harry's a horcrux

When Narcissa’s sister, cousin, and husband were all separately entrusted with obviously Dark objects from their Dark Lord, she didn’t exactly think Horcruxes, but the idea did cross her mind as she tried to puzzle through the similarities in feeling between the three seemingly unrelated objects.

When she hears that the sword of Gryffindor was stolen, and that the Potter boy was looking for something which, if found, could destroy the Dark Lord’s entire plan…she thinks through all the possibilities, and the odds seem a little less than fair when she kneels on the forest floor before the boy no older than her son who wasn’t allowed a chance to fight back. 

When she sees the Longbottom boy, whose father sat behind her for seven years of Charms lessons, slay the snake who has haunted her house and her nightmares for the last year, her suspicions are confirmed, and she’s proud of the layer of protection she gave the poor Potter boy - whatever the consequences. 


regulus . arcturus . black • “To the Dark Lord…”

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Could you imagine being Voldemort’s brother if you weren’t at all interested in his genocide, and have to spend all of your time proving to everyone else that you don’t support what he’s doing?

Even worse, imagine being his identical twin. So you not only have to prove that you’re not like him, but also that you’re literally not him.

I’m just picturing this kind of lame, not super interesting guy. His name is something pedestrian, similar to Tom. Something like Bob. Bob Riddle. He was probably a Hufflepuff. He’s got some low-level job, like as a Welcome Wizard at St. Mungo’s. His love life is non-existent, because the only people who want to date someone who looks exactly like Voldemort are the kind of people who marry convicted serial killers.

But Bob’s unexciting life is constantly made exciting by people throwing stuff at him, cursing at him, literally cursing him, and/or arresting him on a daily basis.

The Daily Prophet constantly speculates about whether or not he actually does support Voldemort, and the Quibbler says he doesn’t exist at all, that Bob is actually just Voldemort trying to earn minimum wage so as to sponsor his genocide. Media headlines dub him “Lord Voldeborb.” So Bob has a series of memoirs published to prove how dissimilar he is to his brother.

And eventually having all these books written about him convinces him that he can write. So he writes an autobiography about how boring his life is.

Why do people think helga is the sweet one of the founders when she’s obviously the sassy queen with a resting bitch face? Everything she does and says is literal shade.
Godric comes in with his usual chivalrous smile “Oh look it’s the Knight with a sword up his ass. Nobody’s in danger G, go back to sleep.”

Salazar plans to have his house to be the hard faced thick skinned snakes, “Do you not still sleep with the blanket your mother gave you as a child, oh fearful one?”

Helga hufflepuff being a BAMF nobody wants to fuck with without having to try. I heard her shades literally block the sun for days.

People keep saying that Harry being a Horcrux excuses or at least somewhat affected the way they treated him, because Horcruxes make you crazy mad at everything and super depressed. What I think is astounding is that Harry lived with the Horcrux inside him for 16 fucking years. He even carried two or more at a time with little to no ill effects. How fucking strong is he mentally that he can carry that weight and still be the kind person that he is throughout the series.

Harry fuckin’ Potter man. He’s strong as fuck.

I really love the fact that the last sentence of the Harry Potter series is “All was well.”

The whole series, 7 books, full of problems in Harry’s life and then in the end it’s like: EVERYTHING IS FINE, HAHA LOL

I just think it’s funny.