harry being embarrassed by sirius coming to all this quidditch games

Enemies To Lovers (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Summary: You’re Harry’s twin sister and end up in a relationship with Darco after a truth or dare kiss .

Warnings : Swearing, implied smut, Sirius’ death.

(Authors Note : This is bad with like no plot and I kind of hate it but I needed to write something so here you go.)


My brother is going to have a fit.

That’s of course the first thought that comes to mind as my lips are pressed against Draco Malfoy’s amidst a game of truth or dare. Me, (Y/N) fucking Potter is kissing a Malfoy.

Why does this feel so good?

Is my second thought as his tongue slides across my bottom lip and his hands fall to my waist. His lips are amazingly soft and I can’t help bring my hands to his platinum hair as I’ve so wished to do for so long.

How much have I had to drink?

He tastes of fire whisky as he grants me access to his mouth and I feel dizzy, even when we pull apart it feels like the world is spinning as I stare, dumbfounded at the Mafloy I despise so much delivering a kiss so well. I kind of feel like I’ve forgotten how to breathe. I look down at my glass just to make sure I’m not completely pished but it’s hardly empty at all and I gulp.

What am I doing?“

Why did I come to this party in the first place and what the hell are the slytherins doing here? This was meant to be a victory party for Gryffindor quidditch team but perhaps the Slytherin students came to crash it but are actually enjoying themselves. Whatever the reason, I should not have kissed Malfoy and enjoyed it.

Malfoy looks just as bewildered as I feel and Zabini beside him coughs awkwardly making us turn back to the group.

"Dude, when I said kiss her, I meant peck her on the lips for a second.” He whispers to his blonde haired friend who doesn’t have the decency to blush. My face however, is burning in embarrassment and I turn quickly to see Harry staring at me like I’ve grown horns, his glass close to falling from his hand and I open my mouth to explain when Ron, who’s eyes are just as wide and full of horror, comes to my rescue.

“Right, well Malfoy, your turn to ask.” Ron says, swiftly changing the subject and Malfoy coughs, bringing himself back to reality.

“Yeah,” He nods. “Uh, Pansy, truth or dare?”

I stop paying attention after that, I try to analyse Draco Malfoy, who’s not being very subtle with his staring and I feel the need to snap at him but I can’t bring myself to say anything to him right now, not after that kiss, that kiss that has managed to mess with my head because now Draco Malfoy looks so hot and all I want to do lean in and kiss him again.


The next day when I wake up almost disappointed to find I remember everything from last night and that I officially can not blame my alcohol consumption and as I sit at the gryffindor table with Hermione, glad for the absence of my brother at this moment in time because apparently I can’t tear my eyes off the Slytherin table where Draco Malfoy is sat, stormy grey eyes on mine.

“So what happened last night after I went to bed?” Hermione asks, sipping her tea casually.

“No one has told you?” I ask, surprised by this.

“No but there has be a lot of whispering.”

“Well we played truth of dare.” I say.

“That’s all?”

“I kissed Malfoy.” I finish and her mouth drops open.

“On a dare I assume?” She says and I nod.

“I didn’t willing kiss the prat.” I argue but I gulp before continuing. “but I also didn’t stop kissing him.”

“Oh God.” Hermione sighs. “Harry is not going to be happy.”

“No I don’t think so.” I agree, taking a drink of my hot chocolate just as a small paper bird flutters over and I nearly choke on my drink as it lands in front of me.

I look up to see Malfoy staring again and I turn to Hermione who only nods encouragingly as I start to unfold it.


Meet me by the forest tonight?

Your arch nemesis,                                                                                                                                                  

Draco Malfoy ”    

“Well, can’t say he doesn’t have a sense of humour.” I say. “but what do I do?”  

“He probably just wants to tell you to keep quiet.” She explains.

“Oh, you’re right, as usual.” I say, sighing in relief.        

“Well, what was the kiss like?”

Thinking about it makes me feel a little fluttery.

“God it was amazing ‘mione.” I whisper. “and that worries me a lot.”

“What does?”

I look up to find Harry looking down at me frowning.

“Hello, Harry.” I say. “How are you after last night?”

“Better than you probably,"He says. "How drunk were you to kiss Malfoy?”

Not as much as wish I was.

“I know, crazy right?"I force a laugh and he smirks, sitting down across from me, obstructing my view of the Slytherin table.

"Not as crazy as the fact you looked like you were enjoying it.” He grins.

“What?” I squeak.

“I’m just kidding you, Sis.” He chuckles. “No one would kiss that slime ball.”

“Of course.” I say, forcing a grin.


How do I always end up in this situation?

I’d met him at the forest expecting him to tell me keep my mouth shut about our kiss, I didn’t expect to be pressed against a tree as Draco Malfoy leaves sloppy kisses down my jaw and neck as I fail to suppress the moans that leave my lips making him smirk against my skin.

“Shut up, Malfoy.” I growl. “And enjoy it while you can because it’s not happening again.”

“We’ll see, Potter.”

His hands push my shirt up, untucking it from my skirt, allowing his hands to roam my bare skin as he brings his lips up to mine again and I’m mesmerised by the feeling all over again.

How am I supposed to hate the prick when he’s such a good bloody kisser?

He pulls back and looks me up and down with a smirk.

“We should be going before your friends send a search party.” He says and I nod, standing straight and sorting myself out. “Your brother would have a hissy fit.”

“Indeed.” I mumble, flattening my hair down and pushing my glasses up.

“Probably go the same colour as Weasley’s hair.”

“Do you ever shut up?” I ask and he smirks at me.

“Touchy when it comes to your friends?”

“You’re an insufferable arsehole, you know that?” I snap and he frowns.

