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Prompts: @poppinsss
Author: @queenofthyme

Malfoy opened the door in a silk robe. Harry nearly choked.

“What are you doing here?” Malfoy asked.

Harry blinked. “You asked me over.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Potter, I did no such thing. Why would you – “

Harry pulled out his phone for the evidence and showed it to Draco.

Now it was Malfoy’s turn to choke. His face went beet red. “That wasn’t meant for you.”

Harry eyed the silk robe. “Clearly.”

Malfoy tugged the robe tighter over his chest and crossed his arms. “But you came.”

Harry shrugged. “I was curious.” And hopeful.

“Come in, then.”


“My intended guest clearly isn’t coming so it’s not like I have anything better to do,” Malfoy said, avoiding Harry’s eyes.

“Charming,” retorted Harry. The offer wasn’t particularly convincing. He had known the text was too good to be true. He made to turn away.

“Wait, Potter,” Draco said, stopping him, “I didn’t mean – Look, I’m sorry.” He sighed, like he really didn’t want to have to say it: “I’d like you to stay.”

Now that was more like it. Harry stepped inside and followed Malfoy into the Sitting Room. He kept his eyes high, trying not to notice how short the robe was from behind. It didn’t appear as if Malfoy was wearing any underwear.

“Can I get you a drink?” Malfoy asked, once Harry had sat down.

Harry gulped. The robe appeared even shorter from this vantage point. “Sure.”

Malfoy disappeared into the Manor and appeared minutes later, two glasses of firewhiskey in hand. He passed one to Harry and then took a seat on the armchair opposite, crossing his legs demurely – which was a necessity in his getup.

Harry took a large swig of his glass. “Aren’t you going to change?”

Malfoy’s raised his eyebrows. “You have a problem, Potter?

“No,” Harry squeaked. Yes, actually squeaked.

Malfoy laughed at that, but he did pull down on the hem of his robe to cover his legs a little further.  “I don’t usually – I’m not usually this forward,” he explained.

“Must be someone special.”

Malfoy frowned. “Not not really. No at all. I’m actually glad I – “ He stopped himself, his eyes darting to Harry sharply. “Well, I just mean it’s probably best I didn’t text them.”

“Instead, you got me.”

“I certainly would have dressed differently if I’d known. You wouldn’t see me like this until at least the second date.”

Harry held back a smile. “So is this a date now?”

“It could be,” Malfoy said, his eyes on his firewhiskey as he swished it around in his glass like it were wine.

“But is it?” Harry pushed.

Malfoy looked up. “You tell me.”

“You’re the one who answered the door half naked.”

Malfoy’s lips quirked up. “So, I’ve already lost some of my dignity tonight. I’d say it’s your turn.”

Harry downed the rest of his firewhiskey. “It’s a date,” he decided.

‘You always were the brave one,” Malfoy said, following Harry’s actions and finishing his own firewhiskey. He placed the empty glass down and moved his hands to the tie of his robe. “So if this is a date, I guess I can show you what’s underneath the robe now.”

“I – er – um – I – “ Harry spluttered, his face heating up at the thought.

Malfoy laughed and dropped his hands. “Calm down, Potter. I’m only teasing. Not until the second date, remember? Tonight we talk. And eat. How do you feel about soup? It’s the only thing I can cook.”

Harry relaxed. “Perfect.”

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Um it's 2017... Kind of embarrassing to still be a larrie after all this time, just saying

the year is 2017. the one direction hiatus has been taking a toll on all of us. each day, we wait anxiously for the news of the revival of the band. however, there are more problems lingering in the shadows of the news of solo projects and movie premieres…. what is the state of larry? are they still together? larries began to disappear all over the world. the antis, houies, and ex larries scour the internet, finding any traces of larries remaining on this site. the survivors are strong, but they are constantly in danger of the lurkers finding their blog and anonymously attacking them. 

i sit in my room, looking at my blue and green watch, wondering when this will all end. when will we be free? when will louis and harry be free? i shed a tear thinking about the state of the fandom, and the world.  i hear a knock on my door, interrupting my train of thought. startled, i shove the watch back in my sock drawer, not wanting to expose myself as a larrie for having these colors as part of my wardrobe. it was nestled along with my rainbow bear and leeds festival bracelet, the surviving artifacts after the anonymous figures invaded my neighborhood. i got away unscathed last time, but my close friend deactivated. i needed to maintain my secret, in fear of the repercussions of being a larrie in this day and age. 

i open my door to a figure, hidden in the shadows, features obscured by the darkness. i swallow my anxiety in the silence. ‘who are they?’ i wonder. the figure reaches into their pocket and holds up a phone, open to my blog. my eyes dart from the phone, to the faceless figure, unsure of how they found out. i shake in fear. then i hear the sentence; the sentence that every larrie fears… “damn r u a larrie?” they say. i scream, slamming the door. my heart is pounding. how did they find out? i’ve been so careful.

they began pounding against my door, attempting to kick it down. i can hear their angry yells from behind the door. “AIMH was 6 years ago! get over it! louis has a child! harry and kendall are my otp!” i run to my wall and touch my one direction poster, hand lingering in between harry and louis. “i’m doing this for you.” i close my eyes and take a deep breath, accepting my fate as the door abruptly gets knocked down.

i feel the presence move closer to me. i knew this was the end. i braced myself for my demise, when suddenly, i heard a ping from my phone and the phone of my attacker. i slowly opened my eyes and saw the faceless figure unlock their phone. i did the same. what i saw shocked me… it was a tweet… from louis to harry. what? how could this be? i look back at my attacker, mouth agape and eyes wide.

they murmured under their breath, “@Harry_Styles happy birthday mate! have a sick night.” we stood in silence, the pounding of our hearts and our deep breathing filling the room. they look back up at me, expression unreadable. they placed their phone back in their pocket, and walked out of the room with their shoulders hunched. i never saw the mysterious figure again.

and that is the story about how i’m surviving, as a larrie, in 2017. thank you louis, your tweet saved my life. the end.

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Draco using the toaster. Poptarts fly out. Draco ends up on top of something and stays there till Harry comes home.

“Don’t move, Potter!”

“Er– what?” Harry had just come home and had been about to step into the kitchen when he heard his boyfriend’s anxious directive.

“I said, don’t move! The second you move, that awful muggle contraption you insisted on buying will attack. Trust me. I’ve already become its victim.”

“What are you even–” Harry cut himself off as, rounding the corner, he caught sight of Draco lying very still on top of the island in the center of their kitchen. He was staring intently across the room at the shiny red toaster, from which protruded two garishly pink–

“Are those Pop Tarts?” Harry asked incredulously. He had no idea where Draco could have possibly come by the sugar-filled American snacks. Nor why Draco, who was still suspicious of all things Muggle, might have considered actually eating one.

“I said not to move, Potter!!”

Harry couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled up at Draco’s ridiculousness. He was still laying perfectly still on the counter. “What happened?”

“Stop walking at it! It’s vicious! I put in one of those awful-looking things, and then I pushed down on the little black part just like you showed me. And I stood there and waited! And waited! And the inside started to change colours—and I think Weasley must have convinced it to support the Canons because it was hideously orange—but no matter how long I stared, nothing was happening! So I moved to get my wand and then BANG! The THINGS flew out and right for my face. My face, Potter. And if you don’t cease your laughter right this minute I swear–”

Sorry, sorry!” Harry gasped, forcing himself to take the situation seriously. “And how did you end up on the island?”

“Well… I don’t really remember. But the time I realised what was happening, I was already laying here, and I didn’t want to risk moving again.”

“Right,” Harry said. “Well, as you can see, I’m moving and am miraculously unscathed by the things. The toaster is perfectly safe.”

Draco looked highly suspicious, but still somehow found the courage to sit up and slip off the counter. “I want that thing out of our house, Potter! If you think it’s so safe, I suppose you won’t mind if I just leave you to defeat it on your own.”

With that, Draco turned up his nose and stomped out of the kitchen. Probably going off to check for wounds, Harry thought as his lips turned up into an amused smile. 

He was just making his way over to unplug the toaster—Draco’s word was all but law, so he had no choice but to get rid of it now—when his cell phone rang.


“Harry, mate!” It was Ron. “Did Malfoy use the toaster yet?” He sounded full of anticipation.

“The…” Harry sighed as he realised that his boyfriend might not be so ridiculous after all. “Ron. What did you do?”

Harry could somehow hear Ron’s grin over the phone. “Oh, you know. Nothing much. Charmed it to turn orange when he tries to use it. Harmless.”

“That’s all?”

“Well… George did say there might be a few… side effects—”

“Side effects like it attacking my boyfriend’s face?”

Ron laughed shamelessly. “Oh, Merlin, they went for his face?! Oh that’s priceless!”

“Ron! You can’t do that! You know he doesn’t understand Muggle things! How did you get him to try it out anyway?”

“Oh, it was easy! Just gave him some of those Pop Tart things and told him they were your favourite snack,” Ron answered offhand.

Harry’s heart clenched unexpectedly with a wave of affection for his boyfriend. Which was quickly followed by a wave of guilt for laughing at him after all he’d tried to do was make Harry what he’d thought was his favourite snack.

“Ron, I’ve got to go. And you two need to stop your ridiculous prank war. You know if you really do hurt Draco’s face, I’ll never be able to forgive you.”

Ron made a gagging noise. “Gross, mate. Go be a champion for Malfoy’s face somewhere else. I’ll stop hexing your toaster when he stops confunding me every time I go to the bathroom at work.”

Harry smiled. “Fair enough. I’ll see what I can do.”

He hung up the phone and walked over to the toaster, unplugging it and shoving it into a plastic bag. Then he went to find his boyfriend, who was reclining on the sofa reading a copy of Witch Weekly, which Harry was very aware by now was definitely also for Wizards, Potter.

