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"I didn’t know the meaning of the world until I found you." + tomarry?

“I didn’t know the meaning of the world until I found you.”

Harry looked up from the pile of papers he had to go through only to see Tom gazing at him from across the room, something oddly warm about his eyes making Harry wonder what exactly was going on.

“Are you sick?” He asked suspiciously, waving his wand to cast a quick warming spell on the room. Spring was unexpectedly chilly this year and Ron’s kids caught a cold last week. Harry was more than reluctant to deal with Tom getting dragon pox or some other nasty disease.

“Do I have to be sick to be nice to you?” The way Tom asked the question, leaning dramatically on the couch, made Harry smirk and he couldn’t help teasing:

“Well… Maybe?”

Probably thinking it was way beneath him to answer such a claim, Tom returned to his book - something titled Immortal and tired: 10 easy steps to kill eternal boredom - once again drowning in lectureHe couldn’t see Harry’s smile softening as the Auror got up from his desk and walked towards the couch, placing a gentle kiss on his dark locks.

“Me too, Tom.” Harry found his place right beside him, the old book forgotten somewhere on the floor. “The meaning of the world, I didn’t know it too.”

poc potter week, day five: favourite ship - harry/draco

‘how’s the professor of my favourite class doing?’
draco scoffed, ‘your favourite class? potter you aren’t fooling anyone, anybody with eyes could see that you absolutely detested potions’
‘well maybe if it were you teaching back then, i’d like it better’ harry smirked at draco
‘you forget that you also hated me’
‘when you’re like this i still do’
draco laughed. ‘whatever it is you’re trying to wheedle out of me, bugger off, it’s not happening. i need this done for tomorrow’s class. besides, don’t you need to grade that stack of defense essays hovering behind my head?’
‘well essays can certainly wait, don’t you think so, malfoy?’


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

  • Draco: Father got me this snake for Christmas. I think he's trying to say something to me and I know you speak parseltongue and even though I'd rather jump of the astronomy tower than talk to you, can you just tell me what he's saying?
  • Snake: *looks up at Harry* He'ssss sssssuper gayyyy forrr yoouuuuu.
  • Harry: *smirking* I thought so.
  • Draco: What did he say?
  • Harry: He says hi.
Meanwhile at hogwarts

Everyone wakes up to find that Gryffindor has somehow gained 200 house points overnight, everyone is really confused because they don’t know what the Gryffindors have done to get that many points but the question on everyone’s mind is soon answered when dumbledore makes a speech at breakfast
“Last night Harry Potter and Ron Weasley snuck out of their beds under a very secret invisibly cloak to go on a giant goose chase in the forbidden forest, Mr Potter and Mr Weasley were very brave that night, when they realised there were indeed no geese in the forbidden forest they ran and ran as fast as they could, Harry tripped and cut his knee but do not fear Harry showed signs of a true Gryffindor, he was brave, courageous and he was daring and only cried for a minimum of five minutes, I therefore rewarded Mr Potter and Mr Weasley for their brave acts”
Everyone turns to the gryffindor table to see Harry and Ron smirking at each other, Hermione looking between them and dumbledore with a shocked expression on her face and on the other side of the hall is Draco Malfoy literally fuming

I don’t know about y'all but I will never ever forgive Snape for looking at fourteen-year-old Hermione after she’d been hit by Malfoy’s spell and upon seeing her enlarged front teeth just saying, “I see no difference.”

“Wait. Malfoy, you’re drunk! Please, get away. Go to bed.” Harry said, his eyes wide.

Draco smirked, pressing Harry against the wall in one swift move.

“You’re mine tonight, Potter.” he slurred.

Harry was as pale as hell, and a bit scared. Damn. Even in his drunk glory, Malfoy still looked dashingly handsome. Now this was a side he never got to see.

“W-what are you doing?”

“I think you know.”

And then, Draco swooped in for the kill, harshly pressing his lips to Harry’s.

Harry couldn’t help but groan a bit. It felt better than he had imagined. Then he realized, as Malfoy let Harry explore his mouth, that Malfoy didn’t taste like Firewhiskey or alcohol. At all.

“Huh? But I thought-”

“Surprise. Now, are we going to my room or not?”

“Ah…fine. I’m all yours.”

“Thought so.”

A drabble in which a seemingly drunk Draco kisses a very surprised Harry.

Usually Draco falls asleep on the couch while watching the film he and Harry picked for the night. Harry is seated with his legs under himself at the far end of the couch, Draco sprawled with his head on Harry’s lap in a silent beg for hair strokes. Like every night Draco can’t stay awake to see the end of the film, falling asleep ten minutes before its end. Harry, with a smile lifting the corner of his mouth slips himself from under Draco’s soft hair and (with the help of a lightening charm even if he wouldn’t admit it) picks Draco up from the couch to deliver him to their bed. Draco wakes up, mumbling “ ‘m not bloody girl” in Harry’s chest, straightening the hold around his boyfriend’s neck. “It’s not like you have to be a girl to be treated like a princess” says Harry smirking, arrived in their bedroom and softly putting a sleepy Draco on their bed “mm Potter always saying the right thing”. Harry would chuckle, slipping himself under the sheets. After a moment, Draco’s nasal drawl breaks the silence “I think you deserve something in return for saving the princess”.

Bae in a bae?