harry's knee & louis' arm

Into The Trees, You and Me (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

Hello, this is my first ever fan fiction so sorry if It’s rubbish! Harry and Louis walk their dog Clifford and ‘rest’ by a waterfall. It’s affectionate and there is smut (explicit) but the whole story is pretty cute! (4100 words)


“Come on, love” Louis whispers as he holds out his hand.

Harry takes it, muttering “Oops, clumsy pup” as he turns around to check on Clifford, whilst simultaneously tripping over a loose stone.

“Harold, are you talking about our dog or yourself?”

“Oh, fuck off!” Harry giggles happily and entwines their fingers as they stroll along the woodland path.

Louis mock gasps, holding his hand to his chest “Harold, do not speak like that in front of Clifford!”

Harry smiles fondly at his ridiculous husband and their equally ridiculous dog. “What, our baby?”

“Yes, of course.” Louis replies, seriously. “My only baby.”

Though a sudden laugh escapes Harry lips, he quickly pouts and frowns. “I thought I was your only baby” he grumbles, blinking his green eyes as innocently as possible.

Louis mock scowls “Now I’m gonna be the one telling you to fuck off.”

“Stop that right now, Louis. We need to be setting a good example for our Clifford” Harry laughs, in mock disgrace, as he watches their big clumsy dog scampering off up the rocks ahead.

“Ohh I don’t see you setting much of an example with this very tasteful outfit you’ve chosen today!” Louis teases, as he steps back to scan up and down Harry’s legs with a raised eyebrow. He’s wearing shorts that are probably far too short, probably a little too tight, and probably completely inappropriate, but because it’s Harry, they somehow work and they somehow look amazing.

Of course.

Harry has a tendency to think he’s a lot smaller than he actually is. Much like their dog, Clifford, actually. Also, Harry is a total exhibitionist and a borderline naturist. Everyone knows that.

“Excuse me Louis but it’s a hot day and I don’t see you complaining” Harry smirks as he seductively tugs at the neck of his loose vest, to run a hand slowly down his chest and peeks at Louis sinfully from over his shoulder.

“Oh my god, do not fucking start!” Louis grins as he throws a stick for Clifford to chase. “Or I’ll throw you into that water along with this stick!”

Harry’s eyes light up mischievously. “Oh! So you want me wet do you, Lou?” He jokes playfully as he walks nearer the river and moves his curls out of his eyes.

Louis follows him, smiling and gently rubbing his arm. “You’re an absolute disgrace.”

Harry throws a stick back to Clifford who is now splashing about in the water, having the time of his life. Harry laughs at the silly dog and turns around to face Louis with a dimpled smile. “You love it, though.”

Louis breaks from admiring the trees reaching around them. “Yes.” He smiles up to his boy. “Yes. I do.”

Harry places a gentle hand on Louis’ hip and steps nearer to him, so the toes of their shoes are touching. He leans down slightly and kisses Louis lovingly on the lips. Louis mirrors him, lightly wrapping his hand around Harry’s waist to kiss him back. They rest their foreheads together and smile at each other, giggling slightly before kissing a few more times.

“Come on, Cliff!” Louis calls happily as he beckons the dog out of the river and back onto the path. Clifford obediently runs up to his dads, panting enthusiastically with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, as he shakes off his wet fur.

One of the reasons Louis loves Clifford so much, besides having someone to care for when he’s away from his sisters, and someone to cuddle when Harry’s not around, is the fact that Clifford is actually just the dog version of Harry. Beautiful, brunette, curly, clumsy, cute, cuddly, cheeky, loveable, much bigger than he thinks, and of course, makes Louis smile.

He hasn’t told Harry this of course. It would flatter him far too much, and Louis would never hear the end of it.

It’s not because he worries that this would strengthen Clifford’s bond with Harry over his, and that Harry might become the favourite parent.

Not at all.


Harry pats Clifford affectionately on the head then squirms at the muddy water that still clings to his fur. “Erghh” he laughs and wipes his hand on his shorts. “You big mess, Cliff!”

Louis fonds at his curly haired boys, shaking his head. “We’ll have to give him a bath when we get home.”

“WE!?” Harry questions over his shoulder, raising an eyebrow and smiling adoringly, as the three of them carry on walking up the leafy path.

“Yes, we!” Louis replies, attempting to frown. “Just throw him in the pool, Haz, he’ll be fine.” He jokes, as he ruffles Clifford’s thick, soggy fur.