“And you’re Princess Potter? Little Miss Perfect?” He spits. “Step off your high horse.”

“Says the self-righteous twat who’s been on his own little pedestal since first year!” I hiss and he looks at me angrily.

“At least I’m not in the shadow if my twin brother all the time!"He spits. "What’s it like being sister to the Golden Boy?”

“Pretty good.” I spit. “Why, are you looking for something else to tell your father?”

We’re shouting now and I am filled with anger.

“Just piss off, Potter!” He shouts.

“Gladly!” I snap angrily, turning on my heels at walking back towards the castle.

“Same time tomorrow?” He calls after me, still sounding angry.

“Of course!” I shout back, grunting in anger.

What a dickhead.


“So what’d he want?” Hermione asks when I step into the dorm.

“Just told me to keep my mouth shut.” I lie. “Then we got into an argument so nothing unusual.”

“What a prick."She tuts and I smile at having convinced her.

"I’m going to go to bed, 'Mione.” I yawn and she nods.

“Okay, I’ll see you in the morning.”



Draco and I’s relationship did start as just fooling around, I can’t deny that. We’d get into an argument and within the next hour we’d be in a broom closet or the prefect bathrooms, sometimes after a party he’d take me up to his dorm, knowing everyone will be either too drunk to realise or actually get to bed. It was defusing tension that was built up in our ridiculous fights. However, I didn’t realise that even with our mutual hatred for each other, I’d be able to actually like  him.

I don’t notice that unconsciously, we’ve shaped ourselves into a serious relationship until we’re lying in bed together, clothes strewn around us after last nights activities, just talking as he plays with my hair. He’s not calling me Potter any more, he’s calling me (Y/N) just as I’m calling him Draco.

“I don’t want to leave.” I whisper and he nods in agreement, leaning down to kiss my forehead.

“I know, (Y/N).” He says. “but they’ll be awake soon.”

“I know.” I mumble.

He chuckles and I find my self frowning again.

“We used to hate each other.” He explains.

“We did.” I say. “I don’t even remember becoming so… domestic.”

“Me neither, it was bound to happen soon enough though.”

“Well, Draco.” I say. “I can say that I no longer despise you.”

“Me too."He smirks.

"I mean I still have a bit of me that hates your stupid opinions and your sometimes shitty personality but you really are just a big sweetie, a proper gentleman.”

“Well, I still kind of hate it when you act all high and mighty but you really are the most amazing girl, you know?” He smiles and I can feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

“I can’t leave when you say stuff like that.” I whisper.

“I wish you didn’t have to.” He whispers in reply.

This is when I see Blaise tossing and turning beside us and I gulp.

“But your brother will have my head.” He finishes, unwrapping his arms from my waist and I sigh, jumping out of his bed and flinging my clothes on , blowing a playful kiss to Draco before leaving.


Finding time to spend with Draco somehow becomes harder as we both fling our self into our different duties. Draco into Umbridges little club and myself into Dumbldore’s Army. He’s been trying to lead Umbridge away from us as we practice while also trying to uphold his pure blood reputation.

It’s also getting harder and harder  to hide our relationship from our friends. Hermione couldn’t possibly be more suspicious of why I keep coming back to our dorm late and why I seem to keep calling our blonde nemesis “Dra-malfoy”. Harry could be more suspicious still as I am questioned constantly about my frequent late arrivals to DA meetings. My excuses are getting weaker and weaker but still no one has found out.


No one finds out until I come back from the Department of Mysteries, my brother and I both broken, Sirius dead. It’s just Harry, Hermione, Ron and I in the Gryffindor common room, I’m wrapped in Harry’s arms as I hold back tears when we turn to the portrait door, hearing It creak open. I stand when I see him, his grey eyes so full of concern.

“Draco.” I whisper and Harry stands with me, an arm around my shoulder protectively.

“Come to gloat, Malfoy?” He asks.

“Harry, it’s fine.” I say.

I take a step away from my protective brother, falling into my boyfriends arms and letting him hold me. I disregard the judgement of my family and friends, melting into Draco’s warm embrace and letting myself feel safe. I don’t notice I’m crying until Draco pulls back, lifting a hand to my cheek and wiping a tear away with his thumb.

“I’m so sorry, my love.” He says. “I know how much he meant to you.”

“He’s gone, Draco.” I mumble. “Why does everyone always leave?”

He doesn’t say anything but sighs sympathetically.

“You’ll leave one day too, everyone I care about ends up hurt somehow.”

“I’ll never leave you, (Y/N)."He assures me. "I love you.”

He’s never said it before and it makes my heart do all sorts of acrobatics in my chest. I don’t even think about my baffled friends by my side.

“I love you too.” I say, making him smile, leaning down to kiss me on the lips.

“What the fuck is going on?” Harry snaps and I jump at the harshness of his voice.

“Harry, calm down.” I say but he’s not having it.

“My sister is in love with my arch nemesis- no our arch nemesis.” He says to himself more than anyone else. “I could really do without this right now.”

“I can explain.” I say.

“I know, and you will, both of you.” He says. “Start from the beginning.”

“Okay.” I start. “So it started at the party-”

“Oh boy…” Ron mumbles before Harry starts to rant.

“The party? That drunk kiss started it?” He fumes. “Are you kidding me?”

“We didn’t expect it, it started as meaningless sex-” I start but he glares at me with so much anger I slam my lips shut.

“Meaningless- you were sleeping together?” He cries. “Are you that stupid, (Y/N)? He’s a Malfoy!”

“Listen here Harry James Potter.” I snap. “Who do you think stopped Umbrdige from finding us so soon? Or warned us about Marietta Edgecomb spilling about the DA? Or who helped me reach Sirius all those times from Umbridges office? .”

