”
  • in this timeline, neville’s boggart isn’t snape…. it’s harry as the minister of magic
  • harry also decides to make sure cedric lives by quizzing him constantly on what to do if he ends up in a graveyard
    • harry: by the way, that reminds me – cedric. graveyard.
    • cedric, not even really listening: run like hell.
  • the sheer magnitude to which harry does not give a fuck in this timeline is truly awe-inspiring
    • he mouths off to everyone, and i mean everyone. lockhart, snape, the dursleys, malfoy, friggin’ voldemort
  • everyone is like “what… what the fuck, harry”
    • (though by the end of first year it’s more like “… *deep sigh* … fine.
    • snape is so angry
  • it’s fucking hysterical and just about everyone ends up better off
  • here’s the link
  • thank me later

so basically

  • i’m tired of draco being the clean one and harry being the messy one when it comes to things like how they keep their rooms and such
  • like draco snot-face malfoy grew up with house elves and probably never had to do a chore in his prissy stuck up life
  • meanwhile harry lived with the dursleys, and most likely had to make sure there wasn’t a single microscopic piece of dust so that petunia’s bitch ass didn’t have to walk on a floor that wasn’t clean af
  • like, those are habits they probably won’t get rid of because they’re just so ingrained in them
  • so when draco grows up and gets his own flat, he probably has shit all over the floor, clothes that somehow got on a silk lampshade, and expensive used tea bags in the sink.
  • harry’s flat, however, probably has sparkling floors, a pantry organised by food group and then colour, clothes are always folded and put away, things like that
  • so long story short draco is messy af and harry is tidy and when they move in together harry just about has a heart attack when he has to share a flat with this absolute heathen, but it’s okay because they love each other and live happily ever after

y’all don’t understand how goddamn GRATIFYING it is to see that your fanfic has got a comment like you can just hit the kudos button and then exit the fanfic but then when you end up actually typing out a comment it means that you have acually thought about the fanfic and actually TYPED OUT A COMMENT and is willing to give constructive criticism that is so exciting and means. so much. to the author 


Tom Felton: I dont ship drarry anymore
Tom’s soul:
Tom’s heart:
Tom Felton: … Ok c’mon i was just kidding


anon🌻 said: Listen…I know everyone is shipping MC x Bill together, and I do too lbr, but Charlie x MC? Iconic, legendary, extravaganza ship that I am here for. Like I just imagine MC popping by a lil early for Bill’s wedding to Fleur and the Weasley’s are so happy!! Charlie especially ;)) so Harry, Hermione are shoooooook when MC gives Charlie a lil kiss bc wHO IS THIS KISSING CHARLIE?? Bc little do they know…MC and Charlie have been seeing each other since their days at Hogwarts ;))

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The Burrow is in high spirits at the morning of the wedding. The dangers had melted into the yesterday, long forgotten in a haze of excitement and preparation. Molly Weasley is running around with her wand, making the last adjustments necessary and secretly wiping away the tears of joy from her eyes – her oldest son, William, is getting married today. And while she still does not fancy Fleur that much, nor does Ginny, if the French woman loves him and he loves her that is all that matters in the end. Everyone needs a breather, a happy moment to forget about the upcoming wizarding war. And so, Molly, commanding her children to either help or get out of her way, distracted and at ease, screams when she notices you standing in the doorway.

Rumbling and concerned whispers of questions ring out from a floor above as quick feet run down the staircase. Molly, now relieved of a heart attack, watches a grin slowly light up your face as her hands fall from her lips, “Oh, Merlin—(Name)!” With a happy cry she hurriedly engulfs you into an embrace, one you return quickly, “You nearly scared me to death!” She adds as she pulls away.

“One of my many talents, Molly.” You say, your eyes wandering to the both unfamiliar and familiar faces standing behind her. Charlie Weasley grins at you, shaking his head softly as he puts his wand away and approaches. A boy with a lightning scar – you assume that is the famous Harry Potter himself – stands stunned in silence next to Ginny, Ron, and a girl with curly, shabby hair. But before Charlie can save you from his mother, Ginny jumps into a sprint with a gleeful smile and hugs you tightly.

“I missed you, (Name)!” She admits, pulling away after a good moment; she catches your gaze, and her eyes twinkle, “It’s been hell and chaos without you.”

“Oh trust me, it’s not much better with me, really.” You reply cheekily, your eyes wandering to the second youngest Weasley boy, “Hello, Ronald.”

He blushes behind his freckles, “…Hi.”

Finally, you turn to Charlie, he patiently waiting for the Weasley women to stop crowding you and smothering you in their protective grips. Ginny smiles knowingly and excuses herself, heading straight for Harry and tugging the confused boy away. What he does manage to catch is Charlie kissing the side of your lips in a silent hello, and then it all finally clicks – you are the one the Weasleys always talk about! (Name) (Lastname), a curse-breaking legend.