Harry barks out a loud laugh. “Absolutely not.”

“What!?” Louis squeaks.

Harry rolls his eyes and reaches for his husband’s hand so they are back to walking closely side by side. “We have to swim in there, Lou. No way is Cliff getting in when he’s this mucky.”

The pair chuckle and shake their heads, breathing out contented sighs as they scramble up the path.

The walk continues like this.

Sun filtering through the gaps in the leaves, making the forest floor golden. The light dances against Harry and Louis, illuminating their tanned skin and falling in shadows across their features.

They both look gorgeous.

As always.

The path continues to wind and dip beside the river. Clifford jumps after rainbows made when the sun catches in sparkles in the little waterfalls that mark the route.

Harry and Louis peacefully drift in and out of chat, commenting on the plants and insects around them, asking nonsensical questions about nature, that neither of them know the answers to but still pretend that they do.

The boys share funny stories about stupid things that them and their friends have done over the years. Stories the other hasn’t heard before, and in-jokes that keep being told but are still funny. Memories from before they belonged to each other, before they’d ever met, and memories which are theirs and will always be theirs.

They make a mental note to invite Liam and Niall round for another BBQ soon, they talk about their families and say a cheery hello to the other walkers who very occasionally come past. They stop every now and again for kisses and stupid selfies. To help untangle Clifford from whatever mess he’s gotten into, and for Louis to tease Harry as he climbs up onto log piles to get that perfect artistic photo.

“You’ll thank me when my book is published and half the photos are of you!” Harry shouts as he skips after Louis and delicately removes his boy’s cap, to place a green fern leaf into his fluffy hair, and comb stray strands out of his eyes. “Stunning” Harry admires, proudly. “Beautiful.” He cups Louis’ chin and gently lifts it with his thumb to bow down and kiss him sweetly on the tip of his nose. “Don’t pretend you don’t love being my muse, boo” he flirts.  

Crinkles crease around the edges of Louis’ eyes as he beams and dashes off with Clifford to pick out some pink flowers to softly weave into Harry’s hair. Louis brushes the edges of Harry’s face and, playfully squeezing his cheeks together, gives him a sloppy little kiss, before coiling a shiny curl round his finger and watching it spring back behind Harry’s ear. “So so pretty, baby” he coos, only half joking. “My princess.”

Before Harry has time to bask in his favourite compliment, Louis is twirling away from him again. “Race you to the big waterfall, Haz!”

Twelve limbs stumbling all on top of each other to the sound of breathless laughter and pants, flower crowns falling onto soft moss, claws scraping into the soil, rucksacks and tee shirts pulled over heads and flung to the ground. Harry, Louis and Clifford settle down on a rug in a little curve of rock-face just opposite the waterfall.

Closed off from the forest and away from the public steps, Harry nestles into Louis’ open arms, comfortably leaning his bare back against his husband’s bare chest and resting his arms over Louis’ knees, which cradle Harry on either side. One hand draws soft circles and hearts into the hair on Louis’ calf and the other caresses Louis’ arm, which is wrapped comfortingly around his waist.

Louis tangles kisses into Harry’s hair before resting his chin on the top of Harry’s head, the feeling of his boy’s curls is soft against his stubble, as the pair peacefully watch birds flutter around the noisy stream of water that crashes down onto the mossy rocks.

“Admiring the view, babe?” Louis teases into Harry’s ear. One of their many in-jokes.

“Always.” Harry replies, as he twists his arm beneath Louis’ to jokingly slap the edge of Louis’ bum. Harry leans forward to offer Clifford a dog chew and watch him excitedly carry it away a little further down the rocks and get stuck in.

He feels a gentle kick to his bum before Louis is launching himself at Harry, hands round his waist and pulling him back into his arms. A playful bite to Harry’s shoulder and quick kisses to his neck and jaw. “Mine” he whispers into Harry’s ear and he lays his boy onto the ground.

“Yours” Harry sighs, as he watches Louis clamber over his legs to straddle him and sit over his lap with a mischievous smirk, the sound of their happy laughter echoing against the rushing sound of the waterfall.

Harry pushes himself up onto the palms of his hands, lining his face nearer Louis’ to confidently look him in the eyes. “Behave Louis” he laughs. “Clifford is only young.”