Harry goes silent while he takes it all in, staring with his jaw hanging open.

“It may has started as a… fling.” I sigh, choosing my words carefully. “But it’s more now, I love him.”

“I hate this.” Harry sighs. “And I hate him.”

He points at Draco who nods understandingly.

“But if you love him- and he swears never to hurt you or I will hunt him down, then I can’t do anything to stop you.”

“I won’t hurt her, Po- Harry.” Draco speaks up. “I never will, I promise.”

He holds his hand out for my brother to shake and Harry takes it cautiously.

“Don’t dare hurt her, Malfoy.” He says. “She’s my family and I will kill you if something bad happens to her.”

“You have my word.”

I smile at the two of them, my brother and my boyfriend, far from getting on but at least they respect each other now.

“I’m sorry about your loss, from what (Y/N) has told me, Sirius was a great man.” Draco says and Harry nods.

“He was, he really was amazing.” Harry sighs.

I think back to all those conversations I’d shared with Sirius while Draco guarded the door of Umbridge’s office.

“He’s out there isn’t he?” He’d asked, the embers of the fire still seeming to outline a ridiculous smirk. “Your little blonde secret is on look out.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Pads.” I’d denied.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Harry about Malfoy, your secret is safe with me.”

“Yeah.” I smile. “He really was something.”

James and Lily live...

Snapshots of the Potter Family if James and Lily hadn’t died:

  • The Potter house is huge and warm, with red brick walls and giant windows. Sunlight streams through the open curtains, and tiny specks of dust hang suspended in the warm glow of the beams.
  • The color of the walls are a slightly different shade in every room, ranging from burgundy, to gold, to chestnut, to white, and to scarlet (and just about every color in between).
  • The coloring, of course, is a result of Lily’s multiple attempts to paint the house, but getting sidetracked partway through each time.
  • The floors are hardwood (with some tiling in the bathrooms) but they’re covered in a mismatched assortment of rugs.
  • Some are large and shaggy, other are small with pretty designs, and there’s a horrid olive-green one under the couch that no one really knows where it came from.
  • James thinks the rugs are charming, that they “bring character to the house.” Lily says that she hates them (but, in truth, she has a soft spot for the hazardous appearance of their house).
  • Their house is full of family pictures, and they also have a strange painting of a daffodil yellow clad wizard fighting a dragon (the wizard is awfully loud with a high-pitched voice, but the dragon is sweet and bashful).
  • Of course, there’s cat fur over everything (furniture, clothes, everything).
  • A patchwork pile of pillows covers every piece of furniture, and blankets can be found in every inch of the house (they’re warm and woolly, a mix of nice plaid ones and some chunky, misshapen ones that Lily knitted)
  • Outside, there’s a small garden, and it’s just as much of a palette of random colors as everything else they own. There’s a big yard and giant trees that Lily like to sit beneath and watch the leaves fall.
  • The yard and house alike are strewn with Harry’s toys.
  • Lily is constantly tripping over them, and James is constantly caught playing with them when he’s supposed to clean up.
  • Harry, of course, is a bubbly bundle of joy who never stops smiling. He wears hand-me-down glasses from James, and both of them have the crazy messy hair (sometimes, Lily thinks that Harry is her Husband’s clone)
  • And their life is full of joy and little happy things:
  • Lily and James take Harry to the pond to feed ducks. The sky is kind of cloudy, but it’s warm enough that they only need light jackets. Harry claps when he sees the birds, a smile breaking across his cheeks as ducklings follow their mother. Lily shows him how to toss them bread, and he copies her, laughing as he does so. James steals some of the bread because he’s hungry, and the duck-feeding adventure quickly turns into Lily throwing bread at him while he apologizes, and Harry almost wandering into the pond to catch a duck.
  • James teaches Harry quidditch at a young age, and Lily often catches the two of them wasting the entire day in the yard tossing the balls around and red-faced from exhaustion. Harry is a natural (just as James always hoped he would be), but unlike his father, he excels at being a seeker. James tries his best to convert his son to being a chaser, but fails miserably (aka, Harry accidentally throws the quaffle too hard and breaks his father’s nose).
  • Their family dinners are always loud and happy. The dinner is usually sort of burnt b/c Lily made it and she can’t cook at all (James tells her to use magic, but she refuses). They do more talking than eating. James and Lily are smiling and laughing, and Harry rambles on about something he read/saw/did that day. Sometimes, their cat jumps on the table (cue ensuing chaos). Other times, Sirius or Remus join them (when either visits, they help cook, and the food is drastically better). Then, the dinners turn louder and fill with more laughter, interspersed with stories of Hogwarts and mischief. The table is always a mess and the kitchen is always worse, but everyone is smiling too hard to care.
  • As mentioned above, the Potters own a cat. He’s a big fluffy thing with thick gray fur and a mushy face. James named him Elvendork despite Lily’s pleas for something different, but the name fits the cat perfectly. He’s big and fluffy and grouchy, and he’s a terrible menace: always jumping on the table, knocking things over, or sleeping on people’s heads (the Potters, of course, couldn’t love him more).
  • Harry’s first day of Hogwarts begins with chaos. They forget Harry’s owl the first time out of the house, and then have to return a second time because Lily realized that he was missing his glasses too. Their time at the station is sweet and short (if not a bit chaotic). It’s full of goodbyes, and checklists, and hair ruffling (”Dad! Stop it!”), and promises of mischief (”James, don’t encourage him!”), and the promise to write every day. Then, he’s off on the train and Lily and James are both waving and kissing (and Harry is hiding his face in embarrassment).
    • Also, even though he doesn’t have the scar, he still becomes friends with Ron and Hermione. Though they meet more through a: “Can I sit here?” “Yeah sure, cool rat by the way.” “It’s a hand-me-down.” “My cat can eat it if you want.” “What?!?” “Joking. Harry Potter.” “Ron Weasley.” (and then, of course, Hermione comes in asking about toads, and later in the school year they become friends by consoling her after she’s bullied, instead of the troll thing). And they’re friends through laughter, and standing up for each other, and quidditch, and stuff like that.
  • The Weasleys and the Potters quickly start to have holidays and dinners together. Which, ofc, only strengthens Harry and Ron’s friendship.
  • And James comes to every one of Harry’s quidditch games (lets pretend parents come to watch them) (and he gets a little too enthusiastic, but Lily’s too busy being split between cheering and laughing at his gold and red face to care).
  • Also: Christmases filled with warm smells and too much wrapping paper. And there are so many people and a ton of burnt cookies, and eggnog and laughter. There are snowball fights at midnight (always including the Potters, and often bringing in Sirius, Remus, some Weasleys, and Hermione). And the day is loud and exciting, but it always ends with Harry huddled up beneath a blanket, asleep with his glasses crooked and his hair everywhere. And James and Lily slow-dancing in front of the fire (usually to non-slow-dance songs) both of them with their eyes closed, and heads on each other’s shoulders.
  • And then there are the letters for Harry’s random detentions (for which James cheers and Lily scolds, but smiles fondly). There are trips to Diagon Alley where nothing but wandering is achieved, and Lily taking Harry to experience the muggle world.
  • There are impromptu family quidditch matches, where Harry and James are super competitive, and Lily can barely fly straight. Rules are abandoned and bludgers break windows, but no one cares b/c they’re happy.
  • And then there’s Ginny and Harry’s love for her. James’ teasing and Lily slapping him because, “you pined over a girl too, you know.” There’s her loud laugh and gleeful voice, her competitive personality, the confident way she talks, and how proud, and strong of a woman she is. James and Lily love her and treat her like a daughter. And they try their best to make things as awkward between the two as possible: James teases them, and Lily always tries to show Ginny baby pictures, they do embarrassing parent things when she’s over at dinner, and James tries to scare her away with his skill at quidditch.
    • Ginny, of course, is just as good at quidditch (if not better), and as soon as he finds out that she’s a chaser James instantly loves her. (And she holds great, engaging conversations with him. IE: the mischievous part of her and the same part of his converging together).
  • And their life is full of walks in autumn: James and Lily holding hands as they watch Harry kick up leaves. Nights of stargazing where Lily falls asleep and James spends the entire night breathlessly naming constellations. Inside family jokes and traditions. Mismatched socks everywhere in the house and James taking April Fool’s to the extreme. Burnt food, and quidditch, and red and gold. Impromptu hexes and bertie botts beans. Lily and Harry making James a lopsided birthday cake (and him loving it anyway). Cat fur sweaters, and laughter, and spring cleaning (which turns into forts and pillow fights).
  • And their family is quirky, and colorful, and loud. It’s sweet, and cozy, and happy. They’re together, they’re alive.
  • And all is well.