Harry quirked the corner of his mouth and held up the sack full of offensive appliance. “I thought I could go by Ron’s tomorrow on my lunch break to see about dropping this off and charming it to look like his old toaster?” he tried.

And succeeded. Draco’s face broke into a very satisfied grin. “This is why I love you, Potter.”

Harry’s grin developed into a full-on smile. He plopped down on the sofa, held up the sad excuse for a pastry he had taken from the toaster and offered, heedless of Draco’s increasingly disapproving expression, “Pop Tart?”

No strings attatched.

Request: harry and y/n both being famous (she’s an actress) and having a “friends with benefits” relationship because they’re both always busy and travelling so they didn’t want it to get complicated but eventually, of course, they develop really strong feelings for eachother so y/n tries to stay away from him but he doesn’t want to ler her go

“I was going fucking crazy watching another guy fuck you on the screen tonight,” Harry whispered against your lips, his hands roaming your body. “Did it feel good? Hm?”

You groaned against his lips, pressing your body closer to his. “It’s just acting. Didn’t really fuck me.” 

“You know nobody can make you feel good like I do.” Harry breathed out against your neck, lips grazing your skin. 

“No marks.” You reminded him, closing your eyes as your hands fisted his hair. 


It had been going for 9 whole months. The bootycalls, sexting and emotional sex. You would go as far as saying that you understood Harry like the back of your hand; what frusterated him, his quirks, his random interests, his favorite shampoo. As he did with you; Harry was the only person who could make out your emotions no matter how good your fake smile looked. 

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dress-up - tom holland

Dress-Up - Tom Holland x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: (requested by anon) Hi i love your writing and I just saw the video that tom posted on ig with harry and haz trying on the spidey suit and so could you please write a one shot where the reader is Tom’s gf and he helps her put on the suit? A lot of fluff, cheeky comments, whatever you want haha and please dont make it too short bc ur an awesome writer! Thank u sm ❤️

a/n: this one is very good! one of my favoritesss! :) (video is on tom’s instagram)

word count: 1.1k

(Y/N) was sitting on the plane with her boyfriend Tom, his brothers and his friend Harrison (whom everyone calls Haz). She was comfortably sat in her seat and was snapping with her friend. (Y/N) kept letting out small laughs at the pictures she was sent and the chats she received, all revolving around sexual jokes and memes. (Y/N) seemed to be in her own bubble, ignoring the loud and obnoxious guys that surrounded her.

Noticing that his girlfriend was sitting alone, Tom walked over to (Y/N) and sat down. “Hey babe!” Tom spoke enthusiastically. When she didn’t answer, he poked her and repeated himself, “Babe!” (Y/N) still didn’t answer, obviously more interested in the conversation she was having, so Tom laid across her lap.

“Who are you talking too that you like more than me?” Tom asked her, taking the phone out of her hands. Ignoring her protest, Tom let out a laugh, “Wow, ‘side hoe’, really?” he pretended to be hurt, dramatically clutching his heart.”

“Don’t worry, Tommy, you’ll always be my main hoe,” (Y/N) laughed, smiling down at the boy.

Tom laughed and said, “But seriously I’m so bored! Let’s do something!”

“Well then let’s do something!” (Y/N) said, playing with Tom’s hair before the two stood up.

“But I don’t know what we should do! I mean, it’s-” Tom said before being interrupted by his brother Harry.

“Hey, Tom, did you know what Sony left the Spiderman costume here?” Harry asked.

“Really?” Tom asked, receiving a nod in return, “I think I know what we should do!”

“So,” Tom said, beginning the video, “we’re on the private plane. With the boys-”

“Hey!” (Y/N) said, interrupting Tom.

“And my lovely girlfriend,” Tom said moving so the camera showed (Y/N), who waved, “Sony forgot to take away the Spiderman costume, which is right through those curtains,” he spoke, showing the curtain behind him, “But we’re going to have a dress-up situation to see if Harry, Harrison, and (Y/N) can fit in the suit.”

While Tom was helping Harry into the Spiderman costume, (Y/N) filmed the whole thing, “You really had to do all of this just to get into the outfit?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, it did take a lot of work.” Tom said looking at her and smiling. God, she could make him smile by just looking in his direction. Her eyes and her smile made him fall in love all over again.

“Why are you staring?” (Y/N) asked.

“Why shouldn’t I stare?”

After Harrison and Harry both put on the outfit, it was (Y/N)’s turn. “I don’t want to!” (Y/N) whined, “I’ll probably not even fit!”

“C’mon babe please? Just this once? For me?” Tom asked, knowing she couldn’t say no if he begged.

“Fine,” she mumbled, “but you owe me big time!”

All the boys cheered and (Y/N) started taking off her shirt when Tom started protesting, “Hey! No! You can’t do that, not in front of my brothers and best friend!” Everyone laughed as Tom turned bright red. He pulled his girlfriend into the plane’s small bathroom. “You’re not allowed to take your shirt off in front of the boys,” he mumbled.

(Y/N) laughed and teased him, “Is little Tommy jealous?” to which she just got her boyfriend to turn bright red. (Y/N) started taking her clothes off and putting on the outfit. She remembered that her boyfriend was still in the room, and laughed. “Why are you still here, I think I can put this on myself.”

“Just admiring how pretty you are,” Tom said beaming at her.

“That’s sweet,” (Y/N) smiled at him, “Now please leave.” Tom laughed at his girlfriend before leaving the room.

After ten minutes, the boys were getting confused as to why (Y/N) wasn’t coming out of the bathroom. Tom knocked on the door and said, “Babe? Are you okay?’

“Yeah, it’s just that this costume is meant for a taller, and um, male person, and I’m not that.” (Y/N) yelled back in response.

“What does that mean?” Harrison asked.

“It means that you, Tom, and Harry don’t have an ass or tits to shove into this fucking spandex!” (Y/N) yelled, sending everyone into a fit of laughter, “Plus, you are all loads taller than me and I’ve fallen twice because you guys have abnormally large feet!” she said again, sending everyone into another laughing fit.

Ten minutes later, (Y/N) walked out of the bathroom and threw her clothes on the chair next to her. The guys all had their backs to her, so she cleared her throat, causing everyone to turn around.

“Damn, babe, you look great!” Tom said happily looking at her.

“Thank you, you look pretty great yourself!” (Y/N) said smiling, causing him to blush, “Also, can you close the back, I couldn’t reach it.” She states as Tom stood up to go help her.

“Wait, are you not wearing a bra?” someone asked.

“Wow, babe, quite the scandal. But I must say, it is quite hot,” Tom said winking at her.

(Y/N) blushed as Harry shouted, “Get a room!” and Tom just laughed as he went over to help his girlfriend clip the back. When she turned around, Tom saw the opportunity and smiled saying, “Nice ass!”

“Well, you’re lucky this ass is all yours,” (Y/N) said, grinning widely at him.

When the suit was finally all on (Y/N), she let her hair come out of her ponytail and it came down over her shoulders. She ran her hand through her hair a few times before suddenly being hugged. Two arms were wrapped around her waist and she looked up at her boyfriend. In turn, (Y/N) wrapped her arms around Tom’s neck and the two smiled at each other.

“You know, I think you look better in this than I do,” Tom admitted.

Impossible,” (Y/N) said, “you look flawless in it.”

Tom shook his head, not bothering to argue with her. Instead he leaned down and kissed her, both of them smiling into it.

“Okay seriously, will you two please get a room?” Harry said, interrupting the two’s moment.

The pair pulled away and let out soft laughs before (Y/N) and Peter sat down next to each other on the seats.

“You’re not going to take that off?” Tom asked.

“Why, does the red spandex make me look weird?” (Y/N) teased, snuggling into Tom’s side.

“No, you look perfect. You always look perfect, but that’s besides the point. Why are you keeping that on?”

“It just took so much fucking effort to put on, plus I’m really tired. So will you just please shut up and cuddle with me?” (Y/N) asked, already closing her eyes.

“There’s nothing I would love more,” he mumbled back, smiling at the girl. He closed his eyes as well, moving closer to (Y/N)’s already sleeping body. Tom kissed her forehead and mumbled “I love you” before he, too, fell asleep.

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Search for Loneliness Part2

Hi people! This is part two to the one shot called Search for Loneliness which is the first one on my blog. I think you can read this even if you haven’t read part1 and still get the plot. Hope you enjoy! 
Huge thanks to the person who requested Part1 and to my friend @interfectorems for the patience and help!

Plot: Harry broke Y/N’s heart. But how come he misses her now?

Warnings: May hint on sex and includes curse words. 

Pic isn’t mine. 

Harry was awoken by soft kisses being peppered across the warm skin of his shoulder and a low groan fell from his mouth. Images of a girl flashed before his eyes and a lazy smile forced its way onto his face, happiness flooding through his entire body.
She was here.
Y/N’s smooth fingertips were drawing over his tattoos and Harry took a deep breath, wanting to fill all his senses with her, all of what was her. His muscles relaxed beneath her soft touches and his heart thumbed heavenly full with emotion in his chest. Y/N had come back to him. Or maybe it was him who’d never left? Or…
Strange. She smelled differently than he remembered. And her hair was softer. In fact, now that he thought about it, the tender touches he was receiving could in no way be coming from his Y/N. Y/N hadn’t ever drawn over his tattoos, but rather along them, touching his bare, uncovered skin rather than the inked one. It was only a faint difference, but the moment he started paying attention to it he couldn’t ignore how drastically wrong this felt.
His heart fell and his stomach knotted. There was still the same distance between Y/N and him as there had been last night. And the day before. The week.
Harry rolled onto his side, successfully disconnecting the foreign girl’s touch from his body without even looking at her and got to his feet so quickly his head felt dizzy.

“Breakfast?” his raspy voice muttered, but he was out of the bedroom before his visitor could complain about his unfriendly manners or give an answer to his question.


