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Soulmate Potion

One day in potions class, Snape makes everyone brew a potion that will draw you towards your soulmate and of course, Draco and Harry are partered to brew this together. Towards the end of class, Snape instructs the class to test out the potion and everyone starts running around all over the place, drawn towards their soulmate. Some head towards each other while most of the class clusters at the door-locked of course to prevent students from leaving, but Harry and Draco dont feel anything. They just stand there looking confused and arguing a little because Harry’s potions are absolute shit but Draco’s potions are almost always perfect and there’s no reason why the soulmate potion is not working until they see how Snape is staring at them, looking more than a little queasy and oH

Second Chances - Part 1

Thea ( @acciocauldroncakes ) as Draco Malfoy
Liv ( @dorathemetamorphmagus ) as Lucius Malfoy
Becci ( @ask-themaraudersmap ) as Narcissa Malfoy

Harry, Ron and Hermione were brought to Malfoy Manor. After Draco not being able to tell if it’s them for sure they were locked up downstairs and Narcissa is having a talk with Draco.

Draco: I couldn’t be sure…

Draco: Y-yes. But. I… can’t tell if it was Potter and…

Draco: I’m sorry, mother…

Lucius: *comes into the room* DRACO!

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