Louis snorts out a loud laugh and buries his head into the crook of Harry’s shoulder, which is shaking slightly from his own laughter. Louis turns round to watch Clifford laying on his front, contentedly focused on battling with the chew toy held between his big paws. “He’s busy.” Louis says, as he holds his palm against Harry’s slightly flushed chest and softly pushes him back down to lay against the blanket and place his hands on either side of Harry’s head, so he’s leaning directly over him.

“Oh” Harry replies slowly, raising his eyebrows and smiling. He grips his man’s wrists and slowly brushes his hands up Louis arms till they sweep over his shoulders, dip into his collar bones then slide around the back of Louis neck, to hold him. Harry’s fingers stroke Louis’ hair and play with the longer strands that flick out slightly at the back, tugging lightly on one, as he uses his other hand to pull Louis’ face down towards his.

The boy’s faces are inches apart, looking at each other fondly with silent, knowing grins, green eyes meeting blue. Without breaking eye contact Louis dips his head slightly to the side and runs his nose along the side of Harry’s, who lifts his head up slightly to keen into the touch, and rub his nose back against Louis’. Harry parts his lips slightly, pushing them as near to Louis’ as he can without touching them. Teasing.

Louis isn’t one to let anyone win though, unless it comes to Harry of course. He leans back, momentarily breaking their closeness, before lightly running the tip of his nose along the soft pink seam between Harry’s lips. He looks Harry in the eyes one more time, a twinkle in his own as he watches the darkness spreading from Harry’s pupils, before he closes his eyes and takes Harry’s bottom lip between his own lips and kisses him properly.

Lifting his head up to kiss into Louis’ mouth, Harry holds Louis’ shoulders to bring his body down against his, as Louis cradles Harry’s head with one hand, and lays his other atop of Harry’s chest.

They kiss each other deeply. Open lips, wet, soft. Their heads lolling and chins resting against each other as Harry’s hands swim up and down Louis’ back and around his sides, tracing the back of his finger into the curve of Louis’ waist. Louis entwines his fingers through Harry’s growing curls and massages his scalp, letting his thumb run over the curve of Harry’s ear, as the waterfall gushes loudly beside them, irrelevant. A soft breeze tickles the boy’s skin, unnoticed.

Harry cups Louis’ chin to pull him nearer into a faster, more urgent kiss. A kiss that says there’s more. A kiss that leads somewhere.

And Louis knows.

He cups Harry’s neck, applying gentle pressure to the throat with his thumb, as his other hand leaves Harry’s hair to swipe quickly down his body and grab his hip, pulling it up so Harry’s legs bend and his knees grip at Louis’ sides, pushing him down harder onto his lap, as Louis begins to grind onto him.

Their kisses become sloppier and wetter, quicker, harder and more desperate, as they’re interrupted with breaths which escape their lips fast, as Harry thrusts up into Louis. Breathing heavier, Louis’ hands trace over Harry’s body and run down.

Down from his chest, down over his stomach and down onto his crotch, pressing his palm down hard onto the bulge beneath Harry’s little shorts, causing the fabric to stretch out around his already obvious erection.

It looks really hot.

God. Louis has always been so gone for this boy.

This adorable, cuddly, sweet, boy, with the face of an angel and a heart of pure gold, but who is also a complete exhibitionist and is shamelessly dirty.

Harry demands for Louis’ touch but is powerless to it, flirts outrageously with him but would do anything if Louis asked. He’s devilishly handsome, all long smooth legs and thick thighs, all the right muscle in all the right places, dark puffy lips and wide glossy eyes. He’s as hungry for Louis as Louis is for him, and it’s always been this way, since they were 16 and 18.

Harry is total filth and Louis fucking loves it.

Harry whines underneath him, his chest falling deep as he sighs out expletives into the hot air when Louis moves his fingers to grip around Harry’s hard penis through his shorts and tug it up and down slowly.

“Ah, fuck” Harry lets his head fall back while Louis palms him a few more times, letting out his own erotic ‘ah’ sounds as breathy encouragement, and because this is turning him on too.

Like it always does.

Harry has this beautiful boy grinding on him, touching him so good and he’s barely even started yet. Louis’ watching him with those blue eyes that have become all Harry can see, flicking his fringe back with an open mouth as his fingers lightly trail down his own chest, painfully slow, till he’s grabbing at his own crotch with a deep sigh.

It’s so hot and Harry can’t take it.

