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Happy Birthday, Harry! (February 1st, 1994)

When you wake up everyday, you get a chance to think what you wanna do with your day, what you want to put into the world that day, and who you want to be. Be a lover. Choose love. Give love. Love everyone, always. Always, give as much love as you can. I love you.


Harry, the warmest English muffin, the king of my heart, the wildest flower, the sweetest creature.  Your smile is the best gift you can give the world and I’ll be thankful for you forever.  Happy birthday 💜 


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you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve

Harry’s Birthday Drabble

“Hi hun,” Draco said as he handed Harry a cup of coffee with a side order of a kiss, “How’s the birthday boy doing.”

“Better now that I have this,” Harry giggled as he placed down the morning paper and lifted the cup of this mouth.

Draco took his first sip of his peppermint tea as he found his place on the couch next to his boyfriend. “So, what does Rita Skeeter say you’re up to today?”

“Oh, the usual. I’m throwing the biggest party on the back of a dragon.”

“Are you also having another divorce and marriage soon?”

“Of course, it wouldn’t be a Rita article without a few.”

Without warning, he heard a stampede of little feet racing down the hallway. “Happy Birthday!” yelled a little Scorpius, jumping into Harry’s lap, with a little, messily wrapped present hidden behind his back.

“Thank you, Scorp,” he said as he placed Scorp next to him on the couch, “Wow, that was almost as effective at waking me up as the coffee.”

“Say, what’s that behind your back?” Draco pipped in, trying to act as surprised as possible.

Scorp laughed, “But you helped make it, Dadda.”

“Shh, Harry doesn’t know that!”

“Oh right!” he screamed as he pushed the package out in front of him, his arms as long as they could go with his face beaming with excitement.

Harry started to attempt to tear into the medium-sized circle. Attempt. The little package had about 5 rolls of tape holding together 4 different wrapping papers. Clearly knowing what was about to happen, Draco pushed a pair of scissors closer to Harry while trying to contain a bit of laughter at the sight of Harry trying so hard to maneuver around the obstacle.

After 5 minutes, all the paper was removed to show a smooth rock with a pair of googly eyes, glasses, the smallest scar he’s ever seen, and what looks like a red and gold scarf.


“I see that,” he giggled, holding it carefully in his hand as he kissed Scorp on the head,  “I love it!”

“Now, don’t you think you should get dressed for breakfast?”

“Hurray!! Breakfast!” screamed Scorpius as he ran back to his room at full speed to get changed.

“So, what did you get me?” Harry laughed as he inched closer to Draco.

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

“Aww c’mon.”

“Fine,” he sighed as he gave Harry a fast peck on the cheek, “There’s a sample. You can get the rest of it at the party.”

“I doubt you can beat the sample.”

“Just watch me,” Draco replied, pulling Harry into a hug, “Happy Birthday, Love.”