harry 20th birthday


26.06.17 Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

I wanted to write this perfect thing here about my love for the wizard who stepped into my world 20 years ago, who so unashamedly stood out when he stepped into Privet Drive. The man who didn’t care that everything from his name to his high heeled buckled boots were unwelcome on the street he had just appeared on. The man who just wanted to teach kids magic, who would have loved to go to all his ex students weddings and hold their new babies, you know, the important stuff that never had a chance. But in the end, for me, no one summed up his character better than McGonnagall:

Dumbledore would have been happier than anyone to think that there was a little more love in the world. - Ch 29. HBP

so happy birthday HP, I honestly cannot remember when you were not an important part of my life.

To J.K. Rowling,

Consider this a thank you. A thank you for Harry, for adventures, for the magic that lives in my veins. A thank you for Hermione, for seeing myself on the page as a hero. For Ron, for his loyalty and imperfections. Thank you for Ginny, Luna, for Tonks, for beautiful girls who wield wonderful power. Thank you. A million times, thank you.

Thank you for Hufflepuff. For sunshine common rooms and badger pride. Thank you for giving me a home. For giving me a name. Justice. Loyalty. Hard work. Thank you for helping me see these. Thank you for this part of my soul, this part of my identity, this part of me

Thank you for dragons, for hippogriffs, and animagi. Thank you for ghosts, for professors that turn into cats and back again. Thank you for smiling boys playing pranks, thank you for girls who stand up for themselves to their friends. Thank you for metamorphigi and magic spells. Thank you for the memories, for the comfort and the company.

Thank you for inviting me into your world and thank you for letting me make my home here. A million thanks. Even if I had a time turner, I’d never have enough time to say thanks.


A muggle made a witch by the ink from your finger tips 

1141. For Ron's 20th birthday, Harry bought him this strange Muggle device called the Playstation. This was quickly realized as a bad idea as Ron spent the first month only leaving the screen to get food and to go to bed. Hermione still has nightmares about when Arthur first saw it.

Yesterday (June 11) was my 20th birthday and my family got me the Harry Potter book set 😄💕(I never owned the books btw) I’m so happy!!! You guys have like no idea how much I wanted the book set lol

My friend got me candles and the pop up cards. The rest is what’s on my desk.

Once I find my other Harry Potter stuff I’ll show you guys all related items together 😊

*cough cough* I can’t draw but if anyone wants to draw the gang (and Felix) with my MC celebrating their bday I would love you forever 😂💕💕💕 *cough cough* jk guys



I love his videos! His voice is so similar to Harry’s and they are both hilarious! ahahahahha

Louis is the cutest!