harry's hand on louis' shoulder

are harry and louis holding hands in this interview?

maybe i’m reaching, but i noticed something in one of the la jingle ball interview videos, which can be found here. i’m gonna walk through a few key things in this post.

1) in the start of the video, harry’s arms are crossed. he runs his hand through his hair, and then begins to put his arm behind his back before moving so that his arm is blocked by niall. notice that louis’ hand is on niall’s shoulder in these 3 screen caps.

2) in the screen cap below, harry’s left arm & louis’ right arm are hidden behind niall. as soon as harry’s left arm moved behind niall, louis’ hand moved from niall’s shoulder and goes out of view. i noticed that liam is off to the side but harry, louis, and niall are really close together, so i got to thinking, what if they’re holding hands behind niall’s back?

3) at one point, niall shifts a little bit and we can see that louis’ arm is not at his side. you can see the bottom of his sleeve right under niall’s elbow, which shows that his arm is reached out. it’s not on nail’s shoulder, and it’s not on niall’s waist or hip, so where is it? it would be very uncomfortable for him to just hold his arm out at that angle without it resting on or holding onto anything. even if they’re not holding hands, louis has to be at least resting his hand on harry’s arm or something.

4) a few moments after this, harry sways away for a moment (and fonds at louis). in this frame, his arm is behind his back.

5) then, harry moves so his arm is behind niall again.

6) now, at the end of the video, the boys start to walk away. when harry moves away from niall, his arm is at his side. now, if his arm was behind his back when he moved towards niall (#4) and when he backs away his arm is at his side, at what point did he move it?

here’s what this all looks like to me:

in #1, louis is just chillin with his arm resting on niall’s shoulder. harry fixes his hair or whatever and puts his arms behind his back. then, he moves so his arm is behind niall. at this point, #2, louis sees an opportunity and takes it. he puts his hand on harry’s arm or wrist (this is made obvious in #3 when his arm is outstretched). right after this, in #4, harry shifts away and then back. it seems like this is because he wants to move his arm from behind his back so that he can hold louis’ hand. this shift would make him moving his arm be a quick un-award movement. so, in #5, his arm is behind niall again. louis’ arm still isn’t visible. in #6, the boys start to walk away and harry’s arm is no longer behind his back, meaning that he moved it at some point while it was behind niall.

so, maybe i’m being really dramatic and maybe i’m seeing things, but this is what it looks like to me. and, honestly, it would be really cute because they were both really happy and giggly during this interview, so maybe it was because they were sharing a subtle, private, touch.

Title: Take Cover, Baby
Author: beyourgoodnight
Rating: NR
Fandom: One Direction
Ship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Words: 2227
Summary: A hand on his shoulder startles him out of his thoughts, which were dangerously close to spiraling toward full on anxiety. The man connected to the hand snorts at Harry’s reaction and Harry shoots him a look.

“Never met someone so nervous to be returning from war,” Thomas intones sarcastically.

Or, Harry Styles returns from the war and he thinks he might be more nervous to step on the train platform in his hometown than he was to step on the battlefield.

Read it here.

“Mate, you need to eat something. Come to the cafeteria with us, and we’ll buy you something. You can’t just stay here” Louis pleads, as he placed a hand to Harry’s shoulder. The sight broke Louis’ heart; he’d never seen Harry so distant and upset before, and he worried. His arms were folded on the hospital bed beside you hip, with his chin resting on his forearms and his forehead placed against your body. “H, c'mon. The doctors will call for us if something happens” He added, as Harry looked to him. His eyes sunken and sullen, full of grey and distance.

“I’m okay, Louis. I just want to stay here. Just in case something happens. I don’t want to leave her” Harry whispered, his voice raw and scratchy, and his throat was burning. “You can bring me some water up, and that’ll do me” He added, as Louis sighed softly, his mouth opening before he was cut off. “Louis, don’t. You’d understand if your wife was laying here, cut up and bruised because of some drunk bastard!” He hissed, as he stood up from the plastic chair and looked to Louis.

“You can’t even begin to imagine what is going through my mind right now! She, that beautiful and caring woman in that hospital bed, doesn’t deserve this. She’s my wife and I vowed to fucking protect her! Look at that, huh?! I failed one husband task already! And it’s only been 4 weeks! 4 weeks, Louis! I could lose my wife after 4 weeks of being married to her! You don’t know how that feels! I wanted to grow old with her, and have children. I wanted a baby. A beautiful little girl who looked like her mother. Because there needs to be more people like her!” Harry sobbed, his cheeks wet and reddening up. Louis felt his own eyes well up with tears, his arms opened wide for Harry.

“She’ll pull through, Harry. She’s a fighter, of course. Look who she learnt that from, hm? You” Louis smiled, as he felt the tears seep into the material of his shirt. “I know you won’t come with me nor Niall, but can we get you something? A flapjack, maybe?” He asked, as Harry shook his head.

“Just a water and maybe a banana. M'not that hungry” Harry whispered, as he shuffled across the floor and sat back down in the chair, his hand gripping yours tightly. “Thank you, Louis” He mumbled, as Louis smiled and gave his shoulder a pat.