Louis is always too much and that’s just how he likes it. They’re in public in a fucking forest, their fucking dog is asleep right there and here is Louis straddling him, their hard dicks in his hands, with the filthiest, hottest look on his face.

God, he loves him.

“Ugh! Fuck, Louis” he pleads, leaning up to tug Louis’ shorts down and grab his husband’s hard cock. Louis gasps at the sudden contact and immediately pushes into Harry’s hand, which is twisting just beneath the head of his cock then tugging back down to the base, as he licks wet kisses into the hair on Louis’ chest.

“Ahh” Louis whispers his boy’s name with eyes tight shut as he pulls at Harry’s hair, then looks beneath him to push down Harry’s shorts and take him in his hand. “Mmmh, Lou. Yess” he feels Harry breathe against his skin as his hand squeezes around him.

The boys tangle in each other’s laps, thrusting into each other’s pumping fists, speaking in heavy sighs and loud moans and rushed, messy kisses.

“You first, babe” Louis sighs, as he takes Harry’s shoulders and gestures for him to lay on his back.

“Push me.”

Louis nearly chokes but he knows exactly what Harry’s like, and he can see it in his eyes. Trust and mischief and want.

Hands fanned out on Harry’s chest and looking him in the eye whilst he licks his lips, Louis pushes Harry to the ground.

Harry’s watching Louis in awe, cheeks flushed and pupils blown. He spreads his legs wide and grasps his own dick in his hands, his chest rising fast with each breath pouring out of his pretty lips. Mouth hung open and eyebrows knitted low.

Louis locks eyes with him, his own mouth open in an o shape and his brow furrowed, just from watching Harry. He wastes no time in settling between Harry’s legs, dragging his palms up soft thighs and sucking wet kisses into hot skin.

One of Louis’ hands reaches up to circle Harry’s soft, puffy nipple and tug it hard between his fingertips as his other hand moves to apply pressure to Harry’s abdomen, just below his tummy button. It sends tingles through Harry’s body, who’s still touching his dick and breathing out fast and low.

Louis leans down to lick up Harry’s dick, pressing his tongue down flat and wide, feeling Harry shiver beneath him. With his hands now holding Harry’s hips down firmly, Louis pushes Harry’s hand away from his cock using just his tongue. He weaves the pointed tip between Harry’s fingers until his flushed, hard dick lies heavy up his belly, and Louis licks a firm stripe up it, so it presses down harder on Harry’s stomach.

Harry hands are tangling up in his own hair as his back arches up from the ground.

Still only using his hands to circle into Harry’s hips, Louis presses the insides of his wet lips against the sensitive flesh of Harry’s foreskin, before sliding his lips to lock fully around Harry’s head and grip tightly enough to lift up Harry’s cock with just his mouth, and slide lower down.

Hollowing his cheeks to suck down further, Louis swirls his tongue up and down the shaft of Harry’s cock. “Oh my god. Oh god, Louis!” Harry breathes out as Louis begins to bob his head so his lips slide wetly up and down the head of Harry’s cock. “Oh god!” Harry breathes out as he watches Louis and tugs on tufts of his hair.

Louis swallows his mouth down till he almost chokes then slides his lips up to swirl around the sensitive tip. Licking and sucking Harry harder, Louis lets out a low “hmm” which vibrates beautifully against Harry’s dick, before he unwraps it from his mouth to start pumping the base fast with his hand. “Ah” Harry sighs loudly, as Louis purrs “Cum for me, babe.”

He positions his mouth open over Harry’s head so that with every thrust of his hand the sensitive tip of Harry’s cock hits against Louis’ wet tongue, fucking into it.

“Ah! Ah fuck, fuck” Harry breathes out “Lou that’s really hot.”

Louis holds his tongue down against Harry’s head as he writhes beneath Louis’ touch, breathing out little ah, ah, ah’s.

Louis keeps working Harry’s cock with his hand then swims his tongue across the sensitive tip of Harry’s cock and dips the pointed end of his tongue into Harry’s slit.

“AHH FUCK” Harry throws his head back, eyes tight shut and bearing his teeth, wincing with the sensitive pleasure, as his cock twitches.

Louis’ tongue is swirling fast over Harry’s head, mixing with leaking pre-cum and his own dripping saliva, as Harry pants fast and loud.

Louis’s hand works Harry’s base fast and squeezes as his lips vice around the top and drag up tightly towards the head.

