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More from the Milo Archives! ~February 1st, 2016
A lot, and I do mean a lot, of people have asked me if I made a Hogwarts AU for MML and/or if I had decided had houses the kids go in. This picture is really just a full on parody of Rowling’s books, where Milo is Harry, Melissa is Hermione and Zack is Ron.
I DO, however, have an actual AU that stretches over three stories, and the kids are sorted slightly different, but those pictures will come at a later date. It’s probably the biggest AU I have of these kids.

So ye, Howarts stuff will come, I promise ;) If you’ve been to my streams, you’ve seen some of them.

@animenightwing33Head cannon that Annabeth idolized Hermione growing up

I really like this headcanon, haha I know I’ve been saying that for like every single one but aye….

-Okay so I can totally see Harry Potter being like one of the first “big kid” books she reads in English and she is literally obsessed, like she’s re-read the series at least 5 times.

-If you ask an older camper they can contest to the fact that Annabeth had literally carried around those books with her wherever she went for a straight year.

-Right off the bat, her favorite character has been Hermione since the both of them have a lot in common. She likes that, while Hermione does have some superpowers, she also uses her brain and wits.

-As she grows up and finds herself in danger more and more often, she just reminds herself that Hermione has went through the same thing and she can too.

-If you asked Annabeth who her favorite character was, you would literally get a whole rant.

Extra: She would totally dress up as Hermione and make Percy dress up as Harry, and Grover as Ron, #just saying

Books V.S Movies
  • Book: This character is Asian.
  • Movie: White
  • Book: This character is black
  • Movie: WHite
  • Book: We don't describe what they're skin color is to leave it to the imagination.
  • Movie: WHIte
  • Book: This character is a dark tan.
  • Movie: WHITe
  • Book: This character is a POC
  • Movie: WHITE

Ok but imagine if Percy Jackson and Harry Potter met like…

-They would at first view each other as competition and try to one up each other in how they have saved the world.

-They soon become friends however, since they both like to joke around a bit, and they then complain about everything they have had to do to save the world.

-Honestly though, the biggest thing I can see the two relating to each other would be them coming from somewhat of a broken home/ childhood.

-Percy could relate to Harry’s somewhat abusive relationship with his guardian(s) and Harry would relate to the absence of his parents.

Idk I just could see the two becoming very good friends since they do have some things in common.

BONUS: Annabeth and Hermione would become best friends and that duo would just be the “all knowing” duo.

BONUS 2: Ron and Grover would become friends as well since they are both kinda the lovable best friend to the protagonist.

xpegasusuniverse  asked:

Do you like Harry Potter, if so what Hogwarts Houses do you think each of The Seven + Nico, Reyna, Will, Thalia, and Grover would be sorted into.

Um, Harry Potter is my shit so yes!

  • Percy- Hufflepuff, no doubt. His loyalty to his friends was the most deciding factor to put him in this house.  
  • Annabeth- Ravenclaw, duh. Do I really need to say more?
  • Jason- Gryffindor most likely. If you don’t think he’s brave, daring, and has chivalry, then bite me.
  • Piper- Slytherin. She’s a badass girl who shouldn’t be dealt with. I mean she is practically the definition of a Slytherin but she’s not evil.
  • Hazel- Hufflepuff. She’s very loyal towards her friends.
  • Frank- Gryffindor. Even though he’s shy and quiet, he is a natural born leader, making him braver than the average Hufflepuff.
  • Leo- Ravenclaw. I mean he built a ship of gods sakes! By himself! 
  • Nico- Slytherin. Always seen him as one.
  • Will- Hufflepuff. Literally the definition of one.
  • Thalia- Gryffindor, just like her brother.
  • Reyna- Slytherin. Do I really need to say more?
  • Grover- Hufflepuff. Loyal through and through. 