• • •

“I wish… I just wish I was there that night, ya'know? I don’t care that it was a friend’s bachelorette party, I wouldn’t have minded. I had a gut instinct something was going to happen. When I got that call, it made me feel like I was the one dying. It was a stab in the chest, you know?” Harry whispered, as he kissed the back of your cold hand. “I love you so much, baby. I need you to pull through. I know I can be annoying at times, but don’t leave me just yet” He added, his voice weakening and his hands gripping yours tightly.

“I need you to wake up. Please. I can’t be alone. I can’t go around without my sunshine following me. You hear me? Without you, my days will be dull. You light them up, and I love that about you. Please, please wake up” He whispered, his chin wobbling as he looked to your peaceful yet whitened face. “I feel like I’ve failed. I’m already the worst husband of the year, and you can give me a playful beating to make up for it” He chuckled, a wet chuckle leaving his lips. “Come on, love. My beautiful Mrs Styles. My beautiful, beautiful bride. I love you…

… I love you so, so much”

• • •

He felt like his world had turned upside down, when he was ushered from the room and told to stay away until everything had been sorted. His heart broke when he watched your body lapse into a fit of some kind, and his shaky hands pressed the red button continuously above the bed. To make sure that the staff of the hospital needed to attend the urgency.

“Hey.. Hey. Come here” Sophia sobbed, as she pulled Harry in for a hug. “It’s okay, lovey. It’s okay. It’s all going to be fine. She’s a little trooper, our (Y/N). She’ll be right as rain” She smiled, as Liam gave Harry’s arm a squeeze.

“Haz, mate. Come and sit down, yeah? You need sleep” Liam begged, as he watched his arms unravel from Sophia. “C'mon. Have a sit down, and we’ll wake you it there’s any news. Okay? (Y/N) wouldn’t want you torturing yourself like this” Liam stated, as Harry fell into the chair in between where Sophia’s bag laid and where Niall was tapping away on his phone. His head lolled to the side and his eyes closed in an instant, making Niall chuckle lightly.

“He’s out already. This is really killing him. It makes me want to hunt down that drunk fucker and make him like that as well” Louis hissed, as he took a sip of coffee from the paper cup in his hands. “She’s too lovely and nice and caring to be in that state. You shoulda seen Harry earlier. I’ve never seen him like that” Louis mumbled, as he heard the various beeps and machines from inside the hospital room. Harry’s head nudged and fell to Niall’s shoulder, his lips parted as soft snores left his throat.

“I had a feeling there was a strong bond between her and H. When he met her, he never shut up about her. And then 5 years later, look at ‘em. 4 weeks into marriage. S'incredible, really” Liam smiled, as he sat in the seat across from Harry and rubbed his eyes. “Can you peek in the room, Lou? See what’s happening?” His face dropping when he received a shake from Louis.

“I can hear the heartbeat monitor. So, that’s a good thing. Just need the confirmation that everything went smoothly” Louis stated, as he leant against the wall beside the door. His ears perked and ready for any behaviours.

• • •

A few hours into the morning, and Harry felt like the happiest man ever. The doctor walked from the room you were settled in with a grin on his face. And that’s when Harry knew that you were okay.

“She’s stable, and conscious. And asking for her husband” The doctor smiled, as Harry stood from the seat and shook the doctors hand. “Go and see her, Mr Styles. Be careful of her ribs, though. A few had been fractured during the hit of the driver, but she should be fine within a few weeks” He smiled, as Harry gushed and walked into the room.

The sight made everyone smile as they walked into the hospital room; a happy Mr Styles, and a conscious and healthy looking Mrs Styles.

Everything was okay.

Harry had nothing to worry about anymore. Not now that his wife was back with him.

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this moment…Louis’ fond look? Louis holding Harry’s hand? Harry gripping Louis’ shirt? Harry giggling? Louis’ arm around Harry’s shoulders? Harry’s other hand coming up to rest on Louis’ chest? This is blatant flirting people. Blatant and adorable.

all of us automatically thought the pic of louis with his hand on harry’s shoulder was a manip and it’s all bc louis and harry aren’t allowed to do shit together like when was the last time they were even allowed to stand next to each other let alone touch js

idea for drag me down videoclip

louis and harry as mr and mrs smith (niall and liam are their friends and secret agents as well). the video consits of H&L fighting the “bad guys” as a team and everytime they touch in the middle of the fight, the video switches to flashbacks of them making love. lets say louis puts his hands on harry’s shoulder to jump or whatever and that contact of skin triggers the blashfack of the same hand on the same arm but this time you can tellneither of them are wearing clothes and they are in bed. and so it goes back and forth between the fight and the smut. the bedroon scences have a shot wide enough to know whats happening but it never shows their whole bodies or their faces… just a hand touching some part of the other person’s body, two legs entangled, lips kissing a hipbone…….. HELP

listen for such a long time we’ve been seeing harry and louis guarding themselves and controlling themselves around each other and pushing their instincts back and not being able to fucking look at each other and now we have a photo of them next to each other with harry’s hand around louis’ shoulder and they fit like puzzle pieces and look so fucking happy and everything went so fast and i almost can’t believe it but we went such a long journey and i am so here for everything what’s to come