harry would be an awesome father tbh


AU Meme:Taking the kids to the zoo with Harry

“C’mon Dad!” the little eager children say to their father as they pull on his arm, trying to make him go faster. “We’re almost there, hurry!”

“I-I can’t.” Harry weakly says, pretending to have lost all his energy as he drags his feet to the floor and sticks his tongue out, letting it fall against his lip. The kids laugh for a moment until they get impatient with the both of us. I scavenge through my large purse for the tickets, looking up to see them trying to haul up Harry off the ground. When I finally find them, I give them to my eldest daughter to look after as I reach for my camera.

“Ok guys, lets take a group picture by the sign!” I say. The kids whine, completely loosing their patience. I wouldn’t blame them, It was their very first visit to the zoo, but I wanted to remember it. They all gather around each other, their legs shaking from excitement. Harry comes behind them, getting into their height. All their smiles come to their faces, but I know they just wanted to get it over with. I snap the picture and they soon dash over the long line of awaiting people. To past the time, the children all blabber on what they plan on doing behind the walls. Feeding the giraffes, seeing the elephants, gazing over the sharks, anything they can think of as their imagination set free.