harry x ron [1]

Ron, to be fair, in the movie universe, most of your siblings don’t seem to like you that much. I say ‘most’ because we never really see Charlie except in a cameo. It doesn’t make it right, but (sadly) it makes sense in the general rules of this universe. 

(Also- Hermione’s expression in the sixth photo is really sweet- like she’s thinking ‘don’t listen to them, Ron- I know you’re awesome’)

Oh, and Seamus- just shut up and snog Dean- he should be turning up soon.

This is Where I Lose You~One-shot (Draco Malfoy)

A/N: Draco Malfoy is one of my fucking favourite characters of all time and I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t written for him before ‘cause seriously I love him so much 

Request: @tayrae515:  Hi love, Could you do one where you and Draco had a thing but you sided with Harry and when he gets picked up and taken to the Malfoy mansion like in deathly hollows part one it’s you who gets mudblood written in your skin instead of Hermonie and Draco puts a stop to it and saves all of you because he loves you? Bad description lol but I hope you get my idea! :) thank you! ♥️♥️

Pairing: Draco x reader

Word Count: 2934

Warnings: TORTURE SCENE, BLOOD, Bellatrix being the awful human being she is, STABBING, CUTTING, SCREAMING, MORE BLOOD, sadness, swearing


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Once upon a time, I had been the girlfriend of a one Draco Malfoy. We had been happy. Really happy. Of course, deep down I knew that it wouldn’t last. We were teenagers in the middle of world approaching a war and we were clearly on different sides. We never acknowledged it, but we both knew it. I wasn’t oblivious to Draco’s family history. He was related to people that were known death eaters and his father probably was one. He knew I didn’t share his opinions on muggle born witches and wizards, he knew I was close friends with Harry Potter and a number of other Gryffindors that he didn’t approve of, but we ignored all of it. A voice in the back of my mind told me that the heartbreak would only be worse the longer we stayed together.

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harry potter meme: [1 of 7] relationships ~ harry potter x ron weasley

“He knew what he was doing when he gave me the Deluminator, didn’t he? He – well,“ Ron’s ears turned bright red and he became engrossed in a tuft of grass at his feet, which he prodded with his toe, “he must’ve known I’d run out on you.”

“No,” Harry corrected him. “He must’ve known you’d always want to come back.”


On their way out of the Room of Requirement during the battle of the Hogwarts, instead of all three of them running, Ron (being taller than the other two) threw Harry and Hermione over his shoulders and carried them until they found the broomsticks. Hermione was shocked and a little pleased. Harry, however, was less than impressed by being carried like a sack of potatoes.