anonymous asked:

Can you give some headcannons if harry hadn't been the chosen one and his parents hadn't died?:)

YOOOOOO I’M SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS (and i’m so sorry it’s so long)

harry would be so happy tho can you imagine how happy harry would have been with his parents???? Basically we’re gonna have the two best parents on the face of the planet raising a sass-master.

prongs jr. is an obvious nickname i mean there’s no way around it

lily buying harry different footie-pajama thingies that say wizarding social justice things yup

lily trying to flatten out harry’s hair because wow james he could’ve inherited anything and this is the contribution you made

harry being surrounded by magic and muggle things like lily will cook her favorite meals with independence and james does the dishes with magic so harry ends up doing chores by trying to use as little effort on his part as possible and then doing things he genuinely enjoys the muggle way

little harry zipping around on a broom that james buys him before he can even walk just imagine a little baby flying around and squealing and falling and lily catches him like james he can barely hold his own head up what are you doing


meeting ron at the platform and james and lily are like molly? molly prewitt? prewitt?

harry having a fantastic best friend and then meeting draco who isn’t an ass because draco has no reason to try to impress him because he’s not the chosen one (draco’d  probably be super flippant about him tho like oh another gryffindor whatever)

harry being able to bring his friends home with him on holidays

double presents for ron and harry

hermione may not have been that strung up if she had lily to look up to like wow here’s this brilliant witch and we’re both muggle born and she stressed about things too but she’s also so chill and not bossy but so determined and focused what an overall fantastic person what a role model

and ron would look to Sirius and Sirius’ relationship with james and they’d just totally get each other you know? they understand that they’re the best best friends of two very special people and they’re family doesn’t define them and they can be their own people while still being supportive friends Sirius and Ron with James and Harry would have been such a gift

harry, hermione and ron seeing remus’ pain and knowing about his “furry little problem” before snape has a chance to be an asshat and wow remus growing old around the people he loves and being loved

peter and neville tho. peter understanding that self-preservation is nothing to be ashamed of but seeing himself in neville, the one that feels like he doesn’t quite fit when in reality he matters just as much as any of them and PETER NOT MAKING THE MISTAKE OF FEELING LIKE LESS IN COMPARISON TO HIS FRIENDS because neville does sometimes but neville learns his self worth and so Peter does too.