“Yes, Gem, I’m aware of that.” Harry rolled his eyes at his sister’s lectures about how he’d missed another family dinner and pressed the phone closer to his ear. “It must have slipped my mind. M'sorry.”

“You seem to have very little room in that mind of yours lately,” his sister remarked, “We’ve all seen what might be occupying all the space. How is you’re new mysterious women doing?”

“S'no mystery,” he replied slowly, “And s'not very serious.”

She hummed, indicating that she clearly didn’t buy it. “When did you decide Y/N was to be out of the picture?”

Harry huffed in annoyance. In moments like this he regretted ever bringing Y/N around to meet his family. If he hadn’t done that they surely wouldn’t be bothering him about her anymore.

“I had my reasons so don’t even start.”

A loud, exaggerated sigh was heard, yet she remained silent. Gemma knew her brother well enough to sense when it was best to leave him alone. She also knew when he’d spill what she wanted to hear without needing to be pushed.

“She was just… not right, you know?” he admitted.

“How so?”

Harry shrugged even though she couldn’t see, his fingers nervously switched on the tap, allowing clear water into the sink. Switch on. Switch off.  

“She couldn’t accept my life”, he explained, careful to choose his words wisely, “There were many little things she did which clearly showed how little she understood about my lifestyle and there were bigger ones. I once asked her to come to dinner with me and Kendall and she said no, not because of my past relations with her, but because she didn’t want to get into a situation where she’d be filmed for a TV show. Or because there would have been too many paps around. Same went for any other time I wanted her to meet someone remotely famous and at some point all the arguments became too much. Is adapting to my standards really too much to ask? She couldn’t just expect me to change for her or to not go out for dinner every week anymore.”

Silence. One that told him enough.

“What?” he asked annoyed.

“Why do you think I didn’t come to that yacht you rented a couple of years ago?” Gemma giggled. “I met Kendall and she’s actually quite lovely, but her presence does mean a massive amount of cameras. So do all of your other friends. I’ve got sort of used to it over the years and still hate it, so I can understand if a girl with even less experience feels frightened or intimidated by it. Just my opinion, little brother. Maybe you could have solved that issue by simply giving her more time.”

Harry swallowed hard and processed his sister’s words. More time? But weren’t five months enough to come out of your shell if that’s what your boyfriend expects of you?

Gemma went on: “If you feel happier now then I’m on your side, promise. But you need to make an effort, too, Harry. If any relationship of yours should ever lead to something, you have to get used to the thought of making an effort yourself and not just expecting the girl to do all the work.”


Harry scrolled through her Twitter page and it was strangely empty. The last phrases she’d tweeted had been posted weeks ago. Not even her favorites showed any activity and though Y/N hadn’t exactly visited her Social Media every day, this absence did appear odd. Harry couldn’t admit it to himself, but he did miss knowing what she was up to. Had she experimented with a new recipe? Had she gone to the cafe in north London she’d always wanted to visit? Had she managed to get a ticket for that gig one of her favorite musicians  had held last week? He wished he could ask her.
Deciding that this wouldn’t provide any of the desired information, Harry closed the app with a sigh and instead found himself opening the familiar app of his photo folder.
This images weren’t new, but familiar and this was something he desired just as much; the familiarity Y/N had posed that was now lost. Harry stared at the photos and was surprised how every detail of her face was still engraved into his memory, just like any face of a person he cared about was. Only that he shouldn’t feel that way for her anymore. He didn’t have the right to.

“What are you doing?”

The voice was soft and sweet and yet Harry flinched at the unexpected noise. Mia… Maya… Harry wasn’t sure which name it was exactly but after she’d stayed over for three days now he figured asking would be rude. He shut off his device and let it drop onto the coffee table before him, doing his best to appear relaxed.

“Nothing really.”

His new girl smiled and stepped closer. She was pretty. Her hair fell in long waves just below her waist and her wide eyes sparkled with a friendly curiosity for what he was up to, thought or felt. A curiosity he’d known when he had himself began developing feelings for Y/N and now was all he needed to recognize the condition the girl before him was in. She would fall for him. Soon.
Harry didn’t tense when she stepped closer and instead held out a hand for her to take, giving it a slight tug so she would swing one leg over his lap and climb up.
Harry granted her a gentle smile when he had her sitting in his lap with both slender arms wrapped around his neck, his own hands pressing against her smooth back. Maybe if she’d fall for him, he would find the perfect companion he had been dreaming for. The one Y/N had failed to be.

“Are you okay?” Mia or Maya asked with a small frown between her perfectly plucked brows.

Harry just nodded, his throat too dry to answer. Her smell invaded his senses and the sweetness of her perfume clouded his mind. His girlfriend, if that’s what she could be called, smiled and leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth, expecting it to be a short one and finding herself surprised when Harry’s tongue pushed between her lips and dipped into her mouth. One of his hands moved up to press against the back of her head, keeping her from moving back while his fingers pulled at her top with a feverish desire to tore it away. A small laugh fell from her soft lips and she disconnected their kiss in order to oblige his wish and undress. Once off, she leaned in and pressed tender kisses to the side of his neck, sighing whenever his hands moved over the uncovered skin of her body.
Harry’s mind raced and his heart thumbed heavily in his chest. His lower stomach ached and his thighs felt pleasantly tingly. Soft hair brushed over his skin, warm lips placed gentle kisses and delicate hands left faint scratches on his back and stomach. He allowed his head to roll back and his eyes to fall shut.


The name left his mouth in a breathy gasp and it took the girl he was holding to shrug off his embrace before he could realize what he’d done wrong. Hurt evident in her eyes she stumbled to her feet and bent down to gather her shirt, covering her naked torso with hastily moving and shaking fingers.
Harry’s stomach turned and he shook his head, an exhausted huff leaving his mouth.
Why wouldn’t Y/N leave him alone? Even when she was miles away she could torment him like no one else ever had.
Words were shouted, but he took it with no fight and instead stayed sat in his chair as the girl before him began to cry and shake, receiving no words from him to mend her heart ache. At some point he thought she’d slapped him, his cheek, previously kissed by the same person now red and stinging. But he wasn’t sure and only noticed his guest had left when the door fell into its lock with a loud noise.


He had to call her. Y/N hadn’t left his mind in days and frankly he was quite sick of it. So many ordinary tasks had been ruined by her messing with his head. Nervousness made his heart skip and press the phone just a little closer to his ear, waiting impatiently for Y/N to pick up.


Her voice. His eyes fell shut when he heard it and his fingers tingled. She sounded calm and collected, not angry at all.
Harry cleared his throat.


Silence. He heard Y/N take in a breath. “I’m sorry, but who’s this?”

A frown took over his forehead until it dawned on him. She couldn’t have known it was Harry, he realized. In order to keep any woman he was involved with from having his private number he had it blocked at all times. He could call and text them without any of them getting his contact info. It was an old habit he’d broken for Y/N and quickly picked back up once he’d broken up with her.

“Harry,” He clarified, a small smile tugging at his lips, “Forgot about me already, have you?”

The silence following his words was nothing like the one earlier. It was as if the connection had died and Harry quickly checked to see if she’d actually ended it or not. Harry’s feet shifted and sighed.

“Y/N?” he pressed on carefully.


It was a whisper, exhausted and empty.
Harry’s heart squeezed painfully tight and he brushed the sweaty palm of his free hand against his jeans. So she really wasn’t angry, but hurt.

“Listen,” he began, “I-”

But he was already interrupted by the dreadful peeping noise and this time once he looked at his phone, her name had vanished.


His head hung low and his hands were balled into fists. Just one knock, that’s all he had to force himself to and from there she would take the lead. Every time Harry had had a problem it was her who knew just how to solve it, why should it be different now? All she’d need is him who came back long enough for her to help.
With a deep breath Harry raised his hand and let his knuckles meet the door twice. A shudder ran down his back and his throat went dry.
What would he do? What would he say?

I know I was an asshole but I flew all the way back to LA for you so please forgive me?
I can’t explain it, but I miss you.
You haven’t left my mind in weeks, no matter how much I tried.

He couldn’t blame her should she shut the door right into his face if he dared bringing any of those weak excuses. His trail of thoughts was interrupted by the wooden door opening just a slim gap, allowing the person inside to see who it was interrupting their evening.
Harry braced himself, his heart skipping in his chest and he looked up eagerly to see the face he’d missed so much more he could have been prepared for.
But it wasn’t Y/N.


Harry cleared his throat as the unexpected sight of Y/N’s friend threw him off guard. She narrowed her eyes once she realized it was in fact him and she opened the door wider, keeping hold of it to block him from entering.

“I knew you’d miss her,” she spoke, her voice nothing but unkind and empty of sympathy, “She is too good for you and I just knew you’d end up at her door once you realized that no girl you’d try replacing her with would compare.”

“Is she here?” Harry asked, ignoring the sting in his chest caused by her harsh words.
They were true in every way but his pride wasn’t going to just let him admit that.

“Yes,” Mary replied.

He paused, expecting her to say something more but she just continued to stare at him with venomous eyes.

“I need to see her,” he elaborated and took a step forward.

The gap quickly narrowed, but to his surprise Mary nodded. “The moment she calls for me to drag you back outside, I will.”

Harry nodded and pushed past Mary, entering the familiar space. He could still feel her enraged gaze on his back as his own eyes scanned the living room in search for his ex girlfriend, but she was no where.

“She’s in the bedroom.”

He uttered a thanks to the woman eyeing him and with weak knees he walked down the familiar hall and to the closed door or her bedroom, his heavy heart dropping to his stomach. He’d stood here so many times before.
Sometimes with flowers in his hands to surprise her just because she was as lovely as they were. On other days, mainly morning, he would take a moment to prepare for seeing her barely dressed and in her bed, his fingers tightening around the cups of coffee or the bag of breakfast he had gone to pick up.
Of course he also recalled the many nights where he’d stood right here, with her in his arms or hoisted up and pressed against the wood.
Never before had he stood here with fear rushing through his veins. It’d been him who’d rejected her, but he couldn’t imagine handling the situation if their roles were reversed. He was certain he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Then he heard it. At first only faintly, then clear and loud enough for his heart to break.