“Fuck fuck FUCK” Harry winces as Louis squeezes his cock with his hand and his lips and presses his tongue into Harry’s slit again.

“YES!” Harry body juts up, thrusting his cock further into Louis’ hot mouth as his stomach flutters and convulses and his breath catches in his tightening chest, his legs shake as he sighs low and cums in Louis’ mouth.

Hot bursts of thick cum trickle down Louis’ throat as he sucks hard and swallows him down.

Louis licks Harry’s cock clean as he watches him laying back with lips hung wide open in rapture and his eyes glazed over, breathing heavily.

Harry rests his head to the ground, fluttering his eyelids shut and running lazy fingertips down his chest, sighing contentedly and dazed “ahh, Louis.”

“So so hot, babe” Louis comments, leaning over to meet their lips in a slow, dirty kiss.

Harry sighs into it, “Hmm.” He’s hazy from his orgasm but he needs to please Louis.

Wants to.

Harry cups Louis’ face with his hand and guides him to lay on his back. He leans over him to whisper in his ear, breath hot and curls tickling Louis’ skin. “You’re next, angel.”

Harry glides his big hands down Louis torso and presses into his waist to steady himself and sit with his legs either side of Louis’ hips.

Harry licks over his own hand, exaggerating each movement. He opens his mouth wide against his palm and tilts his head back, watching his boy with a filthy look, before grabbing Louis’ cock and touching.  

“Ah fuck, princess!” Louis sighs as Harry straddles and wanks him like he was born to do it. Strong thighs spread wide, chest arching forward and tousling his hair back wildly, as if it were his own cock his hands were gripping.

“You’re so hard, baby” he breathes, his voice deep and his hands tugging Louis’ cock faster. “So hot, you look so good.”

Louis’ eyes are squeezed shut, his mouth falling open, and his hands smoothing over his chest, playing with his own nipples.

“Fuck, Harry. So good.” He stretches up to lock eyes with his boy, panting. “Ah, suck me off. Please!”

“Hmm” Harry moans. “Always babe, fuck.”

Harry ducks his head down and takes Louis’ dick in his mouth. Sucking down straight away to meet his own hand at the base, then straight up to the head and back. Bobbing up and down quick and lapping with his tongue.

“AH! HARRY! Ahh fuckkk” Louis’ chest is heaving, rippling the shape of his breaths down to his stomach and back up, breathing hard. “Feels so good already, fuck!” His knees bend up from the ground and he thrusts fast into the wet heat of Harry’s mouth.

Harry’s fist is pulsing at the base of Louis’ cock, twisting up fast as he sucks hard. His tongue is so incredibly wet and his lips press down firmly. “Ah god, I’m already so close” Louis sighs.

Harry slides two fingers up the shaft of Louis’ cock and into his mouth, licking them between his tongue and the soft edges of his mouth, before they’re gone again.

Louis’ squirming at the extra pressure against his leaking cock before he feels two sticky wet fingers pressing against his hole. “AH shit! Ah!” He’s so fucking close, tingles spreading in his abdomen.

He looks breathlessly at Harry sucking his dick, their eyes meet as Harry’s finger tips circle harder into the edge of his rim then suddenly push inside.

“AHHHH” Louis throws his head back and cums hard into Harry’s mouth.

Cock still thrusting in with the final waves of Louis’ pleasure, Harry splutters and slides his lips slowly off of Louis’ dick. He kisses it dry then lays by his boy’s side.

They hold their hands together loosely and slow their breathing down, between little salty kisses on used lips.

“Hmm, a very nice walk” Harry teases into Louis’ hair.

Louis laughs sleepily, “Oh shush!”

The boys slowly compose themselves, blinking in the early evening sun.

They dress each other softly, smoothing hands over each other’s skin, little kisses and little touches. Caring and peaceful.

They pack away their things, gently wake up a snoozing Clifford, ruffling his soft fur, and with slightly shaky limbs Harry and Louis make their way down the rocks and back onto the path.

Ambling along hand in hand with smug smiles on their lips and a content dog by their side, Harry and Louis notice a young group of friends approaching them from over the bridge.

A mutter of polite good evenings and an aww at Clifford, the group passes, leaving Harry and Louis spitting out bursts of laughter and adolescent giggles.

“That was so fucking close!” Harry gasps with a grin, wide eyed.

“HA! I know, fuck!” Louis laughs “Typical us.”

Harry sighs, nudging his husband in the arm. “Typical us.”