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Do you know whether the pic of harry snuggling into louis at the Grammys during same love real or not? I love your blogs honesty <3

It was at the 2013 VMAs. I think it is.  It was taken as a screenshot from what I think was a backstage camera they had going, and the footage is nowhere to be found these days, so that near-Wellington-qualty picture is all we’ve got. I originally found it as part of a Buzzfeed article that was filled with other real moments.

And not related to this ask, but can we talk about how every time 1D won something, Louis’ and Harry’s first reaction was to look at each other!?

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This is purely superficial but do you have a favorite ~look~ for the boys? Like, long hair Harry or braces Louis? You get asked so many deep questions that I feel the need to break it up with a shallow one lol.

This is one I am SUPER happy to answer.  Thank you!

Late 2015, OTRA/MITAM promo flowy unbuttoned shirt, painted on skinny jeans, long-haired Harry is my everything.

As for Louis, my favorite is this soft-haired baby angel.