Hermione silently watches as Mrs Weasley gushes, asking when the next wedding will take place. She curiously glances at Ron, finding him smiling softly, already looking at her. He slowly leans in, close enough to whisper, “Not many know this, but Charlie and (Name) have been together since Hogwarts.”

“…But that’s her? That’s really her?” She whispers harshly, excitement teetering on the edge of her tongue, “Ron, she’s one of the most famous curse-breakers in the world…” She then blushes, “And…and my idol.”

“I can introduce you to her, if you want.” He says proudly. She glares at him

Hardly. You can barely talk to her without blushing.”

“Hey! She’s my idol too!”

As they started to bicker they failed to notice that you and Charlie had long left to get your things, hand in hand, chatting eagerly about your adventures with Jacob and when the said male will arrive. Molly had returned to cleaning, yet still mumbled about how ‘pretty you looked’ and how ‘Charlie better propose soon’. The Burrow was back to its signature chaotic mess, this time with you adding into the mix.

A perfect start to a perfect day.

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This is How it Happened

This is how I believe the Drarry proposal happened:

  If there was one thing Harry and Draco knew how to do, it was argue. They’d been arguing with each other since first year, and that didn’t stop when they finally got together after the war.

  Most of the time they argued about little things: whose turn it was to wash the dishes, which movie they were going to watch that night, whether or not their living room needed a giant bear statue (Harry hated it. Draco loved it because Harry hated it). Sometimes their arguments were more serious. Neither of them would soon forget their biggest fight. It ended in Harry leaving their flat for five hours (the longest they’d ever stayed mad at each other). They were both a mess by the time he returned, and they spent the rest of the night making up.

  They always made up.

  Harry and Draco were always arguing with each other, so it wasn’t really a surprise that their engagement was the result of an argument.

  “I’m sorry, but I am not naming my child Reginald.” Harry and Draco were laying on their bed, it was a rare lazy day when neither of them had anywhere to be. The dreadful London weather gave them an excuse to spend the whole day wrapped up in each other. Somehow, they’d found themselves in a discussion about their imaginary house in the mountains with their imaginary children.

  Harry absently ran his hand through Draco’s hair again. It was something he always did when his boyfriend was anywhere within reaching distance. The feeling soothed them both. Besides, he had to make up for all the years that he wasn’t allowed to touch it.

  “Fine,” Draco sighed. “It doesn’t have to be Reginald. It can be Chauncey, and the girl can be called Gertrude.” Harry visibly cringed. He was starting to wonder if Draco was just messing with him, but when he looked down at him, his face showed no trace of humor.

  “It’s like you got these from a list of terrible baby names.” He remarked. Draco sat up and gave Harry one of his unlimited supply of dirty looks.

  “Well what do you suggest?” 

  “What about Lily and James?” Harry bit his lip and avoided making eye contact with Draco. He’d actually been thinking about baby names a lot lately and he couldn’t think of a better way to honor his parents.

  “After your parents?” Draco asked, incredulously. “You want to name our daughter and son after your parents who were married? Don’t you think that’s a bit weird? Why don’t we just call them Lucius and Narcissa then?” Harry was sitting up now too, obviously annoyed. Draco knew that he had hit a soft spot, and he knew he should back off, but he was never one to admit that he was in the wrong.

 “Because, you hate your father! And you know I respect your mother but- I don’t know. It was just a thought, but those are my parents’ names. Do you have to look so disgusted at the suggestion?” Draco felt his face crack. He knew they were drifting into dangerous territory, and they’d just had such a nice day… he didn’t want to spoil it.

  “I wasn’t trying to look that way, honest. I just think maybe we should try something more regal, y’know? So the kids at Hogwarts know that our little ones come from the best.”

  “Are you kidding?” Harry asked, a small smile playing at his lips. “These are the children of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy we’re talking about. Everyone will know who they are before they walk onto that train.” He shook his head, trying to gather his thoughts. “I don’t even know why we’re having this argument. Maybe when we adopt, the baby will already-”

  “Excuse me?” Draco interrupted him. “When we adopt? I will not be getting my baby from a muggle orphanage. How do you expect him to be top of his class at Hogwarts if he has no magical abilities?”

  “I mean,” Harry started. “I wasn’t really thinking ab-”

  “Exactly,” Draco cut in again. “You weren’t. We’ll get a surrogate. I already have a list of the best witches available to do the job.” Harry looked at his boyfriend, completely stunned by this announcement.

  “And I suppose you’ll be the father?” He asked.

  “Well, I thought-”

  “Unbelievable!” Harry burst out, standing up. “So you’ve already had all of this planned out?”

