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i don't really have an idea what hold sony have on louis. they already got harry who is obviously their golden child so why wouldn't they let louis go if they dislike him?

you know when you’re watching a movie and the main character’s girlfriend or boyfriend is taken and held hostage so the kidnapper can force the main character to do what they want them to do without any real resistance because the main character is desperate to protect their partner?

i think louis’ situation has been used as a bargaining chip where harry’s solo career is concerned since the hiatus started. bear in mind that harry hasn’t actually released anything yet. it looks like a number of things where his deal with columbia is concerned only just became official recently.

if babygate does end right before or around the time when harry releases his first single then that’ll further convince me sony’s control over louis’ stunts was their equivalent of a hostage situation to get harry to sign with them.



  • Something Great (Midnight Memories)
  • Truly Madly Deeply (Take me Home: Special Deluxe Edition)
  • Olivia (Made in the AM)
  • They Don’t Know About Us (Take me Home)
  • Wolves (Made in the AM)  
  • Over Again (Take me Home)

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hey! can you rec some nice blogs to follow?? they can be harries or louies i just want nice people on my dash! thanks ❤

hi, darling!!! these are some of the lovely amazing people in my life and i hope you’ll love them just as much:

louies: @imactuallyharry @chillouie @acetheticlouis @actionlou @funsizelouis @rainbowankles @louis2k15 @louislyrics @rainbolwt @tommoftaoki @louispinkshorts @yatb @gigglelou @loverlouis @goldheartlouis @notheartbroken2k17 @windysalads @wellingtontat @warmfringe @viplarry @viplourry @princesslouis @worththewhiletweet @oliveyu @olivemel @this-old-town @peachylouies @starlightlarrie @queerlies

harries: @styles2017 @babygateisending @organicstunts (she has a shady anon, do yourself a favor and follow) @theholythighs @thelovejandles @pokinghes @just-end-it @harry-es @4nipnops @prettyhrry @hsrold @babeharrie @harrysdimplesarethedeathofme @harryslawyer @haztomlins @april7th @hapril7th @merrieharrie @softlarry

there’s many more people but i couldn’t remember their urls and i feel very guilty but i love them all and i’m sure you’ll love them too, darling!

(also i just realized now that i know more louies than harries :( rec me more pure harries)

I find it extremely interesting that more than four people I’ve seen now, myself included, have gotten asks with almost exactly the same wording, “people aren’t saying it’s Harry, they’re saying it’s his team”. And yet.

There are a whooooole lot of people on this hellsite who are using some of Harry’s fans or his “team” as a reason not to support his solo work. Like yo, last I checked Louis’ team is proper shit and y’all still support him. I support him, and I don’t agree with a single thing his “team” has done. So whether or not I agree with his team and their strategy, whether or not I like all of his fans, I will support Harry Styles and all of his efforts as an artist, an actor, and a fucking human being, just like I did with Niall, just like I did with Louis, and just like I will do with Liam.