Whimpers. Cries. Sobs.

Her face when it had finally dawned on her that he was leaving her had been a picture he’d replayed in his head over the past weeks.
His ears still rang with her cries and his eyes burned at the memory of her soft lips parting to beg him to stay with her.
And still, he hadn’t realized just how much he’d harmed her until now that he could hear her heartbreak through the thick wood of her door.
His hands pushed down the handle before he had thought twice about it and he rushed into the room. He could have sworn his soul crumbled at the sight of Y/N curled up in her bed, a thin blanked shielding her shivering body from the cold while she cried and sobbed into her pillow. Her arms were wrapped around the fluffy material and her head buried into it so Harry couldn’t see her face. Harry wasn’t sure if she’d even noticed his presence or not but he didn’t care.
Before Y/N could protest or really understand what was going on, he’d discarded his shoes and climbed up behind her. Both of his arms found their familiar hold around her waist and he felt tears shoot to his eyes when he finally buried his head into her neck, breathing in her comforting scent. His legs pushed hers apart before intertwining with them and so Y/N soon was cuddled into and against Harry, closer and tighter than she’d ever been before.

“I’m so sorry,” Harry breathed against her skin, “I love you.”

Not for a moment did he hope she might have missed the confession that had slipped his lips before he could stop it. Though Harry hadn’t thought about it before, hadn’t come to any conclusion and sure as hell hadn’t spoken to anyone about it, he realized it was true. He did love Y/N and any reason he’d dug up to break up with her had been for the sole purpose of stopping him from falling deeper.
But he loved her. And this time he wouldn’t leave.

“Forgive me,” he continued, his own voice breaking as his eyes stung with tears.

Y/N’s body was stiff aside form the occasional shakes by her crying and she did nothing to return his embrace. But she didn’t push him away either and this allowed him to hope.
His lips found her neck and he sobbed when happiness flooded his body, his skin tingling with the relief of finally having her close enough to touch again.

“This time will be different,” he promised against her before pressing another tender kiss to her skin, “I promise you, Y/N.”

And so they lay, on the very bed Harry had broken her heart on all those weeks ago. He thought it fitting that it was here he doing his best to mend it again.
But although he held her, breathed her in and murmured promises of how much he regretted it all, Harry continued to fail to understand just how deep his betrayal had cut and so he didn’t know that all Y/N’s head was screaming for was for him to disappear, even if her arms were too weak to push him off and her voice too thin to send him away.


When Harry awoke he was alone.
His hands didn’t need to pat the mattress in search for her, his entire body could feel her absence without having opened his eyes to confirm it. He felt cold.
He crawled out of bed with a groan and stretched his limps before walking gingerly to the closed door, down the hall and into the kitchen. His hands clenched and his heart skipped widely in his chest, nervous of what was going to happen next.
Y/N was standing with her back to him when he entered the small space of her kitchen and for a moment Harry considered sneaking up on her and wrapping her into an embrace, just like he’d done many times before. She turned around to face him before he got the chance.
Y/N’s eyes met his and he froze. Her gaze wasn’t anything like the loving and warm one he’d expected to receive. Instead, her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, proving just how much she’d cried last night, if not many more nights before that.
Her lips were bitten and dry, her hair appeared to be mat and when she raised her mug to her lips to drink he noticed how her hand was shaking.

“Did you sleep okay?”

It was a stupid question, he knew that even before he’d asked it, but he couldn’t think of anything else he could say. The girl before him looked nothing like the Y/N he knew.

“Can’t say I did.”

Not even her voice sounded the same, he noticed with a sinking heart.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, unsure to which one of his many mistakes the apology applied for.

“Breakfast is in the fridge,” Y/N spoke without reacting to his words.

They ate in silence, Harry sitting on the table and Y/N leaning against the counter. He watched her hand trembling slightly whenever she raise the spoon full of cereal to her mouth and he needed to focus on his own fingers to keep them from shaking too.
Once they had both finished Y/N turned to wash her bowl clean, but flinched away from the water when Harry stepped close to do the same.

“Y/N,” he sighed, set down the ceramic he was holding, before leaning against the counter himself. “Talk to me.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Y/N answered quietly, “Other than  that I think you should leave.”

Her eyes refused to meet his and instead focused onto the floor. A frown took over his face.

“Leave?” He shook his head.


“But Y/N,” he protested, “we made up. Last night when I climbed into your bed… we made up, didn’t we? Said I was sorry and promised to be different now…We made up.”

Though he’d wished to have her look him in the eyes again, the moment she did, he regretted it. Her orbs were cold and empty of any kindness.

“Because you climbed into my bed as I was crying?” The raw emotion in her voice knocked the breath right out of him. “You think that’s all it took?”

“I-” Harry began, but was interrupted.

“Surely you must know that it was you who’d made me cry last night. It’s been you every night for the past weeks.”

He swallowed hard and his stomach was in knots as he watched her turn around and exit the kitchen. Though he was worried about what would happen next, he followed her into the living room, this time aware of her resentment towards him and so he didn’t try and sit close to her again once she lowered herself onto the couch. Harry took a seat on one of her chairs and watched her warily, unsure if she wanted him to speak or had something to say herself. After a moment of silence he took a breath.

“I swear to you,” he began, “that me breaking up with you was in no way your fault. I know I made you feel as though it was, but it wasn’t. All you did was caring for me so much more than I’d imagined someone could and I fucked it all up simply because I didn’t know how to deal with that.”

“I didn’t think somebody caring for you would pose such a problem to you.”

“It didn’t,” Harry quickly argued, “Not a problem, but something that scared me. I didn’t want you to realize that I didn’t deserve you.”

Y/N laughed. “That’s bullshit. You wished that was why you broke up with me but we both know it isn’t.”

Harry fell silent. The girl before him shook her head and let her gaze wonder to the window, appearing deep in thought for a moment.

“I have spent every minute of every day since you abandoned me with ways of making sense of it. Do you realize that? While you were fucking her, I was sitting here wondering what I’d done to be thrown to the side like a plaything you decided you didn’t want anymore.”

“That’s not true,” Harry protested before he could stop himself, “I saw you with that man at the shops. I did nothing with anyone until I saw those pictures!”

“Oh, I’ve seen those photos, too,” Y/N spoke, her voice raising, “And you, of all people, should know that the media can make anything into a story! It was a guy who’d accidentally bumped into me and asked if I was alright. Nothing more.”


“And what about you?” she continued “Did you also just happen to fall into that woman’s arms and did your mouths meet completely by chance? Did she stumble into your bed and you just coincidentally happened to be naked?”


“Why? Don’t you want to think about her?”

“No,” he murmured, his eyes suddenly wet with tears.

Y/N swallowed hard and though it wasn’t easy for her to see the man she loved tormented, she had to admit that with every word she spoke, another weight was lifted off her chest.

“I’m not the first,” Y/N began, her tone gentler, “That’s what saddens me, too, though it saddens me more for you than it does for me. Tell me, what is the girl’s name? The one you left behind now so you could come to me.”

Harry froze. He looked at Y/N and if he wasn’t mistaken he recognized a hint of pity in her eyes. Not pity for herself, but for him.

“Do you not know? It’s Moira.”

Moira. Harry’s mind raced. Not Mia. Or Maya. Moira.

“I saw it in every picture that was posted online. She was like me, looked at you just the same. Are you aware that you broke her heart just the same you have broken mine?”

No, Harry thought, he couldn’t have.

“And what is the girl’s name you left before you first met me? And the girl before that and the girl before that? You have left so many people in the past few years there is a trail of heartbreak behind you and to this day you have remained completely unaware of it.”

Y/N’s cheeks were wet but her voice didn’t tremble.

“It isn’t the same,” Harry spoke, his voice hoarse, “you’re the only one I want, Y/N. We laster five months, that’s worth so much more than any fling I might have had before you.”

He closed his eyes and let his head fall into his palms.

“They meant nothing,” he swore, “and Moira,” he swallowed hard, “was only a distraction from you.”

“You said I wasn’t what you wanted,”  Y/N continued, “I assume you told all of them the same. You’ve let so many people down all because you selfishly chase a romanticized picture of a relationship you have in your head.”

“I’ll change,” Harry weeped against his palms, “From now on it’ll be only you. I don’t need any imagination of a relationship. I want what was real. Want it with you.”

He removed his palms form his face and got to his feet. He noticed her body tense when he neared but she didn’t move away, not even when he dropped to his knees before her.

“I’m in love with you.”

She shook her head. “Don’t,” she whispered and this time she allowed him to see her tears fall from her eyes, “don’t say that only because you’re scared.”

“I’m not,” Harry whispered, “It’s the truth, that’s why.”

Y/N didn’t flinch when he reached for her hands and his heart squeezed when she didn’t pull away.

“I am scared,” he continued, “How couldn’t I be? Your rejection would break my heart and I don’t know how I’d live with the knowledge that it is my fault that I lost you? But I’m not scared of being alone anymore, not enough to throw myself into random relationships like you were right, I have done all this time. I want you or nothing at all, Y/N. I love you.”

He watched her sob and squeezed her fingers with his gently, appreciating any skin touched by her warm tips. This small touches, the reluctant squeeze and tiny movements, meant so much more than the physical contact he’d graved and taken last night. He’d held her, kissed her, breathed her in. But this was voluntarily. She was holding his hands because she wanted to.
He could have rejoiced.  
When her body fell forward and into his open arms, he didn’t know for sure if it was because she wanted it or just her body giving out, finally surrendering to the weight of her emotions.
He cried out when her arms settled around his neck and his heart broke when he felt her kiss his neck. After all this time, he could breathe again.