Ok so I had even more Hogwarts au ideas hehehe…

•Nico di Angelo is a few years younger than Percy, but he’s put into Slytherin and Percy becomes a bit of a mentor for him
•Nico’s first part of the year is spent as a happy kid but slowly Percy sees him become distant and the way he now seems to always looks hollow is… unsettling
•When Percy voices his concern Nico finally explains how he had a sister, Bianca, she was a squib and recently died
•What he doesn’t explain is that he also has the resurrection stone
•Nico tried to bring his sister back… But he got someone else instead
•Nico resurrected a girl named Hazel Levesque
•When Nico is in his second year Hazel attends her first year at Hogwarts
•She’s sorted into Hufflepuff
•Percy finds her very nice and caring but somethings a little off about her
•And the way Nico is always looking at her worriedly…
•It’s not long until Annabeth figures things out
•She doesn’t tell anyone but Nico confirms her suspicions are right, Nico resurrected Hazel from the dead
•It isn’t until his 3rd year and her 2nd year that Nico and Hazel tell Percy and their friends the truth
•At this time Annabeth also reveals she has a deathly hollow too
•She has the invisibility cloak given to her by her mother
•All that’s left is for them to have the elder wand to complete the hollows
•But that hasn’t been seen in years…

•Silena and Luke were both Slytherins and kindly welcomed all new students and showed them not all Slytherins were evil
•Silena is dating a Gryffindor, Beckendorf, and is best friends with another Gryffindor, Clarisse
•No one suspected that Luke and Silena would ever turn to the Dark Arts

the three scents of amortentia for some of the demigods and others

Leo: car oil, campfire smoke, and his moms cooking

Reyna: the metallic scent of copper, coconut, and rose perfume

Grover: the smell of a forest after it rains, hot coffee, and cheesy enchiladas

Jason: the smell of fresh cut grass, men’s cologne, and helium

Piper: tulips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, her fathers shampoo

Hazel: the waxy smell of crayons, sweet scents of desserts, the smell of stew cooking

Frank: his grandmas perfume, chocolate milkshakes that he’ll never taste, and his moms jacket

  • Leo Valdez + Friend ship + HOO Squad notebook cover
    front and back

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Good Girl

A draco imagine based on good girl by Carrie Underwood?

(Sorry if it isn’t quite what you wanted, I struggled writing this one)

  • Warnings: A little bit of smut which is not wanted by one person involved.
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

For months now you had been pining over Draco Malfoy; naturally he never paid much notice of you…why would he? You were not in Slytherin. Each morning while you ate your buttered toast in the great hall, you would sit on one of the long benches and watch him, never having the courage to talk to him. His face always seemed tired, day by day draining of colour and life. You couldn’t help but feel bad for him, knowing by his exhausted appearance that he must have had something bad going on. 

It was a chilly December afternoon and you were on your way to your last class of the day; potions. You had decided that due to being ahead of schedule, you would walk the longer route to the class and you were thankful of this choice, as it had allowed you the much needed time to gather your thoughts. As you were passing a boarded off room, a loud smashing sound caused you to jump and nearly lose your footing. You paused and slowly reached for your wand, concealing it under your cloak. With small steps you treaded towards the sound, your heart racing and your palms sweating.

As you pushed open the door of the room, you realized it was the prefect’s bathroom; you could tell this due to the green tile flooring and the large rusty sinks. You paused once more in the entrance, scared to breathe as you found the source of the loud smash; one of the rustic mirrors now laid shattered in pieces on the floor. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a pair of feet under a locked cubical. You silently thanked Merlin that it was an actual person, initially worried that it was Peeves up to his usual nonsense.

“Hello?” You called out, your voice a lot more nervous than you had expected it to be. You saw the feet freeze and then retract in, as if the person who owned them had pulled them up on to the toilet.

“Hello?” You tried again. The door to the cubical was suddenly kicked open and out stepped Draco Malfoy, his wand outstretched in his hand. His eyes were swollen and had dark red rings flared around them. Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked at him; he looked dangerous and it began to scare you.