(i know you said alive parents au headcanons but i really love the marauders)

yoooooooo harry getting a crush on ginny tho and feeling embarrassed when james tries to talk to him about it like jesus CHRIST dad she’s just a friend yeah i guess she’s pretty so what no dad stop it’s not like that I swear no dad doN’T TELL MOM PLEASE MOM’LL GET INVOLVED

and lily just thinking this is the cutest shit ever because she sees herself in harry and she sees james in ginny and she just knows that this is gonna work i mean it worked before didn’t it? she’s living proof

lily helping hermione come to terms with her feelings for ron and telling her that it’s okay he has a girlfriend that’s currently sucking his face off because honestly boys aren’t worth it but honey if you do end up landing him trust me I approve

and ron goes to sirius and james like yo, have you guys SEEN hermione? and they’re like we can’t answer that because we’re 40 and ron’s like no no i mean do you think i have a chance with a goddess like that?? and james just looks at sirius and sirius looks at remus and it’s just a beautiful moment of understanding


Harry being the best auror he can be because he had the best training from both of this his parents

Harry being loved

Harry being happy

James and Lily growing old together

Brat Pack Things

Featuring Rose Weasley, Albus Potter, Lorcan Scamander, Scorpius Malfoy, Dominique Weasley, Alexander King, Beckett Finnigan, and Marissa Thomas, the ultimate press magnets.

Rose Weasley: tea instead of coffee, mittens, laying in the rain, flowers (as long as they aren’t roses), being literally the loudest person in the quidditch stands, overcrowded but still perfectly neat bookshelves, freckles, animals, threatening the girls her boys date, coming through on those threats, sweaters with foxes on them, perfectly made bed, flying kites, feeling most calm in the middle of chaos, the smell of books, bad days spent in the library where said smell is strongest, finding the most remote castle nooks and crannies to disappear into, being the only one who can fit into the smaller secret tunnels and having to report back in great detail where they lead, always being the shortest one around, frowning whole concentrating, mimosas, eternally pushing her hair out of face, using her wand to hold back her hair, cute sidewalk cafés, lemon drop candies, ridiculously neat and detailed notes, archives of old notes, transfiguring tree branches into floats while taking nightly swims in the Black Lake, playing with the giant squid, white wine over red, naming the giant squid Pablo, sunny days, hats, braids, torn jeans that didn’t come that way, fluffy white clouds, climbing trees, threatening to fight everyone, worn down leather ankle boots, super sassy facial expressions, begrudging mom figure, bookstores, polka dots, organic tea, getting the whole class out of assignments by getting the professor off subject, walls covered in photographs and posters, always being the one to have to kill the spiders, calling the boys “her boys”, reading the newspaper front to back, puppies, freakishly neat everything, water slides, regular slides, playgrounds, seeing muggle airplanes fly overhead and having to stop and watch, cute laughs, angry tears, hair ribbons, always being ready in five minutes and having to wait another twenty for the boys to do their hair, water balloon fights, regular balloons, birthday cake, Christmas Eve mass with the whole family, sweet perfume, summer wind, dancing like nobody’s watching, holiday sweaters, loud laugh, laughing when the boys do stupid things, never being afraid to send out a few hexes when needed, muffins, surprises, messy ponytails, too many sweaters, brightly colored rain boots, ivy covered walls, muggle music, endless witty replies, fresh snow.

Albus Potter: caring for his broomstick like it’s a family member, constant eating, falling asleep everywhere, way too many Gryffindor shirts, Cherry flavored lollipops, always at ease, secretly idolizes Krum but would rather die than admit it, low key arrogance- like his father, fireworks, flying above the Dark Forest, long walks, home cooked meals, terrible at lying, serious family time, being nocturnal, harboring an above average hatred for reporters, eternally messy hair, always running a hand through said hair- especially when nervous, put out, or flustered, autumn, when cold wind stings your cheeks, nightmares and cryptic dreams, never sleeping, serious caffeine dependency, super enigmatic, spending more time with Rose’s dog than with Rose, girls with brilliant smiles, privacy, comfortable silences, left handed, banter, never being seen without Scorpius, making sad people laugh, storms, cliff diving, risks, Montrose Magpies, sucking at articulating emotions, tea at Hagrid’s hut, lemon pie, always seeing the good in people, laid back parties, laughter, quidditch, struggling under all the pressure, long naps, being super charming and charismatic without even trying, loyal to a fault, messing up Lily’s hair, defending his name constantly, facial expressions as sassy as Rose’s, family dinners, contagious laughter, flying, being a really good test taker, open air, surprisingly super neat, finds almost everything amusing, zero temper, contagious laugh, hating how he looks on his Montrose posters, pushing Rose off of Scorpius to hug him, neatly rolling up his sleeves to do something stupid with Scorpius, sneaking Lorcan and Beckett into Gryffindor Tower, making Lily request the invisibility cloak at least two weeks in advance, sitting in an empty diner at 2 AM to sober up before sneaking back into the house, always sneaking out late at night to practice on the quidditch pitch (he thinks no one notices but Harry or Ginny always find footprints or his broom in a different place), being super good at pool- but never being able to beat Scorpius, being low key protective af, never trusting anyone, probably being a little bit more like Sirius Black than his namesake would like, dreamy/swoon-worthy eyes, graceful, almost always landing on his feet, pretending to hate James’ super affectionate hugs and kisses, giving Lily piggyback rides (and later Rose when Lily is the tall one), a lot nicer than people might assume, being ridiculously lucky (quidditch is actually a really dangerous sport but he’s only had one concussion), taking quidditch way too seriously, allowing nobody in the world to touch his broom except maybe his parents and Nina Krum, getting annoyed when people ask if he ever has to wear glasses, lots of coffee, being comfortable in even the most wild situations, somehow always knowing when someone needs silence and when they need advice, pretty much hiding under the invisibility cloak forever after he loses a quidditch match because it isn’t just a game, unofficial brat pack leader, being really dedicated to not caring, total fangirl material, always rising to the occasion when Aiden Dolohov challenges him, protecting people- even complete strangers, self sacrificing idiot.