  “Of course, I-”

  “Do I not get a say in any of this? Do I not get a choice in-”

  “I thought this was the future you wanted for us!” Now Draco was standing on the opposite side of the bed, mirroring Harry’s hurt expression. They were both yelling. “Isn’t this what it’s all for, Harry? The life? The kids? The bloody happy ending? Excuse me for thinking about our future.” Harry tried to ignore the way Draco spit out the words “happy ending”. Of course it was all for the happy ending. Neither of the boys had even considered that they would get one. They both thought they would die at the hands of Voldemort. So now that they had a chance at one, it was all either of them could imagine, but Harry’s version didn’t end like this.

  “I want that more than anything, Draco. I want the life, the kids, the future, but you don’t get to make all of the decisions. It has to be a compromise.” Harry threw his hands up in the air, his voice rising with every sentence. “You can’t just not include me in your planning! Besides, you’re getting way ahead of yourself. When were you planning on us moving into this big house? When did you plan our wedding, do I get to know that? When did you even plan on us getting engaged?”

  “Tonight!” Draco exclaimed.

  Then no one was yelling. The silence stretched on between them for what felt like hours. Without a word, Draco reached into his bedside table and pulled out a small, navy blue box. When he spoke again, his voice was barely above a whisper. “I was planning on proposing tonight.” Harry was stunned into silence. Draco dropped down on the bed, facing away from him. “I’ve been trying to work up the nerve for a while. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, or when, I just knew that I needed to ask you. Because you are my only plan, Harry.”

 Suddenly, he felt something drop into his lap. He looked down to see an identical navy blue box, and before he realized what that meant, Harry was wrapping his arms around him from behind.

 “Mine too,” He whispered in Draco’s ear. “You’re my only plan too.”

That was the end of that argument, and the beginning of a lifetime of them.

Ravenclaw: if a car was going to hit you and you couldn’t jump to the side, jump up you will have a better chance of survival.

Ravenclaw: I feel like you would need that information

Slytherin: If I saw a car coming towards me I wouldn’t move, I would stand still and let it hit me.

Ravenclaw: …wow

Honestly if you think that Harry Potter could just settle down and pop out some kids in a healthy happy relationship immediately after a lifetime of abuse, grief, and life threatening situations

You might just be JK Rowling.

But seriously, stop. No. That shit wouldn’t happen. Lmao 😂

Okay but, hear me out: Harry Potter- but with Gina Linetti’s personality

Hagrid: Yer a wizard Harry.

Harry: I knew it. No one could be as perfect as me without a little magic happening.

Rita: Mr. Potter, how did you feel when you realised you were famous?

Harry, swirling a wine glass full of butterbeer in one hand: Well Ms. Skeeter, I always knew all men were at least 30% attracted to me, so it honestly wasn’t that much of a stretch to find out I underestimated my own popularity.

Harry: The downside of being such a humble human being

Harry: -so yeah I can speak to snakes.

Hermione: Why didn’t you tell us, Harry?

Ron: Mate you can trust us.

Draco: Yeah Potter, would’ve been nice to know beforehand.

Harry, shrugs and examines his nails: The only reason I didn’t tell you is I don’t value you as people, so why be honest?

Harry: Wait, you only became friends with me because I’m famous and your dad told you to? Not cool Draco, I thought this was a genuine friendship.

Draco: You said you were only going to hang out with me because you wanted to see if it was my hair or my personality that was the reason I have no real friends.

Harry: Yeah but that was before I knew I could get up on this high horse. I’m loving the view up here. *makes clip-clop noises and pretends to gallop away*

Harry: Bitch, I’m Harry Potter, I do what I want.

Fudge: Harry, as you predicted, there was some backlash to the Dementor initiative.

Harry: Yes. I’m the Nostradamus of your shame.

Ron: So Harry what house do you think you’ll be in?

Harry: Well Ron, I think I would make the perfect Slytherin based on my skill set, dance ability, and bloodlust.

Harry: Also, I look great in green.

Harry: How is it possible that a spirit such as yourself even knows Snape?

Lucius: I’d like to call it karma for having such great hair.

Hermione: Harry! You quit occlumancy lessons with Snape already?

Harry, shrugs: Yeah.

Hermione: What happened? I thought you were going to ‘last forever bitches.’

Harry: Turns out I gave up easy. 

Harry, looks up to the sky: You hear that bitches? I gave up so easy.

How to Fall in Love: For Dummies

Overview: Modern AU. You and Sirius have been best friends for years now, but after six months of living with him, you realize that maybe you liked him as more than a friend. The plan? To make him realize the same thing in just three, foolproof steps.

Word Count: About 7,800. (I’m so sorry, LOL.)