“Get. Out.” He growled, his wand pointed threateningly at you. Everything in your head yelled for you to leave, but your legs didn’t want to co-operate. “I said get out!” He yelled, emphasizing each word as his volume gradually grew.

“No.” You declared, your voice shaky as you took a step forward. Draco fired a spell at you, but before it hit you, you pulled out your wand from under your cloak and blocked it. Draco’s face drained whiter as he fired another couple of spells at you, only for them to be blocked again.

“Expelliamus.” You shouted, throwing your wand forward and pointing it at Draco, as his flew out of his hand, clattering onto the floor. Following this, he collapsed onto the ground with his head in his hands, wrangled sobs escaping out of his mouth. You quickly but cautiously walked over and grabbed his wand from the ground, holding it tightly with yours so that he could not use it against you. Your previous fear disappeared as you genuinely felt sorry for the broken boy in front of you, slowly placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“I’m not going to fight you…I just want to know what’s wrong,” you said softly, pushing him to talk, knowing that confiding in a stranger had helped you in the past. He did not reply to you, instead he stared intensely at you. You wanted to encourage him further, mirroring him as you knelt down opposite him, waiting patiently for his reply.

He broke the silence in a way that you did not expect; lunging towards you and grabbing your face. He pulled it into his as he roughly kissed you, one hand cupping your face while the other went straight to your waist tightly - holding you with an almost painful grip. You were frozen to the spot and not responding to the kiss that was getting more heated on his behalf.

You didn’t know what to think, or do, as his kiss got more aggressive; his hand on your waist beginning to rise up towards your chest. This was what you had wanted for all these months, yet it felt wrong…you felt used and violated. You knew he didn’t want this, he was just upset and trying to forget his problems…did he even know your name?

“St-stop,” you managed to choke out, before mustering up all your strength to push him away from you. You stood up as you threw his wand, which you were still holding, at his face as hard as you could. You took a shaky hand to your face, wiping away the mess he had left around your mouth with disgust. You began to cry as he clenched his fist, jumping up and smashing it in to the wall, his face cold and angry.

“That was wrong,” you raged, angry that he had abused your kindness and had kissed you without your consent. Draco’s face turned sour as he glared you up and down cruelly; a stare that left you feeling little and pointless.

“Then get out.” He spat. You quickly turned on your heel and ran out the room, tears falling rapidly. You ran towards your dormitory, not caring about your potions class, passing students in the corridors who watched you with concern. You ran right past the classroom that you were supposed to be entering, ignoring your friends calling out to you as you hysterically ran back to your dormitory; the only place you wanted to be right now was alone in bed. You knew from then on that you couldn’t love Draco Malfoy, he was poisonous and with him, you’d never be happy.

So I thought I’d put out a little more of some Hogwarts au. Here I go…

  • in his 3rd year the class has to learn how to conjure their patronus prematurely to protect themselves against the dark wizard Kronos’ uprising
  • Percy starts to wonder why so many of his happy thoughts are filled with blonde princess curls when conjuring his patronus
  • And no one can figure out why Annabeth is scowling at Percy when a wispy owl is produced from her wand
  • in potions the class learns how to make amortentia
  • Percy smells his mom’s chocolate chip cookies, a summer sea breeze, and… lemon?
  • Annabeth smells strawberry fields, pine trees, and the salty air of the sea
  • Percy and Annabeth go wandering around the castle in their 4th year together
  • They find a mirror
  • Annabeth sees herself with her family as a real family, a family that loves her
  • She sees something that looks so permanent 
  • Percy sees himself
  • But… it’s not really himself
  • Annabeth is next to him like they really are but so is his mom
  • And they’re not in Hogwarts but a normal school setting
  • He sees himself in a normal life


  • Percy’s wand is made from cypress with a dragon heartstring core
  • Annabeth’s wand is made from elm wood with a unicorn hair core
  • Grover’s wand is made from chestnut wood with a unicorn hair core