Lorcan Scamander: loose fitting button up shirts that are never buttoned up all the way, hot chocolate, star gazing, baggy sweaters- especially ones knit by Grandma Molly, literally never being phased by anything, dimples, cute (failed) winks, curly/wavy hair that everyone wants to touch, cheeky smiles and comments, hopelessly adorable (but also smoking hot like), floating carelessly in the Black Lake, sunbathing with Dominique, cool rune tattoos, always being down to hang with anyone’s grandma, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, lots of butter beer, pretending not to see embarrassing things, hand carving pumpkins for Halloweeen, pouting when he doesn’t get his way, freezing cold showers, guitars, girls with long hair, being super low key awkward, forehead kisses, always grinning, helping lost first years, reading glasses, always falling off his broom/down the stairs, distracting McGonagall with genuine conversation while his friends do something stupid, helping old ladies cross the street because why not, friendship bracelets, new books, kittens, always rescuing stray animals, sending low key hexes and never being suspected of anything, never starting fights but never backing down, smooth talking the riddle keeper in Ravenclaw Tower, clean sheets, extra fluffy pillows, that one quilt grandma Molly made for him, stupid puns, not so subtle note passing, too many t-shirts, candy, always being called a womanizer in the tabloids- kind of is one, is also an old fashioned gentleman, kids, calling Molly gran, holding back laughter, taking care of Luna when she goes a little extra crazy, perfect hair flip, always whistling, amazing singing voice, pumpkin patches, jelly beans (the predictable muggle kind), making passive aggressive threats towards anyone who considers picking on his less popular twin, carrying out said threats in an agressive agressive way, super audacious but is never suspected of anything ever, sleeping in class, massive dork, definitely has synchronized dances with each pack member, always chewing gum, super adorable bright smiles, being the person in the group to always make eye contact with the person trying to talk when everyone else isn’t listening, protecting his little brothers like they’re his cubs, clumsy, super sexy cinnamon roll, not being afraid to cry if something shitty happens, probably worrying a little too much about what haters think of him, being the chill to Dominique’s crazy, not necessarily believing in every single crazy magical creature but totally going along with anyone who does.

Scorpius Malfoy: neat hair, ridiculous jawline, razor sharp cheekbones, platinum hair and bright blue eyes but a perfect golden tan, animals, tea over coffee, rubbing the back of his neck when he’s nervous, ditching Rose to play wizards chess with her dad, being a bit of a tea snob, strangled emotions, eating way too much at the Burrow because Grandma Molly cooks so much better than house elves, confronting anyone who tries messing with one of his own, cheering for Albus when they’re in a match together, candy canes, noticing literally everything, probably wearing matching sweaters with Albus, always “forgetting” the names of Rose’s boyfriends until he was the boyfriend, fire whiskey, trampolines, taking things apart and rebuilding them, peppermints, very pretty girls, getting tongue tied around Rose, study dates that are never actually study dates, helping Beckett spike Alex’s pumpkin juice with veritaserum because he’s the nicest person ever when he’s honest, having the cutest smile, always being amazed at the Weasley brood’s dynamic, overbearing family, seriously loves girls’ hair, can read Latin, can go from cold aristocrat to Dom’s partner in crime in .2 seconds, hating whipped cream, totally has puppy dog eyes, taking a few years to realize that nothing coming out of Uncle George’s mouth is to be taken seriously, being that really overprotective brother, family dinners (esp at the Potters), always staring at Rose, relentlessly teasing Dominique and vice versa, being more like Ron Weasley than Rose would like to admit, secretly amazing piano player, hating exploding snap (always loosing at exploding snap), perfectly tailored clothes, biting his bottom lip, being protective of his little sister when boys are interested in her because he knows exactly how boys are and has hear too much locker room talk, starting out as a shy eleven year old, was a major handful by seventh year, learning to fight anyone who says a bigoted thing towards him or his family, amazing piano player, might have a thing for redheads.

Dominique Weasley: fire whiskey, making a scene to save another person from humiliation, low key good guy, in denial about being said good guy, no bullshit faces (really it’s a family thing), muggle music, secretly loving romance novels, surfing, trying to ride the giant squid, sunbathing, pretending to be a bitch- secretly a huge dork, always equipped with really random facts about the most random subjects, tapping her quill during class and annoying the hell out of Rose, cultivating the Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry, reckless flying, empty alcohol bottles stowed beneath her bed (as well as a second wardrobe), kittens, befriending all the animals wandering Hogwarts and naming each one, wild parties, mini skirts, sneaking out after hours to go to the library while it’s empty (and there are no witnesses), animals, orchids, macaroons, croissants, red wine all the way, really old buildings, drinking champagne straight from the bottle, quidditch, Weasley sweaters, leather jackets over sundresses, storms, midnight swims, gravelly voice, swimming when the surf is super rough, fireplaces, uncharted secret passageways, smudged eyeliner, day dreaming, glitter eye shadow, band shirts, having several articles of clothing from literally everyone’s closets, flirting with everyone, winking suggestively at everyone, as enigmatic as Albus, totally mysterious, killer eyebrows, camping, muggle music, perfect lipstick, Weird Sisters concerts with Beckett, self sacrificing, espresso at four am, cheering up anyone without trying, gravelly voice, unknowingly changing hair colors, table dancing, streamers, confetti, sea salt, naturally wavy hair, sitting in the bathroom for thirty minutes with the door locked to make Victoire angry, blasting music to make Victoire angry, eating all of the macaroons in the house to make Victoire angry, being an amazing dancer, having an awesome sense of humor, skipping class to get lost in the Forbidden Forest, playing super dirty in quidditch, smirking, leaving everyone in awe, always climbing into everyone else’s beds, cuddling with everyone, baby animals, beaches, The Beatles, festivals, fireworks, old fashioned romances (flowers, taking things slow, cute dates, chivalry, basically Lorcan Scamander), anything chocolate, being super ticklish, the Simpsons- and always watching it with her dad and siblings even though Fleur can’t stand it, grapes, great adventures, mischief of any kind, roller coasters, birthdays (or any excuse to throw a party), secret random acts of kindness, carnivals, religiously following family traditions, eating the last piece of desert, perfect pancakes, having a trick-or-treating strategy, lemonade, snow angels, Lorcan’s hair, bare feet, lacy bras, warm sand.