“Harry,” she whimpered.

“I’ll fix this,” he promised, “Everything. I’ll call and apologize to every woman I hurt in the past. You are right, always are, and I should apologize to them for my selfish actions. But you and I are different, Y/N. We’re real and I won’t let my stupid imagination ruin anything again. I don’t want the classic perfect. I want our perfect.”

She sobbed and held onto him tighter. Harry fell back to sit on the floor and a relieved laugh tumbled from his mouth when she followed to sit in his lap, both legs now wrapped around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against the shell of her ear.

He groaned when her small hands pulled at the strands of hair at the back of his neck, but obeyed and moved his head back so his eyes could meet hers. Her beautiful orbs were full of the loving care he’d missed so much and he felt another wave of tears rush to his own eyes.
For a moment she just looked at him, the man she’d given her heart to, who’d then broken it and now promised to mend it again. Harry.

“It’ll take time,” she murmured shyly and he nodded without hesitating, “but I think we’ve got enough of it.”

A smile danced on his mouth and his eyes closed when her soft lips met his in a tender kiss. He had her back, he thought, his heart full of joy and he wouldn’t ever be reckless enough to let her go again.

Thank you for reading this!! Hope you liked it. 
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no one else

the morning after a few too many drinks, you discover you called someone you haven’t spoken to in months, someone harry’s not too happy you contacted.

i always feel really uncomfy writing smut its just not my thing but i’m trying for you guys lmao

that said, warning: smut.


let me know what you think

There was a soft knock at my apartment door and my friend Julia kicked me in bed, “Get the door,” She muttered, “Pro'ly your boyfriend.”

I took my time getting out of bed and Harry knocked again. I swung the door open and barely looked at him before climbing back into bed.

"Hey,” Harry said, scanning the room full of scattered alcohol bottles all at various stages of emptiness, “Heard you had a rough night.”

“Don’t talk so loud.” I said and pulled the covers over my head. I felt the bed shift as he sat down and rubbed a hand down my back. I sighed and pulled the covers down so I could see him and he was smiling slightly at me, a bit of sympathy in his eyes. “Can you hold me for a bit?”

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simon imagine - small world

REQUESTED:  ‘Can you do a Simon imagine where you dated before he start YouTube but broke up and were is first everything and the one he wanted to marry. He still in love with you. The other sidemen beside JJ don’t know about and when you guys see each other again you’re dating another sidemen please’


I knocked on the door of the large house. There were three cars parked out the front, almost symmetrical. The house was intimidating - it was clearly home to a few people, assumedly very rich people. The guy I was dating had assured me he didn’t live here - Harry, was his name. He had told me he was a youtube entertainer, and that this house was the home of his friends, that he stayed here before making announcements and filming videos. I agreed nonchalantly whilst he had explained this. But inside, the mention of Youtube made me want to run and hide. I had had experience with a Youtuber before - Simon, my first boyfriend - and the precious website had been the end all of what we had. Ever since I stayed away from it completely. I had been lucky in the sense I was dating Simon before he got too invested, and so I had no idea of where his success had taken him, or if he had been successful at all. This also meant I never received any social media attention at all, and the entire relationship stayed a simple secret. I hoped things with Harry would hopefully go the same way - although, without all the messy break up of course.

When the door opened I came face to face with Harry. Instantly I smiled as he welcomed me in with a warm embrace.

“Y/n, you came!”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Well, we’re gonna film a bit later but for now we’re just chilling. Come through to the kitchen you can meet the others.”

He took my jacket before taking me through to the kitchen. I smiled politely as I was confronted by four guys, all sitting and standing round a kitchen table. Sat together were two of them, one of them slightly bigger than the rest and the other beholding a distinctive beard. Stood by the fridge was a slightly smaller Indian boy in khaki shorts and a pizza patterned hoodie. Then on the other side of the room, closer to me, stood the last man, a quite muscular and broad black guy wearing a snapback and a gold chain. The one with the beard spoke first.

“Hello, you must be Harry’s girlfriend! I’m Josh.”

He stood up to come and greet me, wrapping me in a formal hug. I smiled appreciatively into his shoulder.

“I’m Y/n.”

Two of the other boys greeted themselves as Ethan and Vik, before alerting me that the guy in the beast shirt, who had left shortly to take a phone call was called JJ. I recognised the rare name. Harry took a seat from around the kitchen table, pulling me down to sit on his lap. I smiled uncomfortably at the PDA.

“So Y/n,” Ethan addressed me. “Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do for a living, where are you from?”

“Well, I’m from Watford but living in Stratford. I’m currently training as a probation officer.”

“Oh that sounds interesting, what does that entail?” Josh asked as all the other boys watched with intrigued eyes.

“Well I went to university in Watford and studied criminology for a few years, then eventually graduated and now I’m in first year of probation training. It’s gonna take a while to properly climb through the career but it’s something I’ve always been interested in.”

At this point JJ walked in. He patted my back slightly as he took a seat around the table, as if to make up for the lack of greeting earlier without interrupting my conversation. I appreciated this - although I couldn’t shake the feeling of deja vu I felt in his presence.

“Oh criminology?” The indian boy that I knew to be Vik spoke up. “I’ve heard that’s a lot of essay writing, isn’t that what Simon did before he dropped out?”


Josh, the beard guy seemed to notice my confusion.

“Our friend, Simon. He started out doing a criminology course but didn’t like the coursework content, so he dropped out and began youtube instead. He lives here actually, JJ where’s Simon?”

“I’m here why- Y/n?”

My heart stopped as a new boy entered the kitchen. His face seemed to pale as we made eye contact. Simon. Oh my God.

“Simon? You alright mate?” Josh asked, eyebrows furrowed in subtle confusion. “This is Y/n, Harry’s girlfriend - although it seems you already know her..?”

“We met in a club once,” He interrupted, not taking his eyes off me. “That’s it.”

“Really? She shares a lot of similarities with you actually, she grew up in Watford too.”

“Small world,” he muttered. 


An uncomfortable silence reasoned throughout the room for a second before the rest of the boys continued conversation, excluding me this time. My eyes remained on Simon. He had changed significantly since we had crossed paths for the last time about four years ago. He had grown, massively, now towering over everyone. His hair was a brave shade of red, longer than it was when he was younger. Even his eyes seemed to glow brighter. He was a whole new person. Eventually he broke the eye contact. 

“JJ, can you come up to my room please?”

The guy on my right looked up from his phone.

“Um yeah, sure?”

Both boys left, and I focused my attention to the kitchen island. Holy fucking shit. What a small world.


“Dude, that’s her.” I spoke quickly to JJ as I leant against my bedroom door. “It’s…Y/n.”

“Her? What Harry’s girlfriend, yeah I know she’s hot right?” 

“No, you fucking idiot. It’s Y/n. As in, my Y/n. Only girl I’ve ever loved, Y/n.”

JJ’s eyes widened. He put his phone in the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms, sitting down onto my bed. “Oh…shit, man. Dude, you did well. She’s hot.”

“Fuck off.” I spat at Jide, who held his hands up in defence. “Yeah, shit indeed. How the fuck has this happened? Why would she do this, she must know Harry and I are friends surely? We have a fucking book together.”

“Well, unless she’s been living under a rock, yeah.”

“Fuck, she looks good,” I sighed, sitting down next to Jide on my bed. “Better than before. She looks hotter, healthier…happier. She looks happier.”

“Dude, you have to do something. This can’t happen, Harry can’t just be parading her round here when you love her. It’s not fair.”

“What the fuck can I do? He has no idea, and she’s his now. I have no rights over her, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants. Oh God.”

As my eyes welled up slightly I put my head in my hands. 

“Fuck. Good point.” 

“I love her, JJ. I really fucking love her.”

“I know you do, Simon.” He rubbed my back in encouragement, which only made me want to cry more. “We’re gonna do something okay, we have to. Maybe you should talk to her?”

I shook my head in silence. A tear rolled down my cheek and landed on my carpet, out of Jide’s eyesight. What a fucking mess. I couldn’t get rid of the image in my brain - her tiny hands resting under her chin. The natural waves in her hair. Her glossy eyes looking into mine, the shock on her face. Even the way she sat on top of Harry. That image made my fists tighten.

“Out of all the girls Harry could have chosen…it just has to be her. I never ever mentioned her, never showed anyone any photos, never talked about her in a video. But he still ends up with her.”

“I know man,” JJ sighed, hand still on my back. “It’s a small, small world bro.”

The Styles Effect Pt. 2

Part One

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, a little smut (teacher Harry), feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name *Y/F/N = your friend’s name *Y/O/F/N= your other friend’s name

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Obsession (Part 5)

Writer- @myhellyourstories



Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the character Ava.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Warning(s)- Cursing

Words- 4063

A/N- Sorry this took so flipping long, hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by path-of-mystery

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 6

****** I did some research on some of the songs for this story so I’m actually doing research now for one shots what has my life become. I hope you all know the extensiveness that has started to go into this craziness you’re all welcome damn.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5



Harry kept his album from you for quite some time. You instantly asked to listen to it, obviously, and after talking with Anne on the phone once you’d broke the news of your engagement to your families, you were shocked to find that Harry had already played it for her. 

“You played it for your mum?” you cried, “What is so wrong about it that you can’t play it for me? What did I do?” you begged.

Harry just watched you fall apart while sitting in that damn yellow seat, smirking as you fumed at him and paced back and forth. 

“How am I supposed to support you and sing along when I haven’t even heard your music?” you whined. You had gotten into his habit of twirling around your engagement ring whenever you were nervous, and Harry joked that if you kept doing that then you were accidentally going to lose it at some point. 

“I want it to be special,” Harry said, standing from the seat and resting his hands on your shoulders, giving you a sincere smile as he used his index finger to lift your chin. “Don’t pout, angel,” he mimicked your pout. “I promise you’ll love it.”

