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My husband has secondhand embarrassment because I told him he needs to take April 7th off to care for the baby as I will be incapacitated that day due to harry styles and I have no shame

well he’s gonna feel real stupid when, by this time next year, april 7th is declared Harry Styles Day and the world gets April 7th off from now until the end of eternity. 

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celebratory sex with harry after the packers win a game... and maybe he fucks you while you're wearing his jersey that says styles on the back😩😩😭

I’m saving all my spout offs until tomorrow and Wednesday, and yet… the name on the back. The name on the back of the jersey that he’d let you borrow and that is putting all sorts of ideas in his head when you get up to get a drink or to make some more popcorn or to answer the door for the takeaway delivery. 

The name on the back of the jersey that he calls you by, jokingly, but that gives him a little thrill and a twinge in his chest. 

“Styles! Get back here, the ad’s just finished.”

“Oi, Styles! Bring me another fork while you’re out there, I dropped mine.”

And staring at it while he fucks into you from behind, hands gripping your hips and ass, and he tries not to be a dick who finishes right away when he really thinks about the fact that his girl has his name on her back and that she’d answered to it when he’d called her by it earlier. 

The moments where that hits hard and he feels that twist in his gut are probably when he smacks your ass particularly hard. 

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i love how antis are just spamming with the same 4 people who congratulated louis on freddie while mocking harry for not helping louis and for implying he's a piece of shit who left louis alone in his closet for a solo career and it's like.... this is all you have. we have a compilation of blue and green posts with aligning timestamps and louis meeting with the head of columbia and antis are just down to projecting a personality onto harry lol! i love winning.

Antis: have a sand castle that is about to get destroyed by the sea

Us: have a full on castle that stands big and proud on the top of the mountain

You guys remember when Stephanie Meyer said Edward would kill Harry Potter or something because vampires are super fast?

And then Harry Potter fans got annoyed and started coming up with ways Harry would absolute kill Edward?

Well those were essentially “Batman with prep time” arguments.

Except they were more like “Harry potter could win…with prep time.”


“calling out for somebody to hold tonight
when you’re lost, I'll find a way
I’ll be your light
you'll never feel like you're alone
I’ll make this feel like home”



I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.

The lessons I learned from Larry

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The thing that pisses me off most, is when people ask me why I stand by Louis and Harry with so much passion, and never give up on them. Why do I stick with them even though sometimes it’s questionable that they are together? Why do I care so much about them and their relationship? Why am I so obsessed with them? Why do I care if they’re dating? Why am I so damn emotional about it?
I have a simple answer for that: they proved to me that love is real when I lost all faith in it, they taught me to fight for what you love, and to fuck anyone who tells you otherwise.
I never saw much love between two important figures in my life. I live in a wealthy town where a lot people marry solely for money. My grandparents are divorced, my other grandma got a divorce before my grandpa passed away. My aunts and uncles are all divorced, widowed, live in another state than me, and even when I see them, I barely see a true love connection between them, and my one aunt and uncle I can partially see love still in their relationship, fight like cats and dogs. My 10 year old cousin sat next to me at Thanksgiving, and was happy as could be, because for the first time in a long time, just half of the family sat together in a room and only fought once, it broke my heart that she has such a low standard for our family at such a young age. My sister has been cheated on, dumped, and the one boyfriend she had that I loved like a brother, ended up threatening her. My parents were fighting one day, and my grandpa looks at me and says, “Make sure you marry someone you get along with.” I have no memory of my parents hugging, kissing, or saying they love each other. I sincerely believe the only reason my parents were married in the first place was for my sister and I. I blame the divorce on myself. This is my first Christmas where my parents are divorced, and they don’t seem to understand why I’m not in the mood to do Christmas this year. Love to me, is something I’m terrified of, I’ve gone through life only seeing the pain that comes along with love, rarely do I ever see the joys it can bring.
Harry and Louis are so important to me for this reason. I was able to watch these boys fall in love, even though their hands were tied behind their backs. The way they look at each other, they get lost, and for a split second it’s like no one else in this world exists. The constant support that they give to each other even though they have to be so subtle about it, the smiles they bring to each other, the warmness that gathers in my heart when I think of all the shit they’ve been put through, but they still keep pushing. That to me is love. For once, I realized that love is real.
Most people say that their role model is someone who is living a dream that they have, or they made a million dollars. But, when I look at my role models, I call them my role models because they taught me to fight for love, they taught me that love is real, and it is ok, and not something to be ashamed of; they taught me things no one else could. I feel more at home when I see them lock eyes during an interview, or say some cheesy little thing and the other’s face lights up, than I do sitting at dinner with my own parents.
I love Louis and Harry with all of my heart. They patched my broken heart together, and restored my faith in love. If there was one thing that I could ever tell them, it’d be that they have changed and fixed my life and broken heart.  I love them with all of my heart, for this reason. I’d tell them thank you for being my main source of happiness. I love you boys, and keep pushing!🏳️‍🌈❤