Alexander King: razor sharp jawline, probably comes off as a total dick, sometimes is a total dick, cute smiles, henley t-shirts, tailored suits, straight firewhiskey, going to bat for literally any of his friends or their family members, being loyal to a fault (even if he doesn’t seem the type), originally being confused by physical affection, starting off as the scourge of Gryffindor house, eye rolls, using his Slytherin connections to get inside information for pranks, “blackmail is wrong?”, half smirks, black coffee, cold air, having an even more overbearing family than Scorpius, actually having a serious sweet tooth, totally owning the spoiled aristocrat thing, sneaking out of society parties with Scorpius and a bottle of anything alcoholic, long hugs, having seeker-like reflexes, sparklers, neck kisses, charming grins, literally makes the funniest jokes, 100% committed to rebelling against his family, began idolizing Sirius Black after the great Harry Potter told him a few tales, can swing a beater’s bat without even looking but didn’t join the quidditch team until seventh year (Albus made him), up for whatever, definitely up for whatever if it’s illegal, not good with words or feelings, actually being especially bad with feelings, super claustrophobic, Rose Weasley is his baby sister and he would literally fuck up every idiot in the Ministry of Magic for her, pretending to be a dick to hide the fact that he’s more like a bunny, failing at hiding that fact, literally being able to push anyone’s buttons (he has the Blair Waldorf gift for sniffing out weakness), definitely being really arrogant about everything- mostly looks, being really annoyed with everyone’s bullshit, tapping his wand when he’s bored, Christmas trees, holidays with the Weasley brood, can def read Latin, always appearing to be in a relationship with Mari Thomas (”what do you mean friends don’t make out?”), secretly crushing on Lucy Weasley, not wanting to overstep by dating Albus’ baby cousin, cuddling, challenging rules to challenge his father, definitely being fascinated by muggle stuff, has a soft spot for baby animals, is strangely good with kids, really high tolerance to alcohol, definite snob.

Beckett Finnigan: firewhiskey, walking along rooftops at night, taking stupid risks, being allergic to the library, challenging people to duels over stupid things- like drinking all the coffee, rough housing with Rose because she also wants to fight everyone, mercilessly pelting bludgers at Albus when Gryffindor and Ravenclaw play each other, always always always breaking his bats, also always getting hurt during quidditch matches (he has his own cot in the medical wing), getting way too excited over fireflies, baseball caps, being a low key man whore, showing off, always jumping into Albus’ arms (and vice versa), giving Lorcan piggyback rides, sun tans, always having a problem with authority, sharing his father’s propensity for setting literally everything on fire- including Rose’s hair on several occasions, seriously though- having a real issue with authority, digging up a copy of the rule book to make sure each rule has been broken, coming up with the stupidest plans and somehow always succeeding, mocking Lily when she gets super serious about something, actually loving her concentrating face, fighting anyone who says a word against werewolves (after the whole thing with his mom), baseball t-shirts, smoldering expressions, leather necklaces/bracelets, getting distracted by Lily walking on to the pitch and being knocked off his broomstick cause he’s a dork, lots of scarves, literally always having candy on person, smells really good, taking stupid risks that always seem to pay off, probably the most arrogant, milkshakes, roller coasters, cheek kisses, carnival dates, hates the fact that he wears glasses, waking Lorcan up at midnight ‘cause he’s hungry and can’t sneak out alone because that’s boring, probably being a dumbass half the time, taking an entire year to fully get over the fact that he was sorted into Ravenclaw and not Gryffindor, has a really sexy voice, might have the occasional dumb jock moment, actually an amazing photographer, using Lily as his muse, propensity for ginger jokes, not sure how to handle serious feelings, never being in a relationship for more than five minutes, clearing the whole roster for Lily, dyslexic.

Marissa Thomas: cotton candy, throwing a party ever single time the parents go out of town, chokers, black nail polish, having a big mouth, lemon slices, bags covered in patches and pins, never having a bad hair day (like ever), probably coming off as Alex’s girlfriend most of the time, always being at the center of the dance floor, paint fights, table dancing, mini dresses, ripped jeans, definite nose piercing, always drawing on envelopes, pretending to be annoyed when Frank calls her “Issa” instead of “Mari”, canvas bags, converse, anklets, quote tattoos, over sized jackets, sweaters, chewing gum, big scarves, cucumber, organic tea, fashion mags, mystery novels, Italian ice cream, way too many leather jackets, plaid shirts, putting EVERYTHING in her diary, reading glasses, being like BFFs with her dad, definitely getting super annoyed with her little sister, also loving that little sister more than anything in the world, playing a mean game of quidditch, polaroids, being the best at mixing drinks, exploring the Dark Forest in the middle of the night, aviators, eye rolls, being underestimated by pretty much everyone (esp her mom), pretty butterflies, coming from an artistic family but sucking at anything to do with art, too many bracelets, pretending to be annoyed by Frank Longbottom’s pining, having several drawers of beauty potions that have several uses left, hating mornings, putting more cream in her cup than coffee, getting drunk on school nights and going to class with a hangover, getting boys to do her schoolwork, cramming the night before a big test, taking YEARS to realize that Frank Longbottom is actually the guy she’s been looking for.