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I’ll Find My Way Back To You// Part Four

Hi, I’m back with a new chapter. I also want to thank you guys for helping me reach one thousand followers. You have no idea how much this means to me. I love you guys with my whole heart. If you enjoy this chapter, let me know whether or not you guys want me to continue this, I would absolutely LOVE to here your thoughts on this one. 

Let me know HERE. Checkout my Masterlist HERE.

This is not proof read but I wanted to update it, you guys deserve it after all this delay. ENJOY! 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Word Count: 2.5K

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Wrong Number- Bucky Barnes One Shot

*I lost some imagines, including this one, so it has been reposted*

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: Clint is asking for a death wish by deciding it would be fun to change all of the contact names in your phone. You call who you believe is Natasha to complain about your “issues” with Bucky, your long-time crush. You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you figure out who the call really went to.

Word Count: 1500

Warning: One swear word (I believe)

A/N: Just because I love shy Bucky (and Sam). Sorry, Bruce/Natasha is implied (but not specifically stated as a romantic relationship). I don’t ship it, I just used it.


From the day you met Bucky, he ignored you. He only spoke to you when absolutely necessary. In the six months since he’s been in the tower, he has probably said less than ten words to you. Needless to say, you were a bit offended by how standoffish he was towards you. He seemed to gradually open up to everyone else except for you-and Tony, but that was reasonable. What killed you the most was that you had started to develop a crush on the former assassin and he seemed to think of you as nothing more than dirt under his shoes.

You were trained in the Red Room like Natasha and, therefore, no one knew about your crush on him-except for the Black Widow and Wanda. They were your best friends in the tower and you three shared everything from secrets to food to clothing.

Most of the time it was unnoticed when Bucky avoided you by everyone except for you and Steve. Steve and Sam were the only two who knew why Bucky acted the way he did. He was scared of you. The ex-assassin was terrified of how he felt towards you. He believed you were too good for him and saw avoiding you as his only way to get over the “crush”. Of course, that plan didn’t stop Sam from pushing him towards you every once in awhile.

“Where is Barton? I swear I’m going to kill him.” You asked, walking into the kitchen one day. Your phone was in your hand and you were fuming about how a certain someone decided it would be a fun prank to change all of the contact names in your phone.

“I think he’s in the training room.” Sam replied before Steve could speak.

“Thank you.” You spun on your heel and started towards the training room. After you were out of earshot, Steve turned to his friend with an incredulous look on his face.

“Clint’s in the lab.” He said.

“I know, but Bucky’s training. Maybe they will get to talking.” Sam shrugged with a small smirk. Steve rolled his eyes at his friend, praying that Bucky would turn out okay.


You opened the training room door and the only person in there was Bucky, who was currently hitting a punching bag. Upon hearing the door, he stopped attacking the object and turned to face you. His eyes went wide and he began to search for a way out.

“Bucky, have you seen Barton?” You asked.

“No.” He all but whispered, going to grab his bag.

“Why are you running away from me?” You questioned, stepping in front of the door, blocking his only exit path.

“I’m not.” He mumbled, reaching for the handle. You put all your weight against the door so he couldn’t pull it open.

“You always leave when I’m in the room. Why?” You pestered.

“I don’t.” He said, “Move.”

“Nope. Not until you tell me why you avoid me.”

“Barton’s upstairs in the lab.” Bucky replied.

“More than 10 words. There’s a start.” You stated.

“Please, move.” He ordered. You stepped to the side and let him slip out the door. You left the room as well, making your way into Tony and Bruce’s lab. You entered the room and saw him talking with Tony about his bow.

“Clinton Barton! Fix my phone right now!” You shouted. Instead of chucking your phone at his head, you threw one of the metal wrenches from the table beside you. Clint used his fast reflexes to catch it before it could hit him.

“Someone’s angry.” He teased.

“Fix it. Now.” You demanded, handing him your phone.

“What did you do this time, Legolas?” Tony asked.

“He changed all of my contact names to Pokemon characters and Harry Potter spells.” You replied.

“Nice one.” Tony gave the archer a high five.

“I can’t. I don’t remember their numbers.” Clint simply shrugged, “You’re on your own, princess.”

“Give me your phone then.” You said, snatching your phone back from him.

“No. You’ll screw with it.” He replied.

“Tony, where’s yours?” You asked.

“There’s no way I’m trusting you with my baby.” The billionaire stated.

“I can just list off the numbers I remember.” Clint offered and you agreed, considering he did have a decent memory. You made note to check everything with Natasha when she was back from her lunch with Bruce, Vision, and Wanda.

“Thanks, birdbrain. These better be correct.” You stated, walking out of the room with at least some of the correct contacts.

You were walking down the hallway from the lab to the main area when you saw Bucky headed your way. The moment his eyes met yours, he turned around and hurried off. You groaned at his ridiculousness, vowing to find out why he avoids you. You dealt with your Clint issues today-your Bucky issues could be put off until tomorrow. You sat at the bar in the kitchen, eating an apple when you decided to call Natasha. It rang for a few minutes before listing off the number and going to voicemail.

“Hey, Nat, when are you guys coming back? I’m pretty bored right now without you two. Barton decided to change all my contact names, so I’m having a banner day. I also cornered Bucky about why he won’t talk to me and he said another ten words to me. I swear, I don’t even know why I like him sometimes. Do you know how hard it is to have a crush on someone who avoids you like the plague? It’s unbearable. I wish he’d just man up and talk to me. I’m not that scary, right? Anyways, hurry up and get back here with Wanda. We need more girl talk.” You said, pushing the end button. A minute later, you heard a thud from one of the bedrooms and shouting.

“What the-” you started to wonder aloud, when Sam came sprinting down the stairs, with Bucky chasing after him.

“Y/N, just who I wanted to see-” Sam was cut off by Bucky putting a hand over his mouth.

“Was that you three up there? What was that thud?” You asked, “Please tell me you didn’t break one of Tony’s bedside tables.”

“No, we didn’t. Bucky just needs to talk with you for a moment.” Steve said, casually strolling into the room. Bucky’s phone was in his hands. He pressed a button and your own voice filled the room. It was the voicemail you had just left for Natasha.

“Barton, you little sh*t!” You exclaimed, taking Bucky’s phone and stopping the message before you could hear yourself talk about him. You hoped he hadn’t heard it already, but part of you knew it wasn’t true.

“Bucky, you didn’t happen to hear that beforehand?” You asked, too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

“Yes, he did. He likes you too.” Sam said, but it was completely muffled by Bucky’s hand. Bucky’s face was red and his mouth moved, trying to form words.

“Buck, let go of Sam and we’ll leave you two.” Steve stated. Bucky slowly dropped his hand and Sam made his way to the elevators with Steve.

“Bucky’s in love with you!” Sam called back to you before the doors closed. Bucky stood frozen once more.

“Are we going to talk about it or are you going to continue being a deer in headlights?” You asked, nervously.

“I-I-” Bucky desperately tried to figure out what to say, “I really, really like you, Y/N, and it scares the hell out of me. That’s why I avoided you. You’re not scary-it’s the feelings that are terrifying. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you-I just thought you wouldn’t feel the same about me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”

“You don’t need to be scared, Bucky. I like you too, ever since you moved in actually.” You explained.

“Do you want to maybe go out some time?” He looked you in the eyes nervously as he stepped closer to you until he was right in front of you.

“That’d be wonderful.” You replied, reaching your hand out to his and intertwining your fingers together.

“Whoa, what’s happening here?” Natasha exclaimed, walking into the room with Wanda, Vision, and Bruce.

“They appear to be talking.” Vision said. There was a hint of confusion in his voice since you and Bucky had never really talked.

“Aw, did he finally ask you out?” Wanda asked, her eyes growing wide in hope. You bashfully nodded, glancing down at your connected hands.

“We leave for one afternoon and you get a date. We need to leave more often.” Natasha said to Wanda, “Where are the others? Clint’s going to be so excited. We’ve been shipping you two for ages.”

“That reminds me. I have an archer to kill-for real this time.” You stated, letting go of Bucky’s hand and storming off towards the lab.

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1 and 14? 💛

1.The skirt is supposed to be this short.

14.Take. It. Off.

You had been wandering in the shop for way too long. You only wanted to find a suitable dress for tonight. Was this so much to ask for? No matter how many stores you had already visited, nothing would catch your eye. You promised yourself that was the last shop you had entered. If you couldn’t find anything in there too, then you would return to your flat and try to create an outfit with your existing clothing items.

“Do you need any help dear?”, a lovely lady, who worked in the shop most probably, asked you and you smiled politely.

“Yes please. I am looking for a dress for a girls’ night and I have found nothing so far. Do you have anything to show me?”

“Of course darling! Follow me this way”. Hope started building up inside you when her response matched her cheery face. Maybe this shop was your savior. The lady kept picking up some dresses off the racks and you felt yourself imagining what you would look like in them but you still weren’t impressed.

“Well, those were the dresses for such an occasion. If you didn’t find yourself liking any of those, we can go on looking  for a skirt”, the lady informed you and you felt dumb. How did skirts escape your mind? You were so caught up looking for a dress that you forgot skirts existed at this point.

“Yes sure!”, you said excitedly and you followed the lady, praying you would at least find a skirt for tonight.

“Okay. I feel like this particular skirt matches your eyes dearly. It is our last piece and I think it is meant for you to buy”, the lady spoke and you gasped at the sight of the skirt. It was navy blue and it was nothing near tight, which meant that you would be deeply comfortable wearing it all night long.

“Yes! Thank you so much! I will buy it!”, you said still not really comprehending that you had finally found the half of your outfit.

“Well, the cashier is over there sweetie. I am glad I could help you. Have a nice rest of the day!”, the kind lady said and you made your way towards the cashier to pay. Now the only thing remaining was the blouse or the button down shirt you would wear with your skirt.

