harry you're perfect

  • Taylor: I'm gonna make a music video for the song I wrote about my relationship with my ex who wrote a song about me to claim he's perfect for me and release it on the 3rd anniversary of our public new year's kiss oh and did i mention there will be scenes of recreating our memories like me alone on a boat crying
  • The fandom: okay...
  • Tayvin shippers: um okay..
  • Calvin: okay love.. hey you wanna build a snowman the amount of snow right now is outstanding

I’ve figured out why I love watching Harry perform so much.

It’s the emotion he puts into every song.

The way he holds the microphone and dances like he’s alone and not in front of thousands of people.

The veins and tendons that pop out when he REALLY goes for it.

The furrow in his eyebrows.

basically, I love Harry Styles performing because of THIS picture.