Warning(s): Suggestive scenes, language, sexual tension, drinking, intoxication, jealousy, mutual pining.

Author’s Note: Roommate AU. I genuinely had so much fun writing this. If this happened to me I’d be so happy, I’d probably spontaneously combust. :’/ Hope you like it!


It wasn’t everyday Sirius came home drunk at two in the morning with his shirt missing and a bright, red mark apparent on his forehead.

Sure, you occasionally went out for a few drinks every so often, but you had both left your party days behind you during your first years of university. So the reason Sirius chose to get this intoxicated tonight was beyond you.

“Holy shit, Sirius,” you exclaimed, rushing to meet him at the doorway. “What happened to you?”

“A night out with the lads turned into a competition of who could handle pull the longest.” He leaned in as you put your arm around his torso, giving you a wry smile. “I, of course, had to keep the championship title.”

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Me: *pretends to kill a character but then saves them*

Readers: omg I thought they were dead for real! I’m shooketh™

Me, internally: ahah you fools I have a pathological need for happy endings so you ain’t getting any of that cause if I cry one more tear I swear I’ll die



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A/n: Welcome to my masterlist of my stories! Hope you find some stories to your liking. Anything in bold is a WIP (work in progress). This will be updated every so often when needed. As a reminder about requests (and for new followers) as you can tell I write a lot of Weasley twin x reader fics but I am open to any character within the Harry Potter series (just be warned some will be written out of character because I might not be able to write them as well as others). My tags can be easily accessed on my main page (which is all fancy). Thank you lovelies <3

(1k fic = A story I wrote during for my 1k celebration)

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Imagine defending Severus from the Marauders as they’d make fun of him for finally confessing his feelings for you

\(Wooo more Snape 😊He’s such a cutie! Sorry if the gift isn’t young!Snape exactly…I just wanted to put a gift of Alan Rickman instead…So hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

As Severus looked outside towards the park, his eyes could only seem to focus and linger on you sitting by the tree near the Black lake, studying and minding your books.

For once he didn’t mind being stopped while studying as soon enough he became mesmerized by the scenery before him.

Shifting in his seat to get a better look at you, he raised himself slightly and ended up smiling to notice the slight mess of books around you, thinking that it seemed you were just as pilled up as he was with finals.

Seeing you sitting there on your own, he could only wonder as to how nice it would be to study by your side. However, slowly his thoughts turned into wondering as to how it would feel be to finally go up to you and confessing his feelings for you.

Feelings, he had been harbouring for you for the past years as you both grew closer to one another. You were always so nice to him since he’s met you in school, helping him when he needs it most and making him feel like he was more than welcome by your side.

Caring, was the word he’d used to describe you most of the time in his mind and surely he believed no one could ever refute you from being like that.

He liked that you would go out of your way to partner up with him in most of your classes and make it seem so natural. Even when you’d joke about it, saying you’re only with him in potions because it gave you time to study for other classes or even get you the time to take a nap since he’s so good at it, you made him feel like he was a part of something.

He had imagined several ways to do so in the past but never really had the courage to act on them for fear you might reject him.

He knew the worse you could say to him was a simple “no”, knowing in his heart you wouldn’t ever purposely hurt him or even raise your tone at him. It wasn’t in your nature to hurt people for fun or anything and that he was thankful for. Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but think that you might unintentionally make fun of him for it.

As he sat back down and tried to focus on his own books, it didn’t took him long for his mind to run all over the idea of confessing to you again. He couldn’t help but imagine you the way he wanted things to go, you smiling and getting bashful from his words before nodding to be his.

It warmed his heart to think about it and made him realize that maybe it was finally the time to tell you the words he wanted you to know for so long. For a moment he forgot any of his worries and looked back at you, realizing he had just made up his mind.

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I just, why not?

Harry: I just.. I just don’t understand.

Voldemort: What?

Harry: why Voldemort?

Voldemort: because it’s a very fine wizard name and also there’s a very clever anag-

Harry: yes, yes I am Voldemort is Tom Marvolo Riddle, we get it. It’s just seems like a lot of effort.

Voldemort: Okay what the fuck do you suggest?

Harry: Marvolo! The one magical part of your name?! Lord Marvolo seems like a decent guy, I would vote for Lord Marvolo!

Voldemort: … Voldemort is French for Flight from Death

Harry: Marvolo means marvelous.


Harry: don’t need to know French for that dickhead

how april fools is gonna be like..

Harry: Hermione, look how I’m going to prank that Malfoy!

*Few moments later*

Harry: Hey Draco….  I love you.

Draco: yASss! I LovE yOu ToO!!1111

Draco: *slams harry onto the floor*

Hermione, whispering: that potter git did it on purpose.