Walking back to your house you felt your phone buzzing. Picking it up, you saw that Harry was calling you.

“Hello, Harry”, you greeted him.

“Hi love. Are yeh quite done with your shoppin’?”, he asked.

“Well, yes. I am actually outside the door. Is something wrong?”

“No don’t worry babe. Yeh were just taking so long and I was afraid yeh would stay there all day long. But since yeh are comin’, I better hang up. See yeh!”, Harry jokingly said and you huffed.

“Yeah right, Styles. Love you!”, with that you entered the key in the keyhole and left your bag on the floor.

“See? Already here”, you said to Harry, who welcomed you with a kiss.

“So, let me see the skirt yeh bought babygirl”, he said but you cut him off.

“You will only see it when I wear it for the night”, you pecked his cheek and you went to the kitchen. You could really use a glass of water right now.

“I can’t wait till then though”, he said coming towards you.

‘Too bad you have to. You wouldn’t even have a skirt to admire if it wasn’t for that kind lady who helped me”, you said referring to the lady who told you to buy the skirt.

“Hm I see. Anyways, I am heading to bed. Will yeh join?”, Harry said and you contemplated his offer since you still had a few hours since the gathering.

“I’d love to”, you said taking his head and going upstairs. You didn’t know how much you wanted to rest your body till you found yourself lost in Harry’s embrace and on your soft mattress.

After what seemed like a good two hour sleep, you heard your phone ringing. Thank God you had set an alarm to wake up because if it was up to you, you would wake up the next morning. You tried to wriggle yourself out of Harry’s arms and you stormed off in the bathroom. Deciding on a refreshing shower, you let the water wake you up completely. You couldn’t wait till Harry saw you in your completed outfit. You were already feeling hyper to wear it. Getting out of the shower, you straightened your hair after doing your magic with your makeup and then went back to the room to try your clothes on; your brand new skirt along with a white button down shirt stuffed inside it. Your heels were the final touch and you were ready.

“I think I am ready. What do you think?”, you turned your attention to Harry who was checking his emails on his phone. When his eyes met your frame though, his lips pursed in a thin line.

“Y/N, love, what’s this?”

“This is my new skirt Harry”, you answered, checking yourself in the mirror.

“Y/N, I thought we were somewhat over this. This skirt is rather short”, he said, his eyes becoming darker.

“Harry it is a regular skirt. Besides, the skirt is supposed to be this short. It is how it’s made love”, you said trying to calm him. But it did nothing.

“Yeh won’t be getting’ out of this house in this. Take it off baby before I come and do so myself”, Harry warned with a hint but you had made up your mind already.

“I’d like to see you try”, you sassed back.

“Take. It. Off”, Harry snarled and as you checked the clock, you realized you were running out of time.

“Seems like I am going to be late. See you later my love!”, you said and leaned down to kiss him but before he could grasp your hand, you were flying down the stairs, leaving Harry behind with a irritated mind and a bit of a problem between his legs.

Thank you so much for your request lovely anon! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Stay awesome!

All this time

“Guys, just… Just stop, okay?” Out of frustration, you gently rub your temple and let out an exaggerated sigh. “Let’s call it a day. It’s almost eight pm and we’re all pretty tired.”

The small group agreed, sorting out the papers that were scattered across the meeting table. Once the room was tidy again, everyone grabbed their stuff, said their goodnights and headed home.

You sink back into your chair, looking around the empty room. Being the editor of a big magazine had always been your dream, so when you heard you would get a promotion you were ecstatic. You knew the job wasn’t easy, but you never guessed that it would be this hard. After another couple of minutes, you left the office the last rays of sunshine blinding you. Fishing your sunglasses out of your bag, you got in your car.

Walking towards the front steps of your apartment building, you saw a man nervously pacing back and forth on the grass next to the sidewalk. You were vaguely aware that the man stopped in his tracks when he saw you, but you sped up your pace and tried to get into the building unnoticed.

“Y/N?” You stop mid-step, almost certain you heard that incorrectly. It couldn’t be him, could it? Turning around slowly, the man was standing at the bottom of the stairs. His head was bowed down, face hiding behind his fedora.

“Yes?” Your voice was weak and you waited nervously on the man’s next move. He took his sunglasses off before he looked up at you. All too familiar green eyes stared into your wild ones.

“Oh, hell no!” You stormed up the last couple of steps, fumbling with the keys.

“No, wait! Please Y/N, wait.”

Dropping your keys, a string of profanities were barely audible under your breath. Long legs clad in black jeans sprinted up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. A large, sweaty hand gently touched your arm as you picked up the keys. Shaking it off angrily, you took a step back.

“Don’t you dare touch me.” You hiss. Fear and sorrow were visible in his eyes as he too took a step back. He inhaled deeply, trying to find the courage to speak again.

“Can I please talk to yeh, Y/N? Please?” He searched for your eyes, your sight set on the keys in your hand. Now it was your turn to take a deep breath.

“What on earth makes you think I want that?” Your voice was laced with anger. You look up, eyes meeting instantly. All you see in his were a mixture of pleading and sorrow. Giving in, you searched through your bag for the pack of cigarettes. Lighting one, you walk down the steps and take a seat on one of the lowest. “Don’t make me regret is.”

Harry walked down the steps as quickly as he could, standing in front of you on the sidewalk. “All I uh, all I can say is I’m sorry, really. I haven’t thought further than tha’ actually. I uh, I didn’t expect uh, yeh wanted to listen.” He paced back and forth as he was talking, exactly what he was doing before you came home.

Taking another drag of your cigarette, you stared straight ahead. Shaking your head, you let out a chuckle. “That’s all you have to say huh? After all these years, nothing else pops up in that mind of yours?” He takes a seat beside you, head hung low as he whispers another apology. You stand up, taking one last drag of your cigarette before you throw it away.

“Really Styles, really?!” Your voice rises and you take a deep breath to steady yourself. After all this time, everything comes flooding back. The anger, the hurt. You panic a little as you feel your eyes watering. Blinking hastily, you try to fight back the tears.

“You left Styles, even though you fucking promised me you wouldn’t.”

“I kno’ and I'm—”

“I’m not done yet.” You interrupt him, finally letting out everything you’ve been holding in for years. “You said that you needed a bit of time, trying to figure out what you wanted to do when the band went on hiatus. You promised to meet me now and then, you promised to stay in touch. You did that, for what, a whole fucking week?! I figured you wanted to be left alone, cut off from all social media and get some rest. Then December came around and I thought maybe, just maybe you want to spend the holidays together. Little did I know you were on a yacht with your family and Kendall fucking Jenner.”

Catching your breath, you bring your hands to your face. You hadn’t noticed the tears rolling down your cheeks, but you didn’t care anymore. He needed to know how much he hurt you, he needed to know what he did to you. You looked him straight in the eyes as you whispered the words you never thought you could.

“I loved you with all my heart, and you broke it. You broke me.” Harry rose and you felt his arms wrap around you. You tried to fight him off, but you couldn’t find the strength to do so. Instead, you clutched his shirt and sobbed. His hand gently moved up and down your back, trying to calm you a little. The other one was stroking your hair and you vaguely heard him whisper more apologies.

After a few moments, your phone started to ring. Taking a deep breath, you stepped back and checked the caller ID. “The funny thing is, I was never able to completely get over you.”

He looked puzzled, not understanding what you were talking about. As you answered the phone, you tried to fix your make-up. “No, no it’s fine. I’m downstairs. You can bring her here if she really wants to see me. Alright, see ya in a bit.”

“Everythin’ alright?” Harry questioned. But before you can answer him, the door to your apartment building swings open and a brown haired girl sprints down the steps.


“Hi sweetheart,” you say as you pick up your daughter and safely place her on your hip. The door opens again and your mother starts to talk. Her eyes wander towards the man beside you and she freezes. A whisper leaves her lips, “Harold?”

He shifts awkwardly beside you. “Mrs. Y/L/N.”

Your attention shifts to your daughter as she tugs your hair gently. “Who is he and why does he know nanna?” She whispers in your ear.

“This is Harry, an old friend. And Harry,” you pause, looking from your daughter back to Harry, “this is Darcy.”

Hurricane - Draco Malfoy

Fic #36 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Hurricane

“I cannot believe that I am coming to you,” Draco said, looking at the man sitting across from him. For years, he had tried to repress everything that had happened in the last few years of school, even the people he knew. But the thing he wanted to forget the most he couldn’t, and only through the help of a man he had promised never see again could he fix that.

“Like I said, Draco, I’d be happy to help you. Y/N has been a good friend of mine for years,” Harry Potter said, looking cautiously at Draco. The blonde man nodded and awkwardly sipped his tea. 

When Draco called up Harry out of the blue, Harry had thought that he was being pranked. Eventually, after revealing some things that only he and Harry knew, did he believe him. Harry suggested meeting Draco in Diagon Alley, but Draco preferred to meet somewhere more private.

“Well, I need your help.”

“Right, that’s what you said on the phone. You needed advice on asking Y/N to marry you.” Draco nodded and let out a hesitant breath. 

“Yes, there’s that, but there’s also something I failed to mention. I haven’t exactly told Y/N about my part in the uprising of You Know Who.” Harry meagerly raised his eyebrows and nodded. “She knows that my parents were involved, but she-”

“Do you still have it?” Harry asked boldly. Draco nodded and looked around before rolling up his sleeve. On his left forearm rested the snake tattoo. Although it had dulled substantially, the dark mark still laid there. “And she’s never seen it?”

“No. Of course I have to tell her, but I’m afraid of her reaction.”

“I’m sure if you tell her everything, she’ll understand.”

“I don’t know why I came to you about this, Potter,” he spat. Harry gave him a warning look and he sighed. “Look, I can’t tell her everything. What if she hates me? I can’t bloody well ask her to marry me after that.”