Whole Pack: strange dynamic that nobody else gets (do they love or hate each other?), taking no bullshit from anyone- ever, hating everyone’s exes without question, setting the potions classroom on fire like five times a year because secretly sabotaging the Slytherins’ potions can be risky business, everyone sleeping in Albus’ room at the Burrow, pizza, killer nights in, spending ten minutes trying to fit everyone beneath the invisibility cloak, unusually good looks, always getting caught under the invisibility cloak because everyone’s shushing each other and stepping on everyone else and more often than not they take a tumble down the stairs (Scorpius once broke a wrist), spending sleepless nights in the library figuring out the magic behind the Marauders Map and then using that magic to make party invitations, concerts, turning the Hog’s Head into their personal dive bar because people frequent it less more often and privacy is super important to all of them, 100% total honesty about everything, no secrets, always showing off, water fights, not breaking the rules to rebel (like Teddy, James, and Fred) but breaking them because they forget that the rules actually apply to them, matching pajamas, synchronized Halloween costumes, endless ginger jokes directed at Rose, endless short jokes directed at Rose, looking like Burberry models %110 of the time, slip n’ slides on the Hogwarts lawn, eternally guilty expressions, probably always greeting each other with cheek kisses, always being on the verge of hysterical laughter, getting blackout drunk together, perfect synchronization, karaoke, sharing everything- especially desserts, constantly slinging arms around each other, cuddling, being ultra melodramatic, being so comfortable with each other that they literally couldn’t care less if everyone thinks they’re gay- even though they aren’t, making endless jokes about being married/in a complicated group relationship- especially around Alex’s super homophobic pure blooded parents, friendship bracelets, being really dedicated to appearing not to care about anything, if one person accidentally does something embarrassing everyone else does it as well because why the hell not, not talking to each other for weeks after intense games of exploding snap/scrabble/quidditch, banning Rose from playing scrabble with them because she’s way too good at it, super dramatic high fives in a variety of inappropriate situations, getting kicked out of the library at least once a week, lying for each other without question, hanging out in bakeries and at ice cream parlors, cultivating badass reputations even though really all they do is eat ice cream and hang out with Albus’ parents, sneaking out in the middle of the night to go get food, could most likely achieve anything together, breaking into Filch’s office and helping themselves to his archives of confiscated goods, the whole world being a tad bit suspicious when one shows up without the others, stupid bets, totally encouraging each others’ awful ideas (at first Rose tried to intervene but eventually learned to just let those things happen), always stealing each others’ sweets, deep but strange conversations at 2 AM that always leave Rose wondering what the fuck goes on inside the male brain, being BFF’s with Hagrid and having weekly tea at his hut, broken wands, getting angry when every person ever assumes Lorcan to always be innocent when really he’s the worst, unspoken total trust in one another, nonstop banter. 

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better than our own genes

because i haven’t written anything in yonks and i’m trying to get over my writer’s block and because if i wasn’t doing this i’d be doing nothing at all (except for googling sex songs, thanks hiddenpolkadots). also because i didn’t write anything for james’ or harry’s birthdays so yeah. i’m trying to make up for it. 

au where everyone lives and people meet ginny. (pls don’t ask me about the ending because i just don’t know okay)

happy birthday ginny!

Harry and his girlfriend are twenty minutes late. Consequently, James has been pacing the kitchen for twenty minutes. Watching from her seat at the kitchen table, Lily’s trying to figure out how he hasn’t worn the floor down with all his pacing over the years. She’s also trying not to laugh because, really, she’d have thought James would’ve taken the news that Harry was bringing his girlfriend over much better. Or at least with less anxiety. 

It’s not like Ginny hasn’t ever been to their house before. Lily couldn’t count how many times she’s been here. Of course, this time is different because she’s visiting without any of her family and she’ll be staying with them for the weekend and it’s the firt time she’s here as, officially, Harry’s girlfriend. But he’s just been at the Weasley’s for a week and after the weekend Ron and Hermione will come over - Ginny staying a few nights on her own had been Lily’s idea. Really, she doesn’t know why James is nervous at all the daft prat.

“What if she got cold feet?” He bursts out as he starts his circuit around the table again. 

Lily snorts. “It’s not her wedding day, James. They probably just got caught up in something.” Given their own track record of keeping time, Lily isn’t surprised that Harry is late. He grew up with last minute rushes and apologies on arrival. 

“Still -” James’ next worry is cut off by the sound of the front door being opened. He looks to Lily, a deer caught in the headlights, and she barely holds back laughter. 

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anonymous asked:

I dunno if it's been done, but could you pretty please write a fic where James and Lily live and James coaches Harry's little kid quidditch team? (Also I love you)

  • Lily bringing little cut up bits of orange to the games and offering them round and no Sirius you can’t eat anymore I made you sandwich but then Peter ate it on the way over here
  • James being like ‘this is how you fly’and then getting on this tiny freakin broomstick and its breaks like whoops ah sorry Nathan I’ll get you a new one.
  • Sirius and Remus making TEAM POTTER shirts and wearing them at every game while Peter hides his face in shame and Lily takes pictures.
  • That one kid you can’t come down and he’s crying but James just picks him off the broomstick and puts him down bc the broom is legit two inches off the ground like kid chill out
  • Harry being so embarrassed like dad stop ruffling my hair and mum stop kissing my cheek all the guys are watching tell Sirius to stop calling me his precious angel from the sidelines.


James getting a card at the end of the season with a message on it:

thanks mr potta for all your coaching you were good and your wife yelled a lot.

from, the little league team.