“Y/N seems to like you a lot. I’m sure if you told her the truth, and give her time to process everything, it wouldn’t matter. She knew you weren’t a golden boy during school.”

“Are you saying she expects me to be a former Death Eater?”

“I’m saying she likes you even though you are a brash, rude, big-headed jerk, so I don’t think this would change anything.”

“Alright. Since I have you here, would you mind if I practiced my speech on you?”

“As long as you don’t include the proposal part.” Draco smiled slightly and shook his head. If anyone from school could see them now, they would be astonished. Malfoy and Potter laughing together, no hard feelings between the two of them.

Draco couldn’t remember the last time that you had looked this lovely. Back in school, he had seen you at the Yule Ball in a dress of deep blue, with sparkling patches all over it, that looked like the night sky when you spun around. Compared to this look, your Yule Ball outfit looked like a wet hippogriff. 

“What?” you asked as he stared at you in the doorway of your apartment. He shook his head and walked in, handing you the bouquet of roses. “Thanks, love,” you said, kissing his cheek, your dangling earring knocking against his jaw.

Draco moved into your living room as you went into your kitchen to get a vase for the flowers. He tried to steady his heart rate as he checked for the millionth time that the ring box was still in his pocket.

“Are you ready?” you asked, reappearing in the room. Draco looked up at you, focusing on the red dress that hugged each curve of your body. “Draco?”

“Actually, I was hoping we could talk first,” he said, motioning to the chair across from him

“Okay,” you said awkwardly, sitting down. “What’s up?”

“You know how I told you that my parents were former Death Eaters? And they were a part of the uprising of You Know Who, and the Battle of Hogwarts, and pretty much everything?” he asked. You nodded and looked at him carefully.

“Yes. Is everything okay? You’re sweating,” you said, reaching across the way to wipe the corner of his forehead. He laughed softly and nodded.

“I am just nervous because there is something that I have to tell you, and I don’t want you to hate me.”

“I love you,” you said immediately.

“Well, keep that in mind,” he said.You laughed nervously as he took another deep breath before beginning. 

I was twelve when my mother first told me about You Know Who. Like really, really told me. She was holding me, and told me all about how he was going to protect our rights, and keep people who weren’t like us away. You have to understand, that as a kid, that sounded like the greatest thing in the world.”

“Of course,” you said.

“And when Potter came back and told everyone that You Know Who was back in our fourth year, I secretly cheered.” He saw the color in your face pale a little, and reached across to take your hand. “My parents had told me that everyone was wrong about him. As long as we supported him, nothing bad could happen.

“It wasn’t until people started dying that I knew I should be afraid. And I was, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Once you are close to You Know Who, there’s only one way out. So, in my sixth year, my parents decided that I was old enough to meet You Know Who and join him.”

“Draco,” you said carefully, looking at him with worry.

“Before I knew it, there were dozens of Death Eaters in my home, and You Know Who was there. I looked up and everyone had their eyes on me. Total strangers, looking at me, waiting for me to join.”

He let go of your hand at that moment to unbutton his dress shirt. As he slowly rolled up his sleeve, he watched you watch him carefully. He waited until his entire forearm was exposed before talking. However, you caught him off before he could get more than a syllable in.

“You’ve been hiding this the entire time?” you asked, cautiously reaching for his arm. He pulled back instinctively, and you looked at him curiously.

“Sorry. This used to be a way that Death Eaters could call You Know Who. It obviously doesn’t work-” He stopped talking when your fingers brushed against the tattoo. 

“Okay, keep going,” you said after a pause. He looked at you wide eyed and you smiled softly. “It’s okay.”

“I was responsible for Dumbledore’s death.” He expected your reaction at that. You pulled your hand away and paled entirely. “I was tasked with getting the Death Eaters into Hogwarts, and was told to kill him. In the end, I couldn’t.”

“So Snape did,” you said.

“Yes. After that, I couldn’t go back. So I had to stay with my parents as they followed You Know Who. We were all terrified of him. And in the face of ignorance and resistance, I knew that what we were doing was wrong, but I couldn’t abandon them. They were the only people I had left.

“During the battle, I did what I had to. Potter saved my life, and I returned to my parents, ashamed of who I was. We left when he came back, and when we knew that You Know Who was done for.

“I can’t explain all of the things that I have done, but I love you, and I needed to be truthful with you. I just want you to know that I regret everything that I did, and who I was.”

Draco couldn’t meet your eyes. Instead he stared at the pair of heels you wore, waiting for your reaction. He stared at them for nearly two minutes before you stood up. He forced himself to look you in the eye, ready for you to break up with him.

“Let’s go,” you said.


“We have reservations. If we don’t leave now we’ll be really late.” You walked across the room and grabbed your coat and purse. “Come on.”

“Wait, you’re not angry?”

“I’m taking things in right now, but no, I’m not angry.” You sighed and walked towards him, taking his hands and making him stand up. “Who you were doesn’t matter. Who you are does. You made it through the hurricane, and you’re better for it. You know that what you did was wrong, and just knowing that, I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

He opened his mouth, and then closed it again. A smile spread across your face and you laughed.

“I noticed the ring box the minute you walked through the door.” Draco laughed and you leaned in to kiss him softly. “Thank you for sharing that with me.”


“I’d like to be proposed to, still,” you said, walking towards the door. “But not at dinner tonight. Surprise me. I want to be astounded,” you said, smirking at him.

“Oh, just you wait for it,” he said, taking your hand in his.

Showing Draco Malfoy the Joys of Technology…

- one day, you decide to show your boyfriend, Draco, about the wonderful joys of technology…
- “why would i ever need to know about these useless Muggle inventions?”
- “just shut up and listen.”

- “an…iPHONE?”
- “yes”
- “why is the ‘i’ there? i don’t like it”
- showing him Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Vine (r.i.p.) first
- “what is the app?”
- “an app,” you’d correct him

- “this is Instagram. it lets you post pictures and videos about your life and whoever follows you can view them.”
- “why would i want people following me? that would be dreadful!”
- “oh my gosh.”
- Draco getting two accounts; one for his real life, and one spam account
- him posting really artsy pictures of you, Hogwarts, and Malfoy Manor
- on his spam account, he just posts pictures and videos of how much he hates Potter
- laughing (making fun) at him every time he posts something new

- “now, this is Snapchat. you can send fun videos and pictures to your friends and if you want, you can start a streak with someone”
- Draco posting a million things on his story and sending 48294738 pictures at the same time to his streaks
- occasionally hearing him mutter things like, “stupid Weasel, losing our fucking streak, all his fault…”
- him being super intense about his streaks
- him running up to random people to ask him to take care of his streaks while he’s away
- everyone looking at him like he’s crazy
- mostly because he is

- “okay, now this is twitter. it’s mostly used to send out updates on your life and things like that”
- “wait…Tweeter?”
- “sure, let’s go with that?”
- Draco sending out his “Daily Inspirational Quotes” such as:
- “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Slytherin’s the best house, fuck the rest of you.”
- “When life gives you lemons, take them and squeeze them into Longbottom’s face because he deserves it.”
- “oh my gosh, Draco, you can’t insult people like that! like what the fuck!”

- “this is Tumblr. you can send out pictures, videos, stories, gifs and more”
- “*pronounces it like ‘jiffs’* look, Y/N! i sent out a gif!”
- “get out”

- “okay, this is Youtube. you can film videos and post them for the whole world to see”
- more than once, walking into his dorm and seeing him film “Story Time” videos
- “And then Granger started laughing at me! All because of Potter! I will get them one day…”
- he makes his channel a pranking (harassing) channel
- his main targets are the Golden Trio
- *buckets of slime are poured on their heads* “HA THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR STEALING MY QUILL LAST WEEK YOU BASTARDS”
- “ummm, Draco, babe? don’t you think that’s a bit much?”
- “they deserved it”
- “no, they really didn’t”

- “finally, this is Vine. it’s an app where you can post videos that are six seconds long and-”
- “you’d be surprised”

- him practically squealing every time he gets a notification
- “okay, what do you think? did you think that- OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING”
- *draco smashing his phone on the ground* “IT WON’T STOP RINGING BUT WHY”
- “…i’ll get a new one later”
- *sigh*

should i make a part 2?

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The Middle…

Read The Beginning…

“Mom, I have to go.”  It had been the third time I’d said it.  My hopes were dashed that the third time would be the charm when she continued talking.

“Are you getting enough sun, Meagan?  I’ve heard it’s dark and dreary over there.”  She prattled on about the weather for a few more moments before I interrupted her.

“Mom, the weather here is fine.  Great even.  I walk to my classes and I’ve met some friends.  We get out a lot on the weekends.”

She sighed and I honestly couldn’t tell if she was happy to hear it or disappointed,

“Well, alright then.  I should go so I can figure out dinner for your father.”

“Tell him I’m sorry I missed him.”

“I will. Be good.”  She said as she hung up.

I had to shake my head.  My mother was never going to be ok with the fact that I was thousands of miles away as well as an entire ocean.  She had fought me tooth and nail when I said I wanted to go to London, only relenting when she and my father had a long talk about it.  My father wasn’t exactly thrilled, but he at least understood.  Because if there was going to be any way to get him to understand, the idea that I would get a better job due to my more well-rounded education was it.  My dad was all about getting a job, contributing to society and doing your part.  He raised me with those beliefs as well.

I turned and headed towards my apartment.  It was Friday and the campus was clearing for the weekend.  Honestly, I had to keep myself from skipping I was so filled with happiness.  

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how you get the boy - epilogue

She squinted her eyes at me whilst she opened her mouth and closed it and opened it again. “Are you pregnant?”

“What?” I’d expected her to say a lot of things – do you really love my brother? are you serious with him? are you going to break his heart? you’re not welcomed in this house anymore if you hurt my little brother – but her asking me if I was pregnant was not in the list. “Why-Why’